Rachier is right not to play GoTV shield

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has explained that the club informed FKF well in advance that they would not honour the 2015 GoTV shield third place playoff. Gor Mahia did not play the match. FKF thus awarded the match to Muhoroni Youth. Rachier says FKF has used Gor Mahia to fund its coffers.

“I had personally spoken to FKF Secretary General Michael Esakwa and issued him with a notice that Gor Mahia would not honour the game. It’s a shame that FKF was using Gor to get gate collections and in four matches we have played in the GOtv shield FKF have only given the club Kshs24,500 yet we have used over Kshs400,000 in preparations which includes paying allowances and other needs.”

“In the first game FKF gave us a mere Kshs9000 in the second game they gave us Kshs 10,000 and in the third game Kshs2,500. How are we expected the same and yet it’s the Gor fans who come to the stadiums to watch the matches?”

“We cannot be taken for a ride that is why it was impossible to honour the match and we put the same to them in writing as we felt the federation was only looking for ways to capitalise from Gor Mahia huge fans base to benefit themselves yet we needed to pay our players at the point it was impossible to play yet we were incurring losses as a club,” Rachier told supersport.com.

With Gor Mahia short on funds, they cannot afford to be a money-source for an organization that is not accountable. And remember this is the same FKF that refused to fund Gor Mahia’s trip to the 2015 CECAFA club cup, despite having earlier agreed to do the same.

24 thoughts on “Rachier is right not to play GoTV shield

  1. Why do I feel like there is something we are not being told?why didn’t we raise the red flag before we played Nakumatt?at what point did we realise we were being short changed by fkf?….just asking!!

    1. Somehow I agree with you. Would GOR have boycotted the tournament had they reached the finals? On the flipside I would give Chair Rachier the benefit of doubt, he says GOR had informed FKF and were playing under protest. Surely 25k in three games na stadi imefurika na fans wa GOR? This is the same FKF that refused to give GOR tickects to travel to Dar for CECAFA tournament, here they are the want GOR to raise for them money through gate collections, never ever.

  2. This one I suppor Rachier ….Ingwe and Gor attract the most fans in the KPL yet they get the same monthly stipen as the other clubs. How? If you go into business with your partner who brings in more customers than you, would you expect to share the profits 50%-50? No way!

  3. It looks like some FKF officials are trying to make as much money as they can before they lose their seats. Especially that Vice Chair Robert Asembo. He will never be re-elected.

  4. Rachier the deadline for registration of players for CAF tournament is approaching fast, somebody remind him we dont want last years disappointments to be replayed again. Gor is still Mteja hapatikani in the recruitment market. The deadline is approaching kwa kasi.

    1. It’s useless to assemble a weak team to participate next year, if we cannot retain the squad we have, then we better pull out

  5. The best way to ask the entire Ec to resign n go home. It seems the burden is too huge for gor office to shoulder n we get new blood to run gormahia

    Its always a trick for gor office to destroy the house or squad early coz they don’t want gor to go far in Caf coz alot of expectations may be expected from them n expose their failures.

    To now ask accountability from fkf is rather stupid can the same gor office tell us how they used 6.2m from trophies n windfall gate collection on that day of kpl trophy presentation in nyayo. Can gor office tell us how much they collected from good bread n if they won elliotts bread why are they not relaunching elliotts also can gor office deny that they are not jubilee project to kill gormahia in 2016 so as they spoil image of someone when some fans can committ hooliganism due to poor results in 2016

    My wise advice to you rachier don’t talk too much coz the coming of sportpesa a betting company will bring match fixing in 2016 n gor winning a trophy is very slim. So we need Gotv

    Let gor office know we are not babies n they way they are scheming to finish gor will work against them. So rachier.ngala.kiilo.anima.kennedy.john pesa stop mediocrity n don’t sell gormahia like Judas who sold Jesus

  6. In many ways Rachier has done well. My sentiments have always been that Gor was wasting it’s time and energy in participating in competitions such as Gotv. I mentioned before that you compare the equivalent sponsorship Gotv in S.Africa is netting for the clubs. If Gor is going to play seven matches just to win 1.5 mil then it’s the club that is losing. GoTV is a waste of time and is only creating poverty to self supporting clubs. Dstv is netting around kshs 6 Billion per yr in Kenya alone.
    But I must add that a corrupt FKF has hindered major sponsorship from interested partners. Nyamweya has been a disaster for soccer in this country. But ppl like Nyamyeya do not fall from trees, they exist coz Kenyans in general love corruption. Let me end by saying that if Gormahia is broke it’s not because of companies like Dstv, it is because of it’s fans.

  7. My prayer is for ADOR to be elected FKF chairman so that we can look for another person to run this club,because with RACHIER we are heading nowhere,even though he has done well but ameshindwa kupeleka hi TEAM TO THE NEXT LEVEL,That is my honest opinion.

    1. Why is That jerry onyango contract is not running out kwani jerry ni trustee wa gormahia n or jerry is a lifetime member of for squad. Gormahia has suffered alot when jerry has been a goal keeper through his habits of match fixing. We achieved lots when musa was stand in coach. Recently jerry fixed nakumatt gotv game. N now is celebrating yapping in futaa.com. Just loan out jerry is part of This bloated n inept Ec.

      1. @osafia…can you justify your claims?and since when was musa a coach?
        Don’t accuse jerry without justification. ..he was the same person who kept goal and won trophies for us before Bonnie came!!

    1. U are Just idiot show me unbeaten run Jerry has kept n how many derbys Jerry has won. Next year is a cry coz Jerry Will b a keeper n Will take kitu kidoco kidoco from opponents everything Will slippery

      1. I bet you started supporting Gor this year because if you knew about Gor and Jerry you would not be saying all this. I wish you could contribute on how Gor can be strengthened next year instead of concentrating on one individual. It’s not Jerry’s or any other players to be unbeaten but the whole team, the players, fans , EC TB and the fans. Please Be part of the solution and not the problem

  8. Osofia where have you fallen from? I have always asked as you criticise, tell us also what you have personally done for the team, not just EC this or that, players this or that, it’s not helping at all.

  9. I think let us stop engaging these Osofia thing it doesn’t add anything for this club,the more we engage him he will think he is relevant.

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