Gor Mahia unable to secure Visas and Tickets

Ambrose Rachier

As of Monday April 16, with two days left before the match against Supersport, Gor Mahia have yet to secure travel Visas.

“We are in problems because South African embassy is insisting that we applied for the visas late. They have a strict rule that a visa to their country must take five working days and we applied for it with only four days to go.  We hope the Kenyan government will step in and help us secure the same.” said a club official to goal.com

Chairman Ambrose Rachier has admitted that the club is in dire straits

“Over the last two trips we have gone out, the government has been providing tickets for us. Up to now, they are yet to give us anything. If by tomorrow (Tuesday) we don’t have tickets, then I don’t see us travelling not unless a well wisher comes out. We don’t have money as a club,” Gor chairman Ambrose Rachier told Capital Sport.

On Visas Rachier says the team applied for their visas last Tuesday and was booked for interviews on Wednesday, the same day they were facing Wazito FC in a league fixture in Machakos. They went for the interviews on Thursday.

“We couldn’t boycott the match in Machakos and we went on Thursday. The embassy has insisted that they will start counting the five days from Thursday. So we wait and see, hopefully they will be considerate and we can get the visas tomorrow and travel at night,” Rachier further explained.

The embassy also made it difficult to secure travel documents for the foreign players.

“The embassy required us to provide one-year work permits but immigration here only gives six month work permits. So we don’t know how that will go down with them. We have explained and so we wait. It is a very precarious situation for the club,” Rachier said to Capital Sports.

The South African embassy makes travel to South Africa difficult. The Kenya women’s football team once had to camp at the embassy in protest until they were given visas.

Club secretary Ben Omondi also admitted dire straits on his social media pages.

“We are in bad shape making it hard for the team to fly to South Africa for the Caf- Confederation return leg match planned for 18th , April 2018. We have done all within our means to get travel documentations right in good time but things are not working as scheduled thus our travel to Pretoria is postponed.” said Omondi

Traveling late could doom Gor Mahia’s chances. In 2015, the Kenya U23 arrived on Botswana mere hours before their match against their Botswanan counterparts. They lost 0-3 after conceding three late goals due to travel fatigue.

Nyangi blames Aduda

And club organizing secretary Judith Nyangi is laying the blame squarely on the shoulders of CEO Omondi Aduda.

“We are in bad shape making it hard for the team to fly to South Africa for the Caf Confederation Cup return leg planned for April 18, 2018. “We have done all within our means to get all travel documentations right in good time but things are not working as scheduled thus our travel to Pretoria is postponed.”

But speaking separately, Nyangi revealed that she was kept at bay in the process of securing visas by Aduda, who was the mastermind of all the activities regarding the team travel.

“I don’t know what is happening, all these mess I am hearing them from the media. I was not involved in planning and I decided to keep calm after he (Aduda) refused to pick my calls.”

Nyangi noted that Gor Mahia have had a long time to plan for this trip so no excuses are cceptable.

“We have to say it is him, if not who else? It was known early enough since Gor Mahia left Tunisia that we would face SuperSport United, an official should have begun the work as early as possible. So personally I cannot blame the South African embassy, SA is like Europe and there are no short cuts.”

Aduda was fired from the club in February of 2015 after he was accused by the club of unlawfully representing the interests of the club to the federation as pertains to the clubs position in the ongoing FKF – KPL stand-off whereas the club is in support of the KPL.

21 thoughts on “Gor Mahia unable to secure Visas and Tickets

  1. Who appointed Aduda as the club CEO. Was there any criteria used to recruit the club CEO or it just somebody imposing himself without due process being followed. Or Aduda is a volunteer who thinks that he is helping Gor. Am very much disappointed with the chairman and if Gor fails to travel down South, then the entire club EC should resign. There is no excuse of Visa delay by the south African authority. Now what’s all this. If we fail to travel ,then I foresee a mass exodus of players also from this great club.

  2. Do not worry about VISAS, RAO is istill in South Agrica and he has talked directly to his friend the new president. Just let FKF pay the air tickets.

  3. We have 11 officials and a CEO but administration of the club is worse today than ever in our history. Visas being processed late, proceedures on foreign players not known, was there a formal request to the government for the airtickets and when was it done? Remember all these blunders yet AR, Ngala & Okuku (the ass. treasurer) have been in the club’s management for +10 years. And Mugabe yaps about building a stadium! Have they learnt nothing all that time or is this just a sideshow to throw SSport offbalance. I hope it’s the latter, VICTORY TO K’Ogalo, CAF Confed group stage here we come.

