Gor Mahia out of shield

Gor Mahia’s torrid weak continued on Wednesday when they were eliminated from the 2019 Sportpesa shield\

Additional reporting from the Nation

Bogey side Bandari on Wednesday inflicted more pain on Gor Mahia after stopping the Kenyan champions 5-4 on post-match penalties in their rescheduled SportPesa Shield last 16 match at Mbaraki Sports Club.

The teams had battled to a 1-1 all draw in regulation time forcing the match officials to call for the post match lotteries to decide the winner as per the tournament’s rules.

On-form forward William Wadri gave Bandari the lead on 56 minutes before Dennis Oliech restored parity for K’Ogalo with 15 minutes to time.

Gor, who suffered a humiliating 2-0 loss to Moroccan side RS Berkane in their Caf Confederation Cup first leg tie on Sunday at Kasarani, welcomed back skipper Harun Shakava and Ugandan left back Shafik Batambuze in the starting line up after the defensive du missed their weekend loss.

Gor Mahia coach made five changes to the team that started against Berkane, with Batambuze coming in for Geoffrey Ochieng while Shakava replaced Charles Momanyi. Erisa Ssekisambu, Nicholas Kipkirui and Samuel Onyango – all of whom came in against Berkane in the second half – earned starting berths as coach Hassan Oktay sought to keep the club’s dream for a treble alive.

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  1. While players deserve to be treated well, strike is not the solution.Two wrongs does not make a right. Actually strike affects the the players more than the officials. A better Avenue of addressing these issues is necessary and not strike.

  2. There is more play time off the pitch than on the pitch. Do not expect any good results in the pitch just yet.
    Gor has the best opportunity to transform itself. But I doubt we have the right leadership to lead the way.

    Be ready to endure more pain.

  3. I think we don’t deserve SPL cup too if these is the nature of our play, let the entire team be dismanded then recruit Young players from Gormahia Junior club, let the current playing unit know enough is enough besides if chairman happens to dismand the whole team then i think they are the once loosing not the fans

  4. But the team apparently did well against Bandari? This song about disbanding the playing unit is misplaced, the problem is clearly with management. DISBAND the current office, am sure with proper management these players would like to play and achieve something. Let’s not behave like Kilkenny cats, you can find out.

  5. Oktay’s 2019 scorecard reads…….
    Super cup = Bundled out
    SportPesa cup = Bundled out
    CAF champions = Bundled out
    CAF confederations = Bundled out
    Shield cup = Bundled out
    League title = ?

    The worst football season for the club in years……I expect heads to roll right from the EC to TB and even some players. The club also does not need some so called fake ‘fans’

  6. @jakoyo are you the last man standing, where are the deities, coach who instilled discipline and fighting spirit, officials, POSITIVE energy bloggers, scouts, technical advisors, trip organisers, team selectors WAKO WAPI. A few like you saw it coming. it has arrived sooner that we expected like a tsunami. REMINISCENT TO THE PROVABIAL OSTRICT we never needed to be educated in Harvard to see this well ahead. We seemed like the titanic a week ago. Now we are sinking is nothing is done soon or rather NOW

  7. @OJomondi, the last time we were hit by such devastating tsunami was in 2011, when the only trophy in the cabinet was shield cup. Thereafter boardroom wrangles ensured, disharmony reigned supreme, player revolt happened and EC officials exited in masses.

    The following year, 2012 we once again lobbied for Zico to be brought on board to stabilise the sinking ship, the entire squad was overhauled and the youngsters like lavatsa, ade, musa mohammed, masika etc were brought on board. Also alot of youthful officials took over the reigns at the club and gradually we begin to rise from the proverbial ashes. By 2015, we had reached top form, winning all possible title on offer.

    I would love to see the same repeating itself in 2019……The clean up MUST happen, the mess has been done..

    1. Jakoyo stop talking Nonsense here. Ati you lobbied for Zico in 2012 who brought in Ade…Lavatsa…Musa…Masicka..Calabar etc? Are you mad? Those players i myself brought with help of the late great Sianga straight from high school in 2009 and 2010 but were very young warming the bench due to inexperience while likes of Pinchez..Tony Onyango..Walter Odidi…Baldwin Ngwa…Ivan Anguyo etc were regular starters. Finally wea is Oktay to blame in anything when the playing unit is incited into striking by a faction of divided EC then throw games at will? Is our current failure a crisis from a coaching perspective or management inadequacy? Wee walo bwana

  8. For me the problem isn’t the players but the people handling the players.if everybody sticks to his mandate and people get what is due to them,then alot of drama will be avoided.why don’t we hear such drama from simba?Azam and all these teams from the region?your guess is as good as mine!!

