Gor Mahia transfer news Sept-28-2018

Gor Mahia are said to be pursuing Ugandan midfielder Shafiq Batambuze.  CEO Omondi Aduda confirmed the same.

“We are close to agreeing a deal to bring him to Gor Mahia. It is just a matter of when the transfer window opens and the deal will be sealed. We want to give him a three-year contract and everything is already in place. said Aduda to goal.com

Batambuze has played for Western Stima, Sofapaka, Tusker as well as Simba of Tanzania. He is currently at Singida United of Tanzania. The 24 year old was in the Uganda squad at the 2017 Africa cup of Nations.

Another player that Kogalo is pursuing is Rwandese defender Eric Rutanga. The 25 year old played a key role in enabling Rayon Sport to beat Gor Mahia in the 2018 CAF Confederations cup. He is also being pursued by AFC Leopards.

Meanwhile club official Ronald Ngala has told Citizen Sport that the club is scouting for a top tier striker.

“The coach and the technical bench are scouting for a good striker and midfielder as we look forward to build a strong side to compete effectively in all competitions,” said Ngala.

Ngala has also stated that coach Dylan Kerr has softened his stance on former midfielder Kenneth Muguna.

“Our coach may not have seen Muguna play because he exited just when the he had joined the team, but we have explained to him the great qualities he possesses. Consequently, he has shown  the willingness to work with him. “If he comes back as a free agent the way he is, we will definitely get him back,” he told Citizen sports.

21 thoughts on “Gor Mahia transfer news Sept-28-2018

  1. Batambuze to me nooo…. he’s a spentforce who cannot deliver and if Muguna is coming back why another midfielder? Why not a striker and left back defender and 1 central defender?

  2. If it were me making the decision, I will take Rutanga over Batambuze. I watched Batambuze during his sojourn in Kenya and my assessment is that he is good but not exceptional talent to fill the limited foreign slots. For that, you need assured quality. In the few matches I have watched Rutanga, he seems an almost equal replacement for Walusimbi. In other words, I would give Walusimbi 90%, Rutanga 85% and Batambuze 60%

    1. Batambuze is an overlapping leftback who can also play offensive left and not a midfielder as erroneously reported here. Musymo i differ totally with you my good friend. Eric Rutanga is very average with no exceptional on the ball qualities worth mentioning. His only strong point is that he can take good free kicks. Shaffiq is brilliant on the ball..swift as a deer…pacy and a good dribbler…delivers pin point crosses and is a dead ball specialist too. There is no football theater with a quorum of analysts that would rate Rutanga over Batambuze when overall footballing qualities are assessed. Those are my views and am pushing for Shaffiq. Others are for Rutanga in the EC so whoever comes may either be your wish or mine after which next season we shall compare notes on either party’s exploits on the field of play..

  3. Last time I checked Batambuze was a defender.since when did he become a midfielder?

    We are all hoping for quality additions to take us to the next level.

  4. May I burst your bubbles comrades, GM is a big fish in a pond, GM is not a big club but an old club, Now adays big clubs are measured by their infrastructure (facilities), clubs income etc.The era of terming a club big by the sheer number of their fans(most who only come to stadia during derby)is long past.The sad thing is now we are talking abt transfer as if nothing has happened in the last few weeks.Instead of us taking AR/EC to task for embarrassing the club, we are here excited abt transfers.Wish we could all work,reason & act together to better the team rather than glossing over issues. Remember when kagere came, some of us called her old, an over 35 striker then later???, we are at it again.I will be suprised if we sign any reputable player just because of the mess of the last few weeks.All the best to the scouts but we should sort hii mambo ya officials kuto wajibika.

  5. Muguna rejoins Gor Mahia, Shafik confirmed
    Gor Mahia have confirmed the capture of former Tusker FC left back Shafik Batambuze and Kenneth Muguna who rejoins the club after a few months out on the cold.

    Shafik joins on a two year contract while Muguna rejoins the club on a three year contract.

    CAF Preparations
    “We are looking to strengthen the team ahead of CAF matches next season as well as other competitions and have decided to sign the two players.” Gor Mahia CEO Lordvick Aduda told the team’s portal.

    Shafik joins in from Tanzanian side Singida United while Muguna has been a free agent since he parted ways with Albanian side FK Tirana.

    1. Now onto bringing a powerhouse striker from Senegal or the Nigerian NPFL top scorer or Horoya Guinea and if Karim opts not to renew then one more slot for Solomon Mensah of Ghana. Pesa emachendo but jogii wang’ni oneggo chop kae…We are tired of Caf embarassment..Time to emulate the 87 class heroics

    2. As much as I support and commend ur efforts, I think EC is clucthing on straws on these transfers, more so to appease the fans. These players will not bring any much value esp this Muguna guy. EC obviously squandered club money and are now trying to convince everyone that they are serious by getting ‘better’ players.
      Is there an election looming?
      Club problems run deep than this ‘make-up’ being applied. There is a deep scar on the face of Gor and only a radical ‘ accountabilty suggery’ can get rid of it. How long from now before the next strike by players. It will probably come just before a qualifier match. The coach needs to be given time to work with the players un-interrupted.

