Logarusic to have final say on signings

Courtesy of futaa.com

Holidaying Gor Mahia FC Coach Zdravko Logarusic will have final say over the signings made by the club’s officials in the on-going transfer window.

According to Senior Vice Chairman David Kiilo, they are in contact with the tactician who will determine the fate of the new recruits when he jets-in on Wednesday 2 January.


-We were targeting sign six players and the coach is quite aware of the targets.

-Apart from David Otieno, the rest of the players will be thoroughly assessed by the coach [Logarusic] before signing them.

-He is still our coach and he will be with us when we resume training, said Kiilo to futaa.com.

The defending Domestic Cup champions are expected to resume training on Wednesday next week.

13 thoughts on “Logarusic to have final say on signings

  1. This is getting better. Loga is definitely back. He must finish the work he had started, winning the league and getting to the furthest we can in continental football. Let’s get the signings done now, not rejects but talent that will complement our squad.

  2. I support the idea of letting the Coach and his T.B to have a final say on all players to be signed or sold.

    Now that it seams obvious the Coach’s Contract has been reviewed upwards, which is good, can GOR MAHIA set the pace by making public the wages of its entire personnel. Also to review the Contracts of all its Playing Unit n T. B. Reason being, serious sponsors other than TUZO, will come knocking on our door. Can the Club think of constructing its own STADIA i.e the real ESTADIO DU TOK KOMWANDA.

  3. I can’t see anyway on the article where the issue of the coach has been ettled. The only fact (not sure anymore) is that the contrct ends in April. I’m sure both FKF and Loga are eyeing the HS jod but don’t know how to handle the gor wrath. From experience I cannot believe what the VC is saying so I can only wait and see

  4. Does it mean that other than Otieno,nobody else has been signed? What of Kiongera and Abbey? To my fellow blogger no.2, constructing a Stadium require massive cash. It is not like building a big house! Even if we have a playing field my friend, the best we can do is to fence it with Ojuok.We still need about 25 years of success before we may think of a Stadium.

  5. @ Dan you have made my day. At least for once there is one person who is able to dissect the so called populist statements from our EC.

    “COACHES COME AND GO” and if “LOGA” wants some greener pasture as H-Stars head coach so be it. We should forthwith stop all this mumbling,wailing and toiling over this guy because he can not and will never ever hold GM on ransom. GOR IS BIGGER THAN AN INDIVIDUAL.

    The earlier we get this “KASUMBA” thing called “LOGA” out of our mind games with the EC and start planning for our future engagements the better our performance will be for the upcoming season 2013.

  6. Even if Logarusic’s contract ends in April 2013
    -IT CAN STILL BE BROKEN OR BOUGHT OUT BY ANYONE SERIOUS TO CONTRACT “OUR COACH”. Remember GMFC terminated the contracts of the likes of Selenge, Hugo etc without much ado.
    Then there is double speak from EC, first is that Loga left a list of players to be signed and now that he will approve signings on his “return”

    Now let me address some concerns of Dan,a seasoned blogger
    1. The bloated EC actually have job descriptions-I know of at least two:
    a)D.Killo heads the technical affairs/ matters – an area that did relatively well by last seasons results
    b)R.Achieng is in charge of marketing- note the chaos in this area i.e the Nation jackets deal,Tuzo friction.
    Am most interested in those in charge of security and finances. Other areas which are total flops.
    Finally Dan I don’t see the need of wailing about audited GMFC accounts. The day these will ever be availed by this EC I will pay YOU 1MILLION DOLLARS.

  7. Now on rumours that we are signing a Brazilian and Nigerian strikers. EC please be serious and give us how many goals these two have netted in the past season even at “their unknown clubs”.
    We have Dan “Flava” with 17 goals
    Rama Salim if he stays with 11 goals
    Maybe Kiongera with 10 goals
    EC don’t waste time and resources on people who could just be Mexican/ Nollyhood soap stars.
    K’galo will gains more recognition by having an impressive run in the CAF then by these ‘questionable’ signings.Sort out the coaching debacle its more urgent.

  8. Gentlemen of the blog I implore you to give the GMFC EC some breathing space this festive season. This is a season of good will when men and women of good will PRETEND to be very friendly, warm and understanding. It is on this vein that I make this appeal. Let us allow them to enjoy some quiet time with their families before we unleash the daggers on them for the next eleven months beginning 2nd Jan next week. Sometimes we make unrealistic goes at the men who run the club we ascribe to as if they are officials of an enemy club. We should acknowledge that as humans they are bound to make some misjudgements. Unfortunately as bloggers and fans we tend to focus on and dwell on the misjudgements and say very little whenever the same men and women of the EC get their moves right.

