18 Jan 17

Gor Mahia lost their first pre-season friendly away to Sudanese Champions Al Hilal.
Additional reporting from goal.com
K’Ogalo registered a loss in their first pre-season friendly match

Gor Mahia have been beaten 1-0 by Sudan Premier League champions Al Hilal Omdurman in an international friendly match played on Wednesday night.

The hosts found the winner in the 22nd minute and hung on it until the ‘full time’ whistle. K’Ogalo were in Sudan on Saturday ahead of the match and having felt the match-day pitch, they were optimistic to register a positive result against the hosts.

They started well with a few crosses in the first 15 minutes before Al Hilal diluted the tempo showing clear intention of winning the game. With around eight minutes to half-hour mark, Al Hilal took the lead with a low finish from a midfield pass.

The Green Army almost conceded a second goal in the 30th minute but keeper Boniface Oluoch has to be appreciated for his superb save. Gor Mahia came to the tunnel more energized but could not change the score-line finishing one goal down contrary to their expectations.


Starting Line-Up:

Gor Mahia: Boniface Oluoch (GK), Karim Nizigiyimana, Musa Mohamed, Harun Shakava, Mike Simiyu, Ernest Wendo, Collins Okoth, Francis Kahata, Meddie Kagere, Amos Nondi, Timothy Otieno.

Subs: Shaban Odhoji (GK), Joash Onyango, John Ndirangu, Jeconiah Uyoga, Philemon Otieno, Jacques Tuyisenge, Wellington Ochieng and Jean Baptiste Mugiraneza.

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  • Dan Original says:

    We lost 0-1 but from the live stream the team played well. Ball control has improved but the transition from the mid to attack was lacking. Maybe the one-week training was not enough but we hope for the best

  • Jamriambo. says:

    Very shallow, give us a complete analysis. Any substitutions? We would like to assess the performance in-depth.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Spotlight is on Ze Maria.Its very difficult to improve a player’s ball control skills at the senior level, Agwanda’s main undoing!2017 is not the year for stories mara gelling,mara we played well but,mara scoring is the problem,mara opponents always raise the game against GM,mara opponents played negative football,mara even sijui even Barca,Man U lose,mara this,mara that.Target should be wrapping the league early by Oct and the GoTv.If brewkenge can do it Mighty K’galo can do better.These are the 2 tournaments that qualify one for regional and continental football. Top 8 is a fringe tournament of much lower significance.The other issues financial stability since sponsorship period/years are moving on.Match attendance and club membership is dismal. 2017 should be the foundation for serious (at least group stage qualification) in continental football. 2018 plan for Mapinduzi,if we’re invited,its a better preseason than or inaddition to these friendlies.

  • musymo says:

    I hope the result does not become a template of our season. Its early days so I wont read too much into the result. Ze Maria said it was a training session for them so maybe that is why he did not attach much seriousness to it. @Dan, playing well alone is not enough. winning is!!!

  • Jakoyo says:

    Other than simiyu and otieno, the starting line up is the same as last year so we buy 14 players just to warm the bench ? Why didn’t we try 1-2-7-1 formation?

    It means for the next one month the story will be the same usual boring sentiments…..the team needs time to gel, the team needs time to gel, the team needs time to gel !

    Hope we cross this bridge sooner rather than later but am happy the average age for the squad is much lower.

  • vincent owino says:


  • Baba Travis says:

    Pre season friendlies are meant for specific objectives.First it conditions the players after months of in activity.Secondly it is intended for testing players tactically and technically.A win is a bonus.This defeat.does not give a clear picture of the squad we have for 2017 season.Does it?May be they played better than we think or perhaps they were a tad boring and just did damage limitation.When you buy new players,as wont happen every season,there must be a gelling period (the very term some of us do not want to hear)When players report back for training team Chemistry is almost non existent even with regular starters.That is why they have to train every day.Al hillal has waited to avange last year’s defeat.There was not going to be a repeat.To those of us who wish to judge this season on the basis of this result I beg that we hold our horses alittle longer.Personally I expected a worse performance. I know the team will definately improve.That is for sure

  • NGESTO says:

    good start but this time round the strike force should be sharp na hatutaki silly excuses

  • A person says:

    Maria Mama, I hope this is not the beginning same old excuses. This is the same team that was beaten by Kogalo during the great FN reign at Kogalo. And for those who have already started giving us excuses for the poor results, please give us a break. This time around hakuna excuses .

