Gor Mahia, Sofapaka fined

The FKF has banned Gor Mahia fans from attending the remaining two matches of the season. This means that Gor Mahia will not be able to count on the 12th man during the last two matches and should they win the title, the presentation will be in front of an empty stadium, a starke contrast to the festivities of 2013.

Gor Mahia have also been fined KES 500,000 and have been ordered to turn over the fan   who reportedly accosted Sofapaka goalkeeper David Okello. This is actually a good thing because any steward who does not have enough common sense not to get himself in that kind of trouble probably should not be around the club.

Poor Security and poor policing

Sofapaka for their part have been fined KES 300,000 for failing to provide sufficient security as host team. Speaking of security, a section of the fans has come forward to accuse the police of poorly handling the situation. “Without provocation, the police indiscriminately fired teargas canisters into the crowd in complete disregard of the safety of the fans who among them consisted women and children. This would have led to a stampede and we can only be left to wonder what the consequences of the same would have been given the massive crowds present” said a fan as posted on futaa.com. It appears the standard police response is to always toss tear gas canisters into the crowd even on the peaceful section of the stadium.

Suspicious elements

A section of fans have also pointed an accusing finger at the so called hooligans who exhibited behaviour that is atypical pf football fans even the worst hooligans. Such behaviour included breaking into certain buildings, looting.

Some fans stated that a group of local thugs were on hand to confront the fleeing crowds at the exit; one wonders if the series of events was a mere coincidence or premeditated by certain forces hell-bent on soiling the name of Gor Mahia.

Nyamweya promises harsher sanctions

FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya has warned that from next season, the federation will take more drastic action against clubs whose fans cause trouble during matches. “We have a proposal to deduct 15 points from clubs whose fans cause trouble. We are going to discuss it in our general meeting and implement it from next season,” he said.
The problem with this proposal is that a team could be sabotaged by opposing fans or by hired thugs.
He also said Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua had no authority to fine Gor Mahia Sh10m for the damages caused in his county. “He has a right to ban the club from playing in Machakos, but he has no authority to fine them. He should have consulted us before announcing a Sh10m fine on Gor Mahia.
Indeed it is rather shocking that governor Mutua rushed to judgment. And the figure he arrived of KES 10 million does not seem believable.

Gor Mahia to hold presser

Gor Mahia have announced on the club site that the club executive committee will hold a press briefing on Wednesday 29th October 2014 at the club secretariate located at Nyayo National Stadium starting 2:30pm.

There is a lot of damage control that needs to be done. Literally every rag and every news outlet has jumped on the bandwagon of pouring scorn on the club.

28 thoughts on “Gor Mahia, Sofapaka fined

  1. and to add salt to injury there is harambee on 4th Nov 2014 to raise kshs 20 Million for the club !!!!!! who wants to be associated with the club at this hour ?

    like I said , The ‘saga’ continues.

    I remain as FOREVER ‘realistic’

    Have a ‘realistic ‘ day bloggers.


  3. This season is set for a very ugly end, very bad. Who is benefiting by Muhoroni hosting Saturday match at Kasarani? Who is funding their Nairobi camping and for what reason? The match is afterall set for an empty stadium so they cannot say it is meant to maximize their gate takings. Somebody is definitely behind this, and the war against Gor continues, ITS JUST THAT BAD.


    It is very clear that we will not be able to watch our players deliver back to back title. The boardroom is clearly doing its work. AFC will also not also have their fans (courtesy of some hooligans who belief, what AFC can do we can do better) and therefore the pressure to deliver against Paka might not be there, Tusker title ambition has been punctured in the board room – which could demotivate them from giving Paka a run for their money.

    It is therefore upon us as Kogalo supporters to come up with ways of motivating our players who must win all the remaining matches, there are a number of ways we can still participate in ensuring our players are well motivated to go all the way and retain the title. These players have worked so so hard and it is unfortunate we will not be with them when they need us most.

    Just one way that we need to push for is an initiative that can put money on the table for each win. If we can get organized then we can start popularizing this initiative and present to the players at each of the two steps.

    I think we should do something and shame those who wish us doom

  5. @jakoyo and @levelmind, fighting hooliganism starts with you and me. We all know these thugs and they sit in our midst. It is us fans together with all stakeholders that include officials, FKL, KPL, police etc that can stop this menace.

    @jakoyo stop being childish and narrow minded. With you and me or without you and me, Gor Mahia will continue to be there no matter the circumstances. Harambee is a stop-gap measure and for the time being we need to support this initiative.

    However the long term solutions lies on the Gor Mahia SACCO.

  6. This is really sad and more so for a club that is struggling financially.
    I propose that fans should come together and contribute to pay off this fine. The EC is struggling to pay our players and now that our only source of earning has been curtailed by the so called “human wastes” its only sensible that true fans of this club chip in to help save the situation.

