IDCC orders Gor Mahia docked 3 points

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The Independent Disciplinary and Complaints Committee (IDCC) has ordered the Kenyan Premier League to deduct three points from Gor Mahia as punishment for crowd trouble caused by their fans in their league match against Tusker in April at Nyayo Stadium.

IDCC has also handed a one match ban to Gor Mahia goalkeeper Boniface Olouch for assaulting the second assistant referee in the troubled match won 1-0 by Tusker.

The disciplinary body found that “Gor Mahia FC failed to control its fans and supporters on the 16th April 2016 during a league match, thereby causing disruptions of KPL Match Number 65 and the assault of the 2nd assistant referee following the conclusion of the said match, contrary to Rule 3.4(a) of the Rules of Kenyan Football.”

The match was held up for close to 10 minutes after Gor Mahia fans reacted violently to a penalty awarded to Tusker.

The committee further stated that “it is concerned that the misconduct of the fans and supporters of Gor Mahia FC,which has led to the stoppage and abandonment of KPL matches and formed the subject of numerous IDCC hearings and determinations, is undermining the reputation and growth of the KPL.

“We are not satisfied that Gor Mahia FC is treating the matter of managing its fans and supporters with the urgency and seriousness that it deserves. Deterrent measures are therefore required.”

“Clubs and their fans or supporters must respect the rules governing football. Rule 7.3 of the Rules of Kenyan Football states that ‘The decisions made by the referee or assistant referee on the Laws of the Game during a match are final.’ Further, Law 5 of the Laws of the Game states, among other things, that ‘The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play, including whether or not a goal is scored and the result of the match, are final.’”IDCC said.

The docking of points consequently means that Gor Mahia, who stormed the summit of the league table on Wednesday, will drop back to second position.

The IDCC has observed in previous determinations that all clubs participating in tournaments organized by the KPL must understand that the KPL does not condone any acts of hooliganism. In this respect, all clubs must observe the KPL’s Zero Tolerance Policy on Abandoned Matches and Assaults, which states that “A Club is responsible for the conduct of its officials, players and fans and will be held responsible for any assault on any person immediately before, during or after a match.”

The Independent Disciplinary and Complaints Committee is the tribunal for solving disputes in the game of football managed under the auspices of the Kenya Premier League Limited (KPL).

It is chaired by professor Migai Akech.

34 thoughts on “IDCC orders Gor Mahia docked 3 points

  1. Question 1 : Ahaa…News just in Zamalek has withdrawn from the Egyptian league on the same grounds, favouritism to opponents biased officiating etc etc. Ofcourse IDCC you will never deduct points from Tusker, Ulinzi nor Mathare United because they don’t even have fans in the first place……..why did we introduce this rule and yet in KPL league on two clubs have a fan base ?

    Question 2 : IDCC deducted 3 points + we still lost the match, therefore in total we have lost 6 points !!!! Hmm, this comes after we stormed to the top of the league….. why was the decision made before that ?

    Question 3 : In as much as I respect their decision, the league, this raises another question, IDCC has ordered KPL to deduct three point from Kogallo, how does FKF fit into all this ? Should FKF not be the one to set the rules and others follow suit ?

  2. Liverpool vs sevilla,stoning of Man u bus.How can a football club control its supporters?Do they have financial and crowd control means ambayo imeshinda hata Kenya Police?Total Madness

  3. Rules made for future occurrences and not for the past events therfore the law which was formulated after the offense had been committed cannot be applied to that particular offense, therefore, the law was illegally applied

  4. The fact remains Gor finished the first leg at the top. Secondly, who gets the points because Tusker won the game anyway? Are they going to give Tusker the points which means Tusker has 6 points from one match? On the whole they have just added more fire power to K’Ogalo when the league resumes. Gor did not overtake to just stay ahead of the pack but to move away from the pack where some one can easily trip you down just like they are trying to do now. K’Ogalo has bigger dreams. Tusker must not rejoice however, they are not even our priority. Our priority is some where else. My own thinking is that if an appeal is lodged then they might adopt delaying tactics so that when things get to the wire then they might just drop the bomb. My take therefore is “WACHANA NAYO”

  5. Oguda why make rules that affects only two teams I.e AFC and Gor based on their fan base. You’ve deducted 3 points and already Tusker was awarded the same points, where’s the rationale in that. I’ve come to realize Gor has many haters but hainashida we will still storm the summit despite all this frustrations.

