Williamson hails fighting spirit

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Gor Mahia tactician Bobby Williamson was left a happy man following his team’s 2-2 draw with AFC Leopards in Kenya premier league match played at the Moi International Sports center Kasarani on Sunday afternoon.

The match needed a late equalizer from defender David Owino to salvage a point for the league leaders in the afternoon. Noah Wafula and Paul Were scored for Ingwe with Danny Sserenkuma pulling one for Gor Mahia mid-way in the second half.

The former Uganda Cranes coach said every point earned at this stage of the league will prove very important for a team fighting to win the league.

“ The boys showed a good fighting spirit an never say dire attitude throughout the match. We started well dominating the match in the opening quarters with Danny having a great opportunity in the opening two minutes which the defender cleared,”He said.

“Paul Kiongera too had a glorious chance forcing a special save from the keeper. Going to the break we were training.Though the boys kept working,” He added.

The Scott said it is important to remain focused to collect as many points as possible as the league enters the homestretch.

“Our target has been to remain composed and focused in all our matches. Today’s was a local derby which could have gone either way. As a coach I am happy with the one point earned.” He concluded.

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  1. The strong mental attitude is what helped us today nothing else.Am happy with that mental discipline.Keep it up

  2. Yani you are celebrating drawing with Leopards? That tells me how good of a team AFC is for you all to be celebrating a draw

  3. That is what is called a champions mentality. Whoever is saying Gor did not play well is joking. I watched the game at the stadium and now again 2 times on DSTV and the lads played. At least the game gave the TB to see where our weaknesses lies and therefore an opportunity to make amends. Kudos boyz.

  4. @Ingo, that Efusi has a good pedigree of players is not in dispute. Hats off to the Efusi scouts for their eye at identifying talent.

    The question is: what did Efusi do with all that talent yesterday? We at K’Ogalo are happy indeed because our boys proved to Efusi and their chairman that no matter the mileage and all the advantages, we have the skill and determination to even the scale. I wonder why you are not commenting about the penalty denied. By the way, the Ref. has actually intimated that he considered the huge crowd and what impact that decision would have made in the stadium.

  5. Ingo I think AFC were great yesterday (and have been in the 2nd leg this season, just like Gor). They came into this game with one mission, to revenge. With two goals to the good I thought Ingwe would finally celebrate, something they’ve not done since some freak 3nil will over Kogalo a while ago (cant rem the year now). But the manner in which Kogalo came back in the game and nearly bagged the entire 3 points showed we are a different proposition altogether and barring some calamity, Kogalo may have started a new era one more time. Could we be seeing another domination starting all over again?. I dont think Luc will be around for along time. In many ways he reminds me of Luogarusic and you generally struggle to keep coaches who feel they are better than all around them. He probably thinks he should be coaching elswhere, i wonder where. On the other hand BW cuts the figure of a mature and stable professional. A consummate athlete obsessed with success whenever he is given a task. Look at the number of years he spent in Uganda. And you can hardly describe life in Kampala as fulfilling compared to Nairobi. Look at the substitutions be made yesterday. Two had a direct Impact on the game. If we keep this guy and he makes the requisite signings in the close season then we could dominate not just in this league but in the region and probably make great forays into Africa.

  6. I seriously hope someone in that bloated executive community has lodged an official potest against the referee for denying us such an obvious penalty. KPL/FKF cannot be dishing out heavy fines on GM, while equally serious mistakes by others r brushed under the carpet.
    @Pod Antie well said but am truly worried whether with this EC & more so the lack of structures we might lose key players like the 2 scorers yesterday.
    Members think carefully come elections i’d give ex legends a chance not unknowns

  7. Yes,we are celebrating the draw against AFC,ingo….for 2 reasons.
    1.at 2 nil we were dead and buried.but our boys pushed and committed AFC into making school boy errors and we pulled off a great comeback.
    2.after the game we still maintained the points difference between us.
    Afc wanted the win more than we did to close the gap,and we wanted the win too,to widen the gap.At the end it was a draw,leaving Afc players and fans more disappointed.

    Afc now have to wait another year to try and beat us in a league match.Pole to Masika who has never tasted victory against us ever since he ditched us for the den!!!and thanks to his leaving we got better defenders in the likes of Emuge and Owino!!!!

    Congrats to the boys for a job well done.Its never easy coming back from 2 goals down against a top team!!!

  8. Oswozo@6….spot on my brother!!
    I thought we played well save for the midfield where we were not brilliant but efficient as Akumu and Ochieng gave a good account of themselves.

    For me my weakest link was Dube. Unfortunately he did not replicate his last weekends form and had to go off later in the match.

