Players rearing to go

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Uganda Cranes left-sided defender Godfrey Walusimbi is enjoying his life at Gor Mahia as he looks forward to the start of the 2014 Kenyan Premier League season.

The pint-sized player has already impressed the Gor Mahia following with his mode of play in the three friendly matches that he has played.

He says the move to Gor Mahia early this month was good one and he hopes to win trophies with the KPL defending champions.

“It is a big move for me. They just won the Premier League and have a very good coach and some top players, so I am happy to be here,” added Walusimbi

“When Bobby (Williamson-the Gor Mahia head coach), sought me to join the club, I did not think twice. He is a great coach and we have worked well with him during the time he was coach of Uganda Cranes,” said Walusimbi.

“He is a great coach and with him I believe he will help me be further my career. Gor Mahia is a big club, they are the defending champions and I am looking forward to playing in the KPL and also in the continental matches,” he added.

The former SC Villa defender signed a two-year deal at the club to join other Ugandan players Israel Emuge and Daniel Sserunkuma. There is also midfielder Geoffrey “Baba” Kizito who signed in with Walusimbi.

Contractual issues
Walusimbi, had returned to SC Villa late last year after disagreeing with DR Congo club Don Bosco over contractual issues.

“I have settled well at Gor Mahia. My club mates have really welcomed me well and I am feeling at home. My countrymen are also here so I am missing nothing,” he said.

Walusimbi has already played in three friendlies matches against Supa Loaf, Nakumatt and Mumbi FC. But he says he cannot wait for the league to begin.

“The Kenyan Premier League is one of the best in the region. Some of the best players in the region are playing here and the matches are also aired live on SuperSport making it more marketable.”

“I am looking forward to playing against the big teams of Kenyan football. I am impressed with the passion here,” he said.

Walusimbi fills in the left back position that has been a weak link in the Gor Mahia squad.

It means coach Bobby Williamson will move last season’s KPL defender of the Year David Owino to his preferred central defence role alongside another Ugandan Israel Emuge.

Gor plays US Bitam of Gabon in the preliminary round of the Africa Champions League in a fortnight and they start the defence of the league title with a tie against City Stars.

Jerim Looking forward to exciting season

Skipper Jerim Onyango is confident that K’Ogalo will have a good season in 2014 despite the fact that they have a busy and tough calendar.

Jerry, who led Gor Mahia to their 13th premiership title last season after an 18-year wait, remains confident that the champions have done a lot in pre-season and are ready to face the season with particular interest being doing well in Caf Champions League.

“We are very ambitious going into the Champions League and are all working hard to reach the group stages. It will be a huge achievement for us and I am hopeful we can do it. The players are ready and everyone is focusing on that,” Onyango told Goal.

“We have gelled so well with the new players and one would think we have been playing together for long. But there is still much to do in the few days remaining before we start the season. We now have a lot of depth and this will spur competition for places which is something good for the team.”

Sserunkuma Happy to play with Blackberry

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Dan Sserunkuma is happy to have Rama Salim and George Blackberry Odhiambo at the club.

The two have arrived back at the club in the current off-season and have made a striking impact at the club already, playing a good part in pre-season matches for the KPL champions.
Sserunkuma is happy to have the two at the club, saying they are a better outfit with the live-wire pair on board.
– I am happy to have the two players at the club. They are both very talented and they will offer us a better chance of performing well this season if they are at the club, he said.

25 thoughts on “Players rearing to go

  1. Gentlemen w’hv agud team plz dont judge us with friendlies thoz small teams playing against GM or AFC its amatter of life n death 2them,lets surport our bloved team tuko tayari defance is Belin wall,Berry,Rama,Sere,Kenga what acombination only time wl tell.

  2. Am very happy with our preparations so far. The results are just fine, they push us to do more, to want it more. Last pre-season the teams that were winning 6-0 ended up 10 points and more behind us. Yet we didn’t have this team. Blackberry, Sserunkuma and Rama put together is already sending shivers down our opponents spines. Yet we have an even better defence with Calabar back to his favorite central role. This is a season to savour!

  3. this pathetic team will be ripped apart by esperance; i dont think gor mahia fans have followed continental football in the last 5 years(hatuko 80’s tena)…taraji’s b team is enough to do it, i’m excited i’ll be seeing taraji in nairobi with belaili, darragi, et al
    only sofapaka showed the steel to do it in africa..forget this political party signing back their players who flopped elsewhere and unsure whether they will be hungry for the league this year
    gor have a crappy defence-even compared to local clubs how will they stop taraji who put ndjeng on the bench lol
    you cant throw rocks in north africa there are ultras infact they will be here mkipita bitam

  4. This is the official starting eleven from very very reliable sources ..

    GK Jerim onyango

    DF walusimbi, David owino,, musa Mohammed, Israel emuge.

    MF kizito, Eric ochieng

    AM shaban kenga, Dan sserenkuma , George blackberry

    FW obwoge

  5. I feel Calabar should be played as a right back. My reason being as follows; he has the tendency to overlap which suits the position and not a center back; the second reason being, he plays as a right back in the national team composed of foreign players like mugubi and by playing him as a right back he gets to develop his talents. Otherwise am still dissapointed that i have not got the opportunity to see Oboya and Kevo play on the left wing to see whether they will offer alternative to the first eleven i saw on saturday’s friendly.

