Sharks accuse Kogalo of withholding gate collections

A report on suggests that Kariobangi Sharks have written a letter to KPL complaining that they have not received their fair share of the revenue collected from the match between Gor Mahia and Sharks

Sadi Kariobangi: “The net collection after deduction of all expenses was Sh296,275. A share of 20% of this figure amounts 59,255 and not Sh75,395 as quoted in your email.


4 thoughts on “Sharks accuse Kogalo of withholding gate collections

  1. Rachier has been at helm for 10 years and he does not want to modernize the administration of the club. We wonder if this system allows officials to eat.

  2. If I may ask, when did K’ogalo play sharks in the second leg. Or the match that was played in thika was hosted by Gor Mahia

  3. The club should be modernized in all aspects.
    Merchendization,Marketing,publicity of match days in prior time.


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