    As we prepare for tough matches ahead,i hope the team can now up the ante as we have very little margin for error if we hope to win the league!

    Good Luck!!

  9. @Ingo u should celebrate even more yourself. when was the last time u guys got points off us????

    Dube didnt have a good day
    Mutiso was colourless… i think the magnitude of the fixture unsettled him.. he lost too many balls, struggled to control the ball
    Nasio is always a hardworker but i believe he’s no longer good… too blant going forward, easily beaten by attackers… Musa Mohamed is better and should be 1st choice.

  10. This was fair results considering that Kogallo was trailing. I am particularly happy for Danny “Ssebbo”. His goal and ability to play 90 minutes is an indication that he is shaking off the fiasco experienced with his intended move to Europe. He also seem to have won Williamson’s confidence. With the kind of determination exhibited by the boys yesterday, I do not see the reason we should not be crowned 2013 champions with 2 games to go. Let us stay focused.

    For God and my club – Kogallo

  11. In the tpl league, where goals are usually few and fae between, scoring two goals in a span of like 20mins is no mean feat!
    And so,snatching the win from ingwes’ jaws, was no mean feat, hence our celebrations,#ingo!
    Besides,#ingo, why shouldn’t we, celebrate when we can raise a massive FOUR POINTS, out of six againts ingwe, who only managed a PALTRY ONE POINT???
    I thought ingwe was one of those so called,”fellow contenders?”

  12. @ingo, celebrations are in order coz, we managed to get a MASSIVE FOUR POINTS from one of the so called ‘fellow contenders’, who in turn managed a PALTRY ONE POINT, over the two legs!
    Isn’t that not a reason to celebrate semeji????

  13. Semeji hats off for fighting from 2 goals to draw, that is character rarely seen in KPL, many Ingwerians r blaming our blunder prone Matasi especially Dani’s goal but as much as i agree i also c Luc mistakes in substitutions made, he kept on attacking even at 2 nil sometimes u dont hav 2 sub(Koop n Sir Alex comes to mind) when in control, Were n Noah Wafula had forced Gor’s fullbacks to limit overlaping n once they came u saw Jasirati moving foward . Luc should have brought in defensive players . The DERBY lived up to its hype n twas one beauty of a game to watch, now Semeji ur fim FAVORITES to bag 2013 title

  14. Congrats boys for the fight. We march on.

    @Bill Wabz, thank you for showing respect and maturity.

    It’s because of people like you that yesterday was a success. Hooliganism wasn’t reported and can surely be done away with if we all work together.

  15. Bill Wabz never disappoints. Ever level headed. That’s my man. Just like Charles Okwemba.

    However, Bill I feel Efusi should join K’Ogalo in paying the 2.8M. Reason Efusi is liable is because K’Ogalo fans learnt that Kasarani seats are breakable from Efusi fans (I hope you remember the Chemelil fiasco at Kasarani). Now that you guys are claiming solidarity fees from Victor’s transfer, you should also share in the solidarity fine. Bill I hope you do agree that our co-existence has a lot of give-and-take. Your people taught our people how to smoke bhang and how to break stadium seats and in return, the other day your people were caught in camera taking stone-throwing lessons from our people during the first leg derby at Nyayo….and the co-existence continues with lots of respect.

  16. Where is @Disi? He needs to pick some lessons from @Bill. I know he says that he went to the village but I thought the team needed him most yesterday. We outnumbered Ingwe fans almost 5 to 1 which is not fair for a derby.
    On the game itself I think our midfield did well and that’s why Ingwe decided to penetrate through the flanks. The parnership f Viera and Eric to me is fine and that is why our strikers were not starved of balls yesterday

  17. That was not only brilliant football but also excellent Tactical reaction from the TB. It was a real sweet ending for the match.

    Surely sure, the never say die spirit from players and visionary substitutions made by the tech bench saved the day for us. You never go wrong with such commitment and passion.

    You get to realize too just how impatient and irrational fans can be. At 2 nil some already were grumbling about where is such and such a player, why is the coach sidelining so and so, why didn’t so and so start, so and so is a national coach and not club coach..etc etc.

    Just last week quite a number of fans were shouting for removal of so and so to replace so and so.

    Well, Dan original has always described these fans appropriately. The big question is will we let the tech bench do their work in peach in enough space? Or was it due to the fact that Ingwe is regarded as a tough opponent the reason hooligans restrained themselves from their usual orgy? All in all it was a great match with everything good before and after.

