Ngala says Ze Maria is staying put

Speculation has been rife that Gor Mahia’s Brazilian tactician, Ze Maria could be shown the door soon. This comes after a series of poor results in the Kenya Premier League and most notably in the GoTV shield where Gor Mahia were eliminated by second tier side Nzoia United. Arch rivals AFC Leopards who were also eliminated from the GoTV shield and promptly jettisoned their Belgian coach Kim Minnaert. However club official Ronald Ngala has said that no discussion of the coach’s status has happened.
“The coach (Jose Marcelo) is with us and at the moment he is here to stay. Just like any other person, he is concerned about the team’s form and we understand he has been trying to work so hard but results are not coming,” said Ngala to the Standard.

Ngala did say that the club Executive Committee is concerned about the run of poor results and is monitoring the situation closely.

“With the current form, you will hear a lot of things about the team, but when the results start coming they will die. Nobody has given him an ultimatum, but we are trying to do everything possible to ensure the team gets back to its winning ways,” Ngala continued.

The current run of poor results has puzzled many fans. When Ze Maria joined, the club was very close to the relegation zone. However with the recovery from injury of Tuyisenge, the club shot straight to the top of the standings. But since then it has been downhill. Suddenly Tuyisenge who was on a scoring spree can no longer find the net. Kagere’s form from 2015 is all but a memory. One explanation is that with Khalid Aucho gone, the midfield has lost an important ball winner and passer. But that alone cannot explain the current run of poor form.

Another explanation is that When Ze Maria arrived, he injected new tactics which caught many teams by surprise, resulting in good results. But teams have now adapted to those tactics and have figured out how to defend against the system. The mark of a great coach is the ability to adapt and change tactics from game to game and from situation to situation. When one playing style is not working, its up to the coach to change and adapt new tactics.

Ze Maria has had almost two weeks and now has five more days to show some improvement. The next match is against Chemelil at Nyayo stadium on Saturday. Later this month, Gor Mahia will face Ulinzi and arch rivals AFC Leopards.

24 thoughts on “Ngala says Ze Maria is staying put

      1. Coaches live under pressure, he was employed to produce posituve results. not be an award winning coach in draws. No more no less.

  1. I can’t envy Ze Maria. He has some tough fixtures coming up. Our form against Chemel has not been so bad but they are on a good run. Win or draw is my take. Ulinzi, aside from Mathare is the team we have drawn most matches with in recent seasons. Verdict: Draw. Ingwe have always beaten us in recent seasons and with the euphoria created by a changed technical bench I would be too ambitious to expect to beat them. Verdict: Draw or loss. But Ze Maria is a genius coach and while I am pessimistic, I hope tiki taka gives us a win in all three.

  2. Gor players have been exposed to tougher opponents is TP Mazembe’s Kalaba and many more across Africa.On Saturday we expect total annihilation of Chemilil

  3. This is where my beloved club goes wrong especially the fans… a few poor results and we already want the coach sacked! The same coach that led us to the top of the table (only for us to be deducted 3points) immediately he came in… not forgetting he found us in position 10.

    Who wouldnt struggle after losing a player like Aucho? Ask Tusker..

    1. You call that few…., few? My foot. Aucho is gone, that is a consolation. We want wins, wins. Loosing one is no a big deal, but being a specialist in draws and loosing to second tier sides is but abomination.

  4. Thank you Ngala for that I hope it is not PR.exercise.Kindly start the process of privatisation of this club.No club will ever succeed with everyone calling himself “owner”,everyone is a coach, Fan and any other form of stakeholding without injecting a single cent.Most of these noisy alarmist still do not understand that Gor mahia is an international brand courtesy of sponsorship from multinational companies i.e.sportpesa and castle.These are respected brands and therefore expects nothing less from gor mahia.At the moment, and to be honest gor mahia doesn’t need fans.Gor just need supporters who will oversee the development of the club from playing football( EPL-type) into playing socca(la-liga,serie-A,bundesliga and south american) .These extremists calling themselves Gor mahia fans will not give this club an opportunity to develop into an african powerhouse.They are so contented with KPL tittle that they see nothing else.To get rid of these “owners”and to protect the image of this club and it’s sponsors,privatisation is the sure way so that only those with a stake have a say.EC need to update supporters on the progress of war on hooliganism.

    1. Wololo mayo. Kogalo to marwa. Wapake kata ka waruako omethe. kogalo comty club. Pap wadhi by thuon. Coch be nyaka lo. Rachier ongeyo mano. Gor sinse long no spotpesa Kongo. Is not going change pako gor becos of them. Sisi ndiyo watu ya mkono. Sisi nazaliwa mara moja takufa mara moja. Mutu aawezi chesa na praid yetu hata ametoka inchi gani.Tuwesi bemlesa any coch.

    2. Sasa kama Zoia ndiyo wawezi chapa sasa africa is drim gani. Sasa africa watu naenda tu kwa mdomo. Kumbe wisdm come from God. Gor sani maembe ma. Samoro gisetiegore jumbe ariyogo. Kwani afrika ema ji goyoe kona pier ariyo maonge gol.We angad dhoga nikech jok ma amiyo luor ka othrrws i hav not see for me.

