Sports Registrar comes to Nyangi’s aid

Judith Nyangi, who had been eliminated from running in Gor Mahia’s August 8 elections, seems to have received a reprieve from the Sports Registrar. She will likely contest for the Treasurer seat against Dolfina Odhiambo.

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Sports Registrar Rose Wasike appears to have provisionally cleared Gor Mahia’s outgoing organising secretary Judith ‘Nyangi’ Anyango to contest the treasurer’s post in the club’s forthcoming polls.

The Kenyan Premier League giants are in line to elect new officials on August 8, and club chairman Ambrose Rachier recently told Nairobi News the club’s new constitution prohibits any person without a university degree from contesting for any management position.

This rule automatically locks out Nyangi who has a diploma from vying, but then, the Registrar has, in a terse letter addressed to the club secretary, now emphasized that no one should be ‘unfairly blocked’ from contesting.

“This is to request you to submit documents relating to the appointed Independent Panel that will ensure holding of fair and transparent elections (which include) nomination of candidates without unfairly blocking any candidate from vying, adherence to the 2/3 gender rule, and non-discrimination,” Wasike said.

“The (election) exercise should not violate the Kenya Constitution 2010, the Sports Act, and the Sports Registrar regulations,” she added.


The Registrar has also recommended the Institution of Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) to oversee the club’s virtual election even as she outlined the requirements for all contestants.

“Currently, the online voting system is only available for ICPAK which has been doing online elections. All vying candidates must get clearance from Government Intergirty clearance offices i.e the Credit Reference Bureau, Higher Educations Loans Board, Kenya Revenue Authority, Ethics Anti-Corruption Commission, Directorate of Criminal Investigations, National Social Security Fund and National Hospital Insurance Fund, among others.

Rachier is so far unopposed for the chairmanship position, while Sally Bolo will tussle with Francis Wasuna for the vice-chairmanship.

Sam Ochola, who is eyeing the Secretary General position, is also unopposed, while Dolfina Onduto, Chrispine Okoth, and probably Nyangi will contest the treasurer’s position.


Group of fans seek injunction to stop election

A group of fans are going to stop the Gor Mahia elections that are slated for August

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The polls have been scheduled for August but the process might fail to go on should the stakeholders seek a court injunction

Gor Mahia elections scheduled for August may not take place as planned as some members have challenged the constitutionality of the Elections Board.

In a letter obtained by Goal, Omollo and Omollo Co. Advocates acting for Ben Mathews Agunda, David Osewe Odero, Alfred Odhiambo Otieno, Gilbert Otieno Wandera, George Ochieng Gombe, Meshack Odera and Edder Jalang’o, who are members of Gor Mahia, have asked the polls be stopped or else they will move to court.

“We are instructed that you are currently engaged in an electoral process whose substance and the process is in violation of Sports Act no. 25 of 2013 and Gor Mahia Football Club Constitution in the following manner.” read the opening paragraph of the demand letter.
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“We are instructed that Gor Mahia have held its elections on December 11th 2016 from which the current Executive Committee derives its mandate.

“Under the constitution of the club, the Executive Committee was elected to a term of two years from the date of the election.

“We are also instructed that you purported to have conducted secretive and fraudulent elections on 9th March 2019 at Jukwaa Lounge wherein you equally filed fraudulent returns with the Registrar of Societies on April 30th of 2019. We are instructed that the said meeting and or election did not take place as alleged or at all.

“We are further instructed that under the same rules, you purported to have amended the constitution of the club and forwarded the same fraudulent document to the Sports Registrar.

“We are instructed that the said document purporting to be the constitution of the club does not in material respect or comply with the club’s conditional certificate of registration dated 8th June 2018, the Act or indeed the regulations made thereunder.”

The Elections Board and its formation are at the forefront of what has been contested by the members, who have questions regarding the mandatory Gor Mahia elections.

“We are further instructed that the Executive Committee members unilaterally abrogated upon themselves the powers to appoint members of the club’s Elections Board without consultation or approval of the members or any other stakeholders,” continued the letter.

“We are instructed that the same Elections Board has now come up with unlawful and illegal elections rules, regulations, guidelines, timetables and calendars and nomination forms.

“We are further instructed that all these activities of the biased Elections Board are designed to perpetuate the continued stay of the incumbents in office and indeed we are instructed that the chairman has already been declared as elected unopposed.