  9. why should players play very hard to bring good results and they are not motivated? After toiling in the scorching sun looking for the club good money and trophies their rights are not considered why? you can not blame our good players for boycotting training and losing games while your work is to eat their sweat as human being who cann;t do good to others the way you want good things to be done to you our boys have been performing very well until when the management have mismanaged them. Truth must be told and we shall not have to bare this any more our time was almost getting the biggest trophy of the continent and you mismanaged them that is why we have always been losing good players in exchange of a few coins please pull up your socks because we shall not be losing games senselessly like this.

  10. I have been silent for a while but regret to note that there are lots of yapping, noises, negative energies etc on this site from Ingwe and direction-less, vision-less and idea-less bloggers since we lost to a team that we should have beaten easily in our fortified home ground stadium. We have many bloggers that are lacking clear faculty of sight; intelligent foresight or imagination and gone ahead to demand for payment of non-entitlements such as bonuses/allowances. These bloggers and useless inept officials are supporting and inciting players to boycott trainings and matches. This is stupidity of the highest order and I cannot apologize for my statement.

    I call this stupidity because such bloggers posses some of the following traits of lack of intelligence, being unintelligence, being foolishness, being denseness, being brainlessness, being ignorance, being mindlessness, being dull-wittedness, being dull-headedness, being dullness, being slow-wittedness, being doltishness, being slowness, being vacancy; being gullibility, being naivety; being informal thickness, being dimness, being dumbness, being dopiness, being doziness etc.

    The bloggers are busy hear showing their true quality of being stupid or unintelligent. Yes, these bloggers and inept officials inciting players are showing their foolishness, folly, silliness, idiocy, brainlessness, senselessness, irresponsibility, injudiciousness, ineptitude, inaneness, inanity, irrationality, absurdity, ludicrousness, ridiculousness, fatuousness, fatuity, asininity, pointlessness, meaninglessness, futility, fruitlessness, madness, insanity, and lunacy in demanding for privileges.

    My Personal Verdict
    The entire playing unit should be disbanded with exception to few players that have uphold discipline. The salaries were paid during the week but players went ahead to strike and boycott training. This is unheard of from any football team in the entire world as it shows how indiscipline our players have gone and let us loss all the remaining KPL league matches to set the right path for future posterity of the team.

    Since we lost the match on Sunday, I have been unwell and weak because I still do not understand why the players should boycott training sessions because of outstanding bonuses and allowances. In the past all outstanding allowances are paid eventually by the club. I am still lost and perplexed by the negative attitude of Gor Mahia players and unless disciplinary punitive measures are taken, the same will be repeated by these dunderhead players. The ring-leaders should be suspended and expelled from the team. A clear and resounding message needs to be made so that it becomes a lesson to the rest of the team.

    Allowances and bonuses are privileges which the club has been generous to motivate players. Allowances and bonuses are not entitlements as being portrayed by Gor Mahia players and bloggers in this site. The contractual entitlement to players is only salaries as entitlement but not bonuses and allowances. Bonuses and allowances are finally paid depending with the status of financial position of the club.

    Gor players have abused the privileges and tokens of motivation. Boycotting training is an act of sabotage and players should be fined and be made to pay back the club for the days they skipped training.

    Any player(s) feeling that their rights have been violated are free to terminate his/their contracts and such player/s is/are free to join other teams in the league or anywhere else.

    Recent Case Study
    This is what Paul Were Ooko did in Greece before joining AFC leopards when he terminated his contract with Greek club Trikala Football Club after Trikala failed to pay his salaries that had been in arrears for six months. Here we are talking about outstanding allowances and bonuses which are privileges and token for motivation.

    At any place of work, we do have bonuses and allowances schemes which is within the prerogative of the employer to pay or not to pay depending on the circumstances. Bonuses are paid to staffs based on their performance and overall financial status of the employer. Allowances are paid based on the implementation of some of the business strategies or tasks aimed at driving the financial performance. The duo are not entitlements but privileges and tokens for motivation.

    Immediate Action
    Inept EC officials though not exempted from these accusations but they too have let fans down. Action need to be taken as soon as yesterday for a bitter lesson to be learnt. A crystal clear message need to be passed. In every place of work, there must be discipline and without discipline we cannot succeed in life.

    I rest my case as I seek medication to heal my sickness.

