10 Aug 18

Relief for Kogalo fans came on Friday. After two sub par performances, Gor Mahia managed to beat Posta Rangers 2-1 at their home ground of Kisumu on Friday.

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Leaders Gor Mahia on Friday bounced back to winning ways with a hard-fought 2-1 win over Posta Rangers in the SportPesa Premier League at Moi Stadium in Kisumu.

Jacques Tuyisenge and Francis Kahata scored a goal each to help K’Ogalo recover from their shock 2-1 loss to Bandari at Mbaraki Sports Club in Mombasa on Tuesday which brought to a halt their 22-match unbeaten streak in the league this term.

Cavin Odongo struck Rangers’ goal to set a nervy end to the encounter.

The 16-time Kenyan champions now top the standing on 59 points, 14 ahead of second-placed Bandari who dislodged Sofapaka the second spot following their win over Gor Mahia.

Meanwhile, the loss leaves Poster Rangers 10th on 31 points.

Gor Mahia’s head coach Dylan Kerr said the win was encouraging to his exhausted players.

“This was a wonderful game because the boys displayed quality football, it was very competitive and more of a battle because our opponents also played well,” said Kerr.

His counterpart Sammy Omollo blamed his side’s loss to poor goal keeping.

“This is the best game we have played against Gor Mahia but goalkeeper’s mistake from the set pieces cost us the match,” said Omollo, a former Kenyan international.

Still writhing from their first loss this year and looking to avoid a similar predicament, Gor came off the blocks fast.

George ‘Blackberry’ Odhiambo’s brilliant run on the left flank was cut out by Collins Omondi early on before Tuyisenge had the ball at the back of the net on sevens minutes but was rightly flagged offside.

The Rwandan striker Gor ahead five minutes later after Rangers players failed to clear Kahata’s delivery from a corner-kick.

The centre referee was then forced to caution Rangers defender Simon Mbugua for a cynical foul foul on George Odhiambo, who had left him for dead. Odhiambo’s shot from the resultant free-kick failed to hit the target.

With Gor attacking, Posta coach Omollo made a first half substitution with Peter Ochieng rested for Paul Odhiambo.

Luis Tera’s close range attempt for the Postmen on 22 minutes went straight into the hands of Boniface Oluoch before Joseph Nyaga’s effort on 34 minutes was also saved by the goalkeeper.

Gearson Likono thought he had levelled matters two minutes after the breather, but even after beating Oluoch in Gor’s goal, his effort was cleared off the line by Philemon Otieno.

The champions made their first substitution on 51 minutes with coach Kerr resting Tuyisenge, who was limping, for midfielder Lawrence Juma.

Kahata then doubled Gor’s advantage four minutes later with a stunning free-kick after being fouled on the left wing, in what was a disappointment to Rangers who had looked the better side in the early minutes of second half.

Gor made their second change in the 67th minute with Cercidy Okeyo coming in for Francis Mustafa as injured Oluoch was also replaced by Shaban Odhoji six minutes later.

Odongo netted Rangers goal with nine minutes to time, after reacting fast to bury a rebound from Likono’s powerful shot that had hit the cross-bar.

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  • Jakoyo says:


    We just need a draw in the next game to make it official. My informat tells me that no sooner had we made a change on the goalkeeping department after keeper Oluoch had gone down without the ball, Shaban Odhoji comes in and we concede a late goal …….Jijazie !!

    • Harry Ababa says:

      Kudos team. Keep the fire burning

    • Sam Muga says:

      @Jakoyo. Sometimes you are so petty.

    • Musymo says:

      Yes@jakoyo I was at the stadium. Oluoch got injured around the 80th minute and Odhoji was on the pitch for barely two minutes and conceded. I don’t want to dwell on that too much since I have very strong opinion on the matter and if I was to elaborate may alienate some guys I respect on this blog!!!

      • Barefoot Bandit says:

        Just be yourself great man. You have earned the respect that you command in this site. Your position on that matter is certainly no threat to how I regard you.

        • Musymo says:

          @BB, sometimes you don’t put your point across as if it is the only POV. I got mad respect for the likes of you, jasego, teddy ssebo, Ogango T, Mwakio, Dan Original et al chiefly because we can sometimes have difference of opinion and agree to disagree but within the bounds of decorum and mutual respect without resorting to insults and name calling. This matter has been so emotive that I thought to let it lie so that the honour that this blog deserves is maintained. Point noted still!!

  • Jamigori says:

    Odhonji seems to have lost confidence and in this regard he should be relegated to reserve team and be made to train with the youth team. He comes in and immediately concedes a goal. He should have done better.

