Gor Mahia intent on bringing Kagere back

Gor Mahia are making every effort to sharpen their attack. At this time last year, Gor Mahia had scored almost 30 goals. This year Gor Mahia have only scored 14 goals. With that in mind, Chairman Ambrose Rachier has said that the club wants to bring two strikers on board including Meddie Kagere.

“We are talking to Kagere and other possible strikers because we have realized that our striking force has been a little bit bland when our dependable striker is injured. It’s not that others are not good enough but we want to sharpen the striking force. I spoke to him on Friday and most likely he will be coming back. I can confirm that during the window we intent to sign one or two strikers” said Rachier to Citizen sports.

Kagere was a key performer in Gor Mahia’s unbeaten season in 2015. However he did not re-sign with the club in January as he could not agree to terms. Kagere has been seen training with the team at Camp Toyoyo numerous times this season.

Rachier has also announced that the club will not recruit heavily this mid season.

“We won’t do a heavy recruitment during the transfers, we are lucky to have a coach who is proactive and has suggested the name of the players that he wants. So we are waiting for the window to open then we engage other players who the coach has suggested,” he said.

New Sponsor set to come on board

Gor Mahia are set to bring on board a third sponsor. Power Gold, a Dubai based energy drink company is set to sponsor Kogalo to the tune of Ksh 15 million.  This is according to Hussein Terry, the Managing Director of the company.

The deal is worth Kshs 15 Million. Ksh 12 million will be used to buy the club a modern state of the art bus next season. The remainder will be used to provide energy drinks and training kits to the club immediately we put pen to paper.

“We (Power Gold energy drink) have initiated talks with AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia to help the clubs in their day-to-day activities as far sponsorship is concerned. The first Kshs 12 million for each club will be used to provide them a modern bus apiece while the remaining Kshs 3 million will be used for kiting. We will then get to our normal Kshs 15 million package for each team thereafter ” said Hussein Terry to

Terry also hinted at bringing arch rivals AFC Leopards on board.

This event would bring the number of Gor Mahia sponsors to three including Sportpesa and Crown Beverages.

Ze Maria gives Stima Credit

Kahata celebrates after scoring his first goal

Gor Mahia tactician Jose Marcelo has admitted that Western Stima proved a difficult opponent on Thursday.

“They are a good team and my congratulation to them. They fought hard for the 95 minutes and have winning mentality. I have good players and I have confidence for them so I gave them this chance and they gave result which is important,” he said to supersport.

It took super substitute Francis Kahata to unlock Stima in the match at the final minute of added minute of added time through a powerful header.

But Ze Maria has also lauded his team’s fighting spirit.

“I tell my players to fight to the final minute. Do not give up. I am happy with the way the boys gave their all to the end,” said Ze Maria.

It was an inspired move to bring in Enock Agwanda and Francis Kahata. It was the two substitues who finally unlocked the Western Stima defence and enabled the club to move to 3rd place. They now play second placed Mathare next.


22 thoughts on “Gor Mahia intent on bringing Kagere back

  • oswozo moziek

    My question is. ..what is the rule on foreign players?is it that a club can only sign 5 or is it that only 5 can be fielded at any one time?if it is the latter then I think kagere should be signed then the coach decides which 5 foreigners should be fielded.
    Congrats to the EC for yet another sponsor.It will go a long way in sorting out our finances!

    • they changed the rules beginning this season. You can sign a maximum of 5 and field up to the same 5 at any single time

  • Will be sad to see any of our foreign legion leave but if it is for the best so be it. On the sponsor that is wonderful news but clarification is that it is AFC who talked to them first and their deal is more advanced than ours. Let us cross our fingers and pray because there was similar talk of an airline company coming on board that never came to be. Maybe it is because the day the deal was reportedly to be signed was the day our reliable goons broke loose at Nyayo(Tusker game). Finally as regards player recruitment the EC has always done a decent job in spite of a few bad investments and i trust them to do well in the transfer market once again.

  • IN : Kagere and Paul Were

  • Baba Travis

    @Musymo How much is Leopards package.I thought it was 15 million annually for each club.Kindly bring us up to speed on this one.Good one EC.

    • According to Terry Hussein, CEO, The sponsorship amount is Kshs.15 million with the first Kshs.12 million for each club allocation will be used to provide the clubs with a modern bus each while the remaining Kshs 3 million will be used for kiting. The sponsor thereafter will get to our normal Kshs 15 million per annum for the next 4 year package for each team.

  • Kagere partnership with Tuyiesenge will be formidable, the both have the same instincts. Kagere made a lousy decision to leave Gor not knowing where he was heading… but welcome back. I thnk the Kenyan export who made the best decision last yr is JJ Were. He has gone to a league he could blossom easily and at the same time market himself. I expect him to make a major move soon.
    I would replace Shakava who seems to be a major leak in the Gor defence, Wafula who is tied and bound with High school football and BB. As much as BB shows glimps that he can learn, he seems to be too tied with personal glory which affects his play. Same problem Collins Okoth had before.
    I would also start to incoporate the Gor under 20 to the senior team now.

    • i would like sibomana to leave the den bcz his place has been earned by the young upcoming star (Erick mercello) so that he can pave way for kagere.

