Gor Mahia travel to Uganda for friendly

A squad of 20  players left on Thursday for Uganda where Kogalo will play fast rising Ugandan side Onduparaka.  The squad includes left back Geoffrey Walusimbi who has just returned from Gabon where he played for the Uganda Cranes.

It will be a tough test as the Arua based side are in the middle of the season and are in third place.  Onduparaka for their part are excited to play Gor Mahia according to their social media pages.

“We are happy to announce our first ever international friendly game against Gor Mahia FC from Kenya. We are so honoured to host a team we have looked up to for a long time. Our admiration for Gor Mahia FC is not just because of their success on the pitch but also the massive following of the team that has kept the club growing from glory to glory over the years. We as a football club have followed Gor Mahia’s history for a very long time and we are intrigued with the team`s success and efforts. We can’t help but feel that we share history and traits in football, more so the level of support both teams enjoy is very impressive and good for football development” the club said. The match will played at Namboole Stadium on February 4th.?

The traveling squad is :

Boniface Oluoch, Karim Nizigimana,  Musa Mohammed,  Wellington Ochieng’, Joash Onyango, Mike Simiyu, Collins Okoth, Ernest Wendo, Philemon Otieno, Francis Kahata, Kenneth Muguna, Jekoniah Uyoga, Fredrick Odhiambo, Geoffrey Walusimbi, Oliver Maloba, John Ndirangu, Timothy Otieno, Jacques Tuyisenge, Jean Baptiste, Medie Kagere.

51 thoughts on “Gor Mahia travel to Uganda for friendly

  1. Trust fan correspondent judith nyangi has travelled with the team.

    Another kichapo , three in a row , will definitely raise more questions than answers .

    Good luck boys !

  2. Gor Mayienga, has such a reputation, I felt giddy reading all the praise yaani gida nyaka e yuotha. We need to protect it with our lives. On a totally different matter, why are our TB, both FN and Ze not trusting enough in Bernard Odhiambo? The few times he has played he shows flashes of a very solid and intelligent defender. Even his brother Calabar endured the same treatment till that ill fated match in Karuturi(Anaba Awono’s Waterloo) where he gave a standout perfomance. @Jasego is it that I am the one rating him too high? And please, I would want to request the gatekeepers of Ze Maria not to bash me.I am not telling the TB what to do but even if I was my thoughts would not make a difference!!!!

    1. @Musymo you removed the words from my mouth. I too feel that King David’s brother is unexploited. That is one quality player and for that I am as a matter of fact, telling the TB what to do and I have no apologies. Field Bernard Odhiambo or release him. Period.

    2. Musymo I am always delighted to answer your queries..As correctly mentioned Bernard Ojiambo is a superb defender with versatility only comparable to his elder brothers and very good instincts reading of the game…Add his poise on and off the ball and we know his potential..Problem is the water tight Shakava Musa partnership that has grown into one of the m9st formidable in kenya locally hence his being denied anple play time.With 18 team expanded league let’s hope coach puts him to some good use thus season. Also Onduparaka is a Luo team for our brothers we left in Northern Uganda mainly the Langi and Achola hence the admiration and respect to they have for us since we are ideally their “Big Brother” in many aspects than one

      1. @Jasego, the Shakava-Musa partnership is like a fortress and I would be mad to want it changed. With that said, our coach considers him the last option in the pecking order even if both Shakava and Musa were to miss either through suspension,sickness or injury, Joash and Mr High Waist will be considered before him for central defense partnership. Even before that Wendo and Luke would get the nod ahead of him. So I dont see him getting much play time even in the cup games. I think he should seek a loan move to one of our ‘friend’ clubs e.g W.Stima and convince all and sundry of what Gor and Kenya may be missing. The lack of belief in his abilities and the attendant frustration may just ruin his career!!!!!

  3. Gor will ashame all those doubting our capabilities during the UG tour. As I see it the team this year will be stronger than that of last year. We will still miss the Olunga-type of striker but the mid and defence are well taken care of . I believe that Gor will be the team to beat this season. I only hope that the TB, EC, fans and players will pull in the same direction.
    For the fans let’s note that the days of impunity are long gone. La year was just a tip of what’s to come. Let’s channel all that energy on cheering the team and correcting/criticizing without being physical

  4. We are so delighted to have Mayienga in town. I love the publicity this international friendly match has been given. We are mobilizing within our circles here in Kampala to turn up in large numbers at Mandela National stadium Namboole tomorrow.

