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Ngala says Ze Maria is staying put

Speculation has been rife that Gor Mahia’s Brazilian tactician, Ze Maria could be shown the door soon. This comes after a series of poor results in the Kenya Premier League and most notably in the GoTV shield where Gor Mahia were eliminated by second tier side Nzoia United. Arch rivals AFC Leopards who were also eliminated from the GoTV shield and promptly jettisoned their Belgian coach Kim Minnaert. However club official Ronald Ngala has said that no discussion of the coach’s status has happened.
“The coach (Jose Marcelo) is with us and at the moment he is here to stay. Just like any other person, he is concerned about the team’s form and we understand he has been trying to work so hard but results are not coming,” said Ngala to the Standard.

Ngala did say that the club Executive Committee is concerned about the run of poor results and is monitoring the situation closely.

“With the current form, you will hear a lot of things about the team, but when the results start coming they will die. Nobody has given him an ultimatum, but we are trying to do everything possible to ensure the team gets back to its winning ways,” Ngala continued.

The current run of poor results has puzzled many fans. When Ze Maria joined, the club was very close to the relegation zone. However with the recovery from injury of Tuyisenge, the club shot straight to the top of the standings. But since then it has been downhill. Suddenly Tuyisenge who was on a scoring spree can no longer find the net. Kagere’s form from 2015 is all but a memory. One explanation is that with Khalid Aucho gone, the midfield has lost an important ball winner and passer. But that alone cannot explain the current run of poor form.

Another explanation is that When Ze Maria arrived, he injected new tactics which caught many teams by surprise, resulting in good results. But teams have now adapted to those tactics and have figured out how to defend against the system. The mark of a great coach is the ability to adapt and change tactics from game to game and from situation to situation. When one playing style is not working, its up to the coach to change and adapt new tactics.

Ze Maria has had almost two weeks and now has five more days to show some improvement. The next match is against Chemelil at Nyayo stadium on Saturday. Later this month, Gor Mahia will face Ulinzi and arch rivals AFC Leopards.

List of FKF rules to combat hooliganism

On Tuesday, FKF announced new rules aimed at combating hooliganism in Kenyan stadia.

• An independent Committee involving key stakeholders will be formed to handle all matches involving Gor Mahia FC and AFC Leopards SC. That these two clubs will no longer appoint security stewards for their matches

• That a player or team official who by their actions is deemed to cause or aggravate crowd trouble or incite fans, players or team officials to actions that could lead to crowd trouble, match disruption or abandonment will be banned for four matches and incur a fine of Kshs 20,000 for the first offence.

A repeat offender will be banned for three hundred and sixty five days (365).

• Any player or team official who attacks or attempts to attack a match official will be suspended for three hundred and sixty five days (365 days). The team that the player plays for will be liable for any and all damages caused to the match official(s).

• That the club whose players or fans are liable for causing the abandonment of a match will;

a) Lose the match on a 2-0, three point basis.

b) Be deducted six points

c) Will play its next home match in an empty stadium. In the event that the team repeats the offence it will be deducted six points and play its next consecutive three matches in an empty stadium. If the team commits the offence for a third time it will be relegated to a lower league and will be fined Five hundred thousand shillings (Kshs 500,000)

• That a spectator who causes a fight or incites crowd violence will be banned from attending all football matches in the country. It will be the responsibility of the team that he/she supports to ensure that the spectator is denied entry. If a club is found guilty of not enforcing this rule the Federation will take appropriate action against the club. This action could be a fine, playing home matches in empty stadiums or deduction of points.

• If a supporter of a particular team invades the field of play with an intention to cause violence on players or match officials, the club that he supports will be fined Kshs 100,000 and play three of its consecutive home matches in an empty stadium.

• These rules will be form the basis of far reaching regulations aimed at tackling the escalating vice of hooliganism and violence in our football. The rules will come into force immediately.

Ngala dismisses new rules

Gor Mahia official Ronald Ngala is unhappy that FKF is comparing Gor Mahia to AFC yet the incident with AFC fans in Mumias was much worse.

“The latest incident was only brought to light after what happened in Mumias and now people are trying to compare us with AFC Leopards yet  the incidences involved in our match was not that bad.” said Ngala to goal.com

Ngala also says that they have not officially heard from sportpesa.

“As a club we have not received any communication from the sponsors about the suspension nor have they engaged us before taking such action,” Ngala told goal.com

Seriousness needed

Ngala and other officials would be best advised to take seriously the threat from sportpesa and reach out to the sponsors. In addition to the rules outlined by FKF, the club should condemn the actions of hooligans and outline the steps it will take.

A suggested by this column several months ago, a portion of the sponsorship money should be spent on beefing up security for both home and away games. There is no reason a fan should have been allowed to accost the referee in the manner he did in front of TV and newspaper cameras.

Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri for his part has said that the sponsorship will be re-instated when the clubs meet specific conditions set by Sportpesa.

“We have summoned the officials of the teams to meet within the week and we will reinstate this sponsorship once we are satisfied that actions are being taken to curb this vice that has gripped football.

Sponsors will not just sit back and watch as our brand is tarnished. I think we have done so much to enhance security but all these will be in vain if the teams cannot control the fans” said Karauri at the presser

Gor Mahia will therefore need to work diligently and show a higher level of seriousness if they want the sponsorship re-instated soon.

Gor Mahia transfer news Jan 23

Gor Mahia official Ronald Ngala has come out to deny that the club owes Khalid Aucho alot of money.

“What is Aucho talking about? I fail to understand, in fact I am dumbfounded! Which salary is he talking about? And how much is it? As a matter of fact, we have cleared players’ salaries and allowances. The only thing we have not cleared is winning bonuses which is not much and that is not a big deal to us, so Aucho should say how much he is owed. If he wants salary increment and contract extension, why can’t he come we solve that issue instead, of trying to do things the way he is doing?” said Ngala to goal.com

Aucho has earlier on claimed that his salay and bonuses are in arrears.

“Hopefully I will be back in Kenya end of this week or early next week but I do not know whether I will be playing for Gor Mahia or not. They owe me a lot of money, from allowances to salaries and no one is talking to me. I want to come and have a talk with them and that will determine my future with the team which I regard highly in my heart.” he said to goal.com on Friday.

Meanwhile another club official Anima “ferrari”Oketch has come out to explain why the club opted to pursue Jacque Tuