1 Feb 16

Gor Mahia were held 1-1 by Western Stima in a friendly match played on Sunday in Kisumu. Enock Agwanda scored the match opener in the third minute. Western Stima equalized in injury time of the second half.

Agwanda is proving a reliable scorer. He converted one of the penalties against St George, scored against Al Hilal and has scored again. It will be difficult to dislodge him from the starting line-up this season.

It is Gor Mahia’s last build up match before they travel to Uganda on Tuesday to play Uganda giants Sports club Villa.

Other reports suggest that Gor Mahia hae signed KCB goalkeeper Sammy Okinda. He now joins a goalkeeping cores that has Boniface Oluoch, Jerim Onyango and Gradus Ochieng.

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  • jakoyo says:

    EC can you please get David Cheche and Michael Olunga based on this official deadline transfer report from Le Equipe – France. Lets educate our players about harsh realities of playing abroad…….

    David Cheche , coach’s comments ” Have made ??a good impression in training during the week and after a tough start against Gefle played himself up and came into the game in a nice way. Today we have had a discussion with David and he will not join the team at the training camp in Turkey during the week. He will instead explore other options in the future. ”

    Micahel Olunga – Coach’s comments ” We have had a discussion with the club and Michael himself and he will go with us to Turkey. After that we will make a decision and decide about his future in Djurg√•rden. He has had a tough week of training that all our players and it is clear that there has been a change for Michael. But he has proven characteristics which can be interesting to come.”

    • Dan Original says:

      @Jakoyo, you are right. Our players need a lot of coaching about life issues. Not having a plan B is the worse thing a professional player can do. Olunga and Cheche can easily go the Oliech way if they are not careful. The best thing was to have a non-binding contract with Gor or any other team locally such that if things don’t work out then you have a fall-back option and also keep yourself match-fit till the next transfer window. The same happened to Rama Salim when he left Gor.

  • moses says:

    So who do we have in this team?

  • moses says:

    So who do we have in this team?That ITC comes by ship;remember Paul Were’s.Something to note;-admin makes a post and discussion by bloggers is way different and juicier.

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    Enock Agwanda has really been good. At least the technical bench has now confirmed that fact.

    When is the transfer deadline?

  • NGESTO says:

    Kahata will play 4 K’OGALO, ITC inaiva, stop worries @Dan original, we signed him longtime and even Miheso of Efusi is still awaiting ITC

  • sylvaonyi says:

    Agwanda will lighten gor up, i’m telling you. i believe in him.

  • samuel ouma says:

    Agwanda is the next big hit in Gor this season …read my lips !

  • jathur gi ji says:

    Soooo? Brethren, you want to convince me that like Olunga’s case he did not have an expert in these matters on his case? That would be madness. But I thought he was entered for CAF by Gor, just in case, or what was that for? Dan what’s this about Kahata, ITC? I also thought we have experts in Gor dealing with such matters.

  • Kenneth Kosindo says:

    As long as a player was signed before transfer deadline and ITC application done earlier, there’s nothing to worry. It is the former federations to clear the player.

  • Dan Original says:

    Villa to host Tusker instead of Gor. Maybe it’s good that now the team can concentrate on the Charity Cup match

    • Barefoot Bandit says:

      So Brewkenge have also taken up this Matano and Efusi behaviour of limitless nose-poking in matters that are of list concern to them? If the Brewkenge coach thinks that talking Villa out of a friendly against us will give him the KPL 2016 championship then he is in for surprises.