  18. First and foremost i really appreciate the comments made by Bill wabz normally its hard to find such a cool headed fellow in Efusi camp.The difference between Luc Eymael is as clear as day and night.Here were Efusi leading by two goals to nil,up to the 60TH minute.Instead what did Luc do? Pulls out Seda and Were,that made Efusi flanks be lethargic where Were gave Nasio a torrid afternoon.In came Musa who stabilized the defence, and Erick Ochieng in midfield and Akumu now were no longer under pressure.Kevos substitution proved a master stroke as his pass contributed to the second goal.But adgain to be fair to Luc,on the bench he did not have a defence minded midfielder.With Were and Seda out of the match,Owino Calabar was able to join attacks in the Efusi 18 yard area and the result was the wonderful goal which he scored with his left foot!Congrats Ko’galo for the remarkable comeback.That is what champions are made of and play. Lets be careful with the coming matches.GINI POK WAKAO!

  19. The draw was a relief the Leopards were technically superior look at the goals you cant even blame Jerim.I think something happened to the defense….is Musa Mohamed the lasting solution?…..personally i think maybe.

  20. Guys, the reason we conceeded was because yesterday’s game was open and attack minded. When did a derby be as open as yesterday’s? It could even have ended 4-2 in our favour. During the match our defence really stood tall. In fact Ingwe had two shots on target in which they converted 2 and Jerry picked one during the late minutes of the match. On the other end Matasi had literally to put his body on the line to save the goal-bound shots.
    From the experience of the last few seasons GINO POK WAKAO. Being humble is what will help us. I saw some fans with t-shirts written GINI WSEKAO and I wondered if they were there last year. What we need is prayers and more prayers plus commitment from the fans, players, TB, EC and the sponsors.
    I liked the thing of giving free yoghurt to the first 3000 fans. That means that the sponsor is enjoying the fruits of the association with GM to market their products. But what is it with some of our fans with some of their songs and dirges. Whwn will they grow up and stop the abusive and ethnic derogatory songs.

  21. A total of 3.8m was raised from the derby. The figure looks small for such a turnout but from what happened is that the process had loopholes. Some tickets were being used several times for entry. No wonder the low figure. I was expecting nothing less tham 5m but that is life even as the EC as started pointing fingers at imaginary enemies

  22. @22,Dan Original…..look at the gate collection for most games,where does the bulk of the money come from?russia!!!i tried to speak out for the genuine peace loving Gor fan who cannot afford to pay the 500 shillings(and they are the majority) but nobody supported me.

    Now i have been vindicated by the low collection compared to what Afc collected in the 1st leg…never mind the venue.

    Had we stuck to the 500 and 200 we are used to then the collection would have been way past 5m…but because someone tried to be”too clever by half”,we ended up with such a measly amount inspite of the seemingly high attendance,which i highly doubt was 7800 people….rethink your strategies EC!!!!!

  23. @Oswozo where I sat I saw guys collecting used tickets to be used for re-entry and that was also a reason for the low collection. The issues of hooliganism for the past few days must have discouraged fans as well. And also as usual Ingwe guys don’t attend matches and this was a case in point. From the gor end the numbers were good as usual. The Kenyan mentality of ‘eating’ from where you work must also stop. Gor is a cash cow and we need to tame that mentality. This problem is not only in the EC but fans as well. How do you go to the stadium without money for a game shown even on KBC unless you are one of those who thrive on chaos to benefit

  24. Can any one who has the information on the ticket sales brief me? How could the sunday derby raise only ksh 3.8M?

  25. Fans, I think EC is not honest at all in gate collection figures.

    There is something terrible with this office when it comes to accountability. This figure of Kshs.3.8 million is far below the expected amount of Kshs.5 million plus. Where is the accountability? Integrity? Openness? Transparency?

    WE fans should demand for an explanation regarding the gate collection figures.

    When will our officials be more open and transparent?

    This is the main reason why I have been proposing that during the AGM, new resolutions should be passed by members to have EC membership of only five officials but not bloated office exhibited by the current structure.

    Our bloated office consists of the following:-
    1. Chairman – Ambrose Rachier
    2. Senior Vice Chairman -David Kilo
    3. 1st Vice Chair – Faiz Ochieng
    4. 2nd Vice Chair -Antony Ojee
    5. Sec General – George Bwana
    6. Dep Sec-Gen -Roselinder Achieng
    7. Asst Sec Gen – Ronald Ngala
    8. Treasurer -Samuel Ominde
    9. Asst Treasurer – Gerphas Okuku
    10. Organizin Secretary -David Nyandega
    11. Dep Organizing secretary – Sec-Jack Orowe

    Why should Gor Mahia have Chairman with three Vice Chairmen? Senior Vice Chairman? 1st Vice Chairman?, 2nd Vice Chairman? What are the value additions should these vice chairmen give to the club?

