Gor Mahia will be allowed to sign 7 players

Football Kenya Federation has allowed Gor Mahia and Sofapaka to have up to seven foreign players in their roster instead of the mandatory five.

The decision by FKF has been taken in order to stem the poor perfomances by Kenyan teams in recent Africa cup tournaments. The body’s Media Officer, John Kariuki said the two clubs that are representing Kenya in this year’s CAF tournaments can now sign more foreigners to help bolster their squads.

“As the federation we are concerned that over the years our teams taking part in international tournament have not performed well,” Kariuki said to the Nation.

“We need to see our teams go far in their continental qualifies that is why we have allowed Gor Mahia and Sofapaka to sign seven foreign players. This is in line with other teams in other countries that have succeeded.” he continued.

At this point Gor Mahia already has a number of foreign players including Israel Emuge, Godfrey Walusimbi and now Dirkir Glay though it is still unclear whether the Liberian has put pen to paper. There have been reports that Gor Mahia have been pursuing certain foreign players some of whom have expressed an interest in joining Gor Mahia including Khalid Aucho and Abouba Sibomana from Rwanda. Whether Gor Mahia can afford to sign them with their hefty signing bonuses is a different story.

Meanwhile team captain Jerim Onyango has welcomed the signing of goalkeeper Bonface Oluoch.

“Boniface Oluoch is a very good signing for us considering we have very many matches in the coming season. We will also do well with the experience he brings on board as well as the competition. Competition is healthy for any good side because it what pushes everyone to give their best” said Jerim to futaa.com

The situation mirrors past eras where Gor Mahia had two national team goalkeepers. In the mid 1980s, Gor Mahia had both David Ochieng and Tirus Omondi who were both in the national team. In the early 1990s, Gor Mahia had Joseph Asembo and Charles Omondi “Korea”.

Charles Odette who had been a Gor Mahia target and had earlier announced that he had signed for Posta Rangers has apparently not signed any contract with Rangers and is still evaluating offers from various teams.

18 thoughts on “Gor Mahia will be allowed to sign 7 players

  1. The signing of Boniface Oluoch is very good. He can withstand pressure. I hope his discipline that made him not to feature in National team sometime back has so far improved.

    As for no. of foreigners we can sign, whether seven or five is immaterial for now coz we don’t have financial muscle to bring quality players from other countries. Maybe it could be a good idea in future.

    2015 season may be tough and I believe we have what it takes to lift the trophy third time in a row. GM needs one or two lethal strikers.

    The technical bench may require a max of 23 players in total so that unlike in the past we don’t have a very big squad where some players don’t feature anywhere throughout the season.

  2. Not a good decision. The reason why Kenya teams do poorly on the continental stage is because our opponents are usually in mid season form while we are just getting started. It doesn’t also help that our teams pre-season training are nothing but a joke; Elmerikh of Sudan are currently in Egypt training and playing friendly matches. They are scheduled to also play a top Europe team. what preparations have sofa and Gor made so far? Zero! And fkf thinks that the foreign players will be the Messiah ha? The results will be the same this year. Both teams might go through the preliminaries but will surely be eliminated in the first round

  3. I think that the addition of more foreign players will help our league be more competitive. However, I agree with Ingo, that Kenyan teams do not prepare well for the continental challenges because of the starting/ending of the local league; and their pre-season preparations are nil – both these factors present our teams with major disadvantages.
    I though the local league was supposed to change dates, and fall in line with the other leagues in the continent ….. or was that just empty talk?

  4. We have entered Jan 2015. Sadly the persons who we expect to carry out the actual job i.e the soldiers who will be doing the battle were only paid their Nov2014 salaries on 24th Dec2014.
    When will their their December 2014 remuneration be cleared?
    How has the +kshs.12M raised in Nov2014 been used?

    Is it even ethical to demand that players win matches while their remuneration is not upto date.
    I total agree with @ WAB all else is immaterial unless the financial quagmire (in particular the issue on payment of players’/TBs’ salaries on time is addressed) is sorted out first.
    Let’s cut our coat according to the size of the cloth we have.

  5. The reason the Barcas and Madrids and Bayerns of this world do well us because of the diversity of their players. This is a good move and it should be a wakeup call for our local players to emulate these foreign players. Our players seem to have put the ceiling for their performsnce too low. The ugandan contingent in Gor used to have a very high work rate as compared to the locals. If they can give the same performance then we don’t need most of these foreign players

  6. Owino joins Zambian giants
    Gor Mahia assistant captain David Owino has joined Zambia champions Zesco United.

    The move which was confirmed by Gor Mahia Deputy Secretary General Anima Oketch ends debate about the future of the Kenyan Premier League best defender who had only six months remaining in his contract with the champions.

    It was a surprise move but according to club officials, negotiations have been going on secretly and yesterday, Zesco confirmed Owino was one of their player by including him in the list for the Africa Champions League.

    A statement from the Zambia champions indicated: “Zesco United Football Club is happy to announce that a number of players have been acquired in order to reinforce the team that won the 2014 FAZ/MTN league and Barclay’s cup as the team is set to participate in the 2015 CAF Champion’s league. David Odhiambo, 26 Central Defender from Gor Mahia Kenya, is one of the new signings.”