  11. @Jakoyo and @OJOmondi, you guys have been celebrating whilst some of us have been sick and pale since Sunday Match loss to minnows RS Berkane. You are well known on which team you are supporting. By the way Ingwe is older than Gor Mahia but show us what Ingwe has achieved in Africa continental football. Useless mindless Ingwe sympathizers ranting here as if you are Gor Mahia fans.

    Your behaviours shows lack of good sense or judgement. “I can’t believe your own stupidity” by continuously posting rubbish in this site.

  12. I want to start by reminding everyone that Gor Mahia is one of the best employers in East and Central Africa and I include amongst these clubs in Kenya , Uganda , Tanzania , Rwanda , Burundi and DRC , This was not the situation less than 10yrs ago , meaning that inspite of our imperfections , there is a lot the much maligned EC is doing right , though there is still a lot than can be done and should have been done .
    I have had the privilage of witnessing
    player advancement in West Africa to Europe esp Eastern Europe , and I have seen players 18-22/23 going through conditions that would make Gor mahia players conditions seem like paradise in West Africa then in Eastern Europe where u might be less than 10blacks in the whole city , Erratic payments in salaries/allowances , Viscious racism and brutal weather in the negatives of centrigades . Eastern Europe include alot of South Americans in the same equation .
    These West Africans /S.Americans endure and sacrifice driven only by what lies ahead and over 90% succeed and end up in the places where the ideal places that is the epitome of all footballers ambition I.e Britain, Germany , Spain , Italy etc etc .
    Back to Gor Mahia ,There is a lot of misconception in the Bloggosphere that the ones who berate the players dont care about the players that in contrast the ones who r cheering their foolishness are the ones who care , Well , as you rise higher intelligences , you will come across a quote by Socrates and I quote , ” The fact that you are not wrong , doesnt mean you are right ” , and the ones that are simplistically supporting you cant do at their workplaces what they are misleading you to do , after misleading you , they will go back to their business as usual lives while you the Gor Player face life
    and its repurcussions as an individual and not as a team consisting of hitherto supporters like Nyangi
    or the likes such as I see on this blog .
    One of the biggest crusader for Haki yangu in a squad that consisted of Kagere and the Olunga’s was Collins Gattuso Okoth , Olunga is in Japan, Kagere in Simba , Rachier still chairman and Gattuso in oblivion somewhere unknown even to the high decibel cheering squad .
    If the players are as discontented as they wish as to believe , they can do what Kahata did in Tirana , what Muguna did in Tirana or what Blackberry did in Azam , terminate your contract and go to that delusional heaven you wish for , but you know what ? , they will not do that because truth be said , all these players are in Gor coz they are not good enough to get better options elsewhere , The much maligned EC gave Kahata a chance , including omitting him from some of our continental games , he is back to Gor because contrary to what our non technical eyes show us , he kahata is not just good enough , and despite being excused to pursue his failed expeditions , he was amongst the many players who heartily received the 100k Ngala talked about and thereafter joined the rest in switching off their phones and sabotaging not just the EC but even the fans who have given sweat and blood for this team .
    Oliech has no further ambitions and so there is nothing much I wanna say about him but suffice to say that Gor would be much the better without him , its worth noting though that when Sebastian Migne contempously dismissed Oliech’s chances of being in the Afcon squad , he wasnt dismissing oliech because of his football capacity but because of his disruptive nature .
    This one called Philemon , I really pity this boy coz this nigga aint seen nothing in this world yet he wants to swim in the world of the Oliech’s who are winding up .
    Finally , some of us or indeed most of us have had to go through , sacrifice and endure less than ideal conditions to be where most of us are , never ever do I know of any who sabotaged his employers big business opportunity because of a delayed bonus that would eventually be paid , and yes we also had parents and other dependants , slept on called floors at airports while on transit but we had good counsel or had the wherewithal to appreciate that it was just but temporary and please whoever has been posting things like ooh these are millenials should just stop it , arent all those guys playing professional football not millenials , lets try to delocalize our minds when using some terms or when contextualizing issues , otherwise we risk our players carrying their bad manners and sense of entitlement and failing abroad like Walusimbi and Aucho found out .
    I once again wish to again name some of the toughies who at their peak and against any wise counsel were cheered into oblivion I.e Collins Gattuso , Congestina and Princess July .
    When it was reported in the papers over and over again that Joseph Owino was going through lean times , I never saw any of the cheering ochestra coming to his aid in any sustainable way instead they were blaming the EC for not helping former players
    As if it is the ECs responsibility .
    So yes , let us support the players but let the support be one that guides them into the future of their otherwise short career .
    But people must be punished for the foolishness and childishness they displayed .
    Discipline is not negotiable and like I said earlier , I dare whoever finds their stay in Gor to be untenable to just give the club notice in good time before the next transfer window , if you are good as you feel , you will definitely get a better place , but if its like I know then that when your cover and delusions will be exposed .

