Kogalo sign Ugandan defender

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Gor Mahia have signed Ugandan defender Israel Emuge ahead of the coming Kenya Premier League (KPL) and continental matches.

The immediate Kira Young FC defender has  penned a two  year deal with Ko’galo.The club is  currently bolstering their squad in a bid to land the ever elusive league title after dropping over six players.

Long term target Paul Mungai Kiongera has finally joined the outfit to end the long running speculation over his future.

Club secretary George Bwana confirmed the club has signed the duo to beef up their side.

Kiongera was prolific in the ended season for KCB emerging as the KPL player of the season runners up and was also instrumental for the Kenyan development side-the under23.

His arrival is expected to add more punch in K’ogalo’s attack. Also joining the ’Green Army’  is  the  head coach Zdravko Logarusic who is expected to join the team by January 15 for the pre-season training.

18 thoughts on “Kogalo sign Ugandan defender

  1. Why january 15th again? we were told he was to come on 2nd,why are we not told the truth if he is not coming lets know to end this mchezo wa paka na panya

  2. Then we play the CAF match on the 10th February. As we said before life must continue whether Loga comes back or not. @Erico let’s get on with the job that Bobby is doing. Remember Tusker won the league with a local coach. All we need to do is to give him the space and support to deliver

  3. The major signing that GM should do is LOGURASIC,we need to be where we were in Eighties,Second major signing should be a serious sponsor.The rest can take care of themselves.

  4. Kiongera is a super signing,Loga should come back sooner or kama ni.maringo tuanze mapema kutafta kocha mwingine aste aste.

  5. But Ando2031 this Loga issue we av talked about it for along time Brother,me my position is that if Loga want to go let him not give us conditions,we can do without him,for GODS sake what are the achievement we have had with him? just to start we were defending champs for the presidecial cup didnt we?,we were to take the super 8 cup if not for this so called ref by the name omweno,we have been runners up to ulinzi stars the other season,so what has he added much to warrant all this hulabaloo,we really apreciate what he has done for us last season but let him not think that he is the only one who can take this great club places,can u compare Loga with coaches like Len Julians or Jack Johnson? wazungu for that matter or another one Vojjo?this are some of the great european coaches we have had as GOR,my dear Brothers u will agree with me there is no comparision,have never advocated for our beloved LOGA to go but now am tired with the sideshows,if he want to live let him go tho waolgo.Me i rest my case

  6. If the coach had this team at heart he is supose to be hear doing the selection,now the season is just about to start,we still dont know wether the coach will be around or not,we have a continental martch coming soon i mean what are all this nonsense

  7. And now as some of us wait for the coach Moses ‘Lucky Dube’ has found greener pastures in Oman. As a Kogalo fan I wish him the best. All other players should give their best and the sky will be the limit. After all footy is thier profession so going up the rank both professionally and financially is what wewould like to see. It hurts to see a gor player leaving for another TPL club. This is basically a downward movement unless it’s due to circumstances beyond control. It’s at such times that we need the counsel of bloggers like Mwakio, Kosero, Eblazing, amongst others

  8. Oooh Laa la !!!!, @4 ERICO Ja- rae and us usual one man army @5 Dan you have given the TRAILER MAN at the last hour of the end of the year 2012 the best comments from your post above just on the eve of ushering in season 2013.


  9. I want to be told why Loga will have the last say on the New Arrivals when he has not taken any part in the recruitment process. We MUST LEARN to respect and TRUST those in charge of the recruitment process right now. They have been put in charge because they have the BEST interest of the CLUB at HEART. That’s why they have stuck around with the CLUB while the PEOPLE’S favourite coach is on holiday. Please let us respect coach Bobby and his team to do a great job for KOgallo. He. Has seen Gor through good and bad times both as a player and Coach. Thank you.

  10. @ 9 Le Pastre you have just hit the nail on the head and I can’t agree more. As we blog for the new year 2013 let us recall that GOR MAHIA IS BIGGER THAN ANY INDIVIDUAL and I repeat NOBODY CAN HOLD THIS GREAT CLUB IN SUSPENSE IN THE NAME OF THE SPECiAL ONE BE IT “LOGARITHM” OR OTHERWISE. I rest my case.