      1. Dinga i agree but despite the systemic decade long structural failures by EC at GM allow me to rush headfast and bring the best while they are agreeable to the idea as we will benefit from thise marquee signings…It is not usually easy even getting this guys to sign good players under normal circumstances owadwa..Wee akela kela jotugo malongo

  6. SG Omondi denies any signing of Batambuze & muguna. ‘Together we stand divided we fall’. Surely the future of Gor is bleak, we are falling. There is an agent need of radical changes on the club’s leadership, otherwise worse things are impending.

  7. Fake news

    Gor cartels are running riot.

    I can confirm from the horses mouth the news of signing Ugandan Shafik Batambuze and Muguna as fake news. Where in the world do you sign players during off transfer season ?
    Even their contract is illegal if you do so.

    Batambuze is well in his mid 30s and Muguna has not been the same player since he Departed the club….kogallo well known brokering cartel will never allow that

  8. I can also confirm from the horses mouth that the following players contract is coming to an end in December .Oluoch is among the three key Gor Mahia players, whose contracts are ending in December or can exercise option to leave …

    1. Boniface oluoch
    2.karim nizigimana
    3. Innocent wafula
    4. *Raphael asudi
    5. *Steve okiro
    6. *Alpha onyango
    7. *Eliud lokuwam
    8. *Fredrick odhiambo

    The last 5 ( with asterix) have an option to leave should they wish so.

  9. Unfortunately in GM only 3 people matter.
    1. Ambrose Rachier-Chairman
    2. Lordvick Aduda-CEO
    3.Ronald Ngala-Assistant SG

    The 3 Messrs Above run everything and all else are Noisemakers. Nyangi Organising Secretary and Ben Omondi SG know nothing happening in GM and are always saying things that at the end are not factual. Case in point was Ben Omondi saying salaries have been paid while Rachier and Ngala were to sugn the checks later in the evening.

    Well i suggested and pushing signings through the 3 above despite their shortcomings as all am interested in is GM having the best players.

    Jakoyo shaffik Batambuze is 24 Years old for your information koso Ninyuole mondo ingee ati he’s in his mid-thirties?

    Actually jakoyo you stand banned from GM precincts or environs together with your best friend Judith Nyangi who you always refer to as Horses Mouth here. Those are orders from your former demigod almighty

  10. @Jasgo, over the last few weeks i have been very silent as i have personally witnessed the emergence of a vicious splinter group within the club………….one camp pro his majesty right revered chairman AR and the other camp leaning towards the Secretary General and his self styled cronny the Organizing Secretary.

    This is sad ! very sad indeed but i must admit, this news is fake and was never sanctioned by the executive committee but the well known ruthless and vicious brokers of this club, i will not mention their names for fear of reprissal.

  11. Turmoil In Paradise As Gor Mahia Officials Disagree In WhatsApp Group Over New Signings
    By Bonface Osano – September 29, 2018548

    Gor Organizing Secretary Judith “Nyangi” Anyango. / COURTESY

    Two senior Gor Mahia officials openly disagreed in a pan-African football WhatsApp group, Talk Football Africa, over the club’s new accusations.

    Gor, through the CEO Lordvick Aduda announced signing of Ugandan left back Shafik Batambuze and Kenneth Muguna Tuesday.

    However, this did not go down well with the Secretary General Ben Omondi, who dismissed the signing of Shafik as “fake news” and work of “cartels.”

    “Consider the new signing of Ugandan Shafik Batambuze as fake news, and if it happens then it’s the operation of cartels in Gor Mahia whom we have been fighting,” Ben posted on Facebook last evening.

    gor mahia
    Gor CEO Lordvick Aduda. COURTESY
    Following the contradicting positions, a member of the WhatsApp group sought clarity from Aduda, who active at the time.

    He posed; “Aduda is this story about Batambuze true or it’s just a rumor because I have seen the SG calling it fake?

    Aduda affirmed that it is indeed true that they have roped in the former Tusker player, “the story about Batambuze is true,” he said.

    “Kindly call him and ask him which players he has identified or engaged to beef up the ahead of the new season,” Aduda added.

    At this point, Gor’s Organizing Secretary Judith “Nyangi” Anyango joined the conversation, “hii ni madharau (this is disrespectful), we shall revisit. SG (Ben Omondi) is your boss,” she said.

    “I’m not aware of the signings,” she further posted with Aduda responding, “I’m not intimidated by anyone.”

    Talk Football Africa is a forum that brings together African football fans and other stakeholders to inform, discuss and share their experiences.

    The back and forth between the two senior members of the most successful and storied club in Kenya and East Africa was therefore not only embarrassing but shameful.

    Power play within Gor Mahia has created two campss; one pro the chairman Ambrose Rachier and the other leaning towards the Secretary General and the Organizing Secretary.

    The latter feel left out and in the dark over the workings of the club, this despite being members of the executive committee.

    They recently demanded to know the content of the club’s sponsorship deal with gaming giants SportPesa, claiming certain individuals were gaining from it illegally as players’ August salaries delayed.

    Read: Man Challenges Computer Misuse And Cyber Crimes Act In Court

    Gor Mahia will Sunday be crowned KPL champions for a record 17th time at Kisumu’s Moi Stadium and the sponsor has left no stones unturned in order to pull a memorable celebration.

    The club has been peerless throughout the season winning the league with six matches to spare, however, internal squabbles have also not escaped the paradise of Kenyan football.

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