  13. I read the players saying that bonuses are 5k for local games and 10 k for international games , if that be so , why then were the players demanding to an extent of going slow a percentage of the prize money if what had been agreed on was 10k , blackmailing the club til they are paid 100k as if Gor doesnt have other money obligations , are these the same guys who refused to go to the podium during Cecafa insisting in the very last minute and contrary to cecafa policy that they be paid in cash , are these the same boys who threatened not to honour matches if they were not given a hotel with a swimming pool and are these the kinds of behaviours we are cheering and encouraging ? , if you saw Simba players being taken to a hotel in Dubai , should you start throwing tantrums yet you know that even your airtickets was a bailout from the goverment and it covered no accomodation , so should we brace for more trouble the day they will see the way Real Madrid is treated and demand the same , its a fact that Gor is where it is now but if you want to be treated like simba and madrid , work hard , be disciplined , endure and sacrifice and then go play for Madrid or Simba .
    I saw some Mbita guy waxing lyrical on this wall as if whatever was happening in Gor was a dream come true for him and I wonder if he leaves in that ideal world he is galloping about , Guys , even guys who intend to go on strike give notices but not behaving like vultures by heartily going to receive there on time salaries then disappearing and I want to dare any of the ochestra cheering squad to dare do this at their workplaces .
    We the fans must also take some responsibility for our tribulations , we are sabotaging the club by causing the club millions in fines , we dont turn up to watch matches , when we do we want to force ourselves through without paying then we have the nonsensical audacity to ask how come Simba is managing while we dont , watch the stadium attendance for your answer and while at it , enquire how much the tickets cost but I will volunteer that Simba at times esp derbies make as much as ksh 21MILLION , YES 21M .
    Then we have some here waxing lyrical how this EC should go , yet they can spend tens of thousands entertaining slay queens but are too mean to register as members , meaning they cant even vote , meaning that in terms of being part of the change , all they can do is cowardly spew rubbish on social media about a club they claim to love with the smallness of their one dimensional third party street rhetoric , am avoiding calling this rhetoric City hall way , Agakhan walk or Ambassasador stage rhetoric out of respect for the hustlers .
    @George Aduwa , a respectable talent scout in kisumu like am told , will tell you that there are hundreds of talent wasting away in kisumu , Siaya and Homabay that if properly harnessed , guided and infused with a Gor DNA would go a long way in saving as this frequent and out of control blackmail .

    1. @Teddy Sofaset Entebbe, blackmailing is the order of the day in Gor Mahia. The other day players were paid Kshs.100k each in recognition of splendid job they did to reach quarter finals.

      I very disgusted with these players particularly the senior players who were ringleaders.

      I still do not understand what the Executive Office is still waiting for as the jury is out. Deal with these dunderheads first and foremost for discipline to be restored in the playing unit.

  14. Indiscipline which has come to this playing unit is being supported by those slow punctured bloggers who are supporting these players without thinking that you can not go on strike because your employer has not paid you allowance & bonus.If this is the case then negotiate for allowances & bonuses and forget about salary.A time in history this team was disbanded just because of these silly issues of boycotts & skipping trainings.The new players who were brought on board became superstars.You find some people with sound minds saying they should be paid allowances & bonuses as if they can manage this club better than Rachier.Same bloggers are the ones who elected those few Officials who are inciting these players.In fact this old man Rachier has tried and those who feel they can do better than him should ask these players just to look for better clubs with better paying perks.You can not work with indisciplined staff.

  15. A brave Zack Mbori sent a whole squad of superstars packing. We only hear about them with disgust. Zangi was sent packing despite being the best in that dept. Thura osiepa Wuod Asego Kanyada it is time to go back home to the local soccer schools and bring a new face. There are boys there just waiting for a ticket to Nairobi. You have the contacts Bwana Asego. Do the necessary then get a few west Africans and 2 Ugandans to mingle the squad. Team ivunjwe.

  16. Gima get ringo kadok chien. Oliech where are the millions you earned? Pombe na slay queens.Prince July? Hata baiskeli. Discipline is paramount. And may I ask mos mos go kwe.which player is owned pending salary in GM? As per the stipulated contract.