“We are instructed that most of the members including Ambrose Rachier and Francis Wasuna are term-limited by the act and therefore barred from contesting in any further elections of the club.”

The seven members have gone ahead and given the club a period of time within which their requests must be acted upon.

“We are under instructions to demand the following; Cease and desist from further conduct of the fraudulent elections purportedly scheduled for 8th August 2020,” it concluded.

“Adhere to the conditions of registration as stipulated by the Sports Registrar in the certificate of registration dated 8th June 2020.

“Conduct the club’s elections in accordance with Article 81 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya, 2010, the Act and the Club’s Constitution.

“We demand immediate written confirmation of your agreement to meet our legal demand together with an indication of how you intend to comply.

“We regret that unless we receive such written confirmation and accompanying proposals within the next seven (7) days, we will file a suit to enforce our clients’ rights without further notice and at your risk as to the costs and other consequences.”


Rachier: We shall not rescind degree requirement

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier is adamant that a degree from a University is a minimum requirement to vie for an elected position at Gor Mahia. And he is adamant that the club will not turn back on the position despite protestations from Judith Nyangi who is interested in vying for the position of treasurer.
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Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier maintains the club will hold its forthcoming elections under a new constitution that dictates all elected officials must, among other qualifications, possess a university degree.

This requirement has, however, been opposed in some quarters.
Outgoing organising secretary Judith “Nyangi” Anyango, who is eyeing the treasurer’s seat, vowed to challenge the new document at the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT).

The Kenyan Premier League champions will head to the polls on August 8, and Rachier, who is gunning for a fourth term in office asserted that the new constitution had already been deposited at the Sports Registrar’s office.

The senior city lawyer, who has been at the helm of Gor for the past decade, also fell short of confirming whether or not he will serve for a final if re-elected.

“There is no turning back,” said Rachier.

“This club is no longer governed under the Societies Act and the Sports Act 2013 demands we register as a sports organisation. We have to align our constitution with the (Sports) Act, which we did last year when members met at Jukwaa Lounge and adopted what is now commonly known as the ‘Jukwaa Constitution’.”

As opposed to the previous constitution which had 11 elective positions in the club’s National Executive Committee (NEC), the new document provides from five elected positions namely chairman, vice-chairman, secretary-general, treasurer, and organising secretary.

An elected official will serve for four years, and not three as is currently the case.

“Someone is trying to lock us out (of office) and he is using this degree thing,” said Anyango, a diploma holder.

“But we will not allow that. Most members of parliament and County Assembly do not have degrees and yet they handle more sensitive and taxing roles. I will petition the Registrar and move to the SDT,” said Anyango

Rachier also said the club members will for the first time virtually elect the new officials via mobile phones, owing to a government ban on public gathering to tame the spread of Covid-19.

“Technology is key in today’s world. I’m virtually studying my Master’s degree at Trinity University in the USA. I am in my third year and yet have never set foot at the institution in Illinois,” said Rachier.

“It will be a cheaper and transparent exercise. We do not need the police as there will be no unruly people.”K’Ogalo is one of the most popular and successful football club in East Africa.

Both Dolfina and Nyangi posted their qualifications online


Rachier vows to unite club

The dust has finally settled on the much awaited Gor Mahia elections. The event happened without a hitch or without any altercations or violence. Those who lost gracefully accepted the results and those who won vowed to work together for the betterment of the club.

“We must admit the elections met the threshold of a free and fair elections. We didn’t witness any acts of violence. The counting process was also interactive and democratic” said Owiye, shortly after announcing the winners.

The registered voters were 3,002, but only 982 turned up for the exercise, which saw Francis Wasuna elected unopposed as the club’s senior vice chairman.

Gor Mahia elections board led by Chairman Patrick Lumumba Adera and vice chairman Mohammed Ibrahim Papa applauded the club members for observing discipline during the exercise.

“Today, we saw the true face of democracy. We can avoid violence if we have credible elections. What we have shown is that we can do better, if we put our hearts and mind to it. For those have lost, join the winners,” said Papa.

Chairman Rachier for his part says he was confident of victory.

“I was extremely confident of victory because of the records I posted at Gor Mahia, including winning numerous silverware and that is one thing, which will remain at K’Ogalo. he said to the Standard.

Rachier also said that he will work with all those who were elected.

