Its down to the wire again for Gor Mahia and Tusker

Just two weeks ago, Gor Mahia fans were all but resigned to the fate of finishing second to Tusker in the 2016 Kenya premier League. However the derby victory last week has lifted the spirits and hopes of fans. Firstly because it was Gor Mahia’s first win over arch rivals Ingwe since 2013 when Logarusic was in charge. Secondly because it brought Gor Mahia back to within shouting distance of Tusker.

Coach Jose Marcelo Ferreira has said that the next two matches will determine the league.

“By the end of next weekend it will be clear whether we shall be lifting the league trophy at the end of the season or not,” he said to the official KPL website.

“I know that Tusker drew their last game and yes, I followed their performance every week, but I don’t want to be preoccupied with whether they win or lose their other matches. My mind will fully be on Gor and our upcoming matches.” he continued.

For Gor Mahia to stand a chance, Tusker must draw at least one of the next two matches and Gor Mahia must win both. This will set up the final encounter on November 19 which will decide who lifts the title.

Gor Mahia Fixtures

Sun 30-10-16 16:15 Gor Mahia vs Mathare United Kasarani Stadium
Sat 05-11-16 14:00 Muhoroni Youth vs Gor Mahia Moi Stadium

Tusker Fixtures

Sat 29-10-16 14:00 SonySugar vs Tusker Awendo Stadium
Sun 06-11-16 14:00 Tusker vs AFC Leopards Afraha Stadium

Final Fixture

Sat 19-11-16 15:00 Gor Mahia vs Tusker Nyayo Stadium

But Marcelo continues to insist that he is not focused on what Tusker does but only on what he can control.

“What is most important to me right now is to ensure that the team performs well in the remaining games and that means collecting maximum points. We just want to play our game and keep our focus on trying to win every match that we engage in” he continued.

Gor Mahia have shifted their base from camp Toyoyo to Kasarani as they prepare to play the slum boys on Sunday.



26 thoughts on “Its down to the wire again for Gor Mahia and Tusker

  1. We have gracefully won this thing a record 3 consecutive times and the last one unbeaten! as a staunch fan of the Mighty Kogallo, I am proud! My urge to the beloved team, Play your game, enjoy yourselves on the field. Play with pride remembering that you are Kogallo mayienga! Winning the cup should not be the sole focus right now. Winning the remaining matches SHOULD BE! Go for it boys, Put in all you can in the games, but most of all ENJOY YOURSELVES! You have done us Proud thus far! LONG LIVE KOGALLO MAYIENGA!

  2. Tusker willl nick it….its too little too late for Kogallo as we are simply just hoping for Tusker to Loose and we are assuming (big assumption ) that we shall win the rest of the games

    1. C’mon Jakoyo. be optimistic always. Nothing is impossible. Yes we screwed up but there is still hope. Don’t give up comrade.

  3. Even Tusker I hoping that we don’t win all our remaining games. Could be the same situation we had with Thika in 2012 or with Sofapaka in 2014. We saw ManCity winning the EPL within a few seconds. We messed big time but hopefully the gods can smile our way

  4. At this point its good to be hopeful because anything can happen in football.As has rightly been pointed out by Dan Original…the same 2012 and 2014 scenarios could play out again here… just being hopeful!!

  5. Prepared for the worst, hoping for the best is my slogan in these times. If we were to steal it at the death oh how sweet will it be. It will be the sweetest of all the four titles.

  6. @ignatius when the coach came he talked of open and closed training session but alas we have no training ground.Hiyo itakuwa kazi ya leaders from December;suarely we can afford a training ground.

  7. on Tusker my hopes lies with Sony because hawa AFC are very unpredictable. They could even rest akina Kiongera but that depends on how they are in the log…currently they are 1-2 down to sofacats.

    1. @moses, AFC having lost to Sofapaka, and with the adrenaline that comes with a new coach, will be fighting tooth and nail to avoid the chop. They wont be a walkover. Watch this space

  8. The likes of Jakoyo do not belong here rather they belong to where everything is like water and oil. In football nothing is won until 90th minute and only when you have played all your matches. Jakoyo must remember that Tusker has depended on luck to win some matches and the same luck may desert them now by switching camp to Kogalo. Watch this space. A case in point is their arch against Bandari.

  9. I think we should just end this misery and accept Tusker as 2016 sportpesa premier League champions. Can you imagine Akwana led AFC delivering the title to us by Drawing or beating Tusker?.Of the two tusker ipponents ;Sony and Afc;AFC is potent enough so our only hope is we win and hope AFC get a draw;They Can for sure.Let’s go Ingwe.

    1. Well spoken and very realistic. The cup is gone and we should plan for next year. It’s inappropriate to put your prayers on other people’s misfortune so that we pray Tusker falls…..we had our chances and did not take them. Maneno ya mathematics Keisha. Tusker are champs, we ourselves crowned them. When they were winning, we were drawing, or loosing. Lets blame ourselves and plan for next season.

    1. I concur,in a competition you take advantage of your opponent’s slip ups rather than put your fate in the hands of the opponents by hoping that they will keep on slipping (like hoping Mo Farah will fall 3 times,at the start,in the middle and at the end of a race). Our fate is no longer in our hands. Taking nothing away from the derby win but its not lost to me that bottom club S/cat has beaten both Muho & position no.12/13 afcpaka. The fat lady is singing, question is does she need to continue singing or will win even if she raps? Tomorrow we will know. Wishing Gor a win given that Akwana is no longer afc coach and afc needs a win or two to close the season.

  10. If Hall can take charge before next Sunday ;we have hope if it will be Akwana;were doomed.Players like to give 110% when a new coach comes to preserve their positions.Any Info when Hall takes charge?

    1. Akwana was fired by Always Firing Coaches (AFC) after the s/cat defeat with Hall taking over. So its hoping GM wins against Mathare, then hoping AFC beats brewkenge, some call it excitement for me its too much hopping!

  11. Comrades the crunch match is this one against Mathare, let’s win it and wait for Ingwe to claw brewers now that Sony let us down, including kicking a penalty direct at goalkeeper. But Ingwe have just sacked six top players!

  12. I respect Kogalo. When they won the kpl trophy 3 years in a row they won convincingly and when Tusker won it in 2012 it was suspected that tusker’s last match against city stars was fixed. This year tusker got dubious penalties in almost 10 matches in the 1st leg. Compare the way tusker got their goal against Bandari two weeks ago and the way Bandari played against Kogalo, it’s like teams are paid to play badly against Kogalo. Tusker ‘s match against Sony yesterday had all the ingredients of match fixing. Tusker would score and Sony would miss a penalty afteral Sony had nothing to lose. Just an opinion.

  13. I agree with you Ja Thur Gi Ji and from what we witnessed this year tusker were tipped to win this year’s kpl yes it was planned that way unless AFC plays well and get a draw. If AFC draws with tusker and Kogalo beats Mathare then Kenyans will be treated to an epic final. My suggestion is that fixtures should be done weekly

    1. @moses…how tight do you want the defence to be?it’s already the tightest defence in the league,you can’t really fault them!depending on the opposition conceding can at times be inevitable! !

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