  17. Jamriambo, why the direct vile remarks about a player, is it necessary? EC ivunjue, the rot starts from there for sure. This is a God given opportunity to fix this office.

  18. So it is now in public domain that the ring leaders of the frequent episodes of blackmail and insurbordination are very influential players. Interestingly, George Blackberry is not in this group of four contrary to what some posts in this blog forum have insinuated. I. fact Blackberry is praised to be quite focused, has no time for innuendos and very respectful to.

    Too bad that the most poisonous inciter is the team captain assisted by one recently signed full back. The third one is a very talented AMF who is in fact a national team player. He is however praised that he incites others, but is careful to keep working and does not show open defiance. Then there is the fourth one…..a hard-tackling DMF. It then emerges that Dennis Oliech only fights his own battles to champions his course, but does engage in inciting other players. Too bad that the team captain is so short sighted.

  19. ** Dennis Oliech only fights to champion his course, but does not incite other players. This far the report goes.

  20. In other news Sudan has done it why not Gor.On a serious note Gor Mahia problems will end with the next(nearest) Win.It is the norm and will surface in a future defeat.

  21. @J’Asego please make me understand the rationale behind the substitution of GK Peter Fredrick Odhiambo with Shaban yesterday at Mbaraki in the 91st minute. This was apparently in preparation for the penalty shoot out. Now between these two keepers we know who has a better record with saving penalties. Needless to say that Bandari ended up scoring all their shots while Sammy Onyango shot directly at Shikalo.

    1. A disillusioned someone believed he held the key to saving atleast two penalties owing to his antics during training…Needless to say the rest

  22. All of you have spoken well for now something drastic must happen to be sincere there are very young and tarlented players in Kisumu,homabay,siala,western and in schools such as kisumu day, Magadi, kodero obaya, awasi boys,Owiro akoko, oriwa, boarding, Chianda, kanga just to mention but a few. How I wish the scouts will go out in second term during secondary schools ball games to get players from there to replace the current radarless players led by clueless captain and spentforce like my friend whom I vehemently said should not be signed but at the end of the day was brought on board reason only the gods can tell but the fact of the matter is that we are headed to the worst season of Gor’s history unless drastic measures are taken.

  23. @Jamigori , sometimes I look at the fake bravado displayed on this wall and the smallness of thought that accompanies it and I shudder to imagine that some of these bloggers are parents , guardians or even mentors or to be relevant to this scenario , if they have ever managed anything with the fluidity of dynamics that one must grapple with on a day to day basis managing entities or people .
    I cant remember even after scratching my hair off , if their is any organisation , company or club where employees meet and demand that the company’s /club’s/organisation’s profits must be shared with them notwithstanding the fact that the entity has a myriad of monetary obligations that also must be honoured .
    Try this in Man U , Real Madrid , Man City , Barcelona etc and the supporters will run you out of town but here in Nairobi , you will be cheered and the management attacked by people who have no iota of clue in financial matters or have no stake in the Gor Mahia economy .
    In my previous life as an employee , I was entitled to a salary , a commision based on my output and a bonus at the end of the year depending on how the company as a whole had fared that year , Right now I deal with people who owe me and people I owe , but the magnitude of our relationship is such that despite that , we are still beneficial to each other .
    For those who seem to be celebrating the illusion that their professies have come earlier than expected , its good to note that the bile you have been spewing on this blog was being driven by non sporting factors but be that as it may , you are about to find out that matters Gor Mahia are not kalongolongo matters to be played around with by people easily forgiven coz of their cluelessness and lack of depth .
    I await the cheering squad response with an example of any entity that employees demand that profits must be shared with them with a percentage deciding by them .
    If the example would be of companies where you work , it would even be more appreciated and while at it , please confirm if you have ever executed the foolish prescription you gave the players at your place of work and without notice I.e for example you received your salary , locked the company premises , switched off your phone , disappeared and could not be found when a strategic investor was already outside your company’s premises , just because your allowances that was going to be paid anyway delayed .
    But I guess these are some of the downsides of social media where even with 5bob , you are empowered to get engaged in spaces that you would otherwise be considered brainless .
    By the way , the last time I checked, there were 18teams in the SPL meaning these players have 17options locally , Mathare , Ulinzi , Afc and Sofapaka just like Gor Mahia have sponsors , Bandari , Tusker etc are huge organisations , these are options the likes of Judas the menace , Philemon and kahata have and also the options Hashim Sempala had but still chose Gor Mahia with all its imperfections .
    I cant wait for the new constitution to come so that i see the butts , sorry , backs of the likes of Judith Nebucadnezzor Anyango and the rest of the bloats that are adding no value to the club , All we need is a President and his deputy , a board made up of serious people who dont need any money from the club, a well paid secretariot with set targets , a professionally recruited TB in cognisance of the club’s DNA and phylosophy , a transparent recruitment policy and talent scouts and a responsible and active support battalion and we are good to go .
    I say all this as one who has always played my part as a Gor Mahia adherent , faithfully paid my way into the stadiums within and without the country and has no monetary expection from anybody in Gor Mahia , neither do I have any personal relationship with anybody in the Gor hierachy , not interested and has never been interested in any leadership position in the club , in short I have no vested interest other than a wish that my club reaches the heights I know they are capable of .

