Rachier: Financially we are not ready for ACL

Having won the 2014 Kenya Premier league , Gor Mahia have qualified to play in the 2015 Africa champions league. However Chairman Ambrose Rachier has raised the alarm saying that the club cannot afford the cost of playing one round. Apparently one away trip costs KES 7 million.

He also announced the formation of the Gor Mahia SACCO which he hopes will raise funds for the club.

Statement from Jerim Onyango thanking fans

Skipper Jerim Onyango has thanked fans for the continuous support they have given the club throughout the season.

“On behalf of the playing unit we are very much grateful n thankful for both moral n material you guys offered to us throughout the season , may you all be Blessed Abundantly in all your endevours”.

Jerim played a key role in enabling the club to retain the league with a series of crucial saves. And even when he made errors in certain games, he did not let it affect his confidence. He came back stronger in the next game.


41 thoughts on “Rachier: Financially we are not ready for ACL

  1. kindly mr. chairman, why always come with the begging bawls. gor mahia is a gold mine for your information. start a membership drive to day. the rest will be history. m not good in statistics, but Oduor12 will address that one on this site. I think Sacco will do a short time solutions. with membership, we can easily become a microfinance, then a bank just like the organizations which I don’t want to mention. the goodwill is there, start walking the talk mr chairman. we r behind you on this. you will be surprised with the response. blessed

  2. The figures.

    member target monthly contr.Total Monthly Totalyearly
    12,000.00 500.00 6,000,000.00 72,000,000.00 GM.Matches disc.tickets home matches Total collections
    12,000.00 150.00 15.00 27,000,000.00
    Total Revenue 99,000,000.00
    Technical bench salaries
    Head coach 600,000.00 7,200,000.00
    Asst coach 300,000.00 3,600,000.00
    TM 200,000.00 2,400,000.00
    GK coach 150,000.00 1,800,000.00 Sub total TB Salaries 15,000,000.00

    *25 players @ approx150,000 45,000,000.00
    Match winning bonus-30*7,500*25 5,625,000.00 Sub Total players remuneration. 50,625,000.00

    The 2 major expenses total 65,625,000.00

    Balance left for other activities- should mainly be development 33,375,000.00

    1)Priviledged seating areas,entry to ma.tches & discounted prices on tickets & merchandize
    ***Priviledged seating will also help counter or dymistify hooliganism since we will see if senseless hooliganism will erupt from the MEMBER’S ZONES.

    2) Even if the Sacco attracts 50% of its target that is still an income of kshs.36M
    3) Sacco members should be willing to pay contributions 3 months in advance and if we are ready
    by Jan15- that is a projected income of kshs.18M
    4) The EC can then continue source for a “cheap” sponsor of even kshs.15M to boost the clubs finances &
    development activities.
    5)Note cost of upgrading CT stadium is kshs.85,000,000 with a balance of kshs.33.75M GM could have partenered
    with Nairobi county in exchanged for a significant reduction of the “statutory dedcutions/stadium hire fees”
    6) The surplus should be mainly channed towards buidling of the club’s stadium (for this club house thing) be the 50%” statutory dedcution/stadium hire fees” is sustainable. It means GM will pay out kshs.13.5M of its gate collections. This is absurd.
    6) EC should just allocate 12,000 membership Sacco shares and float & allocate these on a first come basis.

  3. Thanks ODUOR but us you have put this figures ,i hope TB should start thinking fast coz time wnt be on our side then media start negative reports on us GOR .PLAN A THEN B.WE MUST .saccos good idear plus other idears.rest my case.

  4. Sorry I’ve redone the first part of my earlier post in a clearer format.
    Target members 12,000 x monthly contribution Kshs.500.00= Monthly income kshs.6M.=
    Yearly income kshs.72M
    Match revenue 12,000 members @ Kshs.150(discounted match ticket fee for members) x 15home games = Kshs.27M. Less the absurd 50% statutory deduction / stadium hire fees.
    Total revenue from members & gate collections is kshs.99,000,000.00 per year.

    Technical bench salaries. (Estimated on the above budget in order to attract the “best” as per our finances) Note salaries are Gross hence subjected to taxes=PAYE/NSSF/NHIF.
    Head Coach kshs.600,000 x 12= kshs.7,200,000.00
    Deputy Coach kshs.300,000×12 =kshs.3,600,000.00
    TM/Assistant coach 200,000×12=kshs.2,400,000.00
    GK coach 150,000×12=kshs.1,800,000.00
    Total yearly TB remuneration= Kshs.15,000,000.00

    25PLAYERS @KSHS.150,000/MONTH X 12= KSHS.45,000,000
    25PLAYERS X 30 X KSHS.7,500/MATCH =5,625,000.00
    Total players remuneration =45,000,000+5,625,000=50,625,000.00
    The 2 major expenses for the club will cost kshs.65,625,000.
    This will leave the club with a balance of 33,375,000.