  • Sam Muga says:

    Congratulations boys.

    Glory be to God, may you continue to bless K’ogalo forever

  • Jasego says:

    Congrats Team Mayienga. Thank Almighty God for granting us resurgence after the bandari slip up. For those who were thinking it is open season on K’ogalo after one loss think again. The Kogalo SGR continues unabated removing from the raillway All and Sundry that are the mediocre Kpl Teams. Amor jowete naa weuru amethie kawuono yajowa mit manadini….Akira jn kure omera?

  • Bobi Odiko says:

    Kudos K’Ogalo

  • Jasego says:

    Musymo osiepa you know we are of great minds and are bonded for our mutual love of team Mayienga. Never feel gagged bro tell it as it is and have your peace. I myself am currently advocating for Peter Odhiambo to get a chance btn those sticks as Odhoji didn’t solve what i believed to be our goalkeeping departmental problems. How was the game and our approach to it and overall performance per department and player rating coupled with the level of officiating from centre referee Mr Mwai?

    • Musymo says:

      We did not hit high gear but still ground the desired result. Almost all departments were functional of course with the usual scary moments from Joash who otherwise had a fantastic game. Tuyisenge got an injury that seemed serious but hope he recovers quickly seeing that with his rich vein of form the Golden Boot is his to lose. Oluoch had a great game but I was always worried whenever we faced a set piece though none was in a really prime area for the Rangers. Wafula was deployed at left back and acquitted himself well as usual. My only beef is with Cercidy who was deployed as a substitute to play the traditional no.10 role which he went on to mess with distinction. But Kerr seems to believe in him so I will respect that decision. Finally@jasego, when Kerr first came to Gor Mahia, he preferred Peter Odhiambo as his first choice keeper for almost 10 games or so and the young lad performed beyond expectations. What went wrong? Kindly dig deep and give us the inside scoop because he may just be the remedy within that nobody seems to appreciate!!

      • Barefoot Bandit says:

        I have nothing personal against Cercidy, however, I feel that he has not fitted in the team and should be the candidate for replacement with Teddy Osok if it is a case of replacing a midfielder with a midfielder. Once again I say that selling Teddy Osok to Sofapaka once his loan spell is over would be a bid mistake.

        • Musymo says:

          Baraza has already said he is going to sign him permanently should Gor agree. I won’t keep my hopes too high going by how we have some promising talents go.

          • Jasego says:

            Musymo and BB Cersidy CANNOT in any planet play the number 10 role. It would have been better to let Lawrence Juma play that role and Cersidy play defensive mid holding role. Either way i agree Teddy Osok must come back home after season’s end and bolster our midfield as a homegrown kogalo youth talent. Baraza can look elsewhere even jn Vihiga County for midfieldeers. Wan Gor emawahero jokamaa…

  • Akira says:

    Form Is Temporary Class Is Permanent. So What Did Pamzo Learn From The Bandari Game? That The SGR CAN ONLY BE SLOWED DOWN BUT CAN NEVER BE DERAILED! @ jasego kogalo gari ocha thim chuma nyono gima oyudo e reru. Unstoppable!!
    Gini Wakao.

  • Sylvester says:

    Congrats team, we are almost there

  • jatingare says:

    Kogalo needs to regain its mojo before Rayon sports arrive here for the return leg. Otherwise mambo yatakuwa mabaya

    • Dan Original says:

      Why do you say that? Do we have to beat teams by 4 goals to be preparwd for Rayon?

    • nyarkopolo says:

      Please come slowly on the team. just cam from msa to ksm and congested fixture. we congratulate and encourage them. positive energy must come from us. we also pray for them. they are all being pushed to the limit.

  • dinga says:

    There is a technical problem with the Gor defence. 1. the goalkeeper trainer is not up to task.
    2.. the Gor defence is suspect.
    From the matches I have watched the Gor defence is not working at it’s best. They are living the keepers too exposed. A keeper can only do so much. But a keeper bares responsibility if he cannot organize his defence. Willis Ochieng was accused of taking bribe money in a foreign league. Was this guy recruited coz of his abilities or was he recruited coz he is a ” loyalist”. He has already been presented to us in this site as 1 of the 3 untouchables in Gor. Why would Kerr confront him in such a heated way? That was a sign of frustration from Kerr.
    The Gor game needs speed in 2 aspects. The ball needs to move faster n the players too need to shift a gear higher. During the M.muhammed error the defence wrkd well. Opponents were not allowed possesion in the Gor half. They were quick in robbing opponents. The goalie in most cases only picked the lose goals. This is where Bony seems to getting his problem. Opponents are now being given to much possesion inside the half. The defence is also not alert during corners. The Yanga TZ game totally exposes how slow the defence is. When we have two goalkeeping problems then the trainer technics come into question. Bony holds the kenya 1 shirt…when and how did he become so lousy. Second, was Odhoji being trained or did he just get into Gor straight from the kenya swimming team. In other words how did he make it into Gor n if he was good enough what happned? These two only point to one thing, the trainer is the problem. I am now wondering, is P.Odhiambo the solution… I don’t think so. He is equally facing the same hopless situation.