    On Secretary, why should we have two deputies?

    Fellow bloggers and fans, do we really need to have organizing secretary and his deputy? What have they been organizing?

    On Treasurer, do we need to have deputy Treasurer?

    Fans, from the figures reported, this confirm that Gor Mahia has been a cash cow and we need to tame this mentality during the next AGM by electing only five officials that is Chairman and Deputy, Secretary and Deputy and Treasurer. This will reduce the eating mentality and the number of officials whose aims were to eat and continue eating from the club coffers.

    The jury is out and we have to think.

    I suggest that we should borrow a leaf from INGWE on how they vetted their prospective officials or aspirants before the AGM date so that we can have capable and well focused officials with visions to the club but not eating mentality.

    We should vote out Faiz, Kilo, Ojee, Nyandega, Ngala, Bwana, Ominde, Okuku, Orowe and Roselinder. However, we should only retain Ambrose Rachier as the Chair and inject new team members with passion for success and vision in the coming AGM.

    The bloated office is where we go wrong as a club. Suppose each official pockets between Kshs.100,000 – 500,000, the club will be losing close to Kshs.1 – 5 million in every our home matches.

    The above figures are the monies we are losing in every our home matches.

  26. What CURRENCY IS THE 3.8m COLLECTED? IS IT NIGERIAN NIRA OR KWACHA? OKAY WHAT IS THE KENYA SHS EQUIVALENT OR EXCHAGE RATE USED TO CONVERT? hehehehehehehe? NG’ATO chiemo. This is the amount you raise with 7600 paying Kshs 500=

    I think more people are milking the Cow than I thought. I only know of one so far it SSMB who got good flimsy reason.

    That crowd was at least 20,000 and that would give us Kshs 10M. Did we play in City Stadium to have only 7600 fans attend the match? We have raised more money at City before.

    This is clearly thugery if there is not other currency in circulation in Kenya. Why don’t we just let people free into the stadium if we can add simple math.

    this is not transparent, what is even more questionable is how do the players benefit from such big Matches, no wonder I saw Goal Keeper Coach cross the Road this morning at Nyayo Stadium obviously going for training.

    Do we have a heart?

  27. Cont’nd

    I am so SAD, my morning is messed up, this will make me feel like becoming a Hollygan and coming for these EC with Rage they have never seen before “not hooligan”

  28. Simple….because of the high gate charges,majority of the fans did underhand deals to get into the stadium.Of course we were much more than 8000 people in that stadium!!!!its not rocket science that there is something very fishy going on here!!!!!

  29. Aaaaah, at last i also feel vindicated.
    However i would like Mwakio to be persuaded from the thinking that retaining AR is good for GM. I used to be of the same idea until it dawned on me that its AR/Kilo & Ngala who are on their third term yet GM has no structures/ transparency. SO WHO CARRIES THE MOST BLAME.
    @ Oswozo Its simple the role of the Security Youth is to run a parallel entry system @ every match.That’s why City’s VIP stand is always full yet tickets sold r rarely exceed half capacity

  30. contd…
    Now the “Youth” operate under the direct supervision of the EC’s security committee. Hope you now understand why EC will never relinguish security matters 2 police/ reputable security firms beta 2 pay 2.8M.

    As 4 the alarming discrepancy in the derby’s gate collections ITS OBVIOUS THAT THE EC R BUILDING A WAR CHEST 4 THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS.

  31. Let’s look at the bigger picture. As much as EC is to blame we are also aware that in this same blog we have advocated for higher gate charges to deter ‘hooligans’. Now we have higher gate charges and there is more underhand deals going on around the stadium. Who amongst us was at the stadium and was not aware that tickets were being recycled? This could have been strictly a gate keepers issue without the knowledge of the EC. From what I know is that we need to remove emotions when tackling some issues. What makes us think that without AR some of these things will cease. As we campaign for our friends let’s think Gor first. We actually need to cast our nets wider than former players/fans in order to get the right mix of officials. I have seen a team whose chair was a lady and it was doing so well. Definitely she was not a team legend. Looks like our current EC has no one with commercial acumen otherwise that person would be more concerned with the finacial aspect of the club than even the outcome of the matches.

  32. It is a thousand miles away from the truth. How could 40,000 printed tickets, less than 8,000 be sold? Less than 1/4 of the printed tickets were sold!


    @ oduor12 better take this war to the doorstep of EC and please ask your preferred “former players” to publicly declare their intentions the earliest possible so that they can be identified, associated and later evaluated by members prior to the elections during the AGM. They should impress on the current EC to change the GM CONSTITUTION and have it adopted during the forth coming AGM ; thus allowing members to vote in a “LEAN” EC.