  6. The timing of the decision is suspect. Why wait until Gor has stormed to the top? The rules of natural justice should apply here. GOR MAHIA “lost” the match hence the points, so why deduct the points again? The fairest punishment would have been a fine and not points. If anything the game was not abandoned, it was played the full ninety minutes. Somebody out there wants to ensure GOR MAHIA does not win the league, it will not happen. Look at the results of today’s matches: Ulinzi vs KK Homeboys 1 -1, Mathare vs Posta Rangers 0 – 0, had Ulinzi and Mathare won their matches it would be a different story. But the teams are so inept in their deliveries that it is even doubtful if they can can pose any serious challange to a resurgent GOR MAHIA. Ever noticed Tusker are being awarded penalties in almost every game? EC should appeal the ruling because it was done in bad faith. There has also been a concerted effort by some sport commentators to make GOR MAHIA look really bad…Chiko Lawi, Gilbert Wandera and Swila, to mention a few. In the game against Tusker, Asike handled the ball even before the said infringement by Abwoba was committed, the referee saw it and gave a free kick to GOR MAHIA, the assistant referee had other ideas. So since when did an assistannt referee’s decision override that of the referee? Let those running football in the country be fair, hatred, emotions and hypocricy will not take us anywhere. Over to you EC…..this cannot not go unchallanged.

  7. Today just happened to be my worst day in sport.Mara King pin Aucho headed to G.Rangers in Scott. Mara IDACC bull shit Gor Mahia points for “fan” trouble.who is cursing this great club?kind spare me any such news.But the current rhythm gathered by GM is UN stoppable.Idacc will be ashamed when we finally lift the title.

  8. This Is Complete Nonsense,rules Were Enacted When The Purported Act Had Occurred And Thus It Is Null And Void, Secondly IDC Decision lack marit since gor mahia as club does not have capacity to control crowd attending its matches and hence punishes it is an act of desparation and cowardice.this kangaroo court decision is baseless and misplaced and lack arriving at this bad verdic they could have consider the plight of players and the cause of the problem without basing the argument on hearsay.By Deducting Hard Fought Point Is Not Only Primitive Act But Also Saw How Ignorance Those Official Are On Matters Related To Running Football.Punish The Funs Not Club If You Have Enough Ground ,More Else You Will Cause More Harm Than Good

  9. what a shame and pity to get people who have never been in football industry to be JUDGES if i may ask dont this people know even the 16teams name by name or dont this people even know the stadiums where clubs play at. i think hynas are presiding cases against sheep of which the sheep will not get a fair hearing

    if we dont reject this we are heading to serie A OR B in italy where match fixing is the order of the day look at how match fixing has destroyed INTERMILAN and AC MILAN. me i totally blame SPORTSPESA after they have failed to force gormahia into match fixing SPORTSPESA have employed tactics by cleverly subduing Gor mahia through docking of points and in other ways which they will employ in future to ensure GORMAHIA trembles down so as they get their super profits i think gormahia did a mistake by signing for sportspesa they should have gone to BETWAY. its a pity how SPORTSPESA can fall to temptations of politicians to Kill gormahia my simple advice is that they should know Gormahia is a plant you can uproot it but it miraculously germinates or grows again.

    during the game between athletico madrid and deportivo coruna a ball boy threw ball into the field when deportivo coruna were on counter attack the Referee had to stop the play for the ball to be cleared from the play the football continued and athletico madrid won the game but when the judgement came the coach of athletico madrid was banned for the last three games since it was concluded that the ball came from their bench and he ought to have taken care of all happenings where he was located. I DONT HEAR WHERE THE COMMITTEE DEDUCTED points from Athletico madrid. SO lets put aside politics of the day and move forward as kenyans SPORTSPESA CAN PACK AND GO IDIOTS

  10. Rules are always irchy to the offenders bt deducting points pls ………pls that wz too drastic. fans pls referees make mistakes worldwide.Look the effect of inept perceptions.I wz infrienzy celebrtng reaching the summit for the first time this season…..heartache lili thooooo.

  11. Nonsense,Bullshit & Hogwash is what this ruling is.Why wasn’t the decision on harambee stars Vs Cape Verde match that had Caf’s disciplinary body fine Kenya and not deduct us points used as a Precedent in today’s ruling?We lost the game already so had no benefit from those skirmishes and a fine would have sufficed.Tusker I repeat is bring primed by Sportpesa to win the league by getting penalties in every game in addition to biggest threat being cut down to size but we shall endure.Is Gor supposed to hire the water canon trucks being used to disperse anti-iebc protesters to control its huge fan base or what?

