Jerim pulls out of Tunis squad

Jerim Onyango

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K’Ogalo will be without first choice goalie Jerim Onyango when they travel to Tunis, Tunisia for Caf Champions League return leg match against Esperance

By Otieno Otieno

Gor Mahia have been dealt a major blow after first choice goalkeeper Jerim Onyango pulled out of the team due to a shoulder injury just days before the team takes on Esperance of Tunisia in a Caf Champions League return match.

Onyango has confirmed exclusively to Goal that he cannot make it for the match and admitted that his absence will be a major blow to the team.

“I have been having a shoulder injury for a while now and made me struggle during the first leg match against Esperance. The doctors have tried everything but looks like I cannot make it. It is a big blow to the team but there is nothing I can do.

“It was also the reason why I did not make Harambee Stars squad to Khartoum for the friendly match. I have a strong belief that whoever, the coach will choose will perform better and help the team qualify.”

He wished his fellow players best of luck during the match. Onyango was in goal when Gor Mahia lost 3-2 to Esperance last weekend. He was also the hero for K’Ogalo as he saved four penalties to help the side eliminate US Bitam of Gabon in the preliminary round.

Coach Bobby Williamson admitted that Onyango will be missed. “Onyango is our first choice keeper and for sure we will miss his services. We have no option but give him a rest.”

In his absense, Williamson will try hands of either David Juma or former Thika United custodian Joe Bataro as Gor Mahia try to overturn the first leg defeat and advance to the next round of the lucrative competition.

38 thoughts on “Jerim pulls out of Tunis squad

  1. Good riddance!….. mmm,it seems someone is not comfortable with being told the truth.The truth hurts, right.Jerry stop giving us excuses about injuries bcoz it is common knowledge that you are vexed bcoz we rebuked you due to the school boy errors you commited. The truth hurts man.I urge Juma or Bataro to step and take his position.Grab this chance and show him that Gor mahia can be without him.No is indispensable!!

  2. @1 otenga if Jerry is injured, he can’t form part of the squad and nothing else. Let’s wish him a quick recovery.

  3. @Otenga Looks like you are on the wrong site. Never seen such a name before. At this site only @Ingo and @Ben Disi are allowed to give such contributions though @Ingo has improved of late.When Jerry saved 4 penalties in Gabon I never saw any contribution from you. The fact that the goalkeeper trainer recommends him to be the first choice keeper should be able to tell you something.
    Let wish Jerry and the team altogether all the best. No player never makes errors once in a while else no game of football will ever end in a loss/win. It’s blunders which make football what it is. Even Hart of ManC or Cassillas makes blunders. The issue is how fast can one recover from such issues.

  4. Chris – people get injured, these players are not slaves. What is your joy writing such trash.

    I wish you well Jerry. If have always been there for us during good times. We stand by you now. you will rise again

  5. @ Chris Otenga you spoilt my Day. is you rush to contribute on this site ie that you post no 1. PLEASE KNOW PEOPLE……nene Otenga ni wabiro wuoni, I n’giyo mako nyithi guen

  6. Pole Jerry for the injury u av done us proud when we need u,now its time for the other guyz to prove y they r putting the green army shirt,its too bad for the team but will accept and move on,wish u quick recovery

  7. Jagoal, your contribution to The Mighty Kogallo cannot be gainsaid. You have made Kogallo reach where they are today. There is always a bad day in office and it so happened during Esperance game. Please take heart. This things happen and I see you coming back even stronger. In my opinion you are currently the best keeper in Kenya. Wish you a quick recovery and the best in your title defense.
    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  8. Please bloggers don’t point fingers at otenga too much that is the truth of the matter ,did you know that this Jerim guy got that injury in machakos during gor mahia match with madhare…?why is he withdrawing know when he has messed us up and the probability of qualifying to the next level is very slim.Jerim could have left for another goal keeper the chance in the first leg with esperence because by that time he was already having this is not otenga alone who was disappointed with jerry and a big number of kogalo fans are still not comfortable with him that is why he is withdrawing know,Did you see kizito ,walusimbi and akumu his fellow players exchanging words with him after the game…?His school boy mistakes is already costing us,the first and second goal could not get into the net with a settled goal keeper within the posts.somebody told us here that jerry is like ozil of arsenal and he will always mess you up the time you need him most and i concur with him,the guy messed us up with thika united on our last day that we were supposed to take the league and we have not the issue of otenga has not been in this blog should not arise he has aright to comment here, and to the people who thinks that they are the gate keepers and opinion leaders of this blog ,you should know that this is asocial site and everyone is entitled to his own opinion.Am not having any grudge with jerry but the truth has to be said…..why couldn’t he withdraw in our first match with esperence since the injury he got in machakos before the continental match.The guy messed us up and we cant keep on hiding the truth and it is something that was seen by everyone .The guy has messed us up let us accept and move on and our chances of progressing is very slim because of him.