    But as things stands and from your comments as posted above at #33, i can confidently confirm to you that it is a fact to accept what @KOSERO and @PAREYIO once told @MWAKIO that “GOR INA WENYEWE”. Those who have been their before knows what it takes to win an election in GM. It is as simple as you have mentioned; Recruiting members and then adopting the usually strategies like:



  34. Gor mahia troubles will never end! Players dis their best, while the thieves stole gate collection! . . . .bloated cabinet to be done away with as it is not sustainable having all those hungry blood sucking marauders as officials! . . . ..games are going to get tougher than the one witnessed on Sunday, we should be aware of this.
    Love you all

  35. @ COMRADE ODUOR12 the recent very peaceful AFC LEOPARDS elections were conducted with participation of only 700 genuine members who registered at a cost 1000/= fee. The 700 members registered from various branches ensured that they gave the club the best personalities to take them forward.

    If GOR registration is @ 100/=, then you will require between 3500 to 5000 thugs,hooligans,marauding youths,clans men,village-mates, the list is endless to elect another “bloated executive community” that will milk the club for another term. THAT IS WHY “GOR INA WENYEWE”..!!!!!!

  36. Chairman -Ambrose Rachier
    Senior Vice Chairman -David Kilo
    1st Vice Chair – Faiz Ochieng
    2nd Vice Chair -Antony Ojee
    Sec General – George Bwana
    Dep Sec-Gen -Roselinder Achieng
    Asst Sec Gen – Ronald Ngala
    Treasurer -Samuel Ominde
    Asst Treasurer – Gerphas Okuku
    Organizin Secretary -David Nyandega
    Dep Organizing secretary – Sec-Jack Orowe

  37. It embarrassing to have all this group as EC members.Can somebody tell me the duties of each official?No matter they always contradict each other? Reason,some don’t have specified duties.How is the duty of senior vice chairman different from 1st Vice Chairman and 2nd Vice Chairman,Dep Sec Gen from Ass Sec Gen.If each one of them has a number of security scouts who represent his/her interest(only known to them)then that where the mess come from.Because each of will be trying his best to collect as much as he can for himself and his boss hence the entry of fans to the stadium by paying as little as 50 or 100 bobs to this waiganjos.The Ec should have members Not more than 7 and a maximum number of security scouts set.Qualifications should also be set for all this position and an independent vetting committee set.

  38. @34-40 thx 4 the insights.
    Now match tickets mayb increased bt not the membership fee.
    It will remain @ 100bob per year. U see increasing membership fee & having a structured membership is putting “WENYE GOR” at risk 4 the reasons well expounded by O.T.
    Seriously Dan Orig. if u truly believe that EC didn’t know their own gatekeepers were recycling tickets & they r innocently naive then u r truly a saint, but remember despite ua excuses/explanations these gatekeepers have been at it 4 2 years!

  39. contd…
    6 of the I1 positions in the bloated EC r deputies/ assistants with the 7th being organising secretary.GM board decisions r generally by voting so you can expect any proposal 2 reduce officials 2 be soundly defeated.

  40. I think its an issue of being naive at facing facts coz we all know in Kenya a public thing remains an opportunity for plunder unless the managers are extra vigillant and smart. Truly speaking hiking gate charges can never work! I repeat never! This is Kenya! @ Mwakio who will bell the cat? Would you mind persuading Mr AR to kindly lead the Agm into passing the amendments reducing ec population now that he remains the absolute chair?(i have no problem). But remember its his 3rd term and we are lamenting the same loopholes. @Oduori 12, where are the legends? Where is their manifestos?

  41. We should strategize to replace this team come end of year. The mourning and whinning on this blog just shows us how helpless we are. The truth is that we are not as helpless as we think. If we can hold them accountable for Rama’s and Danny’s transfer then we can peacefully get our way.
    Despite all these we should focus all our energy on supporting the team as we keep the EC on check otherwise we might lose the plot

  42. We are accusing people at the gate and other poor souls of taking money from the derby yet, as i have always suspected, those vans and ‘biometric’ registers are the real ‘tallying centres’ of corruption. Does anyone know whether a whole van is for the EC? How do you declare ‘genuine’ results so SSMB goes home with 25%. We went digital for a reason.

    If 3 million was lost in the derby, then 2 million went in a van.

    Kweli ‘Gor ina Wenyewe’. All aspirants must first and foremost, fund an army of hooligans. Secondly, get members in order to scheme a ‘Tharaka Nithi’ and finally, get a few bloggers for cyber and media war in that order. Things will get thick very soon. If fear for ‘Our League Title’.

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