Players and officials optimistic about success in 2017

Gor Mahia are determined to put aside their disappointing 2016 campaign which ended trophyless. Organizing secretary Judith Nyangi is adamant that the club will put on a better performance in 2016.

“We are definitely ready to rock once again, ready to take over from where we left in 2015. We are going for all trophies available.” said Nyangi to

Nyangi has also stated that the intense competition for places in camp will help

“We have to reclaim our lost glory and prove our doubters wrong. Competition in camp is encouraging, and that is what we definitely want because it means quality to us,” she told Goal.”

Newly elected skipper, Musa Mohamed is also keen to lead by example and improve from last season.
“I feel there was plenty to pick from our last campaign coming through the changes that happened. It behind us and we can only hope and look towards a better season ahead. Our aim is singular, every player know we have to fight for every available trophy come next season” said Musa to

Musa had a decent season in 2016, perhaps his best yet. Defence was certainly not the problem in 2016. Musa joined Gor Mahia in 2010 along with Kevin Omondi after they had steered Langata high school to winning their first and only Nairobi provincial schools championships. He is now going into his eighth season at Kogalo. The other players who joined along with them were Anthony Akumu, Dan Makori, John Kiplangat, Gradus Ochieng and Andrew Ongwae.

Coach Ze Maria has also pointedly stated that every match is a must win for Kogalo.
At Gor Mahia we play to win in every match and competition the same applies this year more than the past where we finished second in the league. This season we only have one goal; to win the league, he said to

Ze Maria is also optimistic about the 2017 season, having shored up the midfield which was a problem area last season with Khalid Aucho having one leg in the club and the other leg outside and Collins Okoth missing in action for large swathes of the season.

“We had our problems in that department last season including off the field. . We have brought in good players in the position and i hope that this season, it a good challenge for us” he told futaa.

Gor Mahia shored up that department by signing KPL player of the year Kenneth Muguna and Rwandan Jean Baptiste Mugiraneza as deep midfielders.

19 thoughts on “Players and officials optimistic about success in 2017

  1. Ze Maria of 16 draws of 2016 , this time round there will be 24 draws a waiting for you. I am not yet convinced that you can deliver any trophy this season considering the type of football that your boys play on the pitch alot of guesswork, no consistency in pattern eg nuttal type ,tikitaka type ……confused

    1. @Nus Pesa, is that how to support your team? I hope those words will come back to haunt you at the end of the season. Let’s compare notes as the season progresses. Last year we struggled when Aucho left and Gattusso went AWOL. This time we have adequate cover for the mid and so I expect better performance. When we beat AFC last year we totally forgot that the coach was Ze MAria but when we lost to Muhoroni and drew with Sofa we remembered.

      To the team wish them all the best but having known about football results can at times change. Even Real started having doubts on Zidane after going 40 matches without a loss and then lost two consecutive games. That’s football for you

  2. We will be here to support, we will travel all corners of Kenya to cheer. Don’t let us down because there is no animal as unpredictable as a Gor Mahia fan. Best of luck boys!!!!

  3. Shoot/aim for the moon and even if you miss you will land among the stars.There are some pretty shrewd coaches out there,players need to “run and think” at the same time.Ze Maria needs to be very sharp on the touchline reading the game and countering rapidly as each game dictates. 2017 should be but just a foundation for serious regional and continental assault come 2018.Leave Top 8 for fringe players go for league and Go(r)Tv. Football Is About Titles,Gor Mahia has MVPs,best paid players and coaches,best sponsorship.We need value for money not excuses. Fans should also troop back to GM matches EC looks into this.

  4. Judith nyangi i trust this are the views of the club i.e TB + EC + players …not your personal opinion. In any situation there are 3 types of people – optimists, realists and pessimists.

    In 2017 I choose to be a realist. Let’s hope for the best this time round starting with a trip to Uganda.

    1. @oduor12….I agree with you 100%.Alot of investment has been made,and for every investment, returns are expected.We should therefore not be an exception.Good luck to the team this season! !

    1. Musymo iluoro ang’o jowa…Kevin Kimani bwogi mago we will put in a bottle hakuna threat hapo.We are to fire on all cylinders as nyangi said

      1. Ase weyo dhao Jatugo. We have a good squad and all depends on how our TB uses them. Ogwang bende have knitted themselves but aisuru. The God of Mayienga will never put us to shame.

  5. I am an optimist who sees our team turning tables on pessimists. Just watch and see K’Ogalo unfold. The caution however, do not watch at home, watch it live at the stadium.

  6. @Nus Pesa, your name betrays you. You know where you belong to
    Russia Kwa Jua. Vuta bangi huko, wachana na coach afanye kazi yake. Small mind!

  7. Am happy and hopeful for 2017 season but my worry is that Tuyisenge and Kagere must deliver;especially Tuyisenge on heading in the ball and shots on target.We should not go past 6months with misfiring foreign strikers yet Africa is full of effective strikers of Pascal Wawa age bracket who will not go to Europe or demand six months

    1. I agree with you bro, Kagere and Tuyisenge are nus strikers = 1 striker , therefore one of them need to be released as soon as possible

  8. @Papa,can’t agree with you more that bhang smokers,drunkards have no place or space at GM matches and should be ejected, arrested,prosecuted and jailed.HOWEVER when i look at the last available gate collections of a match involving our beloved K’galo.Derby versus Ingwe on 23/10/2016 tickets sold were as follows 259 VIP tickets @ kes1,000 raising kes.259,000. 5,746 “russia kwa jua” tickets @ kes.300 raising kes.1,723,000. THAT IS ALMOST 7 TIMES MORE AND IF YOU TAKE TIME & REVIEW PREVIOUS GATE COLLECTIONS THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE TREND.Every GM paying fan is as important as the other and it’s all these paying fans who together sustain the club.My 300 and your 1k individually may be immaterial but collectively becomes a substanial source of income for the our club.

  9. Jaasego Wuod jo Kanyada, kindly inform us about this saga of Vincent Oburu, which side is he on? whats happening? Is there something we are not seeing?

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