Khalid Aucho voted May player of the month

Gor Mahia midfield dynamo Khalid Aucho, has been named the SJAK/Sportpesa Best Player of the Month for Mayduring an event conducted on Wednesday at Camp Toyoyo training ground.

Aucho has been a tireless runner, efficiently protecting the defence winning midfield battles and providing well timed passes. His brilliant play helped the club climb from near the relegation zone to the top of the table at a dissyingly rapid speed.

The award comes with a prize of  Sh100, 000 and a 43-inch television screen. Gor Mahia will also get Sh50, 000 for producing him as the best player.

33 thoughts on “Khalid Aucho voted May player of the month

  1. Congratulations Khalid. Well deserved. And if it were not for the politics of Kenyan football and Gorphobia, Ze Maria should have won the coaches award ahead of Salim Babu. Babu won 3 matches while Ze Maria won all four for the month.So how did Babu end up as Coach of the Month?

  2. Good job aucho though Eric ouma did an equally good job as well. Please share with him…

    As we speak…meddie kagere aka luanda magere is negotiating with ingwe. He is officially to be unveiled on 20th june 2016.

  3. So sad that Aucho’s agent is accusing the EC of not granting him a release letter to join Rangers. I thought there was protocol to be followed and both teams are supposed to reach and agreement. This is how Agents mess up their players. What if we release him and the deal hits a brickwall? Only the player will suffer and the agent will start ‘hawking’ him all over the place. I think Gor has already accepted that sooner or later he will leave and that’s why we want to rope in Mieno. The sooner we complete the formalities the better for all parties.
    On Meddie, I think it’s good for him and Ingwe. The problem is that the expectations will be high for him to replicate what he did at Gor. And without Olunga will he? It’s good also to loan out Saleh back to Ingwe for him to get playtime.
    My concern is that with 5 foreigners currently what is the position of Thiago? Is it until Aucho or any other player is released? And how are we registering now with the 5 still available?

    Can someone shed some light on this?

  4. There is no problem with Meddie joining Ingwe. He wanted to come back but our coach Ze Maria did not want him. He was misled by the likes of Ouna not to renew his contract that ended in January 2016 and let him join Ingwe.

  5. @ Dan original , I think this issue of foreigners is misinterpreted differently. some football pundits i.e reputable argue that the rule actually refers to the number of foreigners being fielded NOT the entire player roster. So we can have even 7 foreigners but can only field upto 4. Maybe that is the FKF / KPL interpretation.

  6. @Dan Meddie propped up Olunga.He made Olunga great.He(Meddie) knows how to position himself in the box and if it were not for the usual striker ‘uchoyo’ he would have been Gor’s last season top scorer.I would love to see him at the den;the better for competition.

  7. My life is going to become stressful the moment Kagere joins Ingwe. Every time he scores for them will be like a sledgehammer hitting my ginene over and over again. Kagere is Kagere and this argument that he will not replicate his form if he was to come back to Gor is a convenient excuse. Abondo left and came back more lethal so saying that it is impossible with examples of the likes of Kaka going back to AC Milan and flopping does not wash.

  8. @Moses I got much respect for Meddie and appreciate his work while he was here, but AFC are our bitter rivals so if he crosses over there he is in another camp and I cant wish him perform like he did for us. That would amount to wishing AFC good performance which I cant. Lets be passionate man.

  9. Meddie Kagere in Efusi colours? So unpalatable that Metwa, should turn up for Ogwang’. That is my biggest concern. What I know is that with wuod Maria at the helm, the work of Efusi is to be beaten whether with Kagechwa or not.

  10. Speculation with Efusi will give you heart attacks,if it was up to them they would re-hat the whole K’ogalo legion to be ingwe players thinking they can usurp our success by so doing.Yes they want kagere but let’s wait and see whether desperation will make him take a paltry portion of what he was asking to re-join Gor Mahia since ingwe are neither capable of meeting his signing fees/salary demands meaning to join he will have to take a massive pay cut.On the other hand a major shift on the striking position at GM may just happen or not,so watch the news in patience…

    1. @Ja Asego please remove the not and retain the happen in your statement about our striking department…..Give us a PROVEN PROVEN PROVEN goal poacher. With Ogwang knitting themselves we need to have all the artillery we can lay our hands on. I pray their usual politics become more prominent in the second leg!!!!!!

