Shakava off to Nkana FC

Reports suggest that Gor Mahia captain Harun Shakava is off to Nkana FC of Zambia. This according to a Gor Mahia official.

“This is a deal that is 99% done and Shakava will join Nkana in due course. He also has blessings from Gor Mahia who are ready to hand him his release letter,”  said the official to

Letting Shakava go before his contract is finished is a smart move if Gor Mahia can get a transfer fee.

Shakava joined Kogalo in 2014 from Kakamega Homeboyz. At the time, Homeboyz were reluctant to let him leave despite having been relegated back to the second tier.

He became captain in 2018 upon the departure of Musa Mohamed. He will be joining Musa at Nkana FC. Also on the Nkana roster is another Kenyan, goalkeeper Duncan Otieno.

Nkana FC are one of Zambia’s most popular football teams and was the most successful team in Zambia during the 1980s and 1990s when they were known as Nkana Red Devils. They were among the most feared teams in Africa. They reached the Semi-Finals of the Africa Champions cup four times during this period (1983, 1986, 1991, 1994) and were finalists in 1990.

We thank Shakava for 4 successful seasons and wish him success in his next chapter.

20 thoughts on “Shakava off to Nkana FC

  1. Zambians are quick on their feet so don’t be sluggish. Good luck. Unfortunately I don’t have in my mind any incredible performance that I will always remember.
    Who is next! We want to settle down

  2. Let’s appreciate this man for what he has done for us over the five years. It’s no time for hard feelings. May he have good time in Zambia. Good luck Shakava.

  3. Shaks, all the best in your future endeavors. You came to Gor,saw and conquered. No local trophy you haven’t won at Gor. Make the money in Zambia becore the knees give way

  4. Our star players leaving GM for the likes of Nkana, Yanga etc is a sign of poor management of club.
    This is further evidenced by hiring of a low calibre spineless head coach who strangely claims that he has never recruited any player, refers to new signings as “kids” while lamenting the loss of star players.
    Where does the transfer fees for the Walusimbi’s, Jausenge’s etc disappear to?
    Do you expect players to stay put when reaching the money bracket of the CCC never benefits them?

    1. Thank you comrade Oduor12 for answering my good friend, The Villager since he needed to know the areas where our current head coach ought to improve on.

      On a different note, I think the signing of Maurice Ojwang’ came as a very welcome, pleasant surprise. The timing was just perfect.

      If it is true that Gor Mahia has been chasing this defender since 2016, then my conspiracy theory is that Ojwang’ was reluctant to come and warm the bench. He only finally accepted to cross over after being sure of Shakava’s exit.

  5. My mam Shaks!….tutakumis mbaya sana. You are a true soldier and Im glad I went to battles with you on my side. We will miss your ngoma sana!. Best of wishes pal

  6. @Gor player, you never have ambition of growing and playing professional football too. Year in, year out, you are forever an amateur player in Gor Mahia? You never grow? The likes of Olunga, Ali Abondo, Musa Muhammed, etc came to Gor, grew and left for greener pastures while you are just busy stagnating at Gor Mahia. The best football you can play is acquiring a fake name. Period.

  7. A new twist: Nkana wamekana na kunena kwamba hawana mpango wa kujumuikana na mwanasoka shakava na wala hajaonekana huko Zambia.Inaonekana kana kwamba uhamisho huu ni uvumi mtupu.

  8. Someone says nothing to remember about Shakes, I say in our last away game to Esperance he was brilliant.On long balls that is the philosophy of Zambian football; high tempo, long balls and running galore

  9. Nonsense…shakava is going to wazito . This Nkana rumor is to get wazito to do business. This is how brokers operate.

    1. Jakoyo, I don’t mind where Haroun Shakava goes. If is Wazito, so be it. Let him go and get paid higher and in time. I think he always agitated for that while in GM. He is mzito himself and who can say ‘no’ to a better paying offer? I wish next to follow would be Afuda’s blue-eyed boy, Francis Mustapha.

    2. I knew there was something fishy about all these rumors about Shakava, its best this is concluded quickly, the player is thoroughly unsettled by the interest from Wazito to the point that it would be retain him in the squad for the upcoming season

  10. Captain move on and improve as you go on in your interceptions, tackling passing and basically ball handling skills.
    Let Momanyi and the rest grow too. All the best. You led the lads the best way you knew how.

  11. shakava did a good job but he’s easily replacable….still mourning over gor mahia below average signings…broke clubs like gor mahia should go for ready made players because we can’t retain any top talent…so it should be business…that’s how clubs like Ajax…shakter Donetsk survive…sign quality talents give them long contracts…sell them at a good price…but most gor classy players move for free..kagere….kahata…Olunga..Musa Mohamed that’s why I believe Rachier should leave the leadership for young strategic chairman..,

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