Sportpesa announced as new Gor Mahia sponsors

Gor Mahia have landed a five year sponsorship deal with local sports betting firm Sportpesa in a ceremony held at the club’s offices at the Nyayo National Stadium this Tuesday 2 February.

Sportpesa are the firm that also sponsors the Kenya Premier League. The monetary amount was not disclosed.
‘We have signed a five-year deal with SportPesa but we are not in a position to disclose the full details at this time. We shall communicate in due course,”

But according to sources, the deal is worth Ksh 50 million per year.
“The deal will cover payment of player salaries, world class player recruitment and official kitting.” said Rachier to the press.

In past statements, Chairman Rachier has stated that the club needs Ksh 70 million to operate in 2016. This includes the steep costs of participating in the Africa champions league.

Initial reports suggested that Betway who are now sponsoring AFC Leopards were going to sponsor both teams. However Sportpesa stepped in apparently afraid that their rivals were going to get plenty of mileage. And for that reason, Betway are unhappy and have vowed to take action.

“We signed a deal with Gor Mahia and it is surprising that they can turn around and sign another deal even before the ink has dried on our deal. We will certainly take appropriate action to protect our reputation,” a source from Betway said to the Standard.

Since Gor Mahia chair Ambrose Rachier is a lawyer one would think this is unlikely. See the Gor Mahia bread saga where there was a disagreement between Good Bread and Elliott. Gor Mahia eventually prevailed albeit after several months.

24 thoughts on “Sportpesa announced as new Gor Mahia sponsors

  1. Now bcoz problem is sorted,let’s now start club bus project so that we can leave that matatu for youth team its possible we cal harambee to boost our contribution as we did the last time. Team kubwa vitu kubwa kubwa. I can’t see the reason why Leopard can better us Anelka food for thought.It might sound strange to some but ni maoni yangu.bloggers we’re more than a thousand times 1k that’s 10m sisemi kitu.

  2. We are all happy for kogallo. Now we only need our esteemed players and able technical bench to concentrate on what they do best unlike last season when operations on the pitch could be interrupted on allegations of player salary and allowances not cleared. we are happy that those will now be sores of the past. We expect real world class players next season. Sportpesa asanteni!!

  3. I applaud Betway for introducing the concept of sponsoring both teams and thus forcing Sportpesa to act. Unfortunately for them, it seems sportpesa came up with a better deal. I would have hoped that Betway were given a chance to match sportpesa’s offer since they came first. That is good faith.

    1. Betway should blame Ingwe officials for announcing the deal weeks ago instead of waiting until the ink had dried. Thats how sportpesa found out 🙂

  4. Doesn’t add up….assuming we have 28 players each earning an average of 100k per month that gives 2.8 million per month. Work for 12 months comes to just about 36 million.

    Playing kits costs just about 1 million Bob and world class recruitment is just below5 million giving an annual total of 41 million.

    still have 9 million unaccounted for…..That deal must be catering for something else.

    1. Below 5 million is for the kind of recruitment we currently do. Wold class recruitment will require 15 million onwards. We buy all the best in Kenya and source five world class players from different parts of Africa. If we had this, Olunga would have stayed and we would have still had Tuyisenge,

    2. There are other expenses that you have not taken into account. 50 million is really not a lot of money for big clubs like Kogalo and Ingwe. Try to find out the budgets of clubs like TP Mazembe, El Mereikh, Kaizer Chiefs, etc.The EC must still look for other sources of raising funds other than the sponsorship package and gate collections. We however hope for prudent management, transparency and accountability. Our gratitude to the new sponsors and the EC.

  5. This is the best news that we as Kogallo have got this year. We have waited for so long. This is indeed a joyous daybreak after a long night of hope. We thank sportpesa for their kind gesture.

  6. Jakoyo,its public knowledge that Gor mahia monthly expenditure,travel ,accommodation and office running put together comes to 4.5 million monthly. Your moths excluded many other expenses. We should compliment the sponsor by pushing and highlighting paybill no 350100 , encourage and promote the buying of Elliots bread and push fans to attend matched to improve gate collection. THAT MONEY IS SMALL,though it will make us cover the fundamentals

  7. I thank God…and I thank Betway. Do you guys think Sportpesa would have acted if Betway never acted? I think they would not have come to help. God work in a miraculous way. To God be the Glory

  8. Good deal indeed…at least it’s better than nothing.let the EC now become accountable and let’s put other sources of income like gate collection to better the club’s image and standing!!

  9. I would advice Jakoyo to stretch his thinking. That money if at all it comes is not even enough. We will still need to chip in, kwani why are you starting to think of other things at this stage? Thats unnecessary suspicion.
    Someone please inform us, whats Betway going to do? Stop this deal through the courts? Are we celebrating too early?

  10. Agree…
    It is better than nothing but it clearly says the money will not pay technical bench salary sof we still need to push other initiatives.

  11. This is very good news. Betway and Gor Mahia had not signed any contract therefore, there is absolutely no case. Let them stick with our Mashemeji. Good for our football. Looking forward to “betting derby”
    I am never worried about nothing. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  12. So EC had to wait for some sort of miracle’s to happen in order to get a sponsor? What if Betway was not around?…This office is a joke, there are some hangers-on that need to eradicated

    1. Interesting how people always see the negative side in every situation. The fact of the matter is that the EC has managed to bring a sponsor on board; let us give EC and the team the necessary support.

  13. Thanks SPORTSPESA, Mighty K’OGALO will prevail. @ Jakoyo Lets stop cheap politics and continue supporting the team, we understand that some human beings are never satisfied but all in all others appreciate

  14. @Bob, how sure are you that EC was waiting for what you are alleging. We have been shouting about sponsor, now the sponsors is on board. Now the every ungrateful lot are out with another line of story, sijui betway did what….. That’s rubbish, let us rejoice we have a sponsor and look forward to an improved Kogallo. siasa ya pesa nane tuwachane nayo.

    Never worried about noothing. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

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