    My duty is to support Kogallo, good or bad, siasa ndogo ndogo nimewachia CORD & JUBILEE.

    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

    1. Albert Kosero supporting mayienga Koko comes with responsibilities and in this case it is that you are our blog point man present there and as such we expect detailed analysis of the game in terms of fielding,strategy,formation and tactics as displayed and executed during the Onduparaka friendly…Thank you in advance

  5. Who told you and even if they lose, that’s football. Personally I wish the boys well. I can see it will be very exciting this season. Politics year, you are likely to be provoked in and of the pitch for political capital for some people. Take great care, it’s a bad season.

  6. @Jakoyo aka Pastor Kanyari,,,, eeeh, prophet of doom,,, so what if GM itchapwa. Give as a break man, I hope you understand the meaning of a friendly. Stop whipping up our emotions

    1. @NGESTO maybe you need reading glasses or reading lessons. I said “EVEN BEFORE THAT”. And that is why this season I am mentioning Joash and not Luke. I like doing my homework, maybe you will profit from the same. My refrain this season is….’ I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT I SAY NOT WHAT YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!!!’

  7. Gor Mahia must up its game.International friendlies are a must win.Its quite obvious that Onduparaka’s (plus other non Kenyan clubs) admiration of the Mighty K’galo has every bit to do with the regional victories and the ’87 continental victory (rather than whether or not GM owns a stadium) by the great lean EC,TB & players of yester years. Since of late we have been performing dismally in the continental tournaments,to the point of even failing even to qualify, GM must soundly win international friendlies in order to maintain respect and attract more invites in the future. El Hilal could very well next year look to another team instead of GM on the basis that they need a that can provide them more competition i.e beat them.All the more reason why AR and his supporters should look & plan beyond local achievements especially after +8 years in charge.GM NEEDS REGIONAL AND CONTINENTAL ACHIEVEMENTS I.E TROPHIES.

  8. Truth be told if gor lose again in Ug then this will affect their morale and confidence especially the new boys.Let’s hope they win.Bernard has been slowed down by injuries otherwise he can dethrone shakava who sometimes makes schoolboy mistakes.I will still breath, smell,dream, smoke and think kogalo whenever,wherever and whatever happens.

  9. Remember Jaffer “Akuru” Mwidau! At that time GM’s central defence partnership (solid as solid can ever be) was either “Six Million Dollar Man” and “Makamu” or later “Makamu” and “Bassanga” yet “Akuru” got more playtime than Bernard Odhiambo is currently ever getting. Another puzzle is Omino who apparently has been retained on humanitarian grounds because he is currently injured. Memories Odula flood back.Are some players signed with hidden long term injuries and then simply can’t make the cut coz of these injuries or what is it? Year in, year out they don’t play and yet they are not released.Why not encourage the U20 players instead! Such players can be used(mix 2/3) in the Top 8 to prove themselves and gain experience not to mention giving regular players crucial rest and avoiding burn out.

  10. when will the league begin Mr Ambrose mugabe , you are the biggest stumbling block in the growth of Kenyan football muho and sofa paka never met the requirements. Let them go and we move on.Many Kenyans depend on football directly or indirectly for their livelihood so please Mugabe drop your had stance and give us a break we want to start watching kpl matches very soon.

    1. 1)Just wondering why he never opposed the other most “stupid order aka boardroom decision” with so much gusto & all means including court threats.Elly & Adagala who defend their clubs to the tilt have said no to relegation based on “stupid orders”,such action has no precedance,that a fine will suffice.A “misdecision” ,discouraging one team while encouraging a direct competitor,that had an influence on who would be the 2016 champions until the last couple of matches was left to pass but a similar decision as to who is relegated is not accepted.This stance only further convinces me that avoiding 2017 CAF competitions was an EC plot hatched early in 2016 i.e frustrate FN by encouraging insurbordination, later extended to Ze Maria. The docking of points for the Tusker match just gave EC an further opportunity not to be missed. 2)When will postphoned season opener DsTv cup be played? 3)@Adris is it that Jaffer Mwidau was not a GM defender or “Akuru” was not his nickname?

  11. Jasego Please May Kindly Persuade Your Friends To Help Me Get Procurement Or Management Jobs,i Hold Degree In Commerce,procurement And Supply Chain Management Option From The University Of Nairobi,i Believe As Mayienga Fan I Will Use A Fraction Of My Salary To Support Our Beloved Team,iam Ready And Prepared To Work For Gor Mahia In Any Capacity.My Phone Number Is 0734031831, I Come From Gem Rangwe.

