9 Aug 17

Gor Mahia official Ronald Ngala has indicated that Kenneth Muguna has not left the club. Rather he has expressed a desire to leave but Kogalo are yet to receive a formal offer from KF Tirana, the club he has been associated with.

“He has expressed his desire to leave and we will not stand in his way if Tirana approaches us for negotiations since Muguna has a contract us. They haven’t made an official communication to us but once they come on board and we reach an agreement, we will allow Muguna to chase his European dream. Normally, we do not block players from advancing to a higher level or pursue their overseas dream.” said Ngala to the Star newspaper.

Muguna joined Gor Mahia in January of this year and had been a stellar performer under coach Ze Maria. The Brazilian who now coaches KF Tirana in Albania,  is now keen to bring Muguna into his new team.

CEO Ludovick Aduda also concurred that the club will let Muguna go if an appropriate offer is tabled.

“We have not received offers for Muguna. He is still a Gor Mahia player, with a running contract for three years.  Those are just rumours because we have not released the player and that is why he played on Saturday against Muhoroni Youth.

“We cannot stop the player from leaving if the right procedure is followed. Tirana should write to us and we will negotiate on behalf of the player, if we reach an agreement then the player can go.” said Aduda to goal.com

Gor Mahia received some cash when players like Khalid Aucho left. On the other hand players like Ali Abondo and Eric Ouma left on free transfer.

Gor Mahia provides excellent exposure for players who are looking for a move to Europe. Which is why such players should not be allowed to go free.

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  • Jakoyo says:

    Omera , truth be told fk Tirana has a bad history of mistreating black african players including defaulting on their salary contract.I don’t know why this notion does not sink into the heads of our players and their fake agents.

    The list of returnees is growing by the day and If miguna must go, then get back khalid aucho who has also suffered the same fate.

  • So what should we regard as the truth? The previous article indicated that everything had been finalised. Right now you are indicating that the player is still in Gor Mahia.

  • NGESTO says:

    How much was nondi sold for?

  • Oduor12 says:

    Thank-you for information “SUPER PLAYER AGENTS” Ngala and Aduda.The Muguna bus is bound to leave the K’Ogalo station. The paperwork will be aligned to the system and most likely it’s our very own officials advising Tirana on how to fill the forms so that everything matches. Our EC cannot incriminate itself. The contracts provide have such easy release clauses be they Ze Maria’s and the players and their agents. Once the 10% fee has been agreed on then deal is sealed with “Gor Mahia will never stand in the way of a players’ career”.

  • Jasego says:

    Listen well you imbecile EC, No club worth it’s salt has a bogus policy of releasing dependable star players mid-season and at crucial times when chasing the league owing to nondescript useless statements as Gm does not stand in players career advancement path. You fight to keep the best players at any time since club interests should outweigh monetary gain which in this case is 10% given to commissioners who invoke players transfer then refuse to divulge details of the deal. How many must we lose to shady opaque deals?Are we an academy to groom players for small Eastern European clubs?Put K’Ogalo interests first at all times…

    • Jamriambo says:

      Omera maiwachono lit, odonjogi achwich to owuok gi acham. Wachne gi kod dho mama mondo giwinji kendo osiki e wiuegigo. Thoooo. Remove the gloves off and paint it better.

  • Jamigori says:

    Your English is really wanting may be you can join a grammar school so that you can report in good English.

  • ja thur gi ji says:

    Let the boys make money, whoever can while they can still run. Football lifespan is short. In any case one or two players cannot be the end of Gor Mahia. There will always be new talents coming up as others exit. I can only ask the EC to be transparent about the transactions. So what’s being scooped on this one, for the benefit of the team?

    • oswozo moziek says:

      If he has a running contract with Gor,then it goes without saying that the club should benefit.That is what clubs out there do…why should we be any different?
      We are midway through our season,cant we have an agreement in place that he leaves when the season is over?and if he must go now can the EC be transparent on how we will be remunerated?

  • NGESTO says:

    Thieves everywhere in ec, waiting for transparency in gmfc is very hard

  • Dan Original says:

    f a player decides to go there is nothing a team can do. See the issue of Neymar, Coutinho and Costa. Let’s get the money and recruit another player. The thing we can negotiate is that the player leaves ater the season is over

    • Jasego says:

      Dan we have no problem doing soccer business as a club but in GM vital players leave for free even though they have running long-term contracts like Abondo, Aucho and many more or if we sell then the amount is shrouded in opaqueness akin to ”Top Secret” military documents and is never divulged to stakeholders nor invested in acquiring able replacements…

      • Dan Original says:

        Is it true that he has gone? With a three year contract still valid then I think the manager is misleading the young man. Better talk to Gor and you will suceed else even ICT will not be released

  • Oduor12 says:

    Some officials want to turn Gor Mahia into a “catwalk/ fashion show” where talented players come to strut on our famed platform while busy looking for better deals from day one,so the officials cum agents can get their 10% commission opportunity. Muguna must honour his contract or Tirana buys out the entire contract (the least being his salary+allowances x remaining 30 months). This can’t be less than kshs.3M. Mugabe already let Ze Maria go without paying 500k notice. As Ngesto asks, how much was the Amos Nondi transfer? BIASHARA GANI HII? How will GMFC reach the CAF group stages with this high turnover of talent engineered by officials. This vested / conflict of interest aka greed must be tamed. Transfer window is closed let Tirana pay not less than kes. 3.5M or no ITC. 3.5M can pay Ker’s salary for 7 months now that’s business. Finally bloated EC implement some basic code of conduct e.g that no transfer requests will be entertained outside the transfer window put those 11 brains to some use!