    • Musymo says:

      @dinga the only time P. Odhiambo has been named to start with any sense of consistency, he has been superb. May not be enough to judge him conclusively but is a big plus on his report card!!

      • dinga says:

        Hope ur right… i wud hate to see 3 good goalies turn into comedians simply coz a trainer feels he answers to his tribe.

  • Congratulations to the team for doing what great teams do , reacting positively after a negative outcome .
    News has it that CAF have slapped a suspension on three first eleven Rayon Sports players for doing a Zemalek during the USM Alger game in Tunisia-these North Africans really know how to provoke and ofcourse with a sly wink from their malleable referees , this is welcome news , not that they were much of a threat anyway .
    I will for today refrain from having an opinion on Odhonji , in any case those who rooted for
    him got their wish, but again I have been reminded time and again , that football is an emotional game and as such even post mortems should be carried out through diarrhoea-rical outbursts-Calmness is a virtue .
    Once again , congrats to the boys for you have made the beginning of my weekend a pleasant one -THANKS.

  • Dan Original says:

    Walusimbi to leave for Kaizer Chiefs? Loading …

  • Le Pastre says:

    Having watched the match against Posta Rangers, I can categorically state thus!
    A lot of our Gor Mahia fans are free to give their opinions on who should play where and when but I would hasten to give this caution-: please go slow on matters technical and tactical especially when your opinion can hardly pass the muster. Non of our first eleven players are running on full tank. They need to be appreciated for pushing themselves this much and we must thank God that non has suffered any major injury to-date.

    • nyarkopolo says:

      we fans appreciating, encouraging and praying for them is the reserve they will finish the race with. kerr too must be appreciated for toiling week in and out. the players may rest but never Sir Kerr. may God bless them with more wins.

  • @Musymo , just to add on to what @Jasego posted , that it would be a great disservice to this wall , were you to refrain from airing your well researched technical and tactical opinions for fear of upsetting people whose opinion vis a vis football is like oil and water , if that were to happen , it would mean that mediocrity has prevailed over knowledge .
    Personally , my take is that K’galo is a mass movement and as such , such schenigans will always be present , sad but true .
    @Dinga , you have extolled further on what Logarrusic once said , that our game is so slow , our speed of transition enables the opppnents to get back to their tactical shape , messing up whatever plans the move intended .
    I want to agree with@ Le Pastre on taking cognisanse of the fact that the players are fatigued , they spend all their time moving from one stadium to another , affording them no time to train , review and rectify their mistakes and playing at full strength, phisically and mentally becomes a challenge , this is a perspective we must factor in when analysing our recent performances , even Madrid with their depth of superiority would find this a challenge .
    Its only on the part of the goalkeepers that I would differ , or are they also fatigued ?, Maybe they are , I stand guided

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    The fatigue factor that Le Pastre has touched on was very telling in our matches against Nakumatt and Bandari. To add to the condition of the playing surfaces and human error by match officials, fatigue was a major determinant of the uninspiring results in the two matches. This was bound to happen and it was a matter of when. Fans with foresight had seen this coming hence their deafening calls for the team to skip some non-compelling tournaments.

    On Walusimbi’s move to Kaizer Chiefs, I think I would be happy for him. Football becomes rewarding if such great talent can one day retire and live off the comfort of the proceeds he earned from that industry. That way he would even be a role model for others. I want to follow this Kaizer Chiefs move keenly because I know Goddy renewed his contract with K’Ogalo, hence cannot leave as a free agent. Will it be a case of opaqueness with impunity as usual when it comes to financial transactions? Will Walusimbi’s move to Kaizer Chiefs be bungled as we did with Kagere’s? Is somebody busy manufacturing transfer loopholes to ensure that the proceeds of the move don’t end up in The Club’s coffers?