“I had no line up and will work with those elected by members of the club.  My first duty will be to reunite all K’Ogalo fans and candidates. I know there are some divisions, but I intend to work closely with those who contested against me.” said Rachier.

Among those newly elected is Sally Bolo


The much anticipated new constitution is another item on the Chairman’s agenda

“My second task with my new committee will be to deal with our club’s constitution so that we can be compliant with the Sports Act. We have deadline of June 16, 2017 to be compliant with new guidelines for club licensing. We also hope the case filed in court, which will be mentioned on Tuesday (today), will be withdrawn” he said.

Creating a new constitution would mean streamlining the club and would neccesitate ridding the club of many of the current positions includinhg secretary general.

Among those who gracefully accepted defeated was Joseph Ogidi, a former musician of the GidiGidi MajiMaji fame.

“Thank you so much to the Kogalo fan base for the support. We live to fight another day. Congratulations to the new Secretary General Ben Omondi and to my worthy opponent Sam Ochola. Let’s now work together to transform Gor Mahia. God bless” said Ogidi on his social media pages.

Ben Omondi Thanks fans

Newly elected Secretary General Ben Omondi for his part thanked fans for engaging in a peaceful process and for accepting his vision for the club.

“I wish to take this opportunity to thank the entire Gor Mahia fraternity for a peaceful electoral process. I appreciate the enormous work done through my secretariat headed by Eng. Dan Opata (Jasoda), Betty Opondo, Gilbert Otiende and Joshua Amayo.

“I am indeed honored and thankful to all the voters, who believed in my vision and agenda for the club and voted me as the next Secretary General of Gor Mahia Football club. I will strive and endeavor to work closely with all the elected officials towards the realization of our goals and dreams as a Club.” he said to

Omondi now says he is committed to doing his part to strengthen the club

“It’s now down to business and building a stronger united and prosperous Gor Mahia. I commit to run a foot ball club that you will all be proud of supporting. ” continued Omondi.


Gor Mahia election candidates

Legendary club Chairman Zack Mbori in a club election in the mid 1980s

The Gor Mahia election board has released the full list of 26 aspirants.  Faiz Ochieng Magak who was voted out last time, is attempting to make a comeback to the 1st Vice Chair Position. Former musician Joseph Ogidi, of the Gidi Gidi Maji Maji fame, is trying to be the club secretary general.

Long serving club official, Ronald Ngala is confident of beating his opponent Reuben Ojijo.

“I do not know him that well so I cannot say what I have that makes me have an edge over him but I am positive of defending my seat. There are things that I would also love to change once I am re-elected. I want to make Gor Mahia better far much better than the way it is at the moment, that’s what we are working on, we just want to improve from what we have done. There are a few areas where we did not accomplish and we want to improve on”, he said to

See this week’s poll

Chairman: 1) Ambrose Otieno Rachier, 2) Chrispine Omondi , 3) Dan Oketch Ang’ila.

Senior Vice Chairman: 1) Francis Wasuna .

1st Vice Chairman: 1) John Pesa , 2) Faiz Ochieng’.

2nd Vice Chairman:  1)George Oria Ongudi, 2) David Oduol Kilo.

Secretary General: 1)Kwenda Samuel Ochola, 2) Ben Omondi Odongo , 3) Joseph Ogidi Oyoo

Deputy Secretary General: 1) Ngala Ronald Ng’onga , 2) Ruben William Ojijo.

Assistant Deputy Secretary General: 1)Kevin Odhiambo Mbuya , 2) John Ochieng Onyango.

Treasurer: 1) Kennedy Ouma , 2) Sally Bolo, 3) Jared Odhiambo Omolo, 4) Chito Moses Njeria .

Assistant Treasurer: 1) Gerphas Okuku Ogola , 2) Carilus Onyango , 3) Calvince Okeyo Bungu

Organizing Secretary:1) David Ochieng Nyandega , 2) Judith Anyango. Assistant Organizing Secretary: 1) Sammy Ochieng Ogola, 2) Beryl Peres Anyango.

The elections will be conducted on Sunday, December 11 at Kasarani stadium.



Gor Mahia electoral board named

The electoral board that will oversee the December 11 elections has been named.
Information courtesy of the Standard
Gor Mahia has appointed Patrick Lumumba Adera, an Assistant Inspector General of Police to head its new electoral board.

With only a week to club elections, Ambrose Rachier (pictured), the Gor chairman announced that following the resignation of retired Justice Nicholas Ombija and two other members of the electoral board, there was need to reconstitute the a new body.

