Flashback: Gor Mahia vs Esperance in 1987

Story by Muroro Pacho

The stage is set for an epic rematch between Gor Mahia and Tunisian Champions and perrennial African giants Esperance. The last time these two teams met was in the final of the 1987 Africa cup winners cup in which Gor Mahia emerged triumphant by forcing a 2-2 draw away in Tunis and a 1-1 draw in the second leg at Kasarani.

On this day, Esperance resorted to all manner of rough play. Here Anthony Odhiambo Ndolo receives a kick

Gor Mahia Return to Continental Football

1987 Mandela cup showdown

Doubts over David Ochieng “Kamoga”

1987 Cup winner cup 1st Leg:

1987 Mandela Cup winner cup 2nd Leg:

Hicheri Toufiq gouged, pinched and strangled Dawo throughout the game

Dawo beat Nacur Choucane to the near post and thundered the ball home

President Moi led the cheers at a packed Kasarani

Charles Otieno came closest to scoring in the second half. Nacur Choucane had to dive full length but was well beaten. But the ball missed the target narrowly



11 thoughts on “Flashback: Gor Mahia vs Esperance in 1987

  1. Great piece of inspiration

    kudos shemeji 4 the hard fought victory, its neva easy to win in west africa n that shows character, wish u the best in ur next match.

    Shame on Jakoyo 4 misleading evrybody, this guy cannot b Ingwe, all right thinking Kenyans were in support of the 2 giants, they were carrying the countrys’ flag.

  2. 27 years is quite a long time. So many things have change but football is a different game. It knows no form or financial muscle.
    With proper preparations and being clinical in finishing, Gor can get past Esperance and so can Afc versus S.sports.
    We will need atleast two goals and a clean sheet at home so as to have a realistic chance of making it into the next round. Our coaches need get the players in the best scoring form possible ata kama ni kufunga na mgongo.

    Tukuwe serious because playing those Arabs has never been easy for any sub-saharan side.

  3. Mcosweto@2…you are right.A major concern for us is scoring.Our strikers are going through a barren spell which i hope will end this Thursday when we face City Stars…

  4. That was an unforgettable day. I was in the village at the time and people were singing and running from home to home through the night.

  5. Great article ….keep it up. I was still a baby but ardent Gor Mahia fan together with my father who never missed any of Gor Mahia matches.

    ,MCjali haki, kogalo pek ka kidi jothurwa,theze gayz met last sam 27yrz back bat the game usually used 2 b ended draw,bat thiz tym,wakikam home, sisi kaa mafanz 2tajaa kwa field na nduru ile mbaya as long as we get 3point.

  7. Its really Nostalgic. I remember it as if were Yesterday. I was there.Gor was everything. Gor still is to many of us. I pray for this team. It has the greats in the midfield as the Gor of the 1980s. Gor had at any one time 6 or more astute midfielders that could rotate from deep defensive to attacking roles. I see that quality in the team now. What has not happened is this Midfield being aggressive to create field goals. Once we get there we shall sing again. I look forward to great creativity from Teddy Akumu, Baba Kizito, Erick Ochieng, Kevin Ade , Mutiso, Rama Salim,Oboya and BlackBerry all being creative to create field goals.. I support a packed midfield. That is what made us great in the 1980s. I will take us there again

  8. Helo from tunisia,just to let you know that you are talking about a giant of africa , Esperance de Tunis , we respect gor but guys weekup you are talking about Espérance who will be this year inshalah the great africain champian! Zantouri ya tafrika


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