    Oduor12 where art thou? You realize I am now transgressing into your docket. Come out and ask these questions as passionately as you always do. It is almost two weeks now since we hosted K-Sharks in Kisumu and reports have it that the attendance was big. Nobody in the EC has seen the sense of declaring how much was collected. I believe we shall host KK Homeboyz on Monday and Chemelil on Thursday in the same venue. Will we be given a financial report? Oduor12 come out. I should not be interrogating this since I lack your expertise and passion.

    I want to believe that this player fatigue can best be managed by minimizing cross country movement. Fitness levels could be greatly boosted if K’Ogalo can camp in Kisumu from yesterday till when we meet Rayon in Kasarani, on Sunday 19th August.

    • Michael Odhiambo Ogolo says:

      If walusimbi sign with amakhozi,I would prefer we go for shafik batambuzi to take his place. Onguso is good but his quality is in doubt as far ad champions league is concerned. If we could have had walusimbi when we played Esperance, we could have eliminated them.

    • Jamigori says:

      @BB, Let Kaiser Chief follow the right procedures in recruiting and acquisition of players but not tapping. I too would prefer Walusimbi to go as this will be great opportunity for Gor Mahia to make some money and walusimbi also to make a living out of the transfer.

  • Sylvester says:

    The indiscipline in the goalkeeper trainer is slowly manifesting

  • I have just read somewhere that Walusimbi , who has a running contract with Gor , made an unsanctioned move to South Africa to discuss with kaizer chiefs over a possible move.
    While it is always our pride when one of our own bursts into greener pastures , if the reports pertaining to the move are true , then if Gor decides to play hardball , Kaizer chiefs and Walusimbi could find themselves in very big trouble with Caf over player tapping and if that were to happen , I would 100% support coz this is plain indiscipline and intolerable madharau ndogo ndogo.
    We are in the midst of a season that will define our status continentally and we can for sure do without these debilitating distractions .
    Contracts must be honoured and respected no matter how big or indespensible somebody may feel .
    Lets just do things the right way .

  • Albert Kosero - Sofaset Branch Kampala says:

    Somebody asked where Shaban Odhoji came from and how he earned his place in Gor Mahia. This is the man who frustrated teams including Gor Mahia in KPL 2016. The team that drew the highest number of games was Ushuru FC. In fact Gor Mahia failed to beat them that season. Shaban Odhoji was outstanding. I believe he is among the best keepers in KPL ata the moment. We just need to ease pressure on him. A keeper can concede goals just like defence can blunder and strikers waste chances. Let us not hit our keepers so hard.

    Otherwise Congrats team for successfully defending the KPL. Its over. Focus on CAF CC.

    Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  • Jamigori says:


    Godfrey Walusimbi, after news that South African giants Kaizer Chiefs had made an approach to the Uganda Cranes International, is out of the country according to Gor Mahia FC chairman Mr Ambrose Rachier- and this is a decision he (Walu) might regret.

    Soccer Laduma

    Earlier in the day, South African tabloid Soccer Laduma reported that Chiefs were on the lookout for a left-back after parting ways with two key men in that position from last season and that the Premier Soccer League (PSL) outfit had settled on Walusimbi.

    In a quick response to the developing story, Rachier has in fact confirmed that the diminutive defender travelled to the South.

    ‘’Let it be known that Walusimbi made it to South Africa to meet Kaizer Chiefs without the club’s permission or notifying the club on his travel intentions. It’s unfortunate that a player can just decide on his own to travel to engage another club without our knowledge,” the chairman tells the Club’s official website.

    Chiefs have been on the hunt since releasing Tsepo Masilela and Sibusiso Khumalo and as it turns out, have already contacted the Gor Mahia man, a move that irks Rachier. Walusimbi was also notably missing from Coach Dylan Kerr’s side that won 2-1 on Friday 10th against Posta Rangers. He had featured in his side’s 2-1 loss away at the Coast however.

    ‘’I got an alert from someone that he was traveling and the next thing was a call from Kaizer Chiefs chairman apologising for that step and requesting if we could talk on a possible move,’’ he adds.


    The chairman however says he did not have any transfer talk with Chiefs until he had had a sit-down with his Executive Committee. His disappointment on both the player and the South African giants however is clear and has in fact termed it player tapping.

    “I declined to discuss anything and told Chiefs chairman l will hold a meeting with my EC then we will know what step to take. What Walusimbi did was wrong… Kaizer Chiefs too did something wrong because that’s player tapping which is against stipulated rules yet the player has a running contract. There are clear and accepted procedures if they wanted the player,” he concludes.

    Walusimbi still has 16 months remaining on his contract with Gor Mahia and is in his 6th year at the club he helped to 4 league titles.