Second straight win as Gor Mahia beat Zoo

Scorer: Kenneth Muguna

Gor Mahia collected their second win of the 2017 season when they beat Zoo Kericho by a solitary goal at the club’s spiritual home (Kisumu).
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Coming to this, Gor Mahia were seeking add three points to day one win while Zoo were out for a bounce back after losing by a solitary goal in their opening match against Posta Rangers.
Muguna solo effort
Kogalo got their goal in final minutes of the first half after Kenneth Muguna made a turn and left his markers well beaten outside the 18 yard box. He then took a shot that was too difficult for Misikhu Vincent to stop and put the home side ahead.
At the 56th minute, Timothy Otieno failed to double Gor lead after he headed Karim Niyizigimana’s cross that had left Misikhu well beaten wide. Their were penalty claims after Jacques Tuyisenge was brought down but the referee waved play to continue.
Zoo had to play the final 10 minutes with 10 men after Omulanda Nixon was given matching orders after a second yellow card. This was after fouling Muguna. 
Gor coach gave a chance to Oliver Maloba and Philemon Otieno to feature the first ever in a competitive match while Zoo brought in Sindani Sabiri for Mike Madoya.
Other Gor Mahia’s chances in the match saw Karim Niyizigimana head wide Geoffrey Walusimbi’s delivery while Misikhu denied Muguna a goal but tipping his well taken free kick above the post.
Nicholas Kipkirui missed to capitalize on early lapse in Gor defence that would have seen them score first. His side went on to have limited chance in the game.

 The loss becomes Zoo’s second consecutive loss in in the league.
Starting XI: Boniface Oluoch, Haron Shakava, Musa Mohammed, Wellington Ochieng’, Karim Nizigiyimana, Godfrey Walusimbi, Ernest Wendo (Philemon Otieno), Francis Kahata (George Odhiambo), Kenneth Muguna, Jacques Tuyisenge, Timothy Otieno (Olivier Maloba),.
Subs: Shaban Odhoji, Collins Okoth, Meddie Kagere, Amos Nondi.
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Starting XI Misikhu Vincent, Obayi William, Ligare Johnstone, Kipyegon Isaac, Akiya Stanslus (Ouma Dominic), Omulanda Nixon, Gichana Geoffrey, Madoya Michael (Sindani Sabiri,, Oile Martin, Kipkirui Nicholas, Odhiambo Bernard
Subs: Koko Samuel, Namasakha Danson, Omondi Dennis, Mmata Leonard, Omondi Kevin

51 thoughts on “Second straight win as Gor Mahia beat Zoo

  1. That Miguna goal was pure delight. Contender for goal of the season. Wendo is becoming quite a solid defensive midfielder and there is good reason Maloba made my team of the season last term. Mayienga kuome. Keep the momentum going!!!!

  2. Now that the media sources failed to air this match live, can’t the attendants give us an in-depth analysis of the match?
    This report fails to tell us who shone, who joked around, effect of substitutions, any recommendation or the much-awaited criticism.
    Come on guys, brief the Garissa branch.

    1. Yah. Someone please please give an in-depth post match analysis for the sake of those of us who are geographically challenged hence relegated to the sofa set branch which Dstv disappointed this time round.

      1. @Marto, @joods has already done some analysis. Can only add that everybody played spectacularly. Even Shakava who has been accused made blunders but they were not in dangerous areas. Just missed passes twice or thrice to Karim. At the back he was rock solid. So good was the display that only two matches ago lots of people complained about Wendo but today people wanted him to stay on when he got hauled off. When Philemon got in he played so well I was once again impressed. He is the hard man Gor has needed in physical games. Maloba was something else wowing the crowd with his footwork and capped a good day in the office with a side footed pass to Berry behind the defence that should have made it 2-0. Berry seems rejuvenated and was a threat throughout once introduced. The wonders sitting on the bench can do. Timothy was a bit wasteful and i pity him. He needs to score soonest or his confidence may take a beating. Tuyisenge was so indecisive messed up two crosses in prime positions and a possible one on one when he had been played onside, while Zoo thought he was off. He did stepovers in the same position till Zoo recovered. Kahata dictated proceedings as usual while Miguna is a wizard, calm on the ball na passes za ruler. Yaani anakupatia pass yenye imeandikwa jina yako. Walu, Musa, Karim, High Waist all superb on the day.