      1. @Oswozo Moziek,Musymo,BB & Jamigori….Google and read Stats on one Laudit Mavugo,23 Year Old Vital’O Burundian League Champions,2013/2014 & 2014/2015 Top Scorer and MVP consecutively.TP Mazembe are interested but if i get my say/way he will don the K’Ogalo Jersey and seriously electrify your eyes.I used the ‘not’ since we all know the foreign quota headache but am working on something that can’t disclose yet but which if successful you’ll see a predator per excellence…

        1. I forgot to mention he is the current burundian national team lead striker too,our version of Olunga with 4 goals in the current Afcon Campaign

          1. Picture rwandese national team lead striker partnering burundian national team lead striker…Tuyisenge-Mavugo…What else do you want?

          2. @Ja’Asego, I just youTubed Mavugo 9 and I saw an all rounded striker. Pace, packs a ferocious shot, good in the air and with deadly predatory instincts. Most of his goals are from very precise hard shots. A joy to behold. This quota thing!!!!!! May God bless the work of your that thing which will bring him on board.

  11. Auuuuwiii adwa gweyo to pod aluor……… Aucho punglu pangla. Kuome. Teko Mar jokon’go gor oloyo gor oloye ma nyaka chieng. TIBIIM. Admin hiyo ni song tu. Juogi Juogi Juogi.

  12. Since Aucho is leaving as per AR’s comments and Mieno has a contract binding him to Tusker else if he quits he cannot play till the end of the contract duration we need to look at the midfield now knowing how unpredictable Gattuso is.
    On Ingwe I’m impressed at how well they are recruiting. The problem is whether the names will deliver the results or are there for the money

    1. @Dan Original,worry not i covered the Aucho scenario way back,Immediately he gets his release letter,one Pierot Kwizera who matches his skill pound for pound and adds a regular scoring touch averaging 8 goals a season in the holding box to box role will land in Kenya and don number 10 right at JKIA.@ Musymo i hope it pens out coz this quota limitation is the only hindrance,also ingwe ‘s recruitment ambitions are bound to seem awesome given the number of positions they seek to fill (17),they had 3 foreign slots and with the two rwandese/malian signings have one left for Kagere or whoever they decide,we on the other hand are specifically beefing up weak areas/adding options incase of injuries or directly replacing departing players…

      1. I like it but today I am very reluctant to ask you question since I have realised that your are working on what I want to know and the process need not to public due to its intensity

        1. I want to thank u guys for your posts. I find them very informative. I don’nt ytrust Zemaria so much. If it were left for me, I wouldn’tthink of brbringing in another stricker. I think the coach has more stake in this than all of us.If in his pprofessional opinion Thiago is the best, I will trust that and wait, give himtime.If Aucho leaves, considering that we hhave rules governing the numnumber of foreign players we can have, I would first exhaust the localmamarket. I don’t think going for big names is the solution.There so much untapuntapped talents locally.

  13. I don’t concur with Zemariah on Kagere issue…… why bring a fringe player from Brazil in the expense of Kagere….. better the devil I know than the angel I don’t know.

    1. Can’nt any longer! I want to watch this Thiago guy play total football. I don’tknow y but I have a feeling that he is a great sticker. Kindly let’s give him time to prove his worth: here is a guy.who has even set his marking scheme. I will only need to adjust my sofa, in readiness to watch him pump in 15 plus goals

    2. tuliza boli,time will the way @jasego you seam like an insider in our EC.what i dont see adding up in your story is why the two foreignor plus thigo and you are not telling who is going to b ofloaded to creat space those coming on board.if and when they come are they players to cruise us from the normal first round thrushing to group stage of champions legue.

  14. We at K’ogallo may want to sign all the top players, with capable back-ups in every position, but ultimately it is how they play together as a team that counts …… thus far it is obvious that the current team (headed by the TB) is on a major upswing, and we hope that it continues throughout the second leg, and into the CAF next year …..

  15. @Dawa plus; Wrong diagnosis; am a Gor Mahia fan for life.@Sokajembe I won’t mind Gor beating a tough opponent like 3-2 than say 6-0 scoreline.My passion is we face tough opposition and win; not face Langata Gremio(pun intended)

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