    1. @Kazzarah, keep on keeping on never give up and better will definitely come. I am putting my ears on the ground. Hope something comes up!!

  12. Guys. Even if we loose this friendly, I don’t think it will be reason for us to start getting worried. Why? Because of this phenomenon known as match fitness. The Ugandan league is in mid season, which means our opponent is in top match fitness, top individual player form, and……are among the top five so far. So this is not an easy match to us given that we are in the absolute opposite situation.

    For me, I will judge the tech bench and players when we will be in the mid of our season. Think Chelsea. They never started this season as the favourites but where are they now? Usione simba amenyeshewa ukadhani no pussy.

    So whatever the results of this friendly, let’s not get emotional. Its just a training session. Hehehehe.

  13. Guys guys. I beg to differ with those who suggest that if we don’t win this friendly, then it will be a sign of a poor season ahead. There is this monster called “match fitness” that might just play against us. The Ugandan league is in mid season which means our opponent is in top match fitness, top individual player form, and….to add salt to injury…..are in the top five so far. This is not an easy much for us people given that we are in the absolute opposite situation.

    Though a win will do wonders to all of us, we should also gracefully accept a narrow loss or a draw as not a bad result.

    For me, I will judge the players and TB when we will be in our own mid season. This is football guys. The saying “siku njema huonekana asubuhi” does not apply here. Consider Chelsea. they never started this season as the favourites, buy where are they now? Pre-seasons and even the early matches of a league do not necessarily show how good or bad a team will perform in the league.
    So I’ll keep my cool regardless of the results.

    And by the way…..”Ukiona Simba amenyeshewa, usidhani ni paka”.

  14. With the Tusker Chair as the KPL Chair why is it that it’s AR who is signing the Muho/Sofa comm? We need to move on. If the two teams didn’t conform then so be it. Alternatively let’s play a 20 team league then we relegate 4 and promote 2.

    1. Dan Original very true Musyoki the tusker chairman is the KPL Chair unless ofcourse as they say he’s hanging on to the trappings of power memories. HE SHOULD desist putting GM at loggerheads with the federation as their personal differences with Mwendwa will only return to haunt the team as we are victimized for every slight incident.If anything the federation is right on this and has locus standi to take action they deem necessary on non conforming teams.Kwani what interests are this AR always has in fighting Nick Mwendwa?We need peace and on his we are not with him at all on the same page

  15. March is about to start here at Mandela National Stadium. Weather is super after light showers about 30 minutes ago. A sizable crowd here. Will be updating you as things unfold here.

    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  16. I am really amazed at how most bloggers here are in their comfort zones, trying by all means to repeat to us the rather obvious quotes of 3 possible outcomes in a game! Who does not know that in a game you get a win, loss or draw? But why should we have 3 consecutive draws even though we call them friendly tournaments? It seems they this site is slowly turning into The kingdom forum where sycophants who benefit from GM proceeds are hard pressed to convince others.Losing matches is no longer a concern to them as long as “goons” are not seen to be capable of interfering with Sportpesa money flow! Yote no vanity.

    1. Gor Bende Nyaka lo matches na sio tafadhali…On this Ze Maria must be very clear that performance contract he signed is bound on delivering all trophies this season last sivyo he can try elsewhere.We accepted last season but this one with all signings we have given him and free hand to run TB we need nothing less more so aimless excuses based on other teams counter strategies and tactics.Got out lives any coach even special ones like FN WHO we will always miss.Deliver trophies and on this website won’t compromise

      1. Si ndiyo Jasego. I always respect your views.It is always good to analyze Gor’s performance objectively. This mentality of hear no evil, see no evil is a big lie.

  17. Line up: Boniface, Nizigimana, Simiyu, Musa, Gatuso, Muguna, Kahata, Mugi, Tuisenge, Timothy

  18. Game is balanced. Gor has wasted 3 clear chances. Muguna is outstanding in the midfield.
    Goal scored through a free kick. Bonny fambled with the ball

  19. Gor 0 – Ondupirpaka 2. Superb counter attack from host team. Host team reduced to 10 men after a second yellow card.

  20. Full time
    Gor 0 – Onduparaka 2
    We can do better than this. A lot needs to be done especially in the final third

  21. Habari ndiyo hiyo. This Ondupierpaka name yawa. Otherwise now that the match is over. It is over to those who hear no evil, see no evil to start lecturing us on the 3 possible outcomes in a game of football.

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