  24. *Sorry I meant to write Dennis the Menace and not Judas the menace , I think this issue of betrayal was swirling turbulently in my mind and hence I inadvertently made the mistake , As for referring to Nyangi as Nebucadnezzar, it wasnt out of any illwill but rather in appreciation of her love for Leaves and weed .
    Am sorry for any distress or discomfort my post may have caused

  25. I think all well meaning and rational Gor Mahia supporters are in agreement that Rachier has done well and brought this club this far but that I/we also appreciate that more can be done and should have been done , theirein raising the question as to whether he is the right man to take this club beyond where it is currently , I posit this in cognisance that no individual is bigger than the club and secondly that nobody is indispensible .
    This brings me to the next question and I wish to direct it and in good faith to those I have seen on this wall lately aggresively chanting the Rachier must go slogan and my question hoping that you are a registered member , eligible to vote , is ,THAT were elections to be held now , all factors constant , who is this that you feel can ably represent the change that we , me included have been wishing for ? , the word change comes out so easily but the question is , changing to what ?
    What personally I will not accept is one with no discernible past or present history with Gor coming out of the blue , citing lofty blueprints and cheered along by hunger prone 100bob a day /simba waragi consumers , I say this , not out of spite but rather out of having experienced the involvement of such delinquents in decisions that means life or death to the well being of the club .
    It pains to see a fully grown man celebrating any misfortune the club goes through , wishing damage on the club just so that whoever they are too cowardly to bring forward can look good when he eventually does , in a progressive world , lovers of any entity would always wish well for those running the entity and incase of any performance gap come forward to push the envelop further but not uprooting the water pipes layed by your rivals , damaging the transformers so that people may suffer , that now is not competition , that is terrorism .
    So please Mr/Mrs agitators /opportunists /Patriots (Registered ones only ) please come forth and put the meat on the bone and stop lurking in the shadows .
    Gor Mahia is too serious an entity to be left at the mercy of opportunists , jokers , experimenters , wash washers and before you utter the word “must go ” , THINK .
    I am sorry to say that most of the agitators
    remnants of the rural to urban migration , commonly referred to as team Hop , Step and Jump , these are people e.g from Migori , who have never known anywhere apart from where they fled from , Hopping into a bus at night , Stepping for arround 15minutes in Nakuru and then jumping off the bus at Ambassador for onward transmission to say Ngomongo , in my example , I mean some , not all and my examples of locations are purely coincidental .
    Lastly I continue appealing to all who mean well for the club and are independent in thought to continue registering in large numbers so that we can be influencers of the change we wish for .

  26. @teddy sofaset branch entebbe, my only hope is that what you are posting here goes beyond this wall. So much truths that it HURTS. Where i work so long as your salary is paid the rest is at the discretion of the management and you can only raise your concern at the end of the financial/calendar year. But definitely you cannot go on strike because of allowances/bonuses which are not part of your contract. You cannot win that war in any court.
    Surely if we want to progress we need to have a model where only the president and vice can be elected. The rest can be part of the secretariat and then we can have a board of governors or trustees to check on the Executive.
    For those like @Agwanda Dave Jakorando who are saying that this will be Gor’s worse performance in history it shows that he is new as a Gor fan. We have had worse that at one time we were more or less ‘relegated’ only for an executive decision to spare us. How can it surely be our worse year when we have reached the quarters of CAF for the first time ever?

    1. My friend I started supporting Gor before you were born or so I believe ‘coz this is my agemate club so all those you are pouring are things am aware of osiep so go slow you don’t know how much it pains me to see Gor losing matches on the day of Berkane from Morocco I travelled all the way from Lokitaung in Turkana only to be dissappointed so don’t mention my name again pliz.

