15 May 16

Kahata’s bullet header against Western Stima
Image courtesy of Jared Migunde


Francis Kahata scored a goal 5 minutes into injury time to give Gor Mahia a hard earned Victory over Western Stima. It was tense match in which Stima fought doggedly.

Additional reporting courtesy of futaa.com
Second half substitute Francis Kahata thumped in a power-header in the last minute of added time to ensure that Gor Mahia took home the entire points from their Sunday 14 May Kenyan Premier League round 13 match against tough hosts Western Stima at the Moi Stadium Kisumu.

Gor Mahia kicked off the match on a running noted with youngster Eric Ouma setting up Blackberry from the left but the latter was brought down by Esiye in Stima defence as he attempted to make a shot out of it.

Western Stima however recovered quickly with Kenneth Muguna leading the attack on Gor Mahia. It was however Nzigimana who made a second attempt in the 8th minute with a cross from whixh Andika almost fumbled with as Blackberry waited to pounce on. Blackberry would moments later make a run and cross aiming at advancing Tuyisenge but Sikhayi blocked his path before again missing from a pinpoint header from a Walusimbi cross.

Stima responded as swiftly with Musa Mohammed being forced to make two frantic saves from a Shimonyo-Muguna combination. The former’s freekick then was cleared by Shakava as it headed for goal in the 28th minute. Baron Okech stole the show in the 30th minute however after leaving Gor Mahia defenders and midfielders for dead before making a full pitch length run through the left wing only to delay in the Gor Mahia area and allow Muda Mohammed to slide in and block the shot.

Stima defender Vitalis Akumu would display similar skill and intelligence moments later after saving from the goalmouth after Aucho connected with the Walusimbi freekick,followed by a Nzigimana back-flick that was headed for goal. Gor Mahia then made an early sub bringing on board Innocent Wafula for less effective Ronald Omino as they fought to solidify their midfield that Stima were taking control of continuously. Tuyisenge’s shot was then blocked by Shimonyo with a Blackberry shot flying over the post.

Wafula made the first significant move in the 42nd minute but his finishing proved wanting as Vitalis Akumu cleared the ball from his feet. Shimonyo was not done yet from a counter attack after being fed by Muguna but his left-out footer also flew wide.

Stima brought on board Ondiek in place of Esiye in a move to solidify their defence but Gor Mahia was not relenting as Nzigimana cross almost found Andika unawares but he dealt with it. Shimonyo however remained a thorn in Gor Mahia defence as he took on two defenders but he was brought down.

The hosts were not done yet as Baron and Muguna seemed to combine well as they had been doing for the entire of the match but the latter was stopped in his tracks before going for the killer. Blackberry then found Aucho but the latter blasted the shot over the bar with the goalkeeper only to beat.

Both sides made significant changes with Stima introducing Kiplangat in the offensive as Gor Mahia brought on board Kahata. The latter had an immediate impact as his corner was cleared by Sikhai as Ouma attempted a bicycle kick inside the box. Oketch was injured after he had made an impressive run through the wing only for Aucho to save it for a corner. He was replaced by former Gor Mahia man Kopany. The latter also clicked well but he lost balls easily in midfield and caught offside on one occasions thereafter.

Gattuso was then replaced by Agwanda and this proved the final blow to the Stima side that had now decided to be defensive as he brought in dangerous crosses that piled pressure on them at the minute. The goal finally arrived in the last minute of the match from a corner after eric Ouma had bee hacked down by Sikhayi earning him a freekick which was then blocked for a corner as Stima engaged frantic defending. They were not lucky this time as Kahata rose high to head in, squeezing the powerful header at the bear post.

Gor Mahia have now piled pressure on the table toppers after storming into third with this win and made their intentions to defend the title more vivid.

Kahata’s bullet header against Western Stima
Image courtesy of Jared Migunde

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  • omondii says:

    At this rate we will soon be analysing Gor at Kisumu and Gor at Nairobi.

  • Erico Jarae says:

    Thank you LORD for the win

  • joods says:

    Congrats to the team.for a team that sits deep and wait for a draw or a counter-attack,set pieces are their doses.Ze maria is an expert game reader.substitution can come for anyone anytime.Am looking forward to mathare game.

  • musymo says:

    This Baron Oketch character is he a winger or an out and out striker? I have always taken him as a striker but saw him play from the wing…if he is a striker then ECand TB even though you know best please get him insteadof Ochomo even if it is the last thing you do..On more than three occasions I saw him leave two or three of our defenders for dead only to be let down by a poor final delivery. Mathare also suffered his ruthless wrath….But that is what the Brazilian flair is to cure. Thought I saw glimpses of Olungesque skills in him. And to this fellow blogger who likes telling us that the coach knows all and cannot be questioned(he is Jasomewhere…he will post soon anyway to warn me) I will ALWAYS criticize mediocrity and it is high time Ronald Omino was given an extended time on the bench or even better out of the matchday squad. He makes us play with ten men everytime he is on the pitch….

  • dinga says:

    This was one entertaining match to watch. A gud supprise that Stima can also play some gud football. However i will critisize their coach for concentrating too much for a draw. Alot of these western Kenya coaches are relying too much on draws n timewasting.
    Gor is now convincing that they have some substance in the making. Players seemed to tire in second half. Two players, on my opinion, still seem not to fit in that Gor game plan and Wafula comes in the worst. The other being BB who still does not convince . Gor defence still needs to be worked on as it is found asleep several times.

