Gor Mahia were locked out of Camp Toyoyo on Monday

Camp Toyoyo was empty

A report on goal.com suggests that Kogalo were forbidden from using the training ground at Camp Toyoyo owing to accruing debts. As a result, the players did not train on Monday. However secretary Judith Nyangi now says the situation was resolved.

Club’s Organizing Secretary Judith Nyangi says the situation has been addressed and everything is back to normal.

“It is true we were locked out on Monday, the Toyoyo management wanted us to settle our debt. After the Sunday derby, they expected us to pay on Monday and after nothing came forth, they decided to deny us access.

“The situation has been addressed and we are now good to go. This are things that should not happen but it is unfortunate it did.”
she said to goal.com

Meanwhile veteran referee GMT Ottieno has asked coach Dylan Kerr to adapt to playing surfaces and environments in Kenya rather than ask for changes. Coach Kerr had complained about the playing surface at Nyayo and also complained about balls supplied by KPL.

“Nyayo Stadium and so many other local pitches are a disgrace to the Kenyan league. We (Gor Mahia) train at Camp Toyoyo, which is an artificial pitch, then come and play here (Nyayo Stadium) on a bumpy surface. That is atrocious and does not support good professional football,” he said.

GMT thinks Kerr is just making excuses.

“I agree that the terrain at Nyayo is not as good as that of Camp Toyoyo where his team trains, but KPL doesn’t own any stadiums. There are many stadiums in this country and it is his club that chose to play at Nyayo that day. The balls he is complaining about are Puma balls approved by Fifa,” Ottieno said.

“He has been here for only one month so how does he know the balls have been use for more than two years? Kerr should just admit that his players performed poorly instead of diverting attention. Next time his team is hosting matches, let them take it anywhere they want, provided they can assure us of the security of the players, match officials and fans,” he said.

Meanwhile Kerr knows that he has his work cut out to solve the lack of scoring problem. Kogalo attackers were guilty of missing good chances.

“I am not impressed with our finishing; we still cannot score as many goals as possible. Our finishing is wanting and it is something we should work on and execute it during our matches. Against Leopards we had our chances, but we did not make use of them.

“With thirteen matches remaining, it is crucial that we get maximum points, and the only way we can do that is by ensuring we get goals.” he told goal.com


9 thoughts on “Gor Mahia were locked out of Camp Toyoyo on Monday

  1. Mugabe & his comrades seem determined to AGAIN derail our quest for the 2017 league title which is a surebet so far. At this rate how will bloated EC sort or comply with CAF licensing? The previous article was a reminder that in 1987 GMFC were continental champions, but will the longest ever serving chairman (+10 years) ever take GMFC beyond the 1st round of a continental competition? He would rather excitedly call an EC meeting to discuss a zero offer / useless letter from a division 2 Albanian team rather than ensuring proper systems / structures are at the club for players to train.NKT

  2. Gor Mahia EC organize yourselves and don’t let your lottery and sheer incompetence derail our momentum and the good job the TB is doing. Avail to Kerr all he needs as we reclaim our title and prepare for CAf in 2018…

  3. May this not be the prelude to failing to pay Ker his dues. Let this not take us back to incidences of players not being paid.

    There’s nothing like “we are good to go” because we are going nowhere for as long as we are operating from hand to mouth, so to speak. Madam Judith Nyangi ought to have clarified as to whether it took the intervention of Nairobi County’s Kifaranga Cha Computer.

    Ker should take GMT’s remarks as a challenge. GMT sounded a little bit rude, but then come to think of it: It is in that same Nyayo pitch that we have walloped teams with goals ranging from 2 to 3, 4 and even 5. We can still do it if we did it in 1984, 85, 87 and even 2015.

    1. Yawa uru that Orieko’s ’87 goal was pure class, now i understand the true meaning of idioms like “he left them for dead”, sliced through the Esperance defence like a hot knife cutting through butter, oh such exquiste ball control, Jua Kali was “swashbuckling” and Kamoga “so steadfast”. What a gritty performance, our heros were so fit, so motivated.Thx Ahinya Legends, Erokamano kendo, God Bless the class of ’87, Thx Admin.

  4. Jowi
    Comrades power
    Comrades ryiaaa
    Comrades atcheeeuuuw

    First and foremost, Olunga has made the best decision by moving to Girona FC even on a loan deal. Those Ghui Zou Zi Cheng of teams have nothing to offer in terms of talent development. They are meant for retiring legs like Carlos Tevez.
    The La Liga is more competitive and currently Girona is placed 6th on the log.

    Secondly, we are moving to Canaan even without our brothers from Central and Holo mar Okak. We are tired of impunity, raw arrogance, corruption, extrajudicial ginene and suchlike gik ma kamago.


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