Muhoroni game now scheduled for City Stadium

The venue for this weekend’s match pitting Gor Mahia and Muhoroni has now been changed to City stadium. This occurred after Muhoroni were unable to secure Nyayo stadium which apparently is under repair.

The game was switched away from Muhoroni’s home ground in part due to its inability to host big games and in part due to Muhoroni’s desire to rake in larger amounts from gate collections. Afraha stadium which was the other option is unavailable to Muhoroni apparently because the last time Muhoroni hosted a game there, they did not pay stadium fees.

The switch to City stadium has elicited protests from both AFC Leopards and Tusker.

17 thoughts on “Muhoroni game now scheduled for City Stadium

  1. these people are only concerned about gor mahia without thinking of a possibility of them loosing their respective matches and gor winning and taking the title this sunday. If they had their chances to win the league and they squandered why cant they let k’ogalo take the league in peace.they should know that they are likely to loose their matches and hand to k’ogalo victory come sunday because the more they condemn k’ogalo the more GOD delivers victory to us.

  2. We need to be carefull about Muho. We seem not to be motivated when we play such teams. The truth is that Muho will not be relegated since that means that Rangers have to win the remaining games or win one , draw the other and score a difference of 10 goals. Thus I don’t blame them for making a kill financially. We only need a win of whichever way and sit back , wait for Thika. As AFC and Tusker are complaining about venue change they should note that no one complained when AFC took Tusker to Msa or when Tusker took a relgated-and-broke Congo United to Mumias last year. Let them make noise but our slogan remains – ONE GAME AT A TIME

  3. Both Ingwe and Tusker blew it,there were months back when it was Ingwes league to loose and surely they have managed that very well..they shud just shut it and watch Kogallo lift the Lig title and congratulate us for that fantastic achievement. Yaani kutoka relegation to winners with a record 14wins and five draws and no loss since Awono left and Loga came……aaaaahhhhh mashemeji wacheni uwivu.

  4. With the game being played at ‘Tok Komwanda’ I thank God in advance for the 3 points. Let us remain focused and not underrate any opponent. Our vision is bigger than Kenya; remember the last time we won the league. As for AFC & Tusker’s complaining, this is not the end, they can try their luck another time…

  5. Walter Alando you have hit the nail on the head.Why should Tusker and Afc be so concerned or worried about the going on in the neighbor’s house? I think this should not cause them any night meres. However, I can understand. One Time at the beginning of the league K’ogalo was so frail and emaciated that its burial was being planned. Suddenly this child began to grow healthy and strong but without steroids. Beautifully, beating teams left and right to the admiration of many.Probably in trying to understand this,the biggest question they have been asking is ‘What is this Child eating? the answer is simple,” One game at a Time”

  6. afc and tusker.
    1: my dear afc, you once played tusker in coast. was mombasa the home ground then. pls tell us ur real homeground then.
    2: afc claims that it has nyayo and ‘can opt to play in mumias’. so muhoroni has muhoroni and can opt to play in stad de city.
    my dear afc leopards, do you realise that even tusker cannot stand playing gor at city stadium. they even decided last season to play gor in ‘their wetern kenya’ home ground. so which law is afc referring to. tusker even had the audacity to try and change last game with gor so that it could be away from city stadium. yes, we hard, they blamed the ref for the goal, but strangely enough even their own goally applogized for the plunder. so tusker and afc, you have gone to western kenya, mombasa etc to ‘fix’ ur matches, Mighty gor did not even complain. muhoroni(not gor) has asked to play in city stadium, ‘pili pili usioila ina fanya nini kwa mdomo yako?’ as one wise jaduong asked. let muhoroni earn it’s millions. infact muhoroni have made a wise decision, it will end buying one or two good players or decide to pay the nakuru fees or give the players bonus for christmas. but one thng i can smell it’s the players themselves who want this. the choice was simple for muhoroni, we can choose to fight gor in an empty pot or we can also choose to fight gor in a pot full of gold. the fight is fair both ways, i have eleven hands , they have eleven hands. the fighters eat the same food and on and on and on.
    once the night of long knives passed, it was all over.
    for gor, this will probably be one tough fight, your facing one team that has accepted it’s fate and is only looking for the next meal. it will be no holds barred.

  7. No one(be it afc or Tusker)can take away our pain,so let no one take away our hapiness(in waiting),Whichever the venue,sisi tutasija kwa amani.One Match At A Time

  8. “”From

    Gor Mahia senior vice chairman David Killo has expressed his disappointment with some of club’s top officials for boycotting Tuesday’s (October 30) fundraiser to purchase a car for Coach Zdravko Logarusic.

    The event held at Charter Hall, Nairobi, raised a sizable amount of Kshs 313, 500 with only three of the 12 elected officials in-attendance; Ambrose Rachier (Chairman), David Killo (Senior Vice Chairman) and Jack Oroye (Ass. Org. Secretary).

    Ronald Ngala (Ass. Sec General) and Gerphas Okoku (Ass. Treasurer) sent their apologies with Ziwani, Kamukunji and Naivasha being the only branches represented in the event.