  4. Somebody will surely come to our rescue again again again again again again and again….need I say who ?

    Secondly, No pay = No goals, I still stand by my earlier remarks though I think this visa issue is a publicity stun

  5. Gor Mahia’s 40 member delegation to South Africa is raising a storm as the team prepares to face SuperSport United.

    K’Ogalo are set to face the struggling South African side in the return leg on April 18 but the Kenyan champion’s impending trip has been shrouded in ‘controversy’ even before the journey begins.

    Gor Mahia’s participation in the clash is now hanging in the balance with the government dragging its feet in releasing money for travelling expenses.

  6. On Monday, Goal exclusively reported that Gor Mahia are yet to receive visas to travel to South Africa after the club delayed in applying for the same in time.

    It takes five working days for one to acquire entry visa to South Africa but the club forwarded the documents a day later.

    Goal has since learnt that the government was hesitant to release the money after the club presented 40 names instead.

    The list which is Goal possession lists 40 names, including 18 players, five ‘supporters’ an FKF official, five National Executive Committee members, the CEO and the President.

    Gor Mahia is carrying a 1-0 advantage going to the reverse fixture thanks to the goal from Rwandan striker Jacques Tuyisenge in the first leg.

  7. Hehe as one would say Afrosinema continues.Why send a list of 40 people to the embassy of which only 18 are players?Secondly almighty conman now says the club has no money even a single cent yet he is usually hyped here as using personal finances to run the ckub to which i always tell you guys Onge.CEO misadvices AR who is forever aloof on soccer issue which we can excuse as the mzee is a laywer but now here we are.Best case is we reach late,disorganized & disoriented then start preparing that as an excuse for a possible negative eventuality.I said it and will repeat,K’Ogalo is good but will Never be great again with the same EC at the helm.They have made praising mediocrity and stealing our common rallying call so we will forever stagnate spinning on the same Kpl champions spot going nowhere.

  8. Don’t you worry this is a publicity stunt to get the air tickets and visas on time…I have been personally assured both should be availed to the club by 6pm today………meaning kogallo shall arrive in SA on the match day.

    1. Yes we will leave with 8pm flight but without Jacques Tuyisenge,Ephrem Guikan and Kahata whose case is still pending.A depleted squad i must say,why do Caf assignments always have so much frustrations and do we not have someone who actually knows diplomatic channels in GM to be sorting such issues in due course?

  9. The government says they had given FKF money for our tickets but when we ask FKF they say they never received any sum of money from Govt.

    “We don’t want to face Caf sanctions by missing the match and remember we also have a good advantage going into the reverse fixture. We will do our best to make the trip to South Africa.”

    Aduda also confirmed that two players – Jacques Tuyisenge and Ephraim Guikan – will not travel after they were denied visas while they are still sorting out the issue of Francis Kahata.

    We will miss the services of Tuyisenge and Guikan. They have been denied visas because they cannot produce one year work permit.

    “For Kahata, we managed to get a new passport for him and returned his papers are now waiting to see if they will give him the same,” Gor Mahia CEO Omondi Aduda told Goal on Tuesday.

    Tuyisenge scored Gor Mahia’s goal against the South African side during the first leg played at Machakos.

  10. This club should be sold to a mount Kenya tycoon.At least though stingy they will try. AR as usual is a wealthy and incompetent boss taking us nowhere.Hii mwaka ya anniversary si angetudanganya hata na a kitting deal with a big firm like addidas or puma alafu atafute kiwanja kisumu tuweke astro turf ya 60m na mbau or mabati all round the pitch.Useless.

  11. This club should be sold to a mount Kenya tycoon.At least though stingy they will try. AR as usual is a wealthy and incompetent boss taking us nowhere.Hii mwaka ya anniversary si angetudanganya hata na a kitting deal with a big firm like addidas or puma alafu atafute kiwanja kisumu tuweke astro turf ya 60m na mbau or mabati ya Alfred Mutua all round the pitch.Useless.

  12. Four senior officials of Gor Mahia are facing arrest for disregarding court orders pay over Sh500,000 owed to a Nakuru hotel for accommodation services.

    Nakuru Resident Magistrate Wilson Kitur on Tuesday ordered the arrest of Mr Ambrose Rachier (chairman), John Pesa (vice chairman), Ronald Ngala (secretary) and Jolawi Obongo (treasurer) and Mr Kennedy Otieno over the contempt.

    This was after they failed to honour summons issued by the court on March 22 to appear in person and explain why they had not paid Sh524,730 to Donnies Bar and Hotel Limited in Nakuru.

    “A warrant of arrest is hereby issued against the five respondents for failing to comply with court orders,” ruled Mr Kitur.

    “The court directs the officer commanding police station to arrest and bring the officials before this court.”

  13. clueless office holders, only want to travel where their fellow men have given out money. cant they just pack up & go home coz they want to manage Gor like a kiosk. must we have them on board? must Gor beg every time there is a crucial game? cant they come out to give the fans the road map to steady finances coz that’s why they became officials?

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