  • As it stands it could be a night mare to loose any of the foreign players we have unless there is one who has shown intention to do so, then that could be easy to work out. Secondly, should he kagere land at Gor again, then he will have to fight for his place. OF course that is how it should be because this helps to get rid of player sacred mentality. However which ever the EC has shown us that in all the steps they take on behalf of the club, they mean well.

  • Abouba sibomana should just leav the den to give kagere a chance of joining the club bcz his place has been earned by young upcoming star( Erick mercello)

    • I wish we don’t loose any of the foreign legion, what would happen if Marcelo gets an injury.

  • ja Thur GI ji

    Obra there is no den here, that’s for Ingwe. Unless you know something that I don’t, Ouma is on loan and has not confirmed that he is staying. In any case his crosses cannot match that of Sibomana, in other words he is no yet there fully. By the way don’t you think it’s a good idea to have two players competing for that position.

    • ja thur gi ji you are right, but there is no othewise, for kagere to come one foreigner must be droped i prefer sibomana bcz Erick is still young and there4 he can still natur his talent and even play in more advanced level than he iz right now

    • ja thur gi ji you are right, but there is no othewise, for kagere to come one foreigner must be droped i prefer sibomana bcz Erick is still young and there4 he can still natur his talent and even play in more advance level than he iz right now

  • @Ja Thurgi Ji, I agree with you. Each position should have at least two players such that we have a ready replacement incase the choice no 1 is injured. As things stand now we dont have any other natural left back other than Sibomana and Marcelo. This means that if Sibomana is sacrificed so as to get Kagere, then we also have to sign another local left back to be a back up to Marcelo…..unless….Jaja Walu is repositioned to play that role! So my take?…..Leave Sibomana alone. If we must have Kagere then sacrifice someone from the crowded midfield where we already have ready made replacements in the likes of Kahata & Gatuso….plus Johanna…if we suceed to bring him in that is.

  • Good Brothers,let me shake the Nest abit here,we haven’t debated in a while…My Technical Expert Analysis(From practical experience)has Collins Okoth as the stumbling block who uncogs the engine in midfield by totally displacing Aucho from position.I have observed him & he was the cause of the Rubber Deadlock in the game vs Western Stima.Earnest Wendo sticks to formation and holds fort infront of the back 4 thereby providing the much needed cover & allows Aucho to venture forward & string killer end passes to the strikers to score.In comes Gattuso & run arounds mired in endless transition begins with aucho even tiring to a point wea he once held his hands on knees.Find a better defensive midfielder also in June

  • Barefoot Bandit

    Can Paul Were leave Greece for Gor Mahia? Can he prefer Gor Mahia for Ogwang’, all factors remaining constant? I highly doubt. Let Were be and instead go for Baron Okech who should actually replace Passenger 27. Kegere should replace Abouba Sibomana.

    • Kevin Wuod Ayugu

      first you should get ur facts right. Were is a free agent. he terminated his contract with Fc Kalloni bcoz they were relegated. he is currently training with nakumatt fc. Ze maria should look to bolster the attack. kagere and ja usenge is a good partnership which will give us a lot of goals. plus shakava should be warming the bench. We have Saleh who is a capable defender and experienced. Bernard odhiambo can also be played at C.B . about abouba sibomana, we have jaja walu who can play as a left back. So if it means releasing Abouba to accommodate abouba then it is acceptable for the betterment of the team. The likes of Murai, James ogada should be released to pave way for other strikers. Paul mungai kiongera will be a free agent. why can’t the E.C take him?? he is a proven goal scorer and goal poacher plus he is a speedster with good aerial technicality and good finishing. Gor should buy him .

  • Maoni yangu kuhusu kuwacha abuba ni kwamba mandugu zangu hapa wana behave kama a man mwenye amepata bibi mdogo. Sasa kama hana busara, kila kitu bibi mkubwa amefanya haikumbukwi. Lakini mwenye busara anakaa na mabibi wote. Sasa naona biron Okech anatosha.Na kwaru kagere hatujui kama bado ako na form.

  • Barefoot bandit…Paul Were’s club in Greece Kalloni FC was Relegated in the just concluded season and went ahead to release all foreigners snc they don’t need that huge wage bill in the lower tier.So currently Paul Were is clubless & in Kenya.Kagere was hood yes,we all agree but releasing Abuba who is young & can still give Gor Mahia 2 or 3 more fruitful years as an international fullback is counter productive to say the least.What if kagere is off-form or simply can’t replicate last years exploits given.his advanced age which can only enable him do 1 more productive year at GM?Eric Johanna or Humphrey Mieno can do that which we require kagere so desperately for

  • samuel ouma

    Are we so desparate such that we want to sacrifice Abouba ? What we currently need so much is someone sharper than Keli and Agwanda to partner Jausenge upfront ! And as such we really don’t have to sacrifice our dedicated foreigners . We should just should shop around for these young talents the way we found Olunga and made him a star .

  • Is Baron Oketch a prominent businessman who has bribed people here?.He outpaces slow Gor defenders and everyone is all over him.What he did can be done by Wafula Innocent;pick the ball and run with it on the flanks and cross;ours is a passing game not hit and run football.I have seen Ze Maria prefers to rotate his players so to those who think he can bet the entire season including Cecafa on Marcelo alone;you’re dead wrong.I repeat here Walusimbi’s work can be easily be done locally and even better by Johanna or Ovella.


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