Oktay: We just need to take our chances

Gor Mahia coach Hassan Oktay is confident that the club will overcome its poor start to the 2018-2019 season. Speaking about the loss to Kariobangi Sharks, Oktay thinks his side were the better side.

“They (Kariobangi Sharks) had two chances in 90 minutes, two good chances and they take their chances and we had a good first 15 to 20 minutes and created three or four chances and we did not make it. In football, if you don’t take your chances it is a problem and unfortunately, we did not use our chances. ” he told goal.com

Indeed the Gor Mahia attack has often been blunt of late. Many of the players are not used to playing with each other including Mustafa, Guikan, Tuyisenge, Boniface Omondi, Kipkirui, Sekisambu and now Oliech. The new coach has a tall order to find a combination that works.

Oktay however says he is not worried because his side played good football.

“We had the chances but we never used them I don’t think we are playing bad football; we just need to take our chances that is all. I know the team will come good and even stronger. I am not worried at all because of the performance. We have been playing so many games and sometimes it is affecting the players. ” he continued.

Oktay also said his team was tired after traveling to West Africa.

“We play in the Champions League and then return to play in the league and the players are tired. They should now know how to balance and also remember that they are playing for a great team that is Gor Mahia.”

However Sharks also traveled to West Africa for their CAF Confederations cup match.

Speaking about Dennis Oliech, Oktay confirmed that he is indeed interested in working with the Kenya football legend.

“He can still give us the goals that we need. He looks good and I am ready to work with him. He will also help our young players learn a lot and his addition will be a plus for us.” said Oktay to goal.com

Gor Mahia have abandoned Innocent Wafula

Gor Mahia appear not to be interested in renewing the contract of Innocent Wafula which is expiring on January 4. This according to team manager Jolawi Obondo.

“Chances of us extending his contract are minimal; he has never been with us of late and as far as we are concerned he is not part of the plans. The coach has never seen him play or train and no contact has been made. We are not extending his contract. ” Jolawi said to goal.com

There have been reports suggesting that Wafula contacted club officials seeking money to travel from Busia to Nairobi but the club was not interested.

Wafula has been a key player in the last 3 years and is often the best option at right back.

16 thoughts on “Oktay: We just need to take our chances

  1. Innocent Wafula is not serious. The league begun several weeks ago and if he has not been training with the team, it simply means he has no interest. Does somebody require bus fare from his employer to enable him travel from his rural home to Nairobi? Wafula is a joker.

  2. We played well but we did not take our chances…..Hassan Oktay, playing well alone does not win matches….you win by scoring goals.

  3. Somebody remind Oktay that the manifestation of playing well is by scoring goals and winning. Otherwise those other excuses hold no water and can barely be entertained by Gor fraternity. Bring on Oliech and find the scoring formula. I heard that Wafula has signed for Vipers of Uganda,why talk about him? Let’s discuss our players and not those who have moved elsewhere.

  4. Happy 2019 to you all on the day Oliech formally signs a one year renewable contract with a sign on fee of USD 30,000 and a monthly allowance of USD 3,000. More to follow…..

    1. 30,000 United States Dollar equals
      3,056,850.00 Kenyan Shilling????
      3,000 United States Dollar equals
      305,685.00 Kenyan Shilling????
      Are you for real Jakoyo

  5. Since Frank Nuttal left, it has not been the same for Innocent Wafula.

    If it’s true, he has joined vipers, then let’s wish him well, for the good shift he has put in for Gor Mahia. In football, joy and disappointment, is an all inclusive package! We need to learn to appreciate players and not only what they have to go through behind the curtains or what does not get to the media, but that football, like any other job, is not just a matter of 22 grown up men chasing a piece of leather! It is slot of work, privately and publicly!

    If to Vipers, is his next destination, bon voyage and adiós. It is one place he will be pushed to the limit and at an individual level, he still has alot to offer. Let’s wish him and any other player that has to leave well! The beautiful game goes beyond the field of play and affects every area of life for those that have fallen in love with the game immensely!

    Remember there is a time to come and a time to go!

    Happy New year y’all!

  6. Uganda Champions have named Kenya under 17 coach Michael Nam Ouma as their coach and here we are after 55 years of independence still beleiving that only the mzungu can give us anything. Bure Kabisa

    1. Thank you Mr gor player….we have such greater legends who have no coaching papers. Instead of” Ywak ka dhako ma mwoch kayo” can you organise and have them qualified with proper coaching papers? Julius awilo? To start with.

  7. @Gor Player…..kindly…we keep on changing topics of discussion in this forum…but you have stagnated in one topic….Kenyan coach Vs Mzungu coach…..we are not deaf..we heard you long time ago…and know that you prefer a local coach and not a Mzungu coach. Can you kindly be dyanamic and discuss different issues as they emerge.

    1. @Gor mahia player,history tells us that foreign coaches especially of English origin have the best record at Gormahia ,followed by those from the former Yugoslavia. That has informed and continue to inform our obsession with wazungus.
      No guesswork here.

  8. Transfer season is not yet over could that wannabe gor player move to team coached by local coach, I think they are about 16teams

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