KPL still at a standstill as Gor Mahia play Ulinzi

The High Court has extended orders stopping the Kenyan Premier League Limited from organising league matches till next week.

The ruling was supposed to be made on Tuesday. It was then postponed to Thursday whereupon FKF and KPL were ordered to sit down and negotiate.

Some Gor Mahia fans were at Milimani courts including Jaro Soja


Lady Justice Roselyn Aburili on Thursday said that the orders granted by Justice Mbogholi Msagha on February 20, will remain in force until March 13 when a ruling will be made on whether certain KPL officials are in contempt of the said court order. This according to the Daily Nation.

The orders had been granted in an application filed by FKF who alleged that KPL, Kenya Football Referees Association (KFRA) and Sports Kenya, had approved a parallel premier league.

“The World Governing Body Fifa has warned that if Kenya runs a parallel league, the country shall be banned from participating in regional, continental and international football,” FKF had said in their court papers.

Perhaps the court is not aware that KPL was sanctioned to run the league in 2003 and again in 2006  because the league being run by KFF was too shambolic, prone to corruption and had too many boardroom decisions.

Seven KPL games were however played on the first week of the competition. Two FKF league matches were also played.

FKF, through its lawyer Eric Mutua, urged the judge to protect the dignity of the court by having the officials committed to civil jail for six months. He said they had served the order but it was adamantly ignored.

“This court should be firm on any person who disregards orders,” pleaded Mr Mutua.

KPL officials, through lawyers Geoffrey Obura and Ben Akech, told the court they were never served with the court order.

Mr Obura added that the said order was also ambiguous since it stopped KPL from organising parallel league matches yet it has been the body responsible for organising league matches since 2003.

“KPL has been organising league matches since 2003, a fact which has also been recognized by FKF. It is therefore unclear which league matches are parallel according to this court order,” explained Mr Obura.

The continued stalemate leaves KPL teams in a difficult spot since most of their revenue comes from gate collections, TV revenue from Supersport and the league sponsorship from Tusker, none of which will be forthcoming.


Meanwhile, former FKF officials Sammy Shollei and Dan Shikanda will on Friday know whether they will be enjoined in the case after the court makes a ruling on the matter.

The duo had been suspended for six years by FKF for taking an issue to court in contravention of FIFA statutes. It is ironic however that the very same FKF that suspended them has now taken KPL to court.

Gor Mahia take on Ulinzi Stars

Gor Mahia will play Ulinzi Stars on Saturday March 7 and the City Stadium. The friendly against the military side will be used to prepare for the Africa champions league tie against AC Leopards of Congo. Ulinzi coach Robert Matano will use the match to test the young players he recruited during the transfer window.

“The friendly will be important to us. We have just trained a few days after returning from Madagascar and given there will be no league match, I think we need a friendly with a top KPL team to prepare for the next match,” said coach Nuttall to

According to information posted on the club site, the tickets are Ksh.500 for VIP tickets and Ks.200 for terraces. The match will kick off at 1500 hrs.



24 thoughts on “KPL still at a standstill as Gor Mahia play Ulinzi

  1. Why is Mr. Nyamweya and his team acting this way and hardheadedness. I say this because yesterday it was reported that he scoffed at Safaricom and told them to stay with their money. It seams that he does not respect the company’s rights of discretion. I see them same thing in trying to bulldoze and force his ideas down the people’s throats. This is not right. I wish they can follow though with their admission that KPL has run football since 2003 when the game was on its knees. Now that things are beginning to look bright why suddenly change of heart. The teams have gotten to where they are because of hard work over the years.Adding more teams does not help at this time and again looking at the teams FKF is trying to run the league with….we mana gi ganyo.

  2. mmmmm……..and the players continue to languish in poverty, despair and uncertainities. this is Africa my brother !

  3. These deluded zombies calling themselves FKF are hell bent to taking football in this country to 6 feet deep under. Forget about the drama, they want to get re-elected by the crooked way possible. The welfare of the many players who solely depends on football is at risk and it doesn’t bother them. Four years in the office and there Is nothing to talk about. This vicious circle of inept people getting elected is a worry some in these country. Their satianable urge to Deeping their filthy hands in the sponsors coffers is being driven by their thirst to stay in the office 4ever. Now they are planning to hold an EC meeting to rubberstamp their proposal that any one who is not a member of the EC cannot vie for the FKF Presidency, what a hogwash.

    1. Yes sad as it is, the circus continues as the players continue to suffer. The stability that was seen in the KPL run league is what led to the influx of foreign players in the recent past, from as far afield as Liberia and Nigeria; and this is what has made our league noticeable and advanced to the level it is today. If we continue like this then I think the first casualties will be the foreign players who will take early flights followed by degradation and stagnation that we saw about a decade ago.

      How people forget fast, current FKF team took up an already improved league and why now are they bent on rolling back all those gains. They are tearing apart all that is Kenyan football and with it dashing the hopes of thousands of those young players and prospective players who saw in football and in Kenyan premier league a future source of livelihood.

      For all who are holding hard-line positions on this matter for so long, for too long, only one word befits you, DISGUSTING!!!! SELFISH and I do not think you have any of your children who are affected this way,otherwise you would not be killing a whole generation of youths in this manner. But because this are other people’s children what does it matter to you.You hardly lose any sleep over other people’s children’s problems. But you are the few fighting the rest of us millions and you know we CANNOT afford to lose the millions. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?????

