Joint sponsorship makes sense for the big two

Various reports have indicated that British betting company Betway is in the midst of finalizing a deal to sponsor both Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards. It is the same company that sponsors West Ham United in the English premier league to the tune of West Ham £20m over three and a half years. Betway  is eager to make inroads into the Kenyan sports scene where sports betting has suddenly become fashionable.

In Tanzania a similar situation was in existence for years as the two big clubs, Simba and Yanga were both sponsored by Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Brand. What this does is that it shields the Kilimanjaro Brand from resentment from one group of fans. By sponsoring both teams, the Kilimanjaro Brand can obtain support from both Simba and Yanga fans.

In Kenya the same situation pertains. Sponsoring both teams together shields the two teams from the political intrigues that hinder sponsorship in Kenya.

The deal is supposed to be announced next week. However there are reports that Sportpesa approached a faction of AFC officials and agreed to a different deal while other AFC officials complained that they were not consulted.

A report from mediamaxnetwork suggests that AFC officials claimed that Betway have pledged Sh30 million in sponsorship for three years which will be extended on mutual agreement with a 10 per cent annual increase, while SportPesa are ready to dole out a similar amount for a five-year period but with strings attached. Among other things, Sportpesa want AFC officials to accept that the betting firm hire their own accountant to audit the cash that will trickle into the team after the deal.  Additional reports from suggests that sportpesa presented both AFC and Gor Mahia with similar deals.

If this is true then it becomes incumbent for officials of both teams to work together for the sake of the clubs. Selfish vested interests or incompetence from one set of officials could derail a deal for both clubs and leave both clubs sponsor-less for more years to come.

22 thoughts on “Joint sponsorship makes sense for the big two

  1. Well said, i heard about this long time ago but its good now it has been clarified. In addition to that, may we as fans get clarification about Eric Johana, this boy should be in Gor no matter the case!

  2. I totally agree with the last paragraph of this article. In my honest opinion it’s not the sponsors that are lacking buy 1 or 2 officiala blocking the deals on selfish interests…!!!

  3. SPONSORSHIP ! we have heard this talk for the last 3 years what makes it more interesting this time is what is it that a UK firm has seen that local firms have not seen ? Lets just push with our own internal funding initiatives and hope those sponsors will eventually join otherwise it is pointless to mention their names -seeing is believing.

    1. That would be welcome news for Kogalo and Ingwe. I also agree with the requirement that the sponsors engage their own accountant to monitor and audit how the funds are being utilized; this is good for purposes of accountability and transparency. But in my own opinion, this is still a drop in the ocean, though will very much appreciated. Kogallo and Ingwe need a budget of at least Kshs. 10 Million per month if they are to make an impact in the region and in the continent. The officials and followers of the two clubs still need to look for innovative ways of making the two great clubs self sustaining. 30 million in a year translates to only Kshs. 2.5 million per month.

  4. Already a different ‘faction’ of ingwe has already signed with SportsPesa and the other is crying foul. I like the way Gor goes about doing their things. No noisy fellas going round saying how things are going

  5. What is this thing about Eric Johana. He is a good player yes, but there are other equally good players out there. Let the TB decide.He may end up becoming an Ezekiel Odera. Team iko sawa, we should not die to have him if his heart is else where.

    For Good and my beloved club – Kogallo

    1. Well said @Kosero. I have seen Johana play and Auch as well and definitely Aucho is much better. To me he rivals Abondo in terms of know-how so I don’t think we are missing much

      1. I really do not understand the madness about Erick Johana. Other than him not being any better than Aucho, Bob Munro will NEVER allow any player from Mathare to join GOR. Just like Elly Kalekwa, Munro will ask for a crazy transfer fee. I think GOR is fine as it is now, Johana will come by himself some day.

  6. K’Ogalo EC please seal the deal with SPORTSPESA @ 5.833 Million per month and do away with BetWay @2.5Million per month. Let BetWay sponsor INGWE.

    1. Sports Pesa is giving 60m for two years but Gor has uped it to 65m for two years but is still negotiating. Betway is also on the horizon. That’s the way to go. The Betway deal involves kitting and replica shirts

  7. This deals in the kitchen still cooking , cooking and more cooking …we have to see them to believe them. It could be media hype since no official from either side has confirmed anything !!

  8. this is a good indication of good things to come. To put it clear we don’t need Johanna . Nuttal already has a headache to choose players in the midfield. The likes of Kahata, Gatusso Aucho walusimbi berry innocent wafula Eric ochieng Ernest wendo Ali abondo is already a headache. I pity some of these players because they won’t be able to play in any match. They need to have playtime and so the squad is enough . We don’t need Johanna . The squad is capable of performing well.




  10. Either way – whether Sportspesa or Betway, the deal should be sealed soonest.

    On the players’ recruitments, If Innocent Wafula and Aucho will be joining the rest of the squad next week then I think we are good to go.

  11. When the deal is so sweet think twice SPL did put it at 70m for 3yrs while Betway is at 65yrs for the same period with full uniform, Boot’s and repilca for sale at a percentage. Being a marketer I could have gone the Betway, in marketing you do swort annalesist in that Betway has been in this for a longer time. Moreso its origin speaks for itself. Top of it we’re more superior than AFC in terms or numbers and how we alley our products, yaani we like anything associated with GM,just my opinion.

  12. To the point @ Vincent.Betway is waaay superior and am sure they must have other sweeteners to the deal.I pray we go Betway.

  13. If all these rumours are true then I’d go with BetWay. Their deal sounds more organized and being a UK firm, maybe it can open an opportunity for our boys who are ready to begin their professional football by joining some English clubs in the lower tier.

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