  • vincent owino says:

    you can watch the game and do your own over view,via youtube or S24, couse once ndirangu,jausenge,migi were introduced it was hell to sudanees,team kubwa played like wounded lion,plse watch.

  • A person says:

    This time ni goals even if it will be scored by Bonny. The tiki tiki argument will not suffice. All we want is to win tittles.

  • musymo says:

    Where can one watch a recording of this match? All those given here like livestream, youtube and S24 dont have the match!!!!

  • jathur gi ji says:

    Heheheeeeee…….my people, you are so hard on team yet it is just the first match after a long recess. Ati 14 recruited just to warm the bench? Ati midfield dead? Dead at this time of the year? I thot game of football is just eleven at a time or what were the others to do? Then there are substitutions , three or is it four during a match. Wacheni kusumbua watu akili asubuhi hivyo, bado saa mbili.

    This year lets start appealing for discipline early, where is the new office? We need a PR Department and/or Brand Manager for the club like yesterday. All patriotic Kogalo supporters please defend the brand as if your life depended on it, let nobody ever drag this world famous name through mud, NEVER

  • Baba Travis says:

    @Vincent Owino Si unisadie na link ya hiyo game.Nimeshindwa kuipata.I have tried you tube na sifanikiwi bro.

  • Jaupanda says:

    From what I watched through the link and the general observation, the team did well. All hilal I think is the more worried one. An off season team assembling just a few days and you score only one goal against them is incredible. As time progresses the team will put its acts together. For me this was a worthy friendly match.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    2017 its Ze Maria’s wits/skills vs Nkata,Nsimbe,Henry Omino,Stewart Hall,Kimanzi, Muiruri,Omolo “Pamzo”.These are very able/competitive tacticians.Maria has only the Uganda friendly & Super Cup (+his preferred butterflies,supaloaf, cement clubs) then the league starts.2018 we go continental to seriously COMPETE not participate.EC should be on HIGH ALERT and take prompt action where performance deviates from THE GOAL OF WINNING TITLES especially LEAGUE & Go(r)Tv.

    • musymo says:

      Jakom, was able to download while attending a meeting so just caught snippets when everybody else was zoning out. Planning to lock myself for two tours, switch the phone off and enjoy.Thank you Mr Original

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Aucho & Massa positions at Baroka very shaky.Its time for EC to take some hard decisions fast.These two are fit,play together,Aucho knows GM/Ze Maria style etc.Its about planning for regional/continental soccer and local domination.2 year contract with an exist option to Europe not the 6 month “catwalk” contract.From the above line-up it maybe Ze Maria prefers fimilarity.

  • jathur gi ji says:

    AUCHO? NAAAAA, no, let some other team take him. Do not even suggest that, you are demoralizing our foreign players and that is not good, let the ones we have now have the confidence that they will not be destabalised at this time; how heartless can we be, let other teams have him.

    • ODUOR12 says:

      You say no to Aucho without giving specific reasons.Focus on the RESULTS ON THE PITCH.Now why do we recruit foreigners (apart from Brazilians) and pay top $ in signing fee(kshs 4m) and salaries.Why not just get Ochomo who also netted 12goals and is paid about kshs.37k/month (Muhoroni ordered to pay him his dues for 3months of kshs.112k).

    • Dan Original says:

      @Jathur giji, I also say no to Aucho. at least as of now. Our quota is already full and who says that what we have now cannot win us the league. Let him join Tusker , Ingwe or any other team ten we can consider him at the end of the season

  • Sylvester says:

    Zemaria the coach seems to be comfortable with the players that he has. He had all the time to recruit. Sisi tunangojea matokeo na lazima yawe mazuri

  • Jasego says:

    Jamriambo ochomo oknyal tiki taka omera.He would have just been another baron Oketch scenario

  • Dan Kisumu. says:

    jasego is Abondo joining?

    • Jasego says:

      Dan that is the last signing am trying to tie up but complications with his situation in Ajax is leaving things hanging precariously…Really wish he’d make it back

  • kenneth odhiambo says:

    @ jasego wht abt maqbul?