Ombija and two other memebrs of the board resigned after there were concerns from all sides about handling of the whole voters verification proces and claims of threats directed to the board memebrs.

Through a press release to newsrooms, Rachier stated that the move was to guarantee a credible and peaceful electoral process within the club.

“Mr. Lumumba, who will chair the board, is an Assistant Inspector General of Police and a respectable police officer who brings with him a wealth of experience in security management and public office administration,” the letter read in part.

At the same time, Rachier confirmed exclusively to FeverPitch that the Kenya Police Service was already investigating allegations of threat to Ombija and his team.

“As an advocate of the High Court of Kenya, I am determined to up hold the rule of law and at the same time ensure that club affairs remain above board,” said Rachier.

The new Electoral Board 1. Chairman – Patrick Lumumba Adera 2. Vice Chairman – Ahmed Ibrahim 3. Secretary – Kennedy Mbara 4. Treasurer – Gichu Wahome.


Gor Mahia voter registration to be published Wednesday

For the first time, in the club’s history, the list of registered voters will be published. This is an attempt to enhance transparency and assuage any fears about rigging.
Information courtesy of the Nation
The voters’ register to be used in the upcoming Gor Mahia elections will be published on Wednesday.
The board to oversee the election concluded the scrutiny and verification of the register on Sunday.
The long delayed election have now been scheduled for December 11. Club organizing secretary David Kiilo on Sunday confirmed that more than 4,820 people had registered for the elections, and that the deadline for aspirants to register will elapse at 5pm on Monday.
Kiilo, who is running for the vice chairman’s position, told Daily Nation Sport that the current office is interested in conducting credible elections under the amended constitution and in accordance with the Sports Act.
“There was an elaborate roadmap set by the electoral board and everything is moving according to schedule except for the registration of aspirants which has been extended by a day.
“Once the voters’ register is announced and the nomination of aspirants concluded we shall allow at least one week for campaigns.
“The election date remains December 11 at the Safaricom Stadium and we are putting everything in place to ensure that the process is free and fair,” he said.
A four-man committee headed by Justice Nicholas Ombija was constituted to handle the verification process, although the club confirmed that the actual election will be conducted by an independent body.
The registration of voters ended on November 21, and was conducted online

Message from Joseph Ogidi

On a day like this 6 years ago we led a group of Kogalo fans to the first fundraiser to buy club bus. When we initiated the move it sounded like a pipe dream but through team spirit we pulled together and got the bus.

It was not the only initiative that we had taken to help the club, we also led a nationwide campaign to get people back to the stadium and they came. We also initiated the replica jerseys and in subsequent games the entire stadium turned green. We formed branches and spread Kogalo fan base across the country.

We created the most exciting atmosphere that got the attention of corporate companies that later partnered with Gor as sponsors. If we did all these 6 years ago, don’t you think we can do much more today?

That’s why I humbly request you to elect an SG who has been part of this journey and who has the knowledge, the networks and the true passion to transform this club. I am ready


Gor Mahia election aspirants to pay Ksh 150,000

The Gor Mahia executive committee has upped the ante again. In an unprecented move, the club has announced that aspirants for the Chairmanship position will have to pay a fee of Ksh 150,000. This according to Citizen Sports.

According to a press release signed by the board chairman, Retired Justice Nicholas Ombija on Tuesday, candidates for plum positions of the senior vice-chairman, first vice-chairman, second vice-chairman and Secretary General will fork Ksh75,000 each.

Organising Secretary and Treasurer aspirants will pay Ksh50,000 with the charges for deputy SG, assistant SG, assistant Organising Secretary and assistant treasurer attracting a fee of Ksh25,000 apiece.

The steep fees are sure to raise hackles among aspirants many of whom are already crying foul over what they perceive as the current office holders attempts to hold onto their positions.

The press release goes further ti state that members of the club interested in vying for positions should collect forms at the club secretariat in Nairobi between Wednesday and Saturday at 12:00pm local time (+3GMT) and will be required to posses Kenya Revenue Authority Compliance Certificate and Certificate of Good Conduct from police.

“All candidates desirous of offering themselves for election are requirements of Leaders and Integrity of the Constitution of Kenya,” the statement read.

The Nomination Papers should be returned by November 30 and the Board will publish the verified Voter’s Register will be published on December 1.