  5. @ODUOR12, you are forgeting that we have 16 officials who campaign vigorously. What do they get? Are we to believe that they campaign so that they work for free?

    You also need to factor in travel and hosting charges for both continental and local games. If what the chairman says is to be believed, it is the biggest headache for our club meaning that it could be the most expensive undertaking.

    My proposal would be to register Gor Mahia as a Sacco then find a way to float shares of this club and possibly sell 49% shares to a single strategic investor or institution that presents the best investment and growth plan. 51% would be left to registered members under protection to avoid the investor buying more than 49%. Make each share 10 shillings.

    I propose this because results from the few fund raising and membership drives the club has carried out this season, i believe we should by now have accepted that the club is bigger than what the fan base can raise (Because they don’t own it but only associate with it). Let us study how EPL Clubs moved from community clubs to privately owned entities. What lawyers must protect is the history, culture and identity. The rest can be handled commercially for profit and dividends to investors and members.

    With my proposal the following would happen:-
    * Sponsors will fight to come on board
    * Hooligans will be dealt with mercilessly
    * Merchandise sales will be orderly and profitable to the club
    * The club would finally get a stadium
    * The community can have a real vehicle for investment
    * We will win more league and continental titles
    * This will become the largest Sacco in terms of membership
    * Office bearers will be accountable to the last coin
    * The club will be assured of long term success

  6. @ The Villager therein lies the problem.
    But EC positions in GM have been manipulated to be financially lucrative to the beneficiaries.
    This is why we have fake merchandise, parallel ticketing & match entry systems, and untouchable hooligans,transfer saga-Situmbeko etc etc.
    It was a big shame that during the fundraiser the GM crowd fought ruthlessly over kshs.200,000 given to them by Sonko.
    I mean fighting at a fundraiser. Why couldn’t this clique give the 200k to GM.
    Why does EC move with these guys everywhere?
    Why have the bloated 16 EC who can’t be held to account.
    Why can’t we have a leaner EC (board of directors) of 4 (accountable to a Sacco/company) and maybe 5 hire professionals with clearly defined terms of reference.
    I’m in agreement that once we are well organized and profitable sponsors, members and all and sundry will fight to come aboard.
    That’s when the pioneers will reap the benefit of their initial investment & belief in GM.
    Let’s not be derailed by the name Sacco/Company what is important is a flexible medium that is accountable, transparent AND CANNOT BE MANIPULATED BY ANY GROUP.

  7. if only the EC could listen &read this blog, they can run this great club with a lot of ease. why does it take them too long to engage some of brilliant brains on this site. we have brother mwakio, let Pastre, Oduor12 just to mention a few. as said a above, we must start early preparations .blessed

  8. (The Shame of Gor Mahia Human Waste Branch) Source futaa.com


    Kidero who was the convener of the funds drive however assured Nairobi clubs of his full support and promised to mobilise for sponsors to plunge in developing and promoting the game.

    Drama however unfolded after the colourful Gor Mahia fundraiser at the function where a section of the fans went for each other’s throats after Senator Mike Sonko handed KShs 200,000 to be shared by fans and the Diva’s ladies branch.

    Chaos started immediately Sonko and guests who were seated at the main dais left the venue with one fan only identified as Caleb from Korogocho branch almost losing his life.

    Efforts by Caleb to call for calm and patience fell on deaf ears as he ended up losing all his personal effects and clothes and had to go home with a lesso around his waist from a good samaritan.

    It was however not clear who went away with the cash as fans engaged in prolonged counter accusations.

  9. @ Oduor 12, expand the league to 34 matches a season and factor in transport, hotel accommodation and miscellaneous expenses.

    How does it look ?

  10. @Jakoyo after the 2 major expenses the club still has a projected balance of Kshs.33.75M not only enough 2 cater 4 other expenses transport included but enough funds to even start building our own stadium. Remember there are also other revenue streams such as merchandizing which I’ve not included not on mention we may get a sponsor to inject even kshs10M to “essentially promote his products” since GM will have achieved some sense financial stability.

    Just 12,000 members contributing 500/month.