    Generally i must say this the best assembled team in a long time similar to the one Okudo’s team that had Ogada, Okumu, Allan, Odiaga etc. Iam praying that God shows us favor again this season and puts a smile on our faces every other week.

  6. jakoyo@4….i wouldn’t leave Akumu out of my starting 11.however,i was very impressed by Dan Onyango…watch that boy!!!

  7. This jakoyo guy must you always burst with irrelevant things here,The reliable source you are talking about is at which capacity in the technical bench…?Jakoyo please excuse us with your comments,every day you must always come with some strange comments,did you talk to bob williamson to give you that line up you are talking about…? please give us some space,we had said in this blog that we don’t want to give players irrelevant pressure,All the players in gor mahia know are good if not best so it is hard work that will qualify players to first eleven slot,if you are talking about that line up where are the likes of akumu,daddy,oboya,wanyonyi,kenga,dan onyango,kariuki and the rest…?these are all quality players just to show you that gor has quality in it,so please you will have to excuse us we are tired with useless comments am sorry to say that.

  8. This baridi man(jakoyo) is taking us for a ride. It is high time he becomes serious. He has already picked his 1st 11. Which reliable source is he talking about?

  9. Wachana no jabaridi but the comments by Oluoch@7 shows that we have a real lethal team, such that it is not easy to pick first eleven; everybody looks like a first eleven material here. It is going to be fireworks if they adapt a brotherly attitude and assist one another through the season. Talk of beating the 60 point bar this time and making it to proper rounds in the champions league? And why not, am personally optimistic about these possibilities.

  10. Its too early to be judging the players negatively…lets get into the competitive games then we can start evaluating them the way want. However,personally i have been impressed by Walusimbi and Dan Onyango.In my opinion they are good recruits and overall i think we have signed players that will make GM better!!

  11. Bob William said that he had already gotten his 1st eleven team from the friendlies he has had so far.So leave Jabaridi alone coz he’s not Bob William,neither is he on the technical bench.

  12. From how a man speaketh, you can tell a lot about them: J KaKoyo is a man, sorry, a woman who does not know football at all, I suppose this Ja Koyo should take time off and learn from how serious people on this platform talk and live football.(Nway, lets forget about him/her)
    Sunday 2nd will double up as a family fun day, come watch the tournament with your family: little girls/ sons, I bet there will be serious football talents being displayed by akina “BABA KIZITO” &co

  13. upto now I blv in every Gor player coz they r all in Gor for one purpose which is football.Its now Upto the TB to gauge who starts and who remains on the bench.I wish all our players good luck in the new season.

  14. @ Achabo you are right this jakoyo guy knows nothing about soccer and by discussing this guy in this blog we are just giving the guy unnecessary publicity,the guys comments are just useless as someone in this blog has said.He is neither here nor there,it is the same same guy who told us the other day that he is a diaspora fan and that is why he never managed to vote during gor mahia elections just because he knew very well that he is mouthy and he could be attacked by people in this blog for not voting,again know it is the same guy who is watching gor mahia friendlies and is courageous enough to give us first eleven in gor mahia squad.This guy is fake and know he has gone underground and waiting to burst with his own things,Jakoyo please you don’t know anything about soccer following your last blogs in this site and i wont be surprised to get that you are one of the of the bhang smokers and stone throwers in the stadium who have some knowledge in IT and can take a laptop and blog in this site after taking some puff of that weed.please get out of that cocoon of stupidity and bhang smoking so that you can be sober and reason like a human being if not an ape.

  15. Guys I believe @Jakoyo has gotten the message. Let’s not reduce the blog on discussing personalities but on how to make us better fans for our beloved club

  16. I think we have a very good and talented squad. Let the technical bench not leave out players such as Oboya. If such would occur then we can loan them/him out mid-season so that the technical bench can build all players equally. Let it not happen like it did happen to David Otieno, where he was bought but benched almost for the whole season.

  17. Isn’t Jakoyo allowed to express what he thinks should be the line up? That is his opinion and he has not asked Williamson to field the same line up as his!! All of us here have our preferred line ups. What we have not done is to post them here and that is not Jakoyo’s fault. After all, Williamson will filed what he thinks is the best and ignore ours. For that reason, I don’t see any wrong Jakoyo has done this time round, even though sometimes he goes over board on other posts.

  18. @ 17 Dan Original – I echo your sentiments. No need to take Jakoyo’s comment regarding the preferred starting eleven as final but let us treat it as a personal opinion and move on.

    Again I don’t see why we should launch a personal attack on each other unnecessarily. As long as the lineup is selected on merit we have no issue. If you guarantee players automatic first eleven then it will be the genesis of poor performance but if you make it on merit then all players will fight for it for each and every game.

    To me all players are equal and anybody who is physically fit and is ready to give his a 100% deserves the starting line-up.

  19. Now that we won today’s friendly 3-0 will someone say that we needed to have won 5-0? Anyway let’s give the team time to gell and not exert undue pressure on them

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