  4. I think this a blessing in disguise. The league should now just start in June and we can finally follow the international calender . Between now and June, we can have a playoff tournament involving premier League teams on a home and away basis instead of the top 8 tournament (just for this year). The winner will represent the country in next year African Cup of Champions

    1. Hello Omwami Ingo. I only want to inform you that Odur12 has been asking for you while you were away. Now who is supposed to implement your good suggestion?

    2. @ Ingo at long last you’ve resurfaced, welcome back and please be kind enough to shed some light on the some strange “going-ons” at the den or is it Alice (AFC) in wonderland.
      Specially that:
      1) while players and “other TB” members have only been paid part of the December2014 salary, Logarusic has been paid his salary in advance upto June2015.
      2) That the Logarusic cannot differentiate/recognize hungry & homeless players. To him players in this situation are simply lazy. He demands that they run and think at the same time on empty stomachs.
      3) Logarusic’s signing on fee equals the players wages for a couple of months.

      On the KPL/FKF court saga pushing the ruling to March 13 means KPL will just have to been patient though in my view the court should have expedited the ruling since this is a matter of national interest.
      That said, if the ruling goes against FKF will they disregard it like they did FIFA;s consultant report and will FIFA support FKF.
      And won’t a ruling in favour of FKF be an affront against freedom of association principles espoused in our constitution, our supreme law above even the FIFA/CAF/FKF statutes & regulations especially now that its FKF who sought the court’s intervention.
      All said for the sake of the players i hope that this matter is resolved on March 13.

      Finally, as I poke fun at Ingo/AFC I sincerely hope that my beloved GMFC has secured its wage bill for 2015 as I in know my friend Ingo is eagarly waiting for such a day. God forbid! Shindwe!

      1. Oduor. The problems at Ingwe were brought by none other than your village mate Oguda. We had a sponsor in Zuku but your village mate undermined our efforts stating that KPL had a contract with super sport which did not allow a deal such as the one Ingwe was looking to enter with Zuku. Funny enough, Oguda now does not want to follow FKF which has mandate to run football in Kenya. Oguda, si you follow the rules like you insisted Leopards should do when it came to Zuku? Oduori, the days that Oguda was giving your kateam penalties are over.

        1. But now the “declawed” circus Leopard has another option if Oguda/KPL are so biased.
          Please join FKF league where you can at try to least finish 2nd to Shabana.
          Anyway i will leave the domesticated circus cat aka ‘Always Foolishly Complaining” Leopard to its fate and focus on hunting the jungle leopard from Congo.

  5. @ingo…which international league starts in june???do you really follow the leagues abroad?
    @barefoot bandit,we cannot impliment that suggestion because it is misleading.
    fyi…leagues abroad end in may/june and begin in august/september!!!

  6. which good suggestion are you implying barefoot bandit.there is no international league that begins in june….ingos statement is waaaaay off the of august..but june?you must be kidding me!!!

    1. OK Fred Odhis….. How about we now start the league in August? In the meantime, let’s have a super 16 tournament to be played on home an away basis (instead of Super 8). The winner will represent the country in the CAR championship. We can also start the Gotv cup (also on Home and Away basis) within this time period while we wait for the league to start in August

  7. PLS Mr NYAMWEA,WE NEED OUR LEAGUE,PLS GIVE US OUR GAME,PLS,PLS,PLS wajua vile siwabaya tukishika nare?We need our league bro,hatuta kubembeleza Poa.

  8. PLS Mr NYAMWEYA,WE NEED OUR LEAGUE,PLS GIVE US OUR GAME,PLS,PLS,PLS wajua vile siwabaya tukishika nare?We need our league bro,hatuta kubembeleza Poa.

  9. What a surprise! I thought this guy Hon Ingo had long gone to say hi to our creator, is this the second resurrection am witnessing or what? Anyway Ingo kindly spare us the garbage you are posting here about Ingwe`s problem, don’t show us your ignorance that Ingwe did not read the dotted line before signing contractual agreement with super sport. Oguda was only enforcing and protecting the legality of the said contract as KPL CEO period. What did you expect him to do? To just let leopard violet the said contract agreement? Secondly you rare aware that Ingwe`s problem did not start with Oguda, so stop your diorhea

    1. If only @Ingo realized that Ingwe problems are due to inter-clan rivalry and poor leadership. it’s so sad that the team is now being sold to the highest bidder and Opwora is the auctioneer

      1. We as Gor Mahia are happy when Efusi is stable and strong. It is in our best interest that Efusi must not degenrate into two clubs. This is why Opwora’s actions must be nipped in the bud. That he now wants to recruit new Efusi players! I think either the guy is a lunatic or greed for money being siphoned in soccer management has arrested his ability to reason. We know only one Efusi. Should he succeed in recruiting players, then it best be named Opwora Babes. How unfortunate.

    2. Bob……on the other hand, doesn’t Oguda know that FKF is the only body in Kenya recognized by Fifa? So why is he not aligning the league as per FKF instructions? If you are talking about rules and how they should be enforced, then Oguda should follow and listen to Nyamwenya. Not the other way around. Just like he “enforced” the rules against AFC, ni lazima hata yeye afwate sheria. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  10. Oooh really @Ingo, are you suffering from amnesia, just to joggle your mind abit,there are rules and statutes that came into existence after the formation of KPL. KPL does not operate under vacuum but am in agreement with you that FKF is the body mandated to run football activities in the country and if you are conversant with how football have been managed in the country then you know how KPL came into existence. KPL is a replica of BPL, and FA doesn’t go out shout for the obvious.

    1. No matter how you try to cut it, FKF is the Supreme soccer body in Kenya. KPL is an affiliate to FKF. Just like Oguda demanded Ingwe to abide to the Supersport contract, he should now abide to the FKF rules and regs.

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