  11. Sorry @Oduor12 point no.6 should read.
    6) The balance of kshs.33.75m (significant part) should mainly be channelled towards building of the club’s stadium (forget this club house thing which can even be a room in the club’s stadium) because this 50% “statutory deduction/stadium hire fees” per match is simply unsustainable. IN FACT ITS ABSURD. It means if gate collections are kshs.27m then we pay kshs.13.5 million to Nairobi county why not build a stadium & have this as income to GM Sacco even 25%

  12. The Co-Operative act requires SACCOs to elect 9 Committee members and 3 Supervisory Committee members who are entitled to Sitting and travel allowances which is based on the financial base of a Society

  13. Dear bloggers allow me to say this,as always we have very good ideas that can make this great club go to even to the moon but implementation is the problem,we can shout about the Sacco thing but when it will be rolled out you will just see the reaction by yourself a case in point here is when Okoth JOBILO came up with a very noble idea for us as the bloggers of this site to contribute something however small it might be to reward players for a job well done,what was the response? how many from this blog contributed to that noble idea?,we are like 50 people who always at any given time will comment on the post here but as i can see its less than 15 people who contributed but its not that they dont have the money but they are just noise makers,so my humble request is lets stop making alot of noise and act so that we can save this great club.

  14. I find it disturbing when someone speaks of building a stadium with sh 33m. Surely you do realise that land alone required to put up any structure resembling a stadium in a 25km radius around nairobi will set you back at a minimum 1 billion.

    I would prefer more investment in player welfare and development. Just identifying and selling 1 serious player per year is a good start as it will boost the club finances and also attract top talent.

  15. @#16 Ambrose
    The club has land in Embakassi that is currently occupied by sqatters. Even without building a stadium, the land can be used for numerous money generating projects

  16. That land story is just a myth, unless one can produce a title. I hope EC is focusing on achievable goals. Not grandmother tales about land given to the club by Moi.

  17. @ Ambrose land is expensive but my friend will it get any cheaper into the future!
    Methinks u’ve also exergerated ua figure threefold but
    with money & a solid.plan Gor Mahia can pursue this idea.
    The 50% stadium hire fees is ridiculous & unsustainable & could be a factor why GM played the last game in Ksm.
    Ua right sale of players if properly managed can give the club a windfall now & then. If any surplus remains after securing replacements & even paying dividends what is to be done with it.

  18. Jabilo/CEO Kindly update bloggers if their contributions have been handed over to Gor Mahia (Please quote the relevant receipt no. for the sake of accountability & transparency).
    If it has not yet been done kindly inform bloggers when it will be done.Let’s not take too long to finalize this issue.


    1)Jabilo-FW91IE158 Confirmed Kshs 5000 sent to CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083 on 12.15 PM.
    2) Ogango Trailer FW 91IT994 confirmed kSHS 2000 sent to CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083 ON 30/10/2014 at 12.17 PM
    Ogango Trailer FW 91OY633 confirmed Kshs 500 sent to CHARLES OTIENO on 30/10/2014 at 12.33 PM
    3)Eric-FW96BM485 CONFIRMED Ks5150.00 TO CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083 30/10/14 AT 5.29 PM
    4)ODUOR12- FX08YA324 confirmed kshs. 527 send to Charles Otieno. on 31/10/2014 at 4.24PM
    5 Ochigah- FX07 JR298 confirmed kshs 2000 send to Charles Otieno.
    on 31/10/ 2014 at 2.45 PM
    6)Barefoot Bandit-FX08FO081 confirmed kshs.2027 sent at 3.40pm
    7) Dan Original – FX41AD760 Confirmed. Ksh 1,000 sent to Charles Otieno 0720323083 on 2/11/14 at 8:33pm.
    8)Jasawagongo Mpesa transaction details FX45ZGO72 Kshs 1000 on 3/11/2014 at 11.11AM.
    9)Mwakio- FX70SZ953 Kshs.2,000 send to Charles Otieno on 0720323083 on 4/11/14 at 8.46pm
    10)@ The Villager MPESA transaction FX78L973 confirmed kshs 2000 send to Charles Otieno.
    11)ERICO Jarae MPESA transaction FY10GW390 confirmed kshs 2000 send to Charles Otieno.
    12)Baba Travis Mpesa transaction details FY50DZ312 Kshs 5000 send to Charles Otieno.

    Contributions to date to 0720323083= KSHS.30,204

  19. P.S It is important to get an official receipt so that the integrity of this site is upheld.
    We don’t want accusations later that this site was used to collect funds which never reached the club.

  20. Jabilo/CEO , are you guys not too late to submit the funds to kogallo……..I accompanied TONY ANELKA team as well as Kampala sofa set branch that contributed theirs yesterday and Ambrose rachier topped it up , making 500k in total !!!

    I suggest you structure this money from bloggers branch as an award to go to one player…..e.g fans player of the year or bloggers player of the year……..so that the money can be awarded on 28th during the players awards ceremony that would be fantastic.

