Rachier Hails Bobby Williamson

Williamson bidding the players fairwell in August

Club chairman Ambrose Rachier has said that former coach Bobby Williamson was most responsible for winning the 2014 premier league.

We give credit to Bobby since he played the greatest role in earning us this victory. Nuttal joined us after Bobby’s had done 3/4 of the work he is a great coach too, he said to futaa.com

His last match was against SoNy Sugar in early August before he took the Harambee stars job. Williamson joined Gor Mahia in mid 2013 taking over from Croatian coach Zdravko Logarusic who refused to return to the club after going on holiday.

During Williamson’s tenure, Gor Mahia was always at or near the league summit. The one blemish on his record was his inability to win the Mashemeji derby.

“I feel disappointed I leave the club having not won any derby in four attempts but I’m happy I leave the club in good position to defend the title and everybody seems to love the way we play,” said Williamson on his last day in charge of the club.

Jaro Soja denies reports

Famous Gor Mahia fan Jaro Soja who was offered a job by the president has furiously denied reports that he turned down the job.

“Contrary to the romours going round that I have turned down the job offered by the His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, I wish to clarify that I am and will always be available to serve him and Kenya at any capacity he requests me to. To all Gor Mahia fans, I remain one of you. I am a Kenyan first, then a Gor Mahia fan. I once again thank my President for his faith in me.”  said Jaro Soja posting in social media.

There was a report on K24 news suggesting that Jaro Soja had turned down the job and was instead requesting money to start a business.

17 thoughts on “Rachier Hails Bobby Williamson

  1. Avoid sideshows; just declare how much that mammoth crowd at Kisumu stadium raised during our final league game. The terraces were overflowing with humanity and charging 300/-. VIP stand was full to the brim with each paying 1000/-.

    It is good for members to know how much that game raised. This is so because as fans (with some even being members), we would be very relieved if we learn that the theft of gate collections was not airlifted from Nairobi to Kisumu. Somebody please oblige.

  2. Gor tracking striker Ezekiel otuoma of muhoroni youth.I feel we should go for Arab players this tym roung.They are usually fast with tactical abilities.We need atleast 3,two midfielders and one striker.

  3. @Ombeng Ombeng, one month salary for one Arab player as you like to call them is worth the salary for the entire team at present for one month. We have not factored the purchase price which will be quoted in US Dollars or British Sterling Pounds. Give me a call if you still want them!! Now that you you struggle to pay simple match winning bonuses.

  4. The Sudan striker, Ibrahim who we scouted during the CECAFA cup last year would be a good addidtion but can we afford him. Robert Senttogo too would be a good addition. For a keeper I think KAsaya would give Jerry compe. Saleh would be a good cover in case Calabar and Shakava leave. Ali Abondo can also be an additional resource to the team but the EC and TB has the final say on who is to be considered

  5. @ barefoot bandit, its official Kisumu stadium can easily take up to 5,000 people …. 500 people in VIP and 4,500 People in terraces !!! assuming 80% of the people paid for the kogallo match we are looking at least Kshs 1.5 Million was raised.

    Now you see how Kisumu stadium stadium is much much much more attractive proposition that city stadium.

  6. Jaro Soldier please avoid shenanigans- Did you ask for a job or did Prezzo out of the blue offer you a job?
    If you asked for a job or help then Prezzo has played his part or wacha drama!
    Rachier seem to have a soft spot for Zico & BW.
    If he credits BW with the league than Jakoyo is right crediting Logarusic with the 2013 title.
    Anyway lets see what BW does with HS for in my books Logarusic (despite his shortcomings)lifted us out of the doldrums & Nutall brought back belief in the GM fraternity.
    Logarusic came when it was normal for players to take phone call during training and drinking binges, EC interferance with the players etc. Logarusic brought back professionalism in GM and we are forever grateful to him for that.

  7. Arab players are very much available and very cheap,you dont go for those playing for zamalek or ismailia or esperance.Go for those playing in the lower leagues.

  8. though BW won the league in the year 2013, but I was not convinced with his tactics. the same with Ziko. we were playing rigidly, with few goals. but credit has to him since he won us the league after a long time. with Ziko, he is too defensive, even recently one of his Sony players was quoted in some media saying he always set them to defend only for them to defy him. for Nuttal, we are enjoying football a gain just like Agido days,scoring more goals. in short,players express themselves a lot. blessed

  9. Can you guys post discussions that can make us think deeper and help the team to go far in the CAF Champion league? Let us be objective and provide discussions such as SACCO, sponsorship, next players that can help the team to go places etc.

  10. anybody who knows kasaya will never want kasaya back to gor.we’ve Jerry & is a gud captain & a top keeper. kasaya’s record is too bad 4r Gor mahia.any coach will think he is gud but the club will suffer eventualy.we dont need another keeper.

  11. Gor needs another GK but 4get this Kasaya due 2 indiscipline .
    Some players mentioned have never made an impact in any team be it All fried,Thika Utd,Tusker / GM.
    The gap btw Flava & our next top scorer is big hence we need another 2 strikers.
    Hopefully Nutall has left a list of his targets & will monitor the CECAFA Senior Cup so that our performance can improve in CAF/CECAFA
    The Sacco, accountabilty & transparency, GM land & KRA issue-wILL EC EVER SERIOUSLY ADDRESS THESE NOW THAT THE AGM IS NEAR

  12. is it possible for us to change our logo (crest)? it does not look nice for me. we can coin it to the real Madrid one with crown on top. we are the kings of football on this part of the world. the one we have now looks like Congo united or as if we are running an organization against ivory trading. I don’t like it at all. just my opinion. blessed

  13. jimmy, this logo is our logo & if u dont like it then u can join another club with a logo that u think is gud 4r u.Gor was established with that logo & even ua dad did not complain & k’ogalo hav won 14 titles & a caf title with that logo u dont like.so if u love gor then love him without reservations.

  14. I prefer that the coach identifies the players he wants. The EC or fans should not be the ones identifying players. It wont work. Remember that is what is killing AFC. Players were identified and signed by someone else yet another person is responsible for fielding them. The reality however is that Nutall has not had enough time to study the players he would like so it would be naive to trust him with the choices. But he has a very good friend and trusted ally in the name of Bobby Williamson who can guide him if he needs help. Ama vipi?

    We are used to forcing the coach to make substitutions, mara toa Oluoch weka Oboya, mara toa Erick Ochieng weka so and so. Now we are shouting loudest ati mara sign this and that, ati mara Arab players, mara nini!! Are you the guys going to field these players? Stop the noice

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