New year’s message to all bloggers: Be Civil

First off happy new year to all members of the Gor Mahia bloggers branch and all other readers and contributors .

I would like to urge all bloggers to maintain an appropriate level of decorum towards everyone else. Avoid ad hominem attacks on other people, avoid insults, rude remarks, threats. Everyone must agree be civil.

If you disagree with anyone you do not have to be disagreeable. Simply express your disagreement in a civil manner. You also have the option of not reading posts of people you disagree with. There is absolutely no need for personal attacks.

Finally, please remember that the primary goal of this blog is to bring fans together to discuss the happenings at Gor Mahia and to discuss ways to lift the club to greater heights. This is a volunteer site. The emphasis of the layout is to create a simple interface that loads easily on your browse 0r mobile device.

Once again I wish every reader and blogger a prosperous and happy 2014 and let us continue to support and push Gor Mahia to greater heights.

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