  3. Once again and much more to come.Muguna keep on turning them left and right…’What a goal’ is all I could say after you did it.Congrats Ze Maria and TB for another solid display.

  4. Yajowa ! just one goal ? was expecting a cricket like scoreline but nevertheless, Kudos to Jodala for the turn up, EC , players and most importantly the leadership of AR.

    20 more wins and we wrap it up.

  5. Miguna’s goal was classic. just outside D-area and the goal keeper couldn’t see. Tuyisenge, Timothy and Shakava had very bad day in office.The whole game turned into more of a friendly after zoo went into a defensive mode to avoid soaking in more goals. Bonface had no business in his area.We actually did not need a goal keeper in this thoughts. That Zoo’s no. 44 should be banned for more matches he almost ruined Muguna’s carrier.i feel the red card wasn’t enough. Then enter the Youngsters.Blackberry,Maloba and philemon zoo had no answer but to resort to rough play. The tiki taka is very nice when you are very fan kept kicking me as he moved with the Tikitaka. I kept reminding him but was all in vain but I could understand.Walusimbi was deadly in no.11 same with nzigiyimana in no. 7.Actually,gor had no strikers in this match. Timothy disappeared. Tuyisenge embarrassed fans with uncharacteristically poor decision making with ball in prime positions. I must comment the organization for security and Ticketing procedures. I doubt whether any single entered for free. The only hitch was those fans who had terraces ticket but wanted to force their way to the VIP. This organization will attract more fans am very sure.

  6. We have so far 4 goals. One scored by a defender, two scored by midfielders and only one scored by a striker. Reports have it that we dominated this game but came out with only one goal. I asked this question after the super cup and today I ask it again….are we lacking in the striking department?
    Congrats to the TB and the playing unit for the win. A win is a win……though a multiple goals win is much sweeter…..especially when it is more expected than not.

  7. Timo should try to score in the next match against w.stima, he has been trusted in first eleven and should pay back soon or else he will be relegated to the bench.Jeconiah and Kagere are there waiting.

  8. I have said this b4 but I will repeat that Timo is a player whose career has stagnated at he has the potential phase , He has everything any player would require in addition to now having Muguna but his decision making is not matched by his speed , Football at this level and at the position u play more instinctive and reflexive and decisions are made in split mini seconds and it has to be one decisive action , not debating which of the many actions in your head u want to execute , unfortunately these are basics that are necessities very early on in a footballers career.

  9. Mpira ndaani ndaani ndaaaaani. I expected not less than 4 goals but isorait. They should not relax coz bigger teams are coming their way. I hope the next match will be around Nairobi. Didn’t attend this Odhumo one and I missed the noise. Otherwise so far so good.

    1. Hey man, I hope you are aware that almost all stadia in Nai are under renovation. So most of our games will be played in Kisumu dala.

  10. Some time back I said here that when preseason for gor doesn’t look convincing, then that is the time gor goes unbeaten in kpl. It happened during Frank Nuttal’s reign. Frank lost almost all friendlies even to the so called minnows but check his league record. Never boo a team in a preseason match but help the technical bench with your fielding ideas coz in my understanding, preseason means preparing a team, mentality, physically and technically for a competitive season. It is the time given to the coach to assess a squad of new signings, gell them with the rest, instil in them confidence in playing your style then get a formidable first eleven for competitive season matches. No need for wins in preseason but form and familiarity. Anyway, good work team. I pray for another unbeaten season!!

    1. Hehehe BB, Niko fiti bwana. Hakuna wazi, just supporting kogalo in my own way and pointing out mistakes freely. I am aso guarding my territory coz am my own boss. Kogalo for life.

