In Pictures: Gor Mahia visit Kanyamwa

Gor Mahia players and officials visited the Shrine of the legendary Gor Makogalo for whom the club is named after. Gor son of Ogada, Grandson of Ogalo was a paramount chief. He is said to have posssesed magical powers hence his nickname “Mahia”.

His shrine is located at his home in Homa Bay County, Ndhiwa constituency, Kanyamwa location.

At the shrine
Training session at Homay Bay stadium. Looks like Tuyisenge in the foreground


7 thoughts on “In Pictures: Gor Mahia visit Kanyamwa

  1. That minibus is certainly not kogalo’s value and worth. If we only had structures, methods and systems to mobilize fans to contribute to have that sense of belonging and support Gor!! So many have this single shilling to give but where and to who?

  2. Very encouraging to touch base with the roots.
    A good opportunity for area residents to watch Gor Mahia training session in Homa Bay.
    Thanks for a well throughout excursion for both players and fans

  3. This was great back to the roots and our players need to know the truth about Gor Mahia. However, the picture of Gor Mahia TM Jolawi Obondo does not reflect well with the players and fans. What does Jolawi Obondo eats yawa?

    1. @Jamigori, Jolawi is a true Gor man. He eats, drinks,sleeps, wears, walks, talks and demonstrates K’Ogalo in fullness.


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