Shakava, Joash suspsended by CAF

Gor Mahia skipper Harun Shakava and dependable stopper Joash Onyango have both been suspended by CAF for incidents that happened in Enugu against Lobi stars.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Kenyan champions Gor Mahia will line-up for their Caf Confederation Cup playoff first leg clash against New Stars de Douala of Cameroon on Sunday at Kasarani without their two dependable central defenders.

Joash Onyango and captain Haron Shakava – who have started in all Gor’s continental matches this term – were found guilty of misconduct during their Caf Champions League first round reverse tie away to Lobi Stars of Nigeria at Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium in Enugu last month.

According to a letter addressed to Gor Mahia through the Football Kenya Federation (FKF), the duo’s case will be heard on Sunday by the continental body’s disciplinary board.

Further, six Gor players namely Samuel Onyango, Humphrey Mieno, Francis Mustafa, Jacques Tuyisenge, Shakava and Onyango were cautioned due to various disciplinary issues.

“Reports indicate that player no. 12 Joash Onyango came towards the referee at the end of the match and insulted him with abusive language,” read part of the letter posted on Gor official portal on Thursday.

“Furthermore, the goalkeeper of Lobi Stars, John Lawrence (16) slapped player no. 18 Haron Shakava of Gor Mahia who then went to kick back the goalkeeper. The referee was about to show them red cards yet the referees were evacuated by the police due to the pitch invasion.”

The development leaves coach Hassan Oktay with three options in central defence. Joakim Oluoch, Pascal Ogweno and Charles Momanyi.

The Cameroon side is expected in the country on Friday at 10pm.

15 thoughts on “Shakava, Joash suspsended by CAF

  1. This is similar to what happened to God of 84. When 6 super stars were suspended by a CAF body mainly controlled by N Africans and W Africans.we are spectators in CAF our FKF officials happy with their allowance and bribes to keep them mum.. This is gonna make us stronger. Kogallo hono is back.Jasego Kanyada while you were away a lot is happening….dhako emakun. Yaws duogi thura.

    1. Jamriambo owadwa can’t you let me rest in peace even for a quarter of 2019? Gor and Caf issues are disheartening to say the least. The south african ref for our return leg in enugu was hosted to a luncheon cum dinner at the governor’s Samuel Ortom palace and given 20,000 USD to favour Lobi Stars. His assistants received 5,000 USD each. He did it perfectly too since Tuyisenge was scissor hacked mid flight high in the air inside the 6 yard box and he waved play-on. Lobi Stars 88th minute free kick was started with our players arguing with the ref and no wall even formed or even the Ref himself looking at the proceedings plus he didn’t even blow the whistle to authorize play to resume yet he allowed the goal to count. Lobi fans invaded the pitch after the match chasing GM players to the dressing room but have you heard any punitive measures being taken against them by Caf? Now that New Stars are coming has our EC put in place intimidation tactics and harassment plans coupled with magic envelope for the Tunisian Ref to help us get 3 goals or are we pretending to be above reproach like the proverbial Ceazar’s wife then later cry like joneko in Limbe Cameroun? Finally are you guys aware of the acute sharp divisions in the GM dressing room with Shakava and Oktay not seeing eye to eye for a while now juu Shakava hadai kuskiza any anaambiwa ni kudai delayed salaries day in day out akin to Francis Atwoli and teachers CBA fight with Kenyan Gov’t? Am not insensitive to players plight but there is a time to set aside trade unionism and concentrate on task at hand not everyday can the dressing room be poisoned by harsh arguments and we expect good results. After Oliech donned the Captain’s armband and showed leadership rest assured Oktay has chosen him as his preferred Captain now we await more sulking and fitina kwa dressing room. I took a sabbatical back to my base very far away due to need for inner peace my brother. About sunday Momanyi and Joachim Oluoch pairing is superb and can withstand any test those average Cameroonians might pose. As always i wish Mayienga all the best…

      1. Karibu . oonge yweyo sani omera. Chuma ochiek nyaka dole kapod oliet. And this is a discussion that should be pounded in all people_ CAF is A football colonizer of W Africans and N Africans.