    May I not be mistaken to be the EC’s advocate. Infact EC members should enjoy the festive break but prepare to seriously address bloggers’ issues including:
    1. The matter of the bloated office. Why don’t those of you with amorphous roles just own up and step down. Don’t cite the club’s constitution because that constitution itself is well past its sell-by date and requires a serious overhaul. Convince us why GMFC cannot be run effectively by 5 elected officials.
    2. The question of the youth tier system. Is it so impossible to have an U18 side?
    3. Shrewed and prudent management of finances especially the gate takings and with this goes the registration of GMFC fans and their KSh 5 per day contribution for the running of the club.
    4. Medical Insurance cover to the entire playing unit and technical bench.

  9. I thought we had signed players but now I’m shocked to hear only David Otieno is sure of his position!!!

    @ 1 Pod Antie – dont think this gentleman is back. In fact assume that he’s gone until you the training resumes on 2nd Jan 2013.

    @ 2- JAPOLO EN SIRKAL- this coach is now taking EC for a ride. Assume he was a local coach…angekuwa ameshafutwa kitambo. Where was he when EC were recruiting and anouncing to futaa.com and media?

    @3 – Dan – you are right.

    @ 4 – odhiambo p. owuor – Am eqaully shocked that we are not sure of whom we have signed so far apart from one person.

    @ 5 – OGANGO TRAILER – I fully concur

    @ 6 – gorbidder – you are very right. Huyu jamaa anaeza enda Harambee Stars. Contracts can always be terminated world-wide.

    @ 7 – ODUOR12 – I agree. What we are doing is that we believe that those we haven’t signed are better than what we have. In fact we don’t know what we want.

    @ 8- Barefoot Bandit – We cant give GM EC breathing space because they are making premature announcements on signings. If themselves they took a break then it would have been easy to give them a break…


    Fellow bloggers,

    I hope you enjoyed Christmas. Mine of wonderful with lots of nyama choma and bitter herbs soup. And the party is not yet over.

    From your comments, some bloggers are yet to learn the rules we set last season. The Executive Committee of Gor Mahia have been duly elected by the delegates at the annual AGM to carry out specific functions as spelt out by the club constitution. It is the top decision organ of the club and their decisions is binding.

    Thus, as a matter of fact, the officials deserve some
    respect even as we criticise some of their decisions. Truth be told, these guys have done a commendable job. Rome was not built in a day, they say.

    To propel Gor Mahia to success, it requires meticulous planning and tough sacrifices. I have said many times on this blog that the EC is only a cog in a wheel. There are some other organs of the club that must work in congruent with the EC in order to meet the objective for the season.

    I feel sad when i continue to read some bloggers brushing off the recently unveiled charity cup tournament. Some are already up in arms against the EC recruiting players from the diaspora. You can read above some boggers are spitting venom from the decisions they make everyday. I concur with a bloogger who noted it is as if we are commenting to the officials of a rival club.

    Let us always maintain decency and civility in our comments and suggestions. Remember our goal is one; to make Gor Mahia a successful club in Africa. It is possible but it must start with you.

    Have a fabulous festive start season and take cate.

  11. Happy Holiday bloggers.

    @PAREYIO, I do concur with your posting.

    Let all bloggers observe caution on our comments. Let us give EC some breathing space so that they can put more emphasis and energy in signing the best players. If the office fail to do the right thing, the we as fans would have the right calls and criticisms.

  12. I am tired of this line-GOR IS BIGGER THAN AN INDIVIDUAL,yet the club is yet to win a continental silverware for more than two decades,and is struggling financially,while its peers like ESPARANCE of Tunis have had a tremendous growth both off and on the pitch.Do u guys know that the Tunis based club has an annual budget of 1.2B Kenya shillings while GOR MAHIA which beat them 2 decades ago have stagnated,can neither retain a coach nor its best players.

  13. @ando2031, Rome was not built on a day. At least we are somewhere and moving. Just keep on supporting the team materially, morally, spiritually, financially, emotionally, etc and we will be there.

    Our key problems have been the inept office bearers who have refused to open their eyes to see all the revenue generating capacities and methodologies of the club.

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