  11. Our fixtures from 02-04-2017 to 16-12-2017. The fixtures does not include matches against Muhoroni Youth and Sofapaka. Here we go again. 2/4/17 W/Stima A. 8/4/17 KKH/Boys H. 15/4/17 Sony A. 21/4/17 Tusker H. 26/4/17 Bandari A 30/4/17 Mathare H 7/5/17 Efusi A. 10/5/17 Chemelil H. 13/4/17 Nzoia A. 21/5/17 Thika H. 28/5/17 Rangers A. 2/7/17 Ulinzi H. 29/7/17 Nakumat H 6/8/17 Nakumat A. 27/8/17 Ulinzi A. 17/9/17 Rangers H. 24/9/17 Thika A. 27/7/17 Nzoia H. 1/10/17 Chemelil A. 15/10/17 Efusi H. 21/10/17 Tusker A. 28/10/17 Bandari H. 5/11/17 Mathare A. 18/11/17 Sony H. 25/11/17 KKHBoys A. 2/12/17 W. Stima H. 10/12/17 Zoo Kericho A. 16/12/17 K. Sharks H.

  12. With the arrival of Nzoia and the apparent / supposed revival of Efusi, the best that Tusker will do is to finish anywhere between 4th and sixth. We welcome the arrival of Efusi in the league of the big boys. Where are Ulinzi, Nzoia, Sofapaka and Chemelil to offer Kogalo any form of competition.

  13. Listen to me somebody. Jasego et al, is it possible to engage a spare TV, on line company to air Kogallo matches live when DSTV Supersport is not? What are the logistics, legally? commercially they can air commercials every 15 mins or so and still reap alot. Well? Guys come on? Just when DSTV is not airing…can KPL accomodate that? Food for thought.

    1. Jamriambo I feel your sentiments but that is a rather tall order bro.DStv bring the official broadcast sponsor with a duly signed contract with the KPL cannot fathom such an arrangement and to even try will just open a litany of legal cases with no end.We just have to talk to them to air more matches like past seasons wea all kogalo matches were a Must to air due to good publicity.Someone had mentioned tight financial times for DSTV which is why they may be choosing to cut costs by airing fewer matches altogether

    1. This 4M narrative is not healthy. I plead with members to drop it. Hate ni ya nini jameni??

    2. Idle talk…..which facts do you have? What change in June? Just keep on dreaming and wait for three years. Are you familiar with the Sports Act?

      1. At point my bro. Let’s learn to be patient and give our players time and a break to perform. Stop name calling of players.

  14. All the promoted teams are finding the going rather tough in the Top Flight aka Big League.I always wondered how the second tier was in terms of competitiveness since to hear Nzoia amassing 90 points in a season and Sharks 80 something wasn’t a joke but having witnessed them in the top flight I must say watarudi kwa nyasi unless they adopt to the modern philosophy of having less individuals running with the ball but more of the ball running towards individuals.Watachoka sana na hiyo Aina ya soccer wanacheza.Sisi hapa kogalo tu

  15. Efusi have 3 points, a GD of 3, and a game in hand. Should they win that game, they go straight to the top of the table based on GD. That’s why some of us are concerned with our goal scoring ability. It seems to me that this season may be hotly contested and therefore GD will be very important.

    1. Hence why our strikers (especially the shs. 4m bundle) should tighten their boots. Its not hate, its encouragement.

  16. The best idea is to avoid branding players based on price. People negotiate differently and that politics will get to the playing unit. On Jacques specifically, i think this will be his season. I see him scoring about 20 goals. He started last season with some injury but picked up and got 10 goals in the league.

  17. We have a 4m problem in our hands jodalawa and as the head of the critics branch, I have to complain. It is from these small teams that we should reap healthy wins like a 5-0 scoreline. With our strikers proving indecisive in goal-area, they should know that some teams will not give us as much chance as we had against Jokericho.
    Why can’t Ze Maria try a Kagere-Philemon partnership instead of Tuyisenge-Timothy. With multiple options on the bench, why must we make mockery of our team yet alternatives exist?
    No second thought on that. Teach these ineffective strikers how to score goals, by letting them sit on the bench and watch their colleagues do what they have failed in.

