Gor Mahia transfer news Jan 23

Gor Mahia official Ronald Ngala has come out to deny that the club owes Khalid Aucho alot of money.

“What is Aucho talking about? I fail to understand, in fact I am dumbfounded! Which salary is he talking about? And how much is it? As a matter of fact, we have cleared players’ salaries and allowances. The only thing we have not cleared is winning bonuses which is not much and that is not a big deal to us, so Aucho should say how much he is owed. If he wants salary increment and contract extension, why can’t he come we solve that issue instead, of trying to do things the way he is doing?” said Ngala to goal.com

Aucho has earlier on claimed that his salay and bonuses are in arrears.

“Hopefully I will be back in Kenya end of this week or early next week but I do not know whether I will be playing for Gor Mahia or not. They owe me a lot of money, from allowances to salaries and no one is talking to me. I want to come and have a talk with them and that will determine my future with the team which I regard highly in my heart.” he said to goal.com on Friday.

Meanwhile another club official Anima “ferrari”Oketch has come out to explain why the club opted to pursue Jacque Tuyisenge instead of fighting to keep Meddie Kagere who had a stellar year in 2015

Speaking to The Nairobian, K’Ogalo’s Deputy Secretary General Anima Ferrari said it makes a lot of economic sense to bring the Rwandan player on board.

“We will be spending Sh4 million on Tuyisenge. This however will be paid in a span of two years. That is quite fair. Kagere on the other hand demanded Sh2.5 million per year, which adds up to Sh5 million in two years,” Ferrari told The Nairobian.

The club spent $40,000 (about Sh4 million) to capture Tuyisenge had elicited debate with many questioning the move.

“Tuyisenge is in his twenties, he is still very young and can be of much value to the club in future. Kagere, though good and tested in the KPL, is much older. It would therefore be unwise to spend millions, which we do not have anyway, just to have his services for the 2016 season,” added Ferrari who believes the new acquisition will do just fine in the league.


18 thoughts on “Gor Mahia transfer news Jan 23

  1. Let Aucho stop that immature behaviour,if he has problems with the club let him talk to the club,media will never pay him,if i was to agree what Ngala said,then he is simply a clown,if he has got aclub in kpl with better pay,let him go will wish him well,with us we are in Gor to stay&our reputation means alot to us.

  2. Aucho, it was just a season at Gor and surely everyone sees the kind of player you are today courtesy of the big club gor.
    I asure you that the kind of exposure and growth that gor gives you will not be found anywhere in this country. Ask Sserunkuma and you will be told.

  3. So u still rely on other sources for news.i just wonder how u get paid by providing us with old and rumour news.plz be independent admin.

  4. let Aucho go,i beliave Eric Johana is wht i miss,we have Kahata&Okoth ‘Gatuso’ anyway having Erick is economicaly friendly unlike Aucho….

    1. Your bloggers are out of order on Aucho. Your contribution to the club is really wanting. Players as any workers have right to negotiate.

      1. @Jamigori, there are laid down procedures of asking for your rights. The are some labour laws that also say that if you miss work for seven days then you are assumed to have absconded. At times I think lack of awareness/education from the players or their managers is partially the cause of this. Wafula’s story is the same. He has passport and unpaid salary yet is in Uganda. How I wish we could do away with players who cause us issues/Problems and remain with a stable average squad. Our best player, Olunga, was his level of education informing how he handled the money issues?

  5. It’s just that the level of discipline in the player is wanting! A player of Aucho’s calibre should by now be with a team, at least, if not Gor mahia for a pre-season training. His mates are in training and he is back in Uganda claiming he is owed alot of money….i thought the player should appreciate that team’s management, despite lack of sponsor, have tried much to settle much of his dues. I think winning bonuses is the same in amount for every player in a team however big or small his role in the win was and if that is true, then even the highly disciplined players in pre-season are owed bonuses yet they are training.Aucho should follow suit and complain while training and not threaten us with bouts of indiscipline. I’m sure even coach Nuttal is owed but he returned along distance to continue compare with the player who only travel from uganda. Ama atoke gor…..i’m confident, Kenya has good midfielders if not strikers.. Erick johanna….Francis kahata. ..etc

  6. hi Bloggeres i am suprised to read articles that seems to be from new guys and they sound to be careless so far . kindly all may you stop this with immediate effect we need Aucho more that Eric Johanna

  7. Guys cool down! Hapa kuna shida cox 2 pple hv same complain cant be for no reason unless its conspiracy
    .Either way we need this players especialy Aucho n Wafula .For those sayin Wendo can replace Aucho leave alot to be desired!

  8. Truth be told whether we are new bloggers or whatever is our ageing in the pecking order, these players can not hold any one at ransom.

    These are the same players being paid alot of money at very deep sacrifice and are still too thick to understand that goal or whatever dot com will not pay them.

    We too must come to the admission that the EC with its weaknesses have worked tirelessly to pay the same guys all this time and all they’re giving back is media embarrassment and sabotage.

    Whoever feels bigger than GM should leave early and satisfy himself in Kampala or wherever else. This primitive behaviour from Ugandans will not be tolerated much longer.

    GM has given them good exposure and dream financial reward now they think every opportunity to speak to the media is a platform for ridiculing GM and its fans..let Aucho, Wafula and Co be advised they are and never will be invincible.

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