  • Kazzara says:

    Oh Gor Mahia The Son Ogalo Is On Overtaking Lane Please Give Way.To My Beloved Executive Of Mighty Mayienga I Believe You Are Watching How These Players Are Playing I,e Baron Oketch And humphrey Ochieng Mieno.Food For Thought.Robert Ouma And James Ogada Are They Still Gor Mahia Players?Aweyu Gimago Jodong Piny

  • ja Thur GI ji says:

    Musymo wacha hiyo, but that was a tight game and congratulations oh men.What a sweet time to punish stima, it must have been so painful for them.

  • Jakoyo says:

    Make kisumu stadium our home stadium…the fortress, the spiritual home , the only ground where the mighty fall and the great tremble.

    Good game and a clean sheet and well all round play once more .

    We are beginning to believe once more.

  • ja Thur GI ji says:

    No Jakoyo we need home games in Nairobi, Kogalo is a city team and there is no reason to deny home fans that camaraderie of live matches. Remember not all are able to make it to Kisumu every other weekend. Let Kisumians bring up their own home team.

  • joods says:

    My joy is not just because we are winning but now Gor mahia has some play style to take to continental stage.Their play style is not the type to be eliminated from preliminary stages.Now there is a very realistic chance of going farther.Once again thanks to ze for the technical approach.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    There is every reason for Gor Mahia fans to thank God for the win against W. Stima. The team’s character in the second half is still wanting especially if they have not managed to get goals in the first half.

    Tribute should go to Enock Agwanda for the Kahata goal. He opted to take the corner differently and it paid off. There is no point repeating the same thing over and over when it does not work out. I support the sentiments shared herein about this Baron Okech. The guy has a unique way of slicing through the flank. Meanwhile I hope that the absence of “Passenger 22” from today’s team sheet is an indication of what will happen in the transfer window.

    Next is Mathare….. and what a howler from goalkeeper Wilson Obungu that gifted Mathare with the winner! Bure kabisa.

  • oswozo moziek says:

    Let’s be honest here.that victory was barely deserved. today we played without purpose and we met a team that was also not interested in winning.
    We were lucky to get that goal in the 96th minute…otherwise it would have been a very poor draw!!

    • Barefoot Bandit says:

      One lesson to learn from today’s match against Stima is that we have not found a replacement for Victor Ali. What Gor Mahia needs for an opponent who goes into complete lockdown right from kick-off is to score early goals from set pieces. Coach Ze Maria should really work on this missing link. With our current style of play, we have been forcing our opponents to commit fouls in prime positions and if only we could utilize them to score early goals no coach in his right senses would opt for defensive play or negative football.

    • musymo says:

      Oswozo I think our link up play was alright, ball play and transition from deep alright… Stima packed the bus but we still managed to cause mayhem in their D area. Clinical finishing is what was missing….the glanced header by Berry to Jausenge(who was poor in his anticipation) Tuyisenge’s effort cleared off the line, the beautiful swing and shoot by BB(deflected over by Akumu but not awarded for a corner)are just but examples

  • ja Thur GI ji says:

    Bfb what do you mean by “passenger 22”?. Right now I know number 22 is for Saleh. So is there any connection?

    • Barefoot Bandit says:

      My sincere apologies to Jackson Saleh. I meant the one from Nkana…..Yes, that one who was our main striker before JaUsenge came into the scene.

  • A person says:

    I watched the game. Congratulations are in order. I think Omino’s side was a worthy opponent.

    • musymo says:

      Technically they planned well to sit back and beat us on the counter and they almost got us twice(Oketch and Shimonyo) which is not a crime but it makes for very depressing football

      • Ababa says:

        What a sweet victory in the final minute. The fact that the boys kept looking for a goal up to the last minute deserves praise. Western Stima came for a draw and they almost got it. This guy called Baron OKetch, I think the TB need to monitor him closely. If he continues with that form, then he could be a player worth signing. Did you see how he left three of our guys for dead? Our defense was caught napping on a number of occasions on counter attack. There is need for some improvement. Congrats boys and we thank God for the victory.

        • musymo says:

          He outfoxed, outmuscled, outran yaani outgikmokote our defenders over and over…..Some bloggers have said he is a one hit wonder but the fact that he has managed to play very powerfully offensive game all through makes him worth going after at least better than Ochomo. With his runs he can complement Jausenge very well. Look at how many chances he created with no one to link up with. With Jausenge’s good positioning it can be a deadly combination.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    “TO WANAGONI EROKAMANO KAAHAATAA, TO WANAGONI EROKAAMANOO KAAHAATA” @ BB amosi wacha kopotea, the same goes for ingolet kwani hiyo paka yeni nitaka ku set a new “BEATEN RUN” record yawa shemeji mayo don’t be confused. Congrats a win is a win whichever way however late. Asante Sana JO K’GALO WHAT A BEFITTING SEND TO “PRO”,

  • moses says:

    Just imagine I missed this game because there was no stima.I can’t wait for Mathare game.

  • Dan Original says:

    Gor to get a third sponsor. At least we are reaping the fruits of our good performance. I only pray the ugly beast of hooliganism remains buried forever