    Its true the club desperately needs damage control measures and this must be led by the good fans of gormahia. May be the club needs to rebrand and shake off the hooliganism tag. The good fans of gor should come together to protect what is dear to them and i.e the clubs brand.
    Sell of alcohol and drunkadness inside the stadium shoud be banned. Let us all be sobber while watching football and i think this should be rule number one, soberness, soberness,soberness.
    The police have alcoblow, they can use it.

  7. Even if the harambee nets the desired Kshs.20M minus Kshs.500,000 so the net amount will be kshs.19.5m.
    Asanteni sana hooligans.GM has started on a negative note.
    In the news yesterday Nyamweya mentioned the “fan” by name a Mr. Ochola so that is no a fan but a steward. EC can go ahead a produce him since they know him.
    These measures against the club will not work because of
    1)Criminals and local thugs are taking advantage of GM matches to commit crime,
    2)that a team could be sabotaged by opposing fans or by hired thugs.

    Total loss to club is approx kshs.11M

    The only reason why this hooliganism is not being addressed is because the cartels (officials/police/FKF) benefit from the chaos and its time FKF accounted for these “fines”.

  8. @omondi, I support you. An observation ivade on Gor mahias hooliganism is a good desvriptive of the likes of thos guy going by Pier winyo. A bunch of th that would do anyrhing to provoke a fellow fan. We have a few of them om VIP stand which is so eady to root them up but a big bunch are the so called Russia. these are people who do not come to watch football infact thats their harven to smoke bhang.
    It will be so easy to weed this people if we can combine our efforts amd beat the shit out of these criminals.
    Let police do the inspection on entrance, wr dont need these svouts anyway. You are found with any substance to suggest otherwise? the club has got nothing to do with it but police. this will reduce hooliganism. lets support the police with positive numbers to outdo the vice.

  9. it’s really sad. why can’t real &genuine gor fans catch for me only one organized fool, kill instantly. because empty talks wouldn’t do anything. and for Nyamweya, he makes his dessitions based on corn man ship. he has no foot ball brain at all

  10. ..football in Kenya is undergoing transition, and these acts are very normal and expected in order for local football governing bodies to come with practical administration. What was witnessed in Machakos is pretty much what is expected in the run to title, and no one should be labelled “hooligan”, who are you to call others such names, before you remove the log in your eyes.
    Fans don’t fall into the trap of media, all the rose days nobody publicized the reinvention of the calm fans; provocation by state security occurs human beings react and we here blaming part of the fans – hypocrites – what the media wants is to shape and create an image of Kogalo and its people as violent in order to fulfill a certain agenda – political, ecnonomic (scare sponsors) we must not fall into this
    Looking at Football Hooliganism in the global scenario it’s a problematic issue, and in kenya it must be looked at as such..
    what is Hooligan behaviour? what does the history of the country reveal? Gor and AFC historically have ardent fans and they charge..which is cultural and lifestyle..not a problem. Causes of hooliganism – pride and provocation, Politics and the role of the football management in Anti-hooligan.
    AS far as i am informed, Kogalo and Efusi fans are very normal and passionate fans who are involved in the reinvention of local football.

  11. Sofapaka president Elly Kalekwa has said his team will not travel to Mumias for this weekend’s league match against AFC Leopards. Kalekwa has said his team has requested KPL to have the match played at a neutral venue for security reasons.

    “As Sofapaka I want to make it clear that we will not travel to Mumias. We are not ready to risk the safety of our team members and we want the match to be played at a neutral venue.” He said.

    In the event that the venue change request is not granted, Kalekwa says, “Then let them give AFC Leopards the points.”

    ….and the ‘drama’ continues !!! this is the most dramatic ending to the league ever witnessed and the cup my just be awarded AMID many controversies and rumours!!!!!! OKOMBE WAKAO !!!! OKOMBE WAKAO !!!

    @Mwakio P, when the issue of goons being hired was first brought to our attention, you were the first one to talk about Moses and Canaan blah blah blah…please live in the present and face reality of modern world and stop being dictatorial and biblical about everything. if you love the bible so much, please go live in those times !!!!

  12. Is someone going to avoid the harambee because gor was involved in hooliganism? If so then that person in the first instance is not a gor fan. That should be the forum to lambast and/or advice all those messsing up the brand. Personally I will never be ashamed of being a gor fan since I have never witnessed a gor player or offical getting involved in hooliganism. The goons are actually criminals and it’s upto the law enforcers to deal with them. Even asking Gor to produce the goons who were on Tv is just playing politics. If those goons had been captured breaking into a bank or harming a politician they could now have been apprehended. So guys on hooliganism we cannot blame the EC. Those stewards with criminal tendencies should carry their own cross, just like the fans do.
    As said unfortunately the boys will miss us when it matters most and the decision to bring the game to Kasa was well-adviced. Who wanted to witness running-battles in Ksm with fans demanding to watch the match? Anyway we made our bed and now we must lie on it. The other unfortunate thing is that the winner this year will be due to many out-of-the field issues

  13. to me this is total shit, i still stand by my position, kenyan football needs kogalo more than kogalo needs it, we cant allow them to arm twist us forever, now that efusi was banned somehow kogalo had to be banned to divert attention, our match was played to completion, and criminal acts are criminal acts wether you don a coat, miltary gear or a kogalo jersey. i have never had the police being charged along with waiganjos of the world.as for the empty stadium,my understanding is that the running were done on the street, perhaps it would have been more effective to have kogalo play in an EMPTY TOWN.money has been poured to finish kogalo, period! SISI NI WA-SAFI KAMA PAMBA, LA SIVYO THEY CAN AS WELL SIT WITH THERE LEAGUE KAMA NI YA MAMA YAO!