    Your views ?

  21. Bloggers we are not late at all. CEO has contacted the GM office for official invitation of the players and TB for a breakfast meeting at the Standard Group offices. Once the greed date is set I will send an official invitation to all bloggers who may have time to come and join us during the official handing over of “OPERATION OKOA GOR MAHIA BRAND” token of appreciation to the team. @ODUOR 12 I have proposed to CEO that you are the person to hand over the cash to Jerry and have some media coverage to sell your noble idea’s.

    @ODUOR 12 and @ Mwakio I would prefer that you attend this occassion since we shall have some session with some of the EC members as regard the SACCO proposal. Bloggers this will be an opportunity for us to have some time with our players and photographic session with the 2014 TPL champions. I will notify members of this blog at least three days before the occasion. ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU GOOD PEOPLE.

  22. Meanwhile let those who have not contributed do so in the name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit Amen………………!Lets reach 100k +

  23. Bloggers am really happy this morning and am ready to ditch the face book branch which consist of people who feel that they are in their own class (mabwenyenye) to join this branch.Am really pleased my fellow brothers ,the comments i have read here for the last two weeks are really mature arguments that can take this club somewhere,odiwuor ,jabilo,mwakio,jakoyo,baba travis and all bloggers who are here am really happy and this is the opportunity for us bloggers to put down our proposal to the club officials.As i have said am ready to ditch face book branch ,pride and sideshows cannot take us anywhere.Although i contributed to my current branch towards this kitty and our cash had been given out to the players,please i beg i want to start walking with you,Jabilo and odiwuor please consider me.thank you bloggers.MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  24. @JABILO, mPESA transaction FY780N660 Confirmed. As promised, i never traveled to cheer the boys in Kisumu and so i have topped-up my contribution.

    @Barefoot, how far are we with registration of the branch?

  25. kindly comrades, could we use another name instead of bloggers? I think the word blogger identify with idleness. can we coin another that befits the characters on this cite. like great minds, intellectuals,dreaded thoughts..just a few. blessed

  26. Jack Omollo, no need to beg you’ve always been one of us.
    Reason why i love this site is that thoughts are aired openly & freely, yes sometimes a bit crudely or harshly but openly and most are geared towards making GM better.
    @15 Erico has raised a pertinent issue which I think is being addressed by the fact the contributions were actually forthcoming.
    The Villager thank-you, Jabilo please confirm the transaction and once again thank-you for the assurance. Am certain it has put a lot of bloggers at ease.
    I may not be able to make it to the presentation.
    I appreciate all bloggers equally however in view for what Baba Travis has overcome this season kindly consider him to be the one to make the presentation.If he’s not available then there is O.T, Dan O, BB,Mwakio, Ochigah, The Villager,Jasawangongo,Eric & Erico.


  27. @ODUOR 12 I am humbled by your proposal that I the one to present this token to the players.I am leaving for an assignment in Gaberone-Botswana on Friday and I will be away for two weeks.I am afraid,therefore, that I may not be around on the proposed date.That said,allow me to thank everyone for the journey we have had this past season.Granted,there were times we went for each others jugular and got very emotional.It is time to make up and reconcile.We may have made those comments in the heat of the moment.Looking back,you realise it was all for the love of the team.I propose that we talk less now and act more.The dream of a sacco looks appealing and worth trying out.Let’s try it pand fail than not to try at all.Some of people fear that it will leave us with egg all over our faces.People who don’t get dissapointed are folks who sit down with folded arms and do nothing.Ford,John Kennedy,Bill Clinton etal failed many times but succeeded only once.All of them had their career paths seared with scars of disappointments.Let’s not let go of HOPE.

  28. @ Ambrose 1 billion yawa kwani ni Goldenberg ama Anglo leasing.
    Am not expert on land but nimegoogle kidogo tuu
    See below:

    A soccer field, including the end zones, covers approximately 1.32 acres (0.53 ha).

    Karen, fair acres-One acre
    Karen fair acres, one acre on the road.
    Well drained loam soil within built up neighbourhood.
    Price 50,000,000
    1 Acre plot
    AD-006-7AM None
    Price: 48 000 000 Ksh
    Location: Nairobi, Nairobi
    Address: Karen marula road
    A one acre of land located in Karen on Marula road. Its in a prime area well developed with good security. Has ease of access to the main road and a short distance to Nakumatt Karen and Karen shopping center. Has a clean title deed.