  27. I think that our main problem is not in the playing unit or even the technical bench, we have a problem in the office, if the management works as a team the issue should have been very easy to handle

  28. Ja Thur gi ji, we ofis mos.

    I say this because this is a Community Club and specifically a Luo Community Club. I’m always reluctant to support any move to replace our office because as a community, this is one team that has really tried and delivered results.

    We have many examples of failure from our community like our counties and their leadership and very few success stories that i wonder why we should be blaming a performing office and supporting players who are politicians and trade unionists. Why can’t we allow the office time to pay? When they board planes, do we ever ask the office the cost? When they are accomodating visitors like Berkane who chose Radisson Blue, do we know the cost? Same way we have to let the elected people pay bonuses if and when ready. Do you want to pay all bonuses and fail to accomodate Berkane because some Atwoli in the team said so? I don’t think so.

    When Tuyisenge was bought for 4million, do you remember the noise on this wall? Has he delivered or not? Which office bought him? We made noise on Kagere. Who brought us Kagere?

    Which office brought Nuttal, Kerr, Logarusic, Bobby, Oktay, Siang’a, Zico, Awono?

    Let us support our whole team with positive ideas.This disband bullshit has to stop.

    1. Pole sana. Akin to a village funeral group where people like you swindle from the bereaved family
      .And who stops your community from functional and transparent duties? Idwoka wa chien
      Ikuodo wiwa. The only way for you to develop the youth of your community is to transform For which is the best employer here.

  29. I want to go down memory lane to serve a stark reminder to the Johny come lately know it all-ers of why the paper thin experiments they assume they can bring into Gor mahia will not be tolerated .
    For those who had tasted the city or had access to the media will know that in 2002 , Gor Mahia won 2games , drew 4 and lost 12 and were relegated but we got a reprieve kenya style .
    In 2003 , we were no.2.
    In 2004 , we were last in the league after winning only 2games but again we were not relegated .
    In 2005 , we finished in the bottom 3 and were relegated but again we remained in the league .
    In 2006 , the EC boycotted games and again we were relegated , again we did not go down .
    In 2007, we finished 11th out of 18 .
    In 2008 , Rachier takes over from the disaster called Erastus Okul (should be asked about the Embakassi land ).
    In 2008 , Gor mahia win the President’s cup and qualify for Mandela cup.
    2009-Sianga recruits youngsters e.g Blackberry , Dancun owiti as the new phase of Gor Mahia’s trajectory takes shape .
    2009- in Mandela cup , Gor Mahia’s Sianga youngsters are thouroughly disciplined by APR led by one of our own Moses Lucky Dube Odhiambo , but
    so what , we were back amongst our elite peers in continental Africa .
    2009- moved from 2008 no 20 to 5th .
    2010-Tuzo sponsorship , finished 2nd behind Ulinzi.
    2011-Awono debacle , nothing to report .
    2012-Logarrusic , So close , last day Thika utd , Jerry Jagoal and Tom Ogweno Burma late matumbo lunch manenos , No 2 , Tears like had never been seen in the history of kenyan football , me , my wife and my son contributed enough litres of tears on that day at Tok Komwanda-MEMORIES .
    2013-Bobby Williamson -AND THE WINNER IS KOGALO , GOOOR ,GOR MAHIA , KOGALO , GOOOR TIMBE DUTO YWAK NI , Tears flowed when after 18 yrs of painful waiting , our anthem rent the air as more tears flowed , but this time for reasons opposite to 2012 .
    2013-By now Gor had become fashionable , it was a lifestyle , the Johny come late know it all but knowing nothing crew joined the bandwagon and so their is nothing new to report that you dont already know .
    So to all who think that Gor Mahia is a ground for experiments like Efusi should take their nonsensical tantrums back to the villages they belatedly came from and stop disturbing us with village bravado in the city .
    Remember that in 2013 elections , Gor Mahia dodged a bullet when they elected Rachier over that suspected wash wash guy in court .
    But I appeal to the rational supporters to forgive these “Must Go”crowd for theirs is a consequence of lack of depth and a capacity to interrogate and contextualize to enable them put multi faceted matters into coherent perspective .
    We are not where we wish to be , but we are on the right path and once and when we rectify the management structures of the club , we will be as good as gone and I wish to have Rachier in that Transition team , thats my opinion but if you have a better option , float his name here for interrogation .
    Now you know .