  11. Happy New Year 2013 and successful season.

    May Almighty God grant Gor Mahia a successful season in 2013 to win all trophies in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen

    It is also my prayer that the Almighty God will touch and change the hearts of our fans not to engage in any form of hooliganisms and thuggeries in this new year in the name of Jesus Christ.

    I also pray for the EC officials to remain transparent and faithful to the club’s cause this year without being involvements in financial impropriety and betrayal of the club. I also pray that God will open their eyes to see and implement many excellent ideas that we bloggers and fans have been proposing to make our glamour club a different team this year in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  12. Coach Loga problem behavior of complaining will become more of a problem and a nuisance for GOR MAHIA. Right now, he is missing something or overlooking something important for the whole team – recruitment and preparation for the next season. We still pay him because his contract runs to April this but someone else doing his job. It should be pointed it out to him the facts that he has missed.
    I’m not saying we should get rid of him, but workplaces need to do something about the selfish chronic complainers because they tend to make people around them unhappy at work. It’s a fact that negative people are highly contagious and one chronic complainer can easily get an entire department down.
    Yes, I agree that his pay is a huge problem for him, but he also know the needs of each player in the team? We read in the news that he should link up with the team by January 15 but earlier report had indicated January 2. Who is the supervisor of this coach? Does he get leave whenever he wants or when the supposed to be “supervisor” gives it to him? Someone needs to call him to let him know that he should report to camp no later than January 5.

  13. Yes, Tusker won the league with a local coach but some of us, nay I believe all of us want to win the the local League but more importantly the CECAFA Club Cup and another continental title.

    Why not change Logarusic’s 4million signing fee into a performance bonus as follows:
    1. Signing fee – 750,000.00
    2. Winning CAF preliminary round- 250,000.00
    3. Beating Egyptian team- 400,000.00
    4. Qualifying for semis-600,000.00
    5. Winning semis- 750,000.00
    6. Winning the cup- 1,250,000.00
    Something like this. Of course the players and other members of the TB must be offerred similar incentives.
    Lets forget abt wasting money and energy on Brazilians and Nigerian cinema stars. Why not go for the top goal getter, midfielder in the Zambian,Malawian or other neighbouring leagues. I.e players whose talent or performance can be verified not journeymen.
    By the way unless the EC can counter it I believe GMFC made a surplus of millions of shillings last year.

  14. Secondly why does the EC allow City council to take 20% of the gate collections whatever the amount collected.

    E.g for the match against Thika United City Council took 20% of 5.1m i.e almost 1M.
    For match against Borabu Chiefs they took 20% of 500,000 i.e Kshs.100k. This difference is madness. The club was left with a paltry kshs.87k. No wonder we can’t afford anything.
    Surely EC should bargain for 20% upto a maximum of maybe 400,000.00
    Worse is EC agrees for FKF to pocket 40% of gate collections in our FKF cup matches.Remember GMFC matches are charged at kshs.100 more than other macthes with our EC’s blessing.

    For Top eight the club is paid Kshs.160,000 per match

    Clubs like Gor Mahia depends on gate collections and EC must drive this point home to partners even to the point of boycotting some competitions that drain its resources to the extent of not being able to pay/sign players and coaches.

    As a blogger said the same EC (some members) messed up the Tuzo contract without an alternative.An EC that cannot bargain for best deals for the club in terms of coaches, players, stadium hire fees, bring in / retain meaningful sponsorship is am sorry to say useless.

    But as some said,I think twas Ogango Trailer, Gor Mahia is a community club and is designed to benefit the community i.e the executive community of 12 officials, the city council, Nyamweya and FKF rather than taking concrete actions towards become a continental soccer powerhouse of 1987.

  15. P.S I meant the best midfielders, scorers in the Ist or even 2nd division league in Malawi,Zambia etc since we cannot afford players from their premier leagues

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