  2. Whatever happened in Enugu, as unfortunate as it was, I think was unethical, Antifootball develoment, antiafrican Union and brotherhood. It is unsportic and archaic. Shameful and anti everything. It creates hate and mistrust in everything. It is an admission that in Africa one can only make their way to the Top by bribing their way. However, we must not cry over the spilled milk. How I wish that the unfortunate event may raise the Lion in every player and Kogallo family fans. So that when we meet the Cameroonians, we thoroughly beat them and squarely with good Soccer and thunderous support. Let the Mayienga rise to the occasion

    In the Meantime let us see how far Lobi Stars will go………….?

  3. This is how we win on sunday before i resume my sabbatical. From his arrival Hassan Oktay has preferred a 4-4-2 set-up with Kahata as the roving midfielder behind the strike pairing of Tuyisenge and Mustafa Francis. It is not ideal since Mustafa is an attacking midfielder who operates best coming in from space on the flanks. The solution is to use a ‘Classic’ 4-3-3 Blaugrana Formation of Liverpool which will have Peter Odhiambo in GK…Philemon FB 2…Batambuze FB3…Joachim and Momanyi as Centre Backs…The midfield 3 should comprise of industrious highly gifted technical dribblers and ball suppliers whereby Lawrence Juma plays in the Middle with kahata on the left of midfield and Boniface Omondi right of midfield. The front 3 will have Tuyisenge leading the Apex as Centre Forward with Francis Mustafa plying the left of the trident and Blackberry the right of the trident. New Stars will come to defend and wait for counter attacks but this trident formation is both lethal and sharp full of venom. 3 goals will be assured. The 4-4-2 horsepower requiring formation with Wendo and Mieno in the holding midfield role while kahata and blackberry ply the wings while they don’t track back to defend will have us overun as always in the midfield thereby pressure and long balls will result which any opponent finds easy to contain..Copied to Hassan Oktay…May we endeavor to excel on Sunday..God Bless GM

  4. Jasego, I doubt all that, we would have been told that long ago, those are very serious allegations and in any case is there an official complaint/protest filed with CAF?

    1. JTGJ you expected to be told by who exactly? Go back to the post i did after Enugu trip when i went quiet and bloggers kept calling me to explain what transpired in our return leg match. It is the same as i have reiterated above. On the Ref bribery allegations did you expect the media to highlight things that were done in underhand dealings? We have our ways which we used to unearth those while in Enugu. On the pitchside shenanighans if you knew a player then ask him if this things Jasego is saying did actually occur you would have your answer. We came back heads down frustrated to the core with no time for excuses as we also erred in fielding. Nigerian media reporting had it we lost fair and square. I would not have expected any different. Though to believe me or not is your prerogative…All the same we are on another task altogether with me miles and miles away but still privy firsthand to anything and everything that happens in GM in realtime…

  5. Gor opponents are under going serious financial crisis and may not make it to Nairobi before Sunday. Although it is unethical to dance on someone’s grave this latest development might be a blessing in disguise to us because of a likely walkover.

  6. The truth is that there are bad things which were done against Gor Mahia in Nigeria but we were not told by officials who accompanied the team. It is now that they are coming out one by one through the media.

    Problems faced by an opponent is not something to celebrate. Last year Rayon Sports had a lot of financial problems prior to playing their last match against Gor Mahia. They came and defeated Gor Mahia in the Kenyan soil and progressed to CAF CC quarter finals. We celebrate at our own peril. We better be warned.

  7. Let Gor Mahia not fall for mind games. Which financial problems?

    Read this exerpt from soka25east:

    Gor Mahia will miss the services of dependable defenders Harun Shakava and Joash Onyango during the CAF Confederations Cup qualifier first leg match against New Stars of Cameroon due to suspension. The duo have been suspended until January 13 when their disciplinary case will be discussed in a CAF meeting in Cairo, Egypt.

    New stars arrived in Kenya and will have a feeling of the match venue at Kasarani tomorrow. The aggregate winner will proceed to the group stages. Gor finished third in their pool with eight points to miss out on a last eight berth, by a whisker, only one point behind Rwandan side Rayon sport who proceeded as runners up to Algerian side USM Alger.

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  8. Bribery over a luncheon cum dinner (a long time for any secretive underhand dealings) remains a cock & bull story unless collaborated! Instead of feigning helplessness forward any/all evidence to CAF AND COPY FIFA.Our EC dare not try it GM will BE BANNED!

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