    Club’s property

    -You can’t imagine that out of the 12 club’s officials only three officials graced the occasion. It’s an idea that all of us agreed on and for sure their boycott surprised many people. None of them had expressed interest of missing the event, said Kiilo to

    -That evidently shows that we don’t follow what’s in the coach’s contract. It really portrayed a bad image to the club; meaning we don’t speak in one voice as the officials.

    -His [Logarusic] contract stipulates that he needs to have a car. But I am glad with only 27 people, we succeeded and we raised a sizable amount that can be deposited for the car.

    -What people are failing to understand is that, this car is a club’s asset and not a personal property for the coach. If the current coach leaves, the car will be assigned to the new coach, he added.

    The initial target was to raise Kshs 1.2M.

    Written 31/10-12 13:48 by Rodgers Eshitemi””
    Though I do not support the Harambees idea we now know which 7 officials are not INTERESTED IN SUPPORT K’GALO. Usual suspects featuring.
    1.Did they send contributions even though the didn’t attend. From the Snr.Vice Chair its seems they didn’t.
    2.I can understand fans/branches boycotting the harambee but any official who did MUST BE PART OF THE EC MILKING THE CLUB.
    3.The 5 officials who attended and sent apologies are enough to run K’galo we have, the chair, vice chair, a secretary and treasurer. Wacha zile duplications.
    4.Congrats players and tech. bench not to mention fans and committed officials for comming this far despite internal sabotage of these EC hyenas

  9. The events of the Fund raiser according to me may have been an opportunity, for the guys who pay Ksh.200.00 to watch K’ogalo play, to line up at the door to give. A single cent would not have been needed from the office. My take is that we did not do that, thus the big gap. A case in point, compare the Crowd on Sunday and number at City hall, was there any closeness? I do not think so. In fact I feel bad that I failed on my part, what about you?

  10. At the beginning of each season, each team selects its’ homeground and gives 2 altetnative homegrounds.For the 2012 season,these were muhoronis’ homegrounds.Muhoroni,afraha and nyayo.
    1),Muhoroni-This stadium alongside others like awendo and bukhungu,were declared ‘unfit’,to host any high profile matches (i.e matches involving gor and afc).
    2)Afraha-We all know the story of adagala snatching ksh 400,000 boarding ugwe and dissapearing,with the afraha management hot in his pursuit.
    3)The poor thing could no longer tek it anymore,and they had to close it down for ‘renovation’,whatever that means.
    So for afc and tusker,if u still want the match played in one of the 3 venues,this is what u can do.
    1-Undertake major and swift repairs on the muhoroni stadium so that by sunday,it will be ready to host a ‘high profile’ match.Complete with ferrying and paying tpl/fkf inspectors
    2-Pay whatever muhoroni owes afraha,together with an advanced fee for muhoroni to host matches at afraha(those are the conditions for muho to return to afraha).
    3-Secure nyayo stadium for the sunday match.
    If you do,any of these,we will know that ur love and concern for muho is genuine.
    Otherwise,’YUDHE’,have said its’ tok komwanda,and so tok komwanda it will be!


    1. Of the matches to be played this weekend by the three title contestant the result will be very good, disappointing and heartbreaking. Because out of three matches involving GOR, TUSKER and AFC the predictions are a win , draw and a lose respectively.

    2. The league will be won by the team that plays it’s last match in NAIROBI. And the team that will win the league will just require 1 point or to be precise to play to any kind of a draw and it is over.

    3. There will be two trophies on the last matches of the league that will be displayed in nairobi .The original trophy will be at TOK KOMWANDA while the fake one will be at KASARANI.

    Long live Jo NDHIWA and I thank you in advance as I prepare to toss up my son for the wild celebration that will engulf the cities of Nairobi,Mombasa,Nakuru ,kisumu,kisii,meru,nyeri,morale,wajir, maras it, busia,kakamega,khuwisero and of course at that place called “RUSINSA” along Tom Mboya street and not forgetting Ka NYAMWA .


    Forget about the busy bodies at AFC Leeopads And Tusker.

    The decision to switch the venue of the league match was arrived by the organizers especially the home team. I believe it is in their best interest and to some
    extend to our own interest.

    What puzzles me is the way the two clubs in top contention, AFC and Tusker came out and read mischief from the move made by our opponents, Muhoroni Youth.

    With the league race now going down to the wire, there is reason to raise suspicion. I must reiterate that Gor Mahia is not the type of club that wants to win by any means. To use a famous quote used by PNU during the hotly contested 2007 presidential election, we shall win ‘fair and square’. We respect MY but they should expect a dose of their own medicine.

  13. I quote @14 above…..”1. Of the matches to be played this weekend by the three title contestant the result will be very good, disappointing and heartbreaking. Because out of three matches involving GOR, TUSKER and AFC the predictions are a win , draw and a lose respectively”….BY ELIMINATION, INGWE WON YESTERDAY 4-2, THIS MEANS FOR THE 2 REMAINING MATCHES TO BE PLAYED THIS AFTERNOON, IT WILL BE A DRAW & A LOSS!……EITHER WAY, THIS WILL SPARK CELEBRATIONS AT THE DEN WHILE NAIROBIANS WILL BE SPARED BOTH UNCORDINATED & UNORGANISED NOISE AT “THE GRAVE” ON MOI AVENUE!

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