Ottamax accuses Judith Nyangi and “Cartels”

Former Gor Mahia goalkeeping coach Mathew Ottamax Owino, has claimed that he was unfairly forced out of the club.

“Cartels forced me out of the club,” Ottamax said in an exclusive interview, adding, “A couple of days ago, there were false reports in the press that I turned up for training while drunk. That is certainly not true.” Ottamax, told Kenyanstar

Ottamax also said that his relationship with the club’s current Organizing Secretary Judith Nyangi was severed, as he did not approve of her modus operandi.

“There are lots of lies that have been propagated by among other people the current organizing secretary. She has handled lots of club matters very casually. Whilst she claims that I turned up for training drunk, she is the one who instead drinks in the presence of players. What example is she setting?” Ottamax posed.

Ottamax was replaced by former Harambee stars goalkeeper Willis Ochieng.

“Tom Ogweno and I were fired and instead some people related to her(Judith Nyangi) were hired. That in itself says a lot,” he continued.

Ottamax also denies that he was fired
“I didn’t want to create an instability, nor wrangles within the club. Sensing that matters were not moving on well, I left peacefully,” the former Kenyan international shot stopper said t Kenyanstar

Ottamax has had run-ins with coach Ze Maria. But despite his severed relationship with current coach, Ottamax hailed the Brazilian’s abilities, saying that he was a ‘very good tactical coach.’

Ottamax is currently at newly promoted Nakumatt FC

16 thoughts on “Ottamax accuses Judith Nyangi and “Cartels”

  1. By now I am sure that those who have been referring to us as “goons” should have realized that our IQs are far much above theirs’ . A lot of sophisticated linguistics not withstanding, they have been analysing gor matters in a very shallow. On the matter of claims that Ottomax was drunk, I said that Power was already running into Nyangi’s head at the same speed that looted money was running into her stomach. So she is the drunkard! I wish the ” Luo” well. But this Nyangi is a candidate for thorough beating. Now we should know how this drunkard looks like. Hapa gor in kichapo tu. Surely where will this office take us to?

    1. @Person, your language alone classifies you as a goon. This uncouth language is true reflection of yourself as a goon and if this is the way goons want to run Gor Mahia, then I can assure you and your ilks that we are going nowhere. Whoever is sponsoring you and your likeminded hooligans is wasting his resources.

      If you can say so and so is a candidate for thorough beating, shame on you Person and please try this elsewhere and I can assure you that you alone will face the real consequences of thuggery, violet robbery, assault and litigations.

      Please mind your language and what we want as Gor Mahia fans is orderly and winning titles. We do not go to stadiums to support thuggish behaviours like what you are trying to allude in this site.

      The Admin of this site should not allow such kind of postings with lots of hatred, thuggery, hooliganism, abuses, insults etc. Shame on the admin of this site. I suggest that you should just shut down this site if you can’t moderate what is being posted.

      This is my first posting but I will not again browse this site.

  2. Fruits of deliberate choas and disunity due to lack of structures and roles/codes of conduct for officials,players,TB, fans or members. Music to Mugabe’s ears keeping GM constantly in a state of crisis.This keeps the “junior” officials distracted and energies focussed away from important issues e.g monitoring the financial health of the club. Let me ask shouldn’t the action of any official not be the implementation of a resolution of an EC meeting? How then can one official storm a club’s meeting or how can an official hold an unsunctioned meeting. Of course the “fountain of honour” then always feigns ignorance, pretends to step in and “restore order” yet he has not paid rent for the club’s offices for 4.5 years out of his appox. 8 years as chairman. Lady Nyangi should be aware that she is the “organizing” secretary of a male football club. That in itself needs a lot of tact not thuggery. She is yet to “gel” like AR, Ngala etc.

  3. Yajowa, what TV series is this …..Can somebody tell me when the league is starting ? am tired of hearing bulls*** and analysing non- sense.

    AR has given us a perfect preseason, after a false start, with some positives to build on..
    1. Kogallo home matches have been moved to camp jodala- kisumu stadium, the first time in 20 years.
    2. TB has been beefed up with jodala and the results are beginning to show, quality high scoring wins.

    Let’s be positive and applaud AR for listening to our requests.

    I join this blog to contribute to the development of this club but at this rate of garbage in , am beginning to assess my role.

  4. We have not even analysed the ability of each player we have.I look forward to know get a preview of say Jeconia Uyoga but politics ndo imejaa hapa

  5. Weche EC Tek Taa…All the best in your new assignment bro Ottamax.Keep soldiering on and your services remain highly appreciated by some of us

  6. Whoever has ever dealt with footballers as an official will know how hard it is to deal with the lot. Even Kalekwa who uses his own money will still be accused of ‘stealing’ money from the same club. The moment our players and officials know what their rights are and how to behave in a football team we will still have these problems. What is killing us is the ‘mtaa’ syndrome. These footballers forget that they are now full-time employees just like any other. They have to know what to do when. The officials should also know that Gor as it is now we need them to be volunteers and not salaried people. The exception should be the CEO. Even the stewards should be people who love the club and not ones who want to eat from it.

    Otherwise mambo zingine you don’t know who to support

  7. Initially, it was propagated that it was Ze maria who caused Ottomax’s sacking. Now Ottomax himself doesn’t even seem to be insinuating that. He even praises Ze Maria as a “very good and tactical coach”, a big turn around from “a misfiring coach fires his goal keeping coach”. Who was fooling who then?

  8. This guy Ottomax is insincere about who actually frustrated him at kogalo.Anyway that is now water under the bridge let him talk about Nakumatt and leave us alone.These egocentric FKF and KPL officials are now dead silent about league kickoff na sisi mashabiki ndio tunaumia. Bure kabisa.

    1. Hear twas a whooping kes.15M sponsorship and imagine EC still defaulted on 85k per month rent. Include the SP package at kes.65M that’s a total of kes.80M before factoring in gate collections. However more importantly titles locally, regionally and continentally is what will attract and keep sponsors locked. Countdown to SP package is continuing. Now mara Lady Nyangi vs Agwanda,vs Ottamax,vs stewards. Now if Lady Nyangi antagonizes players & TB will she play and coach GM. Come slowly nyarwa. On a light note hope Jeconia Uyoga,who i hear is also a TUK student,was recruited to score goals and not for “GM HELB project”.

  9. I think that Ottamax should not allow himself to get into the mix of who did what where and when to who. It can be a very murky ground. The beauty of it is that your profession was not taken away and you can use it anywhere. No one is indispensable, you might find yourself back at Gor Mahia some day.

  10. I sincerely believe GM can do with prayers more than anything else.Bad news trickle in everyday without ceasing.We vent and vent only for another bad news like losing crown beverages sponsorship to emerge.It is too much hence adoke lemo…

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