    AD-006-6Q2 None
    Price: 24 000 000 Ksh
    Location: Nairobi, Nairobi
    Address: Kangundo Road
    This parcel measures 7.5Acres with ready Title deed.It is located 900meters from the Tarmac right opposite KBC on Kangundo road .Take entrance towards Kanini Kaseo Lodge and turn right after about 600meters.It has Permanent structures occupying only about 0.5Acres and this can be demolished or utilized as the developer may wish.

    This parcel is very ideal for either subdivision,Estate Development or even Industries as electricity and water is available and ease of accessibility.

    Price-Kshs.24Million (Negotiable)
    Feel free to get in touch with our sales team for free viewing on 0721 727 622

  29. @ODUOR 12 duly confirmed by CEO @ The Villager MPESA transaction details FY780N660 confirmed Kshs 1027/= send to Charles Otieno.

    @ODUOR 12 please update your audited total amount to reflect @The villagers additional contribution.

    @ Baba Travis please avail yourself as per @ODUOR 12 proposal.

    @jakoyo my comrade one TONY ANELKA is coordinating the handing over ceremony with CEO and i propose that you and @Jack Omollo to also grace the occasion as part and parcel of Gormahia.net.

  30. @Okoth Jabilo and @Oduor12, you guys are doing a great job for our club……Keep it up gentlemen. I will not be available as am still in Cape Town on official duty until 5 December 2014. Can we also have a lady or two ladies proposed to represent the blogger divas during the handover ceremony?

    Please keep us posted.

  31. @ Okoth Jabillo, am running errands the whole week. pole !!!

    Can we do handing over ceremony on 28th Nov during the players award and farewell party. There are good reasons for that ;

    1. More time to raise our kitty from the current Kshs 30k

    2. Good place to mingle with the players and the EC .all the players and EC will definitely be there

    3. Right environment to champion the SACCO agenda and meet with Rachier in a friendly environment

    4. Right environment to put bloggers branch in the picture.

    Am also planning to be there on that day , can we coordinate with the Kogallo office so that we contribute on that day as part of the wider agenda ????? !!!!!

  32. Thanks @ Jack Omollo and you will be promptly notified once the schedule is agreed upon.

    @Baba Travis i have noted your absence and thanks for your very generous contribution. Have a successful business trip.

    @MWAKIO P i think @Nyakogalo fits to be DIVA’s representative although i do not have her contacts and it is quite a while since i noted her presence in this site.

  33. Good afternoon gentlemen. I am so excited at these latest developments. This unity of purpose is finally here with us. Let us not squander it. I support Okoth Jabilo’s arrangement with the CEO regarding the handing over of this little token to the players.

    As has been suggested by Oduor12, it would have been very ideal for Baba Travis to do the presentation. However, it is unfortunate that he won’t be able owing to calls of duty (and that in itself is something we thank God for, considering that he had been indisposed most of this season). I will still call on Okoth Jabilo to include our blog administrator in his entourage as he had suggested earlier. Personally I will not make it owing to concerns about proximity with Nairobi coupled with the fact that I have am exams and will therefore not be able to travel.

    @The Villager, I am sorry to disappoint you, great man. The thing is, I have not covered any ground with regard to the registration of bloggers’ branch. I have been trying to prepare for my exams and as such relegated every other matter. Can I humbly suggest that you take it up with Okoth Jabilo?

    To react to Jimmy Amimo’s suggestion, how about if we simply call it Gormahia.net? Anyway I am sure in this site we have brains capable of giving us a very appropriate branch name. Finally where is The Trailer? How about Albert Kosero? Albert has truly been vindicated. Remember his assertion of being not worried about nothing? (if I may paraphrase).

  34. Kogallo Sofaset Branch Kampala is planning a reception for the 5 Ugandan players in Kogallo current squad namely Godrefy “jaja” Walusimbi, Geoffrey “Baba” Kizito, Isreal “Palestina” Emuge, Arthur Simazzi and Dan “Mzee” Serunkuma on the 12th December 2014 at our local “Tok Komwanda” – Zanze. If anyone of you happens to be in Kampala then, please feel free to join us. We would have loved to host the entire team but unfortunately that financial muscle may not allow. However, EC can send the captain and his assistant to spice up the occasion. We have already been in touch with “Jaja” Walusimbi and he has assured us that they will be with us on that day God willing. You are all welcome
    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  35. Let me take this chance to thank God for sustaining the team and making us win the title.it was not easy by through team work and support for the team we were declared champions.
    @Okoth Jabilo,I have been on and off the site due to job commitments but we are together.
    Once again let me thank all the bloggers for job well done and God bless u all.

  36. Accountability ndio shida tu coz to some people gor is a means to make money. If there is no goodwill from the executive then nothing will change remember mother teresa was not rich but had an impact to the world

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