  14. Thanks jakoyo but truth you are not agor fan when gor loses or adraw you rush to comment here management of gor are big let down check all your comments always ,then u fool us ati we are together go away /?we dnt expect peace loving funs to loot or damage property .?rem myself my car was smashed at nyayo by goons during game of afc na gor .i know how pain once it is .WE ARE NOT TALKING HARAMBEE THING NOT NOW WE HAVE PROBLEM ON TABLE NOW .PLSE HELP TEAM BUT NOT SIDE SHOWS OR WAIT ELECTION PERIOD.WHAT IS…

  15. What if we are to win our two remaining matches wether played in mars or under the pyramid of khuffu? will we be banned from being given the trophy or something? we deserve to be treated with respect for the kogalo community has invested so much to bring the colour that is in the league, in-fact the power that be are supposed to assist us! iko nini? hapana bembereza punda kwa mteremko!

  16. My friends, have you noticed one trend, this page has become a place where we come up with very good ideas but end up nowhere. It is actually a page of wishful thinkers. Please do not blame me for this. Last week, we were all saying how we should be vigilant of the so called hooligans. Ideas were proper but that is where it ended. A few weeks ago, there was the issue of Sacco vs Limited company and again the ideas were brilliant but that is as far as it went. Does this mean this page is a toothless bullock??? I still feel so ashamed of what happened on Sunday and I am sorry to say, the ban on fans could be the best way to sort this thing out. Maybe the EC could feel the pinch and stop issuing statements that protect the hooligans. I actually expect them to absolve the fans (or let me say the hooligans) in their press conference later today and blame it on someone else. It is their duty to ensure they vet these so called stewards some of who actually estate thugs!! They go to stadium to watch matches free and accept bribes to allow fans to enter free of charge!!!


    During such trying moments is when we as seasoned comrades of Gormahia.net can stand out to be noticed, counted ,identified and differentiated as the TRUE friends of this wonderful club.

    Can i request all of you my comrade of this blog for once to come up with an idea whose purpose is not to politic around with football matters but just to collect some small token for the team as an appreciation of their achievement so far prior to our next match against Muhoroni.

    Can we surprise the boys with 100,000kshs as my initial proposal. I stand to be counted and be accountable to the task as long as there is Willingness and desire.

    I hereby kindly initiate the project “OPERATION LINDA GOR MAHIA BRAND” with 5000/=. We can agree on where and when to meet.

    @Mwakio and @Dan Original can you guys propel this project. We need to a shame the devil of hooliganism and national football leadership based on nepotism. OVER TO YOU GUYS.

  18. there was no ruling that AFC remainder matches be played in neutral grounds. The ruling was that AFC play in empty pitches and if AFC is the guest then it will compensate the home team. This Kalekwa guy should stop misinterpreting the ruling. If you will not attend the match then do it on your peril and i hope sofapaka gets penalised heavily for this. Its coz of this jungle mentality by club officials that kenyan football is like a sluthouse. but with everybody feeling their the final word then why should AFC and Gor pay their fines, why should Gor bother about it’s hooligans. Whys shouldn’t Tusker play their matches with 12 players. ALL these clubs should ignore these rulings and continue like nothing wrong is happening. What is wrong if Gor fans stone your car?
    Gor say ppl go to the stadium wearing their shirts and that the club is bigger than anyone, AFC say their is a conspiracy by FKF to bring them down, Tusker say they did not cheat even though they were using 12 players, Sofapaka will go by their own rules. why then so many complaints… let the league continue.

  19. “A Radical is a man with both feet firmly planted–in the air. A Conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward. A Reactionary is a somnambulist walking backwards. A Liberal is a man who uses his legs and his hands at the behest–at the command–of his head.”
    ? Franklin D. Roosevelt

    @Jakoyo, where do you belong?

  20. @Jabilo and The Bandit “A friend in need is a friend in deed” and i support the worthy course. Please count me in and i will part with 2500/=. I also second your proposal for Dan Original and Mwakio P to lead the project.


  21. Kindly count me in.
    Will send my 5000 from Juba. Can I send to Mwakio? Will do that if we agree on a reliable contact person.

    Kogalo for Ever!!

  22. Sorry fellow bloggers. I am away on official duty to South Africa and I have just seen this proposal and since I am away for two weeks, can blogger propose someone else that will be available in Nairobi to do the collection? Let the email and telephone contact of the person be circulated. Since I will be away, I will ask my wife to Mesa my contribution.

    I sincerely support this noble objective by Okoth Jabilo and I salute you all for this wonderful initiative.

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