  30. Gor Mahia outgrew “Community cocoon” a long time ago. This can be traced back to many players from different communities that have either played for the Team in the past or are even playing now. This trend I do not see it stopping. It is a good pace we have set and we must continue to cultivate it. Contrary to what efusi has been stuck in and it is costing them dearly, from leadership to the playing unit. If it were in my powers, I would even have suggested that perhaps only one official come from what you have mentioned as community. For me what stands out as a unifying factor is the name of a historical legend “Gor Mahia” Allow me to mention the negativity that has always been flown around whenever there is a problem. ” Hawa wajaluo ndio wana piga watu na mawe even if none threw a stone” That name tagging is not good and detrimental. After all, we need to spend a lot of energy promoting the club, through all sorts of available avenues. We want people to come so that we can be able to raise our financial muscle. We should not give any evil meaning person way to give us a bad name tag. People should come to support the team and not a community. The other disadvantage of giving it a community perspective is that people soon start to bring clan matters in to leadership and the playing unit. That will mark the death of a team.

  31. Sad that we are still asking the Govt money to go to Morocco. It would be good that we get eliminated and plan to stabilize our office. team was still stranded in Nbi as of friday afternoon

  32. Breaking !…Though the bonuses have not paid by today, the team is in very high spirit, contact was made with Morrocan embassy and Kenya government this afternoon and there are plans to have them depart tomorrow early morning via Ethiopia or Cairo.

    The game is NOT a dead- rubber, we have to believe we can go there and stage a shocking 3-0 upset.

    Meanwhile, EC has promised there will be radical changes in the technical bench and at least 10 senior players will be let go whether their contracts have expired or NOT.

  33. Let them enjoy the trip but no hope. It might be painful but the team should be disbanded and new recruitment done to fill the void.

    1. I need to be educated here. How does a team get disbanded? How possible is it? How practical is it and why? Why not just weed the team of the inciters both from the playing unit and EC. Disbanding a team can be very costly even if it was possible.

      1. Remember there was incitement, there was camping organized and only 2 players were present who are now being branded as traitors, a player enjoying a sweet night with the wife and the wife attested to that while supposed to be in the camp? with all these you still ask circumstances under which a club or playing unit can be disbanded ok but the truth of the matter is the team may have some good players but with the kind of weeds being planted by some players we are in for a rude shock therefore arm yourself with shock absorbers

  34. Sofaset aka Teddy kalando ja entebbe let me borrow your phrase ” hop step and jump” . some players just hopped into GM and forgot that there is A step and a jump ahead in their csreer. For them this is heaven and no more effort sacrifice should be put. Olunga hopped in, stepped out and is endeavoring daily for a jump. Some of our players ought to change their attitudes, no wonder so.e cannot excel outside the country when they go for trials. They cannot step and jump.Our locals it is time to endeavor for the step men. And Teddy Ja Entebbe Rudi mashinani and hop some good talents on board. We need to reincarnate the old spirit

  35. So yesterday night (Friday night) when we were being treated to BREAKING NEWS on how the team is in high spirits though bonuses have not been paid , how arrangements had been made with Morrocan embassy for the team to fly out Saturday morning (City hall way rumour media) , the team was already airbone in two batches , one left in the afternoon through Doha while the 2nd batch left at 8.15 through Congo Brazaville .
    In short the team left yesterday , but the lesson here again is that we were being given fake information from a Johny come lately know everything but knowing nothing “GorMahia fan” , mara ooh the bonuses have not been paid BUT the players are in high spirits , mara the axe is going to fall on the EC , the TB and the playing unit (a playing unit whose bonuses have not been paid , with an axe hanging over their heads when they return -In high spirits???, some twisted logic here) .
    All in all , inspite of all that has happened lately , we must be people capable of separating how we currently feel about the misled players and team Gor Mahia and then pray and hope for a miracle to happen , that is what being a grown up is all about and also the difference between the ones who joined Gor bandwagon because it was a lifestyle and fashionable and some of us for whom Gor Mahia is DNA.
    So now the Bonuses have not been paid , the same people who occasioned a lose in the first leg are in that team (without bonuses), going to climb a self created mountain , in a hitherto winnable game and which could have brought even better short and possibly long term returns , lose the game and then come back to the local league , Now that is the new reality setting in on the players , its not high spirits , its reality of life , now they are pambanaring na hali yawo peke yawo without any iota of help from the cheering squad whose lives are continuing as usual , Discipline is paramount and not negotiable and what needs to be done must be done , There must be a difference between a professional (who can sacrifice , endure in pursuit of bigger goals ) and a Mercenary .
    Be that as it may , in cognisance of Team Kogalo First , I pray that we are able to redeem ourselves in Morroco , in whichever way .

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