“The Board wishes to reiterate its commitment to delivering free, fair and transparent election and calls for co-operation for club members,” the communication stressed.

The notice to convoke the election was published on Sunday with the recruitment of members and collection of fees elapsing a day later.


Rachier: I have delivered trophies and sponsorships

Below is an interview of Chairman Ambrose Rachier. The Interview was conducted by the Daily Nation. In the interview, Rachier explains why he should be re-elected.

Question: Some club stakeholders are of the view that you have had your turn and you should not run. What are you planning to do differently this time round?

Answer: I intend to embark on the last of my agenda which stakeholders will recall were; winning the league, returning fans to the stadia, acquiring a club bus, establishing a Sacco for players and members, establishing a functional secretariat, procuring sponsorship, building a stadium and a club house.

Q. What would you consider your greatest achievements?

A: Winning the Kenyan league title three consecutive times and the procurement of a five year SportPesa sponsorship.

Q:. What are some of your unmet goals?

A:Putting up of a stadium and club house and establishing a health insurance scheme.

Q: With the sponsorships we have, why are there still claims of financial problems?

A: Because of the huge accumulated debt over the years.

Q: Calls for structured membership seem to be largely ignored. What are your plans?

A: Structured membership efforts have been stultified first by lack of understanding of this concept. Secondly, a culture of unwillingness to pay for membership. Certain members campaigned against the payment of Sh500. Very few fans were willing to pay their suggested Sh100.

Q: Most established clubs are going the seasonal ticket way. Are we headed there?

A: Yes we are. We will educate our members on the merits.

 Q:  The never ending debate about sale of club merchandise…

A: It has been bedevilled by the lack of enforcement of the Kenyan Intellectual Property law that of patents and trademarks. Piracy kills profits.

Q:  How will you address hooliganism?

A: Fighting the vice is the responsibility of the State. Hooligans should be arrested and prosecuted, clubs lack the capacity.

Q: What about health insurance for players?

A: We are committed to providing a scheme for the players.

Q:  It’s my opinion that the club is top-heavy, any plans of cutting down on redundant posts ?

A: I can’t agree more with you, but our efforts have been vehemently resisted.

 Q:  Where do you see Gor Mahia in the next 10 years?

A: Like Barcelona. I returned recently from Spain to learn how Real Madrid and Barcelona operate in the La Liga.


Gor Mahia branches to stage demosntration against EC

A section of Gor Mahia branch officials were due to stage a demonstration on Friday. According to, the branch officials held a press briefing in Nairobi. The club members led by their branch officials said that the demonstration will begin at Tom Mboya monument and end at the offices of the club chairman Ambrose Rachier in Upperhill where they intend to petition him with their concerns.

We have therefore, resolved as Gor Mahia branches that we will stage demonstrations within Nairobi town to the offices of the current chairman Ambrose Rachier and the patron’s offices in order to bring to his attention concerns and the going-ons at the club.

We reiterate that we will not relent in our efforts to have credible, free and fair elections and plans are afoot to start parallel manual registration of genuine Gor Mahia fans.” said Dan Quinch, the secretary general of Thika branch.

The branch members are accusing the EC of trying to rig themselves back into office by using the online registration process.

“Gor Mahia office led by the chairman is forcing down the so called online registration without conducting voter education to our members on how the system works. The branches don’t feature anywhere despite having been paying Sh10, 000 annual subscription to the very office.” said Carilus Onyango, the chairperson of the branches council.

They further stated that the hefty membership fee (Ksh 500) is also a ploy to hinder real fans from registering as members,

“We are also worried that this process opens up our elections to everyone including those, who are not genuine fans of the club.” they continued.

Rachier dismisses concerns

Chairman Ambrose Rachier for his part has said that the concerns have no basis.

“We had planned for everything and our members are already registering well. The elections date had been set and it is high time aspirants started serious campaigns.” he said to

Ngala: We will not go to court

Meanwhile Ronald Ngala has explained why the club will not go to court to fight the IDCC ruling that deducted three points from the club thus costing them the league title.

“As a club we are not going to court; that is the position from the club officially. When we were docked points, we explored all available options for appeal and legal redress, so after failing we had to live with the ruling. If anyone is going to court then that is not the position of the club despite the fact that we feel the decision was too harsh on the team,” he said according to

2016 will be remembered as the year when a fan action literally cost the club the title.