    1. I think our strikers should score more but I don’t think Ze will bench Tuyisenge anytime soon. What makes me worried is that Efusi had three strikers on the pitch and all of them scored including Adebayor who was on the pitch for only 15 minutes. I dont want to label Tuyisenge a 4m problem but he has to start scoring on a regular basis and I pray for him because how will he continue being fielded if by say the 10th match he still is below the 5 goal haul?(God forbid)

    2. I think our strikers should score more but I don’t think Ze will bench Tuyisenge anytime soon. What makes me worried is that Efusi had three strikers on the pitch and all of them scored including Adebayor who was on the pitch for only 15 minutes. I dont want to label Tuyisenge a 4m problem but he has to start scoring on a regular basis and I pray for him because how will he continue being fielded if by say the 10th match he still is below the 5 goal haul?(God forbid). And Philemon is a defensive midfielder so the only partner Kagere can get is Berry or Uyoga

  18. Mmmmh, 2 welcome wins against struggling newbies. 3 games to go so am still crossing my fingers.
    Price tag or no price tag a lot more (GOALS) is expected from the out and out strikers, our Zlatans. Jausenge, Launda Magere and Timo.
    If they don’t score than naturally, TB has to take corrective action come June transfer period.
    However this season with creative players like Muguna and Kahata we should have more options unlocking stubborn opponents.
    Putting my dusty coaching cap on I would always play Launda Magere and Jausenge on a 30:60 ratio in every game depending on how many goals/assists of either player makes. A fresh experienced player should be able add a new punch into game.
    Meanwhile I really mezad mate this weekend as St. Georges of Ethopia moved to CAF group stages and UG’s KCCA gave CAF champs Mamelodi a real scare.
    Any idea on Kisumu’s gate collections?

  19. @James Adul, maayoo which shadows or demons are you chasing or have spooked you. Septuagenarian Hayatou’s elder brother has not been mentioned. Surely how is the 4m issue here related to waiting 3 years or the Sports Act. Very funny A Person niokote chini yawa!

  20. sasa siasa ya ze maria imeisha now its 4M.I should be worry i am engaging efusi fans in this site with fake accounts.Come on guys negative energy? for what?

    1. @Kenio, as fans we also have to have a ‘hate’ figure at any particular point. At one point it was AR ‘Mugabe’, then it was Gattusso, then it was Kagere, then BB, then Nyangi, mara Ngala. Jerry and Boni have also featured at one time. I can bet Muguna’s time will come. Now it’s the time for our ‘Pogba’.
      And that is what makes a Gor fan/blogger

  21. Congrats team. Wazungu husema pick the ‘low lying fruits’ before you aim for the high ones. You might surprise yourself that your basket is full before you know it.

  22. @Noisemakers branch, when we lose you complain, when we win you complain, when midfielders score, you start blasting strikers, mara 4m, i think some of us just can’t be satisfied, Watu wajifunze kutosheka, we know some aren’t happy with the perfomance but this season mtafura mpaka mpasuke, K’OGALO will always be blessed by the ALMIGHTY, tupumue tungoje Western stima

    1. @Ngesto, you are surprised as me………… Some comrades are good at looking and plucking anything from the rubble to discredit anything………. They are so much pissed off and allergic to any good thing gm is doing. The questions is when will they get contented with little they are seeing happening in gm?

    2. I am very surprised with our bloggers. If you can’t appreciate the little you have how can bless you with more blessings?

      We have to learn to thank God for every results even if the match ended in our favour at 1 goal to nil and with the secrets of thanksgiving God will give us more positive results. Thanksgiving is biblical and let this message of the secrets of thanksgiving not depart from our midst.

    1. @Dan Original that would be so sad…We don’t need such situations now…We have begun the league perfectly and such occurrences will derail us…If it’s true please EC sort it out asap for normalcy purposes to return.This is our season let’s consolidate it by moving together in unity of purpose

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