  9. administrators of this site i believe when you created this site the purpose was to build GM in a different way so i would request,though everyone is entitled to their opinion,but you as the custodians of these site must ensure that comments made on this site are comments that encourage and aspire to build GM players not to demoralize them with comments such as those coming from @Otenga

  10. Dear Jerry, I want you to know that we appreciate you for being an asset to the team. Injuries can get anyone for we are all made of flesh. But even if we were made of iron, we would still rust. So in-case you read the not so very encouraging articles, please do not take them to heart. In the mean time, We wish you a quick complete healing. Whoever will step in to your shoes, we wish them well and may he do well between the post in Tunis.

  11. who doesn’t know that it is jerry who is making the coach to think so hard about esperance know,it is unacceptable for someone to dilute the hard work of his fellow players and it is know that he is telling us that he has withdrawn because of the injury.if he meant well for the team he couldn’t accept to be between the post because this injury he got in machakos before the esperence match.the guy compromised the whole team and that is the plain truth,he is know withdrawing because he has been hearing how the fans are talking about him,without the talks he could have not withdrawn….Jerry and the his trainer has to accept that the other goal keepers also need a chance to proove themselves.

  12. My friends just to ask who is suppose to select the line up for the team? if the people tusked to select the team thought Jerry was the best what could he av done,i be leave he can not force himself

  13. @Erico were you in machakos…?the guy got injured in machakos it is obvious he was the best goalkeeper at that time since he saved penalties in bitam but he could have told the coaches that he cant manage to be between the posts,and that is what we are saying here…why accept it know when he has made us to concede all those goals.

  14. Yes i was in macha n what am saying is very clear if a player is injured i still beleave we av a team doctor who is suppose to monitor every player injury so if the guy passed the test n the saw it wise to stand between the post y do we blame him,the injury mite have re occurred when we were playing the tunis so lets give these guy the chance he deserve,he has served us well n av help the team sometyms when some of us av written him off so i still beleave he will do the same n shame the devil

  15. you don’t solve a problem by running away from it,the guy knows very well what he did and now trying to run away from it.he messed us up and we wont bury our heads in the sand and sweep it under the carpet.i remember a blogger telling us here last week that we will be supprised to see jerry in the line up,i think it was odiwuor 12 and exactly that was is this time that he stands tall and prove us wrong but not running away because of our criticism…JARICHO RINGO MAONGE NGAMA LAWE… In fact he should be given along break even in league matches there are two more goalkeepers.

  16. Basi muende mukue goalkeeper Gor tuone kama mtaweza,u cant be always when a player does good u r al over praising him the next day he does bad u r all over his neck kwendeni huko

  17. Vilifying Captain Jerry as if he just scored an own goal in a world cup final is not right. This is the guy who saved us against sofapaka last season before sserunkuma scored that last minute goal. This is the same guy who kept 16 cleam sheets last season, the very Jerry who saved 4 penalties in Bitam. A bit of respect to our players will do us a lot of good. Let us not do what English fans are doing to Tom Cleverly.
    Even the great goalkeepers like van dar sir make mistakes. Football is not a one man game, Jerry conceded the goals because the defence could not clear the ball. They defence could not clear the ball because the strikers and midfielders did not hold the ball but let opponents run with it. So the whole team should take responsibility for the loss.
    As for me, i walked home a happy man. Gor played the best soccer i’ve seen since 2010.

  18. Chris Otenga I am so disappointed with you. Pole Jagoal.

    On a different note I want to concur with Dinga. Our Coach BW is on record as saying that Gor Mahia will score one goal in Tunis. My question to the coach is “Why only one goal?” At times like this it requires that a coach and the entire TB be more emotionally involved than to adopt the more professional and level-headed mentality. In view of what is at stake, such times require a maverick coach and if there is none then the occupant of that office should transform himself into one just for a few days.

    The boys just need the kind of language and mentality that will fire them up to do something mahia, something extraordinary….the kind of mental uplifting that will pump out every drop of epinephrine in their systems. The language that does that is that which speaks of 5 goals and not one. Over to you Scotsman. Do us proud once again. There is still time.