    1. Exactly an exact replica of events was the harambee stars match. Kenya was not deducted points and Origi was not baned. Anyway they will know why Gor Mahia never changed its name and why Sportspesa saw it fit to lift its suspension.

  12. Can anybody guide me on this? Like you would a six year old. Were these rules there before or they were made after the incident? What is the position in law? Again why did they wait until we were at the top? Very weird if you ask me. So what happens should we appeal? They will wait until the time the league is ending to use the decision against us. Tumechezwa na tutachezwa bado.

  13. So what to do? Let’s win every next game and wait to see what they will do. To fans, let’s keep our peace and see what they will to, but you can be sure you will be provoked as usual.

  14. This was meant for Ingwe whose match was abandoned, but because someone thinks it looks bad to go for Ingwe alone, it was easy to bring in Gor (whose match was completed – and just needed some disciplinary measures on players) to make it look fair.

    Anyway, there is a high chance they could also doing this to throw out the whole thing out by punishing the wrong team – Gor who are unlikely to take this lying down in order the release AFC. This makes more sense though stupid.

  15. Guys, it’s simple. With the form we are in plus the new signings coming on board we will sooner or later overcome this adversaries and come November we will be on top again. CECAFA whch would have derailed us abit has been shelved by Tz

    1. We don’t need those three points IDAC and their ilk can shove them right up their as…, remember the sony fiasco a couple year back. However on a matter of principle EC must fight the unfair ruling. Secondly CECAFA is now the real challenge let’s set our sights regionally and continentally. That is no derailment its progress.

  16. Let us rally behind the team. We have watched all the teams play Gor and unless for the ”lucky” few who played us at the beginning of the season, no team in the SSPL can stop us. I also have a feeling very deep inside that some one or some people dont want us to win the league this year. But anyone rooting for Tusker is crazy, they play a very poor football.

  17. Hahahahahahaa…..Tusker are already 2016 Champions.

    Just hire hooligans to course trouble then deduct 3 points from K’ogalo again and again. With this kind of bogus referee the league is over earlier than we expected.

    I hope those who love football like me and you will not sit and watch these useless people bring down football in this country. NKT…

  18. Team ya ofisi (read Tusker)has been assisted to the top through penalties and boardroom decision.Someone somewhere is working very hard to ensure Tusker or whatever team other than Gor or AFC wins the league!!
    Let’s do our talking on the pitch..that is where real football is played,not in a room where idle people sit to deny teams what they have sweated for on the pitch!!

  19. @ Dan Original…Cecafa 2016 has been shelved by tz??Kindly expound on this development a little bit though I’ll check to confirm with concerned bodies,am behind this development

      1. Can Soprano man come to the rescue. We really need K’galo’s name on CECAFA cup more times and am hoping this year we’ll also bag the Gortv Cup

  20. Who was the home team in that match if I may ask? What happened to that time-honoured rule that has been used on many occasions to punish Gor Mahia (about home team being responsible for security)? Was Gor Mahia supposed to usurp Brewkenge’s security responsibilities?

    To say that Gor Mahia failed to control her fans is self-defeating because had Gor Mahia failed to control her fans then the match would have been abandoned as was the case in Mumias. Guys what more control of fans does this committee want while we know very well that Gor Mahia managed to cool down the tempers of irate and incensed fans to the point that they went back to the terraces and allowed the game to resume?….and all this in record time. Which team has ever managed to control its hundreds of angry fans within 10 minutes? How long did it take the Kenya-Guinea Bissau match to resume? Well over 30 minutes and who was in charge of security then? The government and FKF.

    Secondly, who was the complainant? Brewkenge? KPL? FKF?

    1. so whether the crowd is controlled and football resumes, you are docked.
      is match is abandoned you are docked.

      at this rate the IDAC is in the league. they have six points. hhahahahaha. they will go ahead of sofamaew soon

  21. After reading from the footballers, I think this decisio is I utter rubbish and should not be accepted. Just like one has put it, goons can be hired to disrupt matches. Let them look at the wider picture.

  22. Let’s wait for the verdict on the appeal against the so called docking. But even it comes negative, all I know is that The Green Army will just need a maximum of three games to be at the summit again.

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