1994: The last time Gor Mahia advanced

MMike Otieno, Tom Okaya, Tom Ochieng, Aggrey Obonyo, Mebrat Hail, Hellenic South Africa, All Ittihad Libya, Canon Yaounde

Pass master Tom Ochieng was in Kogalo’s engine room the last time Kogalo advanced in a continental event

18 thoughts on “1994: The last time Gor Mahia advanced

  1. Kogalo has the will, stamina and the ability to do proud for the fans, club and the Nation Kenya as a whole. It has done it before!! All we need to continue doing is continue giving it sincere support and goodwill. Very soon it will land in the promised land CANNON!

  2. correction: promised land of CANNAN. Pliz take note. Sorry!! Read in conjunction with comment # 1 hereabove. Erokamano jokogalo.

  3. if you play for or support Gor, then one should get and feel the spirits of the mighty Kogallo, this is a legion, it is a calling. For Gor we die on the pitch and terraces. we are more than fanatics, ask Bobby Ogolla, ask Apingu Nyawawa, this is a great following, we offer nothing but sweat and blood cause we are unequavocal for Gor. please think of nothing else but victory, Africa here we come, clear the way as GOR BIRO YAWNE.

  4. tom okaya, tom ochieng, mike otieno and others….yes we used to get up to quarterfinals and occassionally finals for continental cups ! Those days nobody knew about TP MAZEMBE. The reason why we are where we are is because of poor leadership.

    Hopefully this is about to end

  5. Indeed its been a long time.
    This article is a wake up call at the most appropriate time to the entire K’galo fraternity be it the players,TB, EC and the fans that:
    “Gor K’galo iko na benchmarks / standards of yesteryears to be emulated.”

  6. How I wish k’ogalo would reach far in this campain .I realy love this club and am just waiting to see how we start this campain.

  7. Oooh Laaa laa aa!!!!

    “If wishes were horses even beggars would ride”.

    Do not set unrealistic targets. This team is still at infantry stage in the continental competition.

    Let us grow with team and stop banking on past glory that are meant to jog your mind back to the historical era.

    @ Albert Kosero “Sofaset Branch” Ja- Kampala used caution me that “Rome was not built in a day”.
    And some of us are setting their demand beyond the expectation. You will suffer from ULCERS for nothing.

    Learn how to CRAWL , the Practice how to STAND-STILL before you can dream on how to WALK and lastly RUN.

    At the moment we are miles away and very very far from the SUPER-GOLDEN GENERATION. We lack the very basic infrastructure and foundation. Expect any result.PERIOD

  8. David Ochieng “Kamoga”, Tobias Ocholla, George Otieno “Solo”,Isaya Omondi”janabi”,Austin Oduor “Makamu” , Abbas Khamisi Magongo,Nyangi Odembo, George Onyango “fundi”,Peter Dawo, Sammy Onyango “Jogoo”,Anthony Ndolo, that was the golden team, correct me if i am wrong

  9. We live by faith,@ogango trailer plz be positive at times and by the way who told u we can’t achieve anything? I’m sorry to say that u are the type of fans that don’t encourage players instead criticize them hata wakiwa game. Human beings will never be the same so learn to appreciate our young upcoming players.bloggers should know that our players blog sites to c the reactions of their supporters,so when u criticize them also learn to give them hope so that they can believe in themselves.kogalo forever

  10. Nyakogalo I agree with you. But Kogalo demands the kind of players who are used to playing under pressure. If a player cannot deal with such pressure thene he can forget any ambitions of playing overseas because fans overseas will have no patience.

  11. Another crop of players that we still remember with nostalgia is hesborn omollo,abdulla shebe,tairus omondi,swaleh ochieng& Ben “breakdance” oloo.Infact the “sexy” free flowing kind of football they displayed is the kind that few people would forget in a hurry.The midfield was the launchpad for goals

  12. ogango trailer, the first day you step into class or workplace, you aim to be the best, if at the end results come otherwise, you encourage yourself and move on, on sarto we will win, that is the spirit in sirkal, otherwise pessimism will take us nowhere. who thought Nigeria could take CAN from day one? a Kogalo loyal always a Kogalo loyal, be positive and let the rest be for post match analysis. even the best ensambled team at times loses matches remember galactico.

  13. Those who always talk of 1987 team, be reminded that that was then and we r in 2013 and these boys r equaly good. You dont expect the 1987 squad to rejoin Gor and come to conqure Africa.The fact that kenya did win against Libya shows how strong our league has grown and we should not underrate our teams. I believe that we shall make a statement as K’ogalo in africa this year. just watch this space.

  14. The History of 1987 was for a reason. It was to inspire any club in this country not to look at themselves as inferior. It should therefore add more adrenalin to our players to work extra hard to achieve even past the 1987. Please use the Karate experiment “to hit an object you do not aim the object but aim beyond it and the impact will be great” Our current team cannot be the History but they can make their own history. we are cheering them on.

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