  19. @Erico who do you expect to do for him his work…?you have to know that even in places where we work there are targets and thresholds that you have to meet and without attaining the target you have to be told by your boss or be ready for a warning letter.In this case goalkeeping is what is sustaining him and his family ,the gor mahia fans are his boss since we are the people who are paying the gate and contributing to the club for him to be paid to sustain his by telling us that tuende tukuwe goalkeeper you are exposing to us your level of thinking which don’t intend to know .Dont come here with your moods man ,in your place of work you have to perform na hakuna cha tafadhali,it is either you perform or you quit but if you trying to seek public sympathy it wont be safe on your side … utaumia ndugu.i totally concur with the people who have quoted the weakness of Jerry and if you are feeling that we are not with you in the unison of praising him then you are in awrong everyone is coming with his own opinion but not bulldozing us with in the case of jerry am among the fans who were really dissapointed with him,we played well but jerry abig noo..even if you saved four penalties and then the next game you compromise the team how does that help us.The same thing which happened in 2012,a good goalkeeper in all games at the end of it all, he really failed us and we wept thoroughly at city stadium after missing the kpl trophy.let us call a spade a spade but not praising someone when he has failed us.

  20. Guys, constructive critisism is not bad but dont forget, as it has been said earlier, there is always a bad day in the office. Pls, let us encourage our players by impacting posive thoughts in them. Can u put youself in Jerry’s situation with all these negative coments! Let us encourage our players and know that by doing so, they will achieve the unbelivable! If someone falls, lets help him to rise up again than to nail him down further.Dont forget, they are NOT angels. Wish u well Jerry ja gol.

  21. @kalvins tell them that if you are sick you are also advised to take a sick leave ama unaomba ruhusa for some days off the job for you to recover.our HR always tells us that the company will remain there forever but the employees are there to leave at some time so don’t die for the in this case of jerry am just experiencing the same thing,the guy was dieing for the team not knowing that he will be sacrificed. To those who were in machakos the guy was injured and if you were keen enough he really struggled in second half in machakos,if he could be genuine he could have rested because he is clearly indicating to us here that the injury was not healed during esparance game.SO to jagoal learn to accept your status ,if you are sick accept because we have some two goalkeepers behind you, don’t die for the team to the extent that you blunder and fumble with the team,now you can see all this blame on your neck and what you have to know gor mahia fans are the funniest ,they will sing your song right know and they will be the first to heat you hard if you fail them.But when you go back to performance brother that is a must and we have no otherwise and that is why we have 33 players and that is why there is always pressure in gormahia.

  22. Let’s calm down & look at it this way:
    BW: Hey Jerry do you think you can play against Esperance with your shoulder injury? Remember for a keeper hands and shoulders are crucial.
    Jagoal: No problem coach I’ll manage but even if my shoulder becomes worse don’t you dare sub me. Hehehe you see even with one arm am better than the others. And we don’t have Madonkey.
    BW: Ok that’s a deal.
    And fellow bloggers it came to pass.

    The mistake is SOLELY BW’s.

    That BW is a good coach is not in doubt but I have noted that he is stubborn with his initial decisions. No serious coach would field a goalkeeper with a shoulder injury.
    Does BW have a free hand in selecting the team?
    Are Bataro & Juma that useless, they don’t even feature in friendlies.
    If so why did we sell Mapunda.
    Personally I think that Jerry’s injury had healed by the time of the game and he’s only using it as an excuse for the blunders.
    I think his fellow players didn’t take the blunders lightly. Remember OT exposing to us that Oboya & Mutiso exchanged blows in training.
    It was obvious that until the Esperance game it was Jerry who decided who was GM’s keeper in all games. That has now ended I hope.
    BW please take charge!!!!!!!

  23. Those criticizing jerry should stop ati simply we pay gate charges our arrogant has cause us a lot.I have seen players flopping for a long period and still the coach has faith on them talk of de gea,wlyshly Gor mahia is not exceptional

  24. @ODUOR12 if you ever played footy you will realize that you could play when on painkillers or bandages. We always look for someone to blame for our ‘failures’. Had we won nobody would be talking of Jerry’s sick shoulder. How many times have we seen players with bandages on their heads? Previously we were coaches, now we have also become team doctors. Players always risk but later on aggrevate their injuries. I expected us to empathize with Jagoal but I’m really disappointed by some of our comments. From that game you could see that our defensive blunders could only manifest themselves on the last man who is the keeper. For our information Jerry played a big role to getting us a trophy last time and so guys let’s spare our players these morale-killing comments.

  25. Used or not,no wonder some of u left the stadium before the final whistle,we criticize players alot,when one sacrifices anaringa,when one saves penalties ni yeye the way have u realize why local coaches are unable to perform here,its basically coz the spectator ions won’t give them time since they know more than the coach.and to add to it have u ever asked urself why the said players did well in bitam and were held to a draw at I normally put it,u kill players by your negative criticism( sub…sub) and yet the player is still in the field.wht do always expect?

  26. yawayawa! ket wenge u,najua batoro will make bat hata juma pia alisaidia western stima last yr,boyz wako poa,nani alijua shakava alikuwa anaweza funga? HAKUNA….matomit jothurwa,,bobbys wanafanya kazi.

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