Now FKF fines Gor Mahia , Sofapaka and bans refs

FKF has banned the referees who officiated the match between Gor Mahia and Sofapaka and also fined both teams Ksh 200,000.

According to story posted on, an FKF official announced the sanctions.

“Gor Mahia and Sofapaka are our members and by participating in a cup that was not sanctioned by federation was disobeying our statutes. As FKF, we did not sanction the match and thus both teams must pay the fine of Sh200, 000 and face further disciplinary action if they continue to violate our rules and regulations.

“The same will apply to referees, who officiated in the match. By officiating in the match, they disobeyed our orders and thus will serve a ban of three months and this could increase after our disciplinary sits to discuss the same.

“Suspended referees are Moses Osano, Dorcas Wanza, Stephen Oduor, fourth official Amos Wanjala and Paul Kaunda, who was match commissioner.”

“We will continue to take disciplinary action against clubs that are not following our statutes. All clubs in previous Kenyan Premier League are our members and should follow orders from Football Kenya Federation.”

This is a sign of things to come because it basically means FKF will seek to end the KPL league by banning any referee who officiates in the KPL league and fining teams that participate.

A similar farciacal scenario played out approximately 10 years ago when there were parallel leagues. On that occassion, the government banned KFF from using its stadia while KFF retaliated by banning referees who officiated in the breakaway league. The difference is that this time, all teams are unified in support of KPL.

Sepp Blatter aiding in Nyamweya’s corruption

Nyamweya’s ability to run roughshod over Kenya football is aided by none other than FIFA president Sep Blatter. It is he who has now allowed FKF to disregard the recomendation of the FIFA advisory panel that recommended that the league remain a 16 team league run by KPL. He does this despite full knowledge that Nyamweya has been siphoning FIFA money into his own bank accounts.



17 thoughts on “Now FKF fines Gor Mahia , Sofapaka and bans refs

  1. Inside info from FKF is that FKF nationwide league teams will play in the FKF league and earn more money (prize and monthly income ) than KPL teams, this will force KPL teams and players to defect to FKF league for greener pastures…..eeeh !!!

    If both leagues are going to run concurrently, here is my suggestion to jAKOM, we have a squad of 29 players if FKF can play their leagues on weekdays and KPL play their leagues on weekdays, why can’t kogallo play in both FKF league and KPL league ? look, we will definitely win both trophies and earn some decent money (prize + monthly income ). Dont we have financial problems ?

    Some Comments deleted by Admin. Despite your passions, I urge all bloggers to use respectable language

  2. My brother Jakoyo I have always considered you to a decent man. I submit that this is the second time you are posting a comment that bears the “F” word. What is happening? I am worried. I however concur with you that Sepp is fanning this KPL-FKF fire although I would not pray for his mugging by the Kisumu ninjas.

  3. To the author of this article, the last paragraph of your article is not necessary. I wish you stopped before that one. Everything else was ok because you were reporting until you spoilt it by putting your own opinion. Like I said earlier, it is better for you to report objectively then leave the participants like us to give our opinions. That is what a reporter should always do else you risk dividing your audiences down the middle. Let them divide themselves but not you aiding their division. Fortunately for you, because the passion going on now in the FKF/KPL saga, you may have played into their hearts but for how long

  4. @Pmawego
    Keep in mind the difference between a blog and a newspaper. This is a blog. Secondly the last paragraph is true and factual. It has been reported that Blatter said FKF need not follow the recommendations of FIFA experts. Blatter always supports corrupt incumbents. These are facts not opinions.

  5. or am I the one giving this page too much respect. I believe this is a place I can go to and get news, and I mean news, not gossips about the club. I expect that what I read here are facts and not authors opinion. Let me know so that in future I know

  6. am with you admin@4
    what we post here is simply contemporary football news…and anyone or everyone is welcome to have an input regardless of what people think.that is why we blog…the very reason for social websites..c’mon now!!!

  7. I am not sure what Pmawego’s problem is. I have suspicions however. The last paragraph is correct and is relevant to this discussion.

    On FKF, I suppose this means that starting on February 15, they will fine every team that plays in KPL.
    I hope fans show up at Kisumu stadium to jeer Sepp blatter and make hin understand the problems he is causing in Kenya along with his crony Nyamweya

  8. The only solution on this matter is to let FKF do what they think is right because by the end of the day it’s Players and Clubs that will suffer.
    Nyamuea has his match at the the throne of FIFA so, there’s nothing much we can do despite all the noise perhaps only if the government intervenes and face the ban.
    It’s players that will suffer and as fans we’ll dearly miss the action and our beloved Gormahia.
    My view…

  9. Nyamweya is really ready to kill kenyan football. Well l dont. See kenya reaching anywbere in the fifa rankings. What a confusion by a big belly man from kisii, cant. The govt intervene before everything go sour? Or the cs of sports is also on Nyamweyas wallet or he has a percentage to get from the ordeal?

  10. Now I know. So, I should be careful when reading the articles here. They may (mark the word may) not be factual and could just be opinions. No wonder people refer to me as a bloger on this “blog”. I promise to be a bit more careful going forward. Without supporting Blatter and our dear Nyamwhere, I believe they plus other people within and outside your circle believe they are doing well therefore the statement you made is your opinion or feeling and they feel differently. But I am not encouraging you to dwell so much on this. Point taken and I am not the one to argue a lot especially if I won’t gain from it

  11. Guys, yes the football and players/managers etc might suffer but are they not suffering now? If we are banned (God forbid) it could be our chance to even appoint a team to run the league. With a partner like SS we can still have our league seen abroad though the players cannot officially move. Our league if we get the sponsors can run itself. After all the clubs get nothing from FIFA or FKF.
    So guys let’s stand with the truth. Nationwide teams playing the league should not worry us. What matters is the qlty of the league If even the institutional clubs have no faith in FKF who will support them.
    Let FKF run the lower leagues. No one has a problem with that but let the clubs run their top league as has been the case.
    I still fear the CS is letting everyone down. During the NARC regime they got FIFA on their side and managed to streamline the soccer.

  12. The strong men of GorMahia, Kenyan Football & World Football.
    What Jakom is to GMFC, SomeGoingNoWhere is to FKF & Sepp Blatter is to FIFA. All go to extremes for the sake of self preservation.
    They’re simply allergic to accountability,tranparency & structures/rules.
    Expect defections from both leagues.
    Its best for Govt to support KPL by banning FKF from using its stadia after all we perform poorly in FIFA/CAF competitons.
    Lets focus on our league & CECAFA,which is not recognized
    by CAF/FIFA


  13. For heavens sake, I really regrets why I voted for this bunch of crooks who are hell bent in killing football in Kenya. I accuse myself of having been blinded by Nyamweyas blood money to vote for him. A appealing to Kenyans football fans to register with various clubs as members across the country so that we can vote this guys out in next elections in September.

  14. Bob, it is regrettable u could vote for such people. His history is well documented. Am sure come election day he will still win. Kwani who knows who votes and how they vote and what their votes mean to football development. Now mtajua Nyamweya ni nani.

  15. Yes Agrippa,u really don’t know how am being haunted by this regrets, but the danger is he might be voted in again, many fans could see, they feel it deep inside them with sorrow and bitterness how Nyamweya and his IMOTAL FIFA,haemorhaging football in this country and the gorver ina watch too.

  16. When u hear Nyamweya speak you are left bemused. By the way ile shule ya Kemincha ilifungwa coz I seriously think that some of its products are amongst us and holding influential positions.


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