      1. I read luoenglish slow slow and see that Okewkanango is on point. Surely if we can’t qualify and make an impact in Africa then EC, TB and players are giving us the short end of the stick. GOR MAHIA IS NOT A SMALL CLUB. The “permanent members” of the EC have let go of so much goodwill / opportunities e.g large match crowds of 2010-2013 when gate collections of kshs.1.5-2.5m were the norm, sponsorship squandered, unbeaten coaches frustrated out. Choices Have Consequences And Now We Are Struggling To Win The League Our Only Remaining Hope For Regional / Continental Soccer. Even regarding the Rio Olympics finally the REAL CULPRITS ARE BEING CALLED TO ACCOUNT HENCE THE REAL PROBLEMS BEING ADDRESSED GOOD PERFOMANCE BY COACHES AND ATHELETES NOT WITHSTANDING. TIME FOR GMFC MEMBERS TO BORROW A LEAF. AR=KIENO, KILO=SOI, NGALA=FK, NAIMA=FRIDA I.E GMFC EC=NOCK BOARD. I REST MY CASE.

  5. What Ngala is telling us is useless considering that we have moved from Draw Maria to Loss Maria. Ngala should be telling us how much they have prepared the team to face the tough opponents that they are yet to face.What Ngala ought to know is that the SPL teams no longer have respect for or fear of kogallo after their loss to what Gor’s officials and their Vibaraka would term as Worthy opponents. Zimaria should pray hard so that he does not lose the next match coz the goons will just show him the door. Furthermore we all know that not even sport pesa sponsorship can restrain the fans. I love the idea of dealing with hooliganism, but can it start with HOOLIGAN NUMBER1 WHO IS FONTINO A MEMBER OF THE TB.Meanwhile as we wait for Draw /Loss Mariato take usplaces, can he start by winning simple matches here in Kenya. Sport pesa is sponsoring hooligans in Epl with money from poor gamlers in Kenya. I can’t go out of my way to please sport pesa. My support for Kogallo is my business. How I do it is personal and I owe nobody an apology for that. Jaro was once referred to as a goon by Rachier sycophants, but the true fans of Kogalo do appreciate his dedication to the team.

    1. What has the sponsor got to do with all this? We need to learn how to manage the team when we have resources. I find it interesting when we say that the team used to win without a sponsor yet even the PayBill 350100 was not able to sustain us. For the sake of players and the club we need the sponsors and fans as well. Let’s not forget that as much as the fans are VERY iIMPORTANT they caused the team 3 points and that other teams like Tusker who literally have 50 fans are ahead of us. So let’s have as many fans as possible but we should be responsible for what we do. Without Nyamweya any small skirmish and another 3 points gone yet we will still blame the team for not topping the league

      1. @Dan, while i agree with you that fans must behave, I find it escapist that towards the end of your post you seem to blame the three points for our unfamiliar position in the League??!!

        1. @Musymo, Dan is in denial. Gor has been on a free fall dropping points and even loosing to Nzoia sugar F.C. It is acceptable, some of us would like to blame fans when it is Zimaria who is “misfiring”

  6. And as we prepare to face Chemelil, Maria and the entire Tb should know that having won the Sjak coach of the month, Baraza is coming in full gear. I hope the next award will go to our genius coach.

  7. Kogalo is, was and will always be a community club. It’s charismatic and majestic fans like Okewkanango and Jaro Soja who stand stoically singing in the Russian stands will always be the face of fervent kogalo fans. Kogalo is nothing without her loyal, faithful & vibrant national fan-base. Nothing will ever make Gor Mahia be a private entity like Tusker, Chemelil, Ushuru, Sony Sugar et al. Not for as long as Luo Women give birth because being a kogalo fan/supporter is a birth rite by default for Jokanam Tee. Gor en marwa chakre mane wawuok Pubungu Pakwach South Sudan kawan kodhi adek mar joluo and it shall always be so for as long as the Luo Nation exists…All are welcome on board and we in-fact encourage diversity and love, respect & value our non indigenous followers but everything in this world has a founding heritage and for Gor Mahia that is Joka Ramogi

  8. People should thank Ngala for keeping the fan base updated.
    As Ze Maria, this month is crucial. If the results against Chemelil, Ulinzi and Ingwe are bad people will lose patience. Ask Anaba Awono

    1. Agreed but I think its time to face the real issues and lose patience with the Ngalas, Kilos and Rachiers.
      EC hired and fired all of them. The good and the bad ones for reasons “like he stormed my office and banged my table despite him being unbeaten and unpaid”

      How can the EC says that they are “monitoring the situation closely” when there is serious discord within the TB and between the TB and players in that Gatusso has boycotted training, Ottamax attacks the headcoach on social media all this time the team is saddled with draws which have eventually degenerated to a loss in a crucial match that would have kept open the chances of qualifying for continental soccer.

      The club is being distracted with petty issues that application of simple codes of conduct that are integral part of employment contracts should automatically deal with.

      Winning the league is our only chance left to play continental / regional soccer next year.
      With betting companies being taxed more be sure that the likes of Sportspesa may revise the sponsorship budget downwards. Then what another sponsorship year wasted with nothing to show.

      Gor Mahia members must commit officials to written performance contracts during the next AGM.
      Such a commitment will ensure that everyone starting with the Chairman is focused since failure to deliver means automatic ouster come next AGM when performance is reviewed.

      Salaries of Gor Mahia TB and players are way above those of Mathare, Sony or even AFC staff and are comparable most Zambian teams or could be if there more accountability. DON’T PHYSICALLY CHASE THE COACHES, PLAYERS OR OFFICIALS BUT GET THEM TO COMMIT IN WRITING TO THESE 3 MINIMUM YEARLY TARGETS AND YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.

      1. Gor Mahia MUST qualify for a continental tournament,

      2. GMFC MUST reach at least the semi-final of CECAFA tournaments it participates in.

      3. GMFC MUST qualify for the group stages or 3rd round of CAF tournaments.

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