Nuttall gave me hell says Rachier

Nuttall with Zdravko Logarusic who was also a handful for Kogalo officials to deal with

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has hinted at havinga  difficult relationship with former coach Frank Nuttall.

“I am happy he left Gor,” said Rachier to the Standard.

“We wish him well in his future endeavours, but the truth is that Nuttall gave me hell at Gor, we were never at peace working with him. He did not tell us when he was leaving, like a thief, he left at night without notice,” added Rachier.

Rachier further went on to say that Nuttall was the most difficult employee he has had to deal with. Which is saying a lot considering that he also had to deal with Zdravko Logarusic.

Matters came to a head when Nuttall stormed into Rachier’s office demanding his back pay.

The chairman recalled the events that led to Nuttall’s sudden departure.

“It was during a postmortem, after falling miserably to Ingwe, that a local journalist called in to inform us that Nuttall was already in Cairo, Egypt and had signed a contract with the former African champions. It was a big embarrassment to the club and the entire board of executives.

Rachier however neglects to mention that Nuttall worked under difficult financial situations yet he kept players and staff motivated. And asking a coach to take a 50% pay cut is not reasonable.

Nuttall for his part considers his brief stint at Zamalek successful .

“At Zamalek, we qualified for the quarter finals of the CAF Champions League and we had an 83 per cent win record. I have gained lots of experience and knowledge about players that will come handy in my next assignment,” he told The Nairobian.

Asked why he was fired, Nuttall said: “Mr (Alex) McLeish (the club’s manager) left, so as his assistant, I went with him.”

Its not so rosy for Bobby Ogolla either

Gor Mahia club legend and former assistant coach Bobby Ogolla, who left the club to pursue a head coaching position at Nairobi City stars, is also having a torrid time. Ogolla is threatening to leave the club along with the players who are on strike due to non-payment of their salaries for two months.

“The players refused to train on Tuesday and Wednesday because they have not been paid. I don’t know why they have not been paid. I don’t pay them, I only train them,” said Bobby Legend to the Standard.

Ogolla started the league very well and even drew with Gor Mahia and beat AFC leopards. But the players have lost motivation due to non-payment and their performance has slumped. They are now in 15th place.

“Everyone knows how we started the league and had a good performance, but this has been affected by our money problems. Personally, I am considering my future with this club.

“I will only stay if I am sure it will not be the same story in the second leg. It looks like this has been the trend every year. It is not fair though. Not the way things ought to be done too,” he said.


4 thoughts on “Nuttall gave me hell says Rachier

  • True Mr.AR.that scottish politician was nightmare.nobody new his next move.If he couldn’t handle his staff and playing unit,what about EC?l hope he succeeds in the house of commons.He worn the league unbeaten and grew horns long like the Dinka cow.then tried some politics here with “fans”.what a disaster we had in the name of a coach.

    • Since Sir.JBO and Ouna also left then my guess is they also gave you hell ( pure heaven to most of us)?

  • He may have given you hell but to many he gave us heaven on earth so stop whinning. FN achievements will never be erased by bad mouthing him, now that he is gone, be it you or the Timothy Otienos. Jakom, as an astute lawyer, you very well know non payment of wages is a fundamental breach of a contract rendering it null and void that’s why you can’t sue him. Players & coaches have families and commitments. Please let us know the gate collections ama that is now irrelevant as we have sponsorship. The flip side is that in your obession to potray FN as a bad coach you will spare no effort to ensure Gor performs under Ze Maria and that will be and is our only joy. Looking forward to going one better than FN and winning CECAFA.

  • this story does not help Gor.

    How does it?

    You are elected chairman to ensure smooth running of the affairs of the club. No sandy beaches here. do it and don’t complain or let others take over next time you find yourself in this kind of hell


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