Gor Mahia set to visit State House

Gor Mahia could become the first football team to visit the State house. They apparently have already received an invitation.  According to goal.com, it is understood that President Uhuru Kenyatta is keen to help the team acquire another sponsorship after their previous one with Tuzo lapsed.

“The President has been very keen to meet the team and he has finally secured them an appointment on Thursday. Furthermore, he is keen to see the club get a sponsor and is willing to help. He is likely to reveal this during their Thursday visit,”said a well placed source goal.com

President Uhuru Kenyatta was among the first to congratulate Gor Mahia after they captured the 2014 Tusker Premier league.

Nyamweya asks government to pay for air tickets

Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier recently raised the alarm suggesting that Gor Mahia may not be able to participate in the 2015 Africa champions league. This is due to the prohibitive cost of playing away from home which according to Rachier amounts to KES 7 million.

With that in mind, FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya has appealed to the government to purchase tickets for the club.

“We want to ask the government to assist Gor Mahia honor their first two fixtures by giving them air tickets. I missed my flight to Kisumu to watch final match against Ushuru FC because flights were fully booked by Gor Mahia fans. The quality football we saw in Kisumu has never been witnessed in the country and that is a true sign that we are destined for greatness.

“The league has ended well and Gor Mahia has won and they deserved to win. We expect a very exiting league next year. As you can see the Cabinet Secretary for Sports and Culture Dr. Wario is here too and that is a sign that our sponsor number one, The Government of Kenya, is well in our support.

“I remember President Uhuru Kenyatta sent his congratulatory message to the team within half an hour of being declared champions and soon we will take the champions to go and shake hands with him.” said Nyamweya.

Back in the early 1990s , 1980s and 1970s, it was the government that footed the bill whenever Kenya’s representatives played in continental tournaments and even the CECAFA club cup. That all ended when the IMF introduced austerity measures in the 1990s.

Wario Praises Gor Mahia

Minister Hassan Wario did not commit any government support. He whowever praised Gor Mahia for brnging color to league.

“The colours you (Gor mahia fans) bring to kenyanfootball is second to none.You have made watching football even on television interesting. Long live Gor mahia” said Wario

“Gor Mahia are worthy champions. They brought pomp and color to the league. The KPL would be poorer without you but the concern of hooliganism must be dealt with,” continued Wario.

In a separate function, former speaker Farah Maalim also declared his support for Gor Mahia

I dont go around looking for Manchester United,Arsenal….I support Gor Mahia Football club…I believe in homegrown.”said Maalim


18 thoughts on “Gor Mahia set to visit State House

  1. Thank you Farah Maalim. I have always thought you to be a very sensible politician.

    This visit to state house will be worth it if the EC can seize that opportunity to seek help in reclaiming the club’s parcel of land “now occupied by squatters”. I believe that should be the second item at the top of our agenda, far greater than sponsorship if we are interested in long term solutions to Gor Mahia’s economic hardships.

  2. The EC should take this opportunity to seek for sponsorship.Fans should also be good anbassadors of the club.We need to shed away the hooliganism tag.

  3. @Jack Omollo, let’s stop being negative. We did this for a whole season but despite that the team still ended victorious. Did you share the speech with ‘hawa’ and they confirmed that wanaenda tu kukula. As if they have not been eating.
    The main things we need to do as Gor are: – get a good sponsor, get back the land (if it’s still there) and develop it even if for income-generation, stop hooliganism and lastly stop aligning the club to any political leaning.

    Otherwise the goodwill from all these sectors should be harnessed for the future of the club

  4. Raila, Uhuru, Ruto, Sonko to attend fundraiser-What became of this. Only Sonko showed up.

    Anyway I believe should GM secure an audience with President Uhuru then as Barefoot Bandit has put only one item should be on the agenda.
    Please EC use this opportunity to make a breakthrough.
    Jakom though you done a commendable job you let some opportunities pass that would have taken GM much further in CECAFA & CAF.
    1) You let the goodwill of the 2010-2012 pass. That when GM used to net kshs.1.5M per game and Kshs.5 for the derby against AFC. This goodwill is apparently creeping back PLEASE DON’T LET IT SLIP THIS TIME.
    2) Transparency & accountability are still challenges to you and your officers.
    3) Hooliganism apparently has a strong connection to the EC if in doubt, then how do you explain that even during the harambee fracas erupted.

    Yawa Farah Maalim another potential GM Sacco member.

  5. the only few who associates the club with politics should be discouraged by all means. gor mahia fc is not a political party. anybody, anywhere can associate with it regardless of political affiliation. we need progress not political connotations. blessed

  6. I support Gor Mahia visit to state house. We are in dire need of a sponsor. One of the first family business can sponsor our team and we can also plead with the president to support the club in developing a stadium. Yes, this can happen as president means well and has great heart.

    Let EC explore this great opportunity if only it is there.

  7. Let’s not go and beg for goodies from state house, the club is rich and awashed with brains that can transform it into Africa powerhouse.

    My humble appeal to EC is that football is for the youth and the youth are the future of this country, let’s harness the collective power of Gor. Mahia SACCO and request the president and the entire cabinet regardless of their political affiliations to be gold card members…yes gold card members !!!! That will be a statement of intent from the highest office that is interested in creating jobs for the youth!!!

  8. @Jakoyo, this is not a begging mission but a great opportunity for Gor Mahia to show the president that Gor Mahia needs support and sponsorship.

    @Jakoyo, what is wrong even if it is a begging mission? Let us ask and we will be given.

  9. Gor fans are known for making noise and doing very little to the team.During the fund raiser, i was shocked by the contributions done by branches(a branch contributed Kshs 2500=) and anybody who thinks that the president’s contribution to the team should be ignored has misplaced priorities.Gor fans just need to delink the team from politics,change the club patron to a businessman(my opinion),separate EC and the daily running of the club and we will have moved a step towards the right direction.

  10. @jasawagongo, I do concur with you in all your posting. Gor Mahia is a peoples’team and all are welcome no matter the political affiliations, background, tribe, creed, colour, race, social status, wizards, men and women, boys and girls, class, etc.

    What we only abhors is hooliganisms, violence and thuggery but all are welcome to join Kogalo in any event both in the stadium and outside stadiums. Let us win many supporters and our brand will continue to grow.

  11. I think this Visit is very good and now that The president has invited the team let Mr.Chairman not mince words,besides getting sponsorship for gor let him declare the land in Embakasi Gor’s,this will give us mileage above the rest,we can the initiate the process of putting up the perimeter fence.

    Thanks team you made us proud ,a friend of mine has named his child Gor Champion.

  12. Since the Prezo is the only one allowed to exempt or pardon any entity when it comes to taxation let’s use the opportunity to get this yoke of KRA taxes out of our necks. We can then embark on getting our accounts right. It’s no rocket-science to do so and we even have many qualified auditors and financial experts who can even do the work pro bono for GM. I’m sure this is one thing the office has no choice in carrying out.

  13. Gor Mahia and siasa should be de-linked completely. The visit to the house on the hill is very welcomed. I can only echo what most of us have already mentioned here. To me 3 things are very dear to me with regard to this visit. First – Sponsorship, second – KRA waiving the 118 M, and third – reclaiming the land donated to Gor by Mzee Moi. The president has never missed an opportunity to talk about creating employment for the youth. Football is a very lucrative industry that can help his government achieve some this dreams if well managed and supported. It is my prayer that Gor can be used as a model then other teams like AFC, Shabana, Re-Union etc can be roped in later. Five years down the line, most of our players will be earning some handsome amounts. Let us work with the government to support our clubs.
    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  14. Very good points raised above: Land in Embakassi, sponsorship, taxes etc. If Rachier wastes this opportunity then it will be a shame.

  15. Why is walusimbi not appearing in the shortlist for players awards,i thought he has been outstanding.Gor have Jerry,kizito,owino,shakava.

  16. Just like it happened for harambee stars, let it be so for Gor. They are Kenyan reps in the championship. All the best Kogalo. Thank you Mr. President for a good gesture.

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