    The deal is worth US Dollars 35 000 (approximately Kshs. 3.4 million) to be shared between the two parties in which Owino will pocket US Dollars 20 000 (approximately Kshs. 1.8 million) while Gor Mahia take US Dollars 15 000 (Approximately Kshs. 1.4 million).

    Curiously, Gor Mahia had included Owino in their provisional list for the Caf Champions League but will now have to get a replacement. The club has already acquired the services of Liberian Dirkir Glay from Thika United.

    Owino has been angling for a move away from Gor. He had refused to sign a longer deal tabled by the club. A move to Simba also failed after he refused to attend trials.

    He will be the first Kenyan footballer to grace the Zambian league.

  7. I am happy that Calabar has at long last gotten himself a good deal and for Gor as well. As much as we would have wished him to remain it would have been selfish for us. as we better our lives we should wish the players the same as well. Let’s emulate Southampton which despite selling the cream of their players still gives the top teams (including those who bought their best players a bloody nose). Some of us will criticize the EC for selling Calabar and at the same time criticize the EC for letting players go for free. Had we retained Calabar he would either have gone for free in June or bought off his contract for like 300K and the club gets nothing. We have a very able replacement in Glay and Emuge is also recovered so I don’t see any reason for panick. We only need to focus more on the striking but if we can land Olunga and the Ghanian or Sentoogo/Umony to supplement BB, Timothy then we will be set to go. How I wish Wiper is not released. Oboya on his day is marvellous but the fitness level is still down and this causes him perenial injuries

  8. The “King” is gone, if its not another “situmbekoring”.
    David Owino aka Calabar (“King David” to me) has apparently left GM to join Zesco in the Zambian league.

    While am sadden that Mighty K’galo is loosing players to the likes of Zesco I seek solace in the fact that GMFC has made kshs.1.8m from the deal.
    My advice to EC please use that money to clear salary arrears of players and TB.

    It does not make any sense starting the season with players and TB salaries not having been cleared.

    All the best ‘King David’ but if its turns out to be another “Simba” deal then no problem, K’galo is home.
    I wonder what the likes of Simba/ Zesco are doing that makes them miles ahead of us.

    These are clubs that have not won a continental title yawa wana K’galo let’s scratch our head and find a solution.

  9. Calabar story was denied elsewhere by CEO and confirmed by Naima Oketch Deputy Secretary General. Confusion in the office and why was his name submitted to CAF?

    This EC is as good as a dead office with lack of coordination, focus and vision to take this great club anywhere. If Gor Mahia is run by the likes of Kalekwa of Sofapaka, we could be miles away.

    We have talked about the following good ideas such as:-
    1. SACCO,
    2. membership drive,
    3. professionalizing the club,
    4. turning the club into a limited liability company,
    5. restructuring of sale of club merchandise,
    6. innovation in turning the club financial fortune,
    7. restructuring of gate collections,
    8. etc

    None of the EC members are talking about these initiatives may be apart from the Secretary General. The common and monotonous things we have been hearing from the EC are:-
    1. the club is broke,
    2. pulling out of CAF,
    3. selling players,
    4. resignation of official and lack of harmony,
    5. etc

    This office should just call AGM and quit for self inflicted defeat due to poor performance by the entire office. May be one or two officials can be retained.

  10. I would apeal to Gormahia management to rethink on the issue of mutiso wiper, i saw what he can do, chairman Rachier renew mutisos contract.

  11. @Oduor – so these boys have not yet been paid? That may demotivate them.

    All the best Calabar. ZESCO is a serious club unlike Simba that was about to capture him

  12. I wish you all the best “Calabar” you have always given your best. I hope that EC are making use of the little cash they get for the betterment of the club.

    EC and TB must try and work together especially during this hard times. DIVIDED WE FALL


    Justin Mumba, secretary general of zambia chanpions has opened up on the expected transfer of David Owino from Gor Mahia to the reigning champions.

    In an exclusive phone interview with michezoafrica.com, Mumba clarified that the deal is pending medicals and no paperwork has been done yet. He also emphasized that the deal was brokered by a senior Gor Mahia FC official and insists the club is following the right channels.

    “The deal is not yet through. We have not settled the transfer as its pending the player attending medicals possibly by Monday, 5th January if he passes then we can go ahead and finalize everything. We have a letter from Gor Mahia official (name withled) giving us the green light. At the moment no contract has been signed yet but both parties have reached an agreement ” he said.

    It appears one of the Gor Mahia officils us trying to pull a deal under the table without the knowledge and consent of the other officials.

  14. I am suprised that bloggers still believe in hot affairs I don’t see anything changing for no ngombe ya maxziwA for some officials and politicians as well …chode grounds

  15. This EC member that is involved in Calabar’s transfer needs to step aside as what Pascal posted just shows the rot in EC. Why is the official brokering the transfer? I think money has been eaten by the broker and thes are the people who are busy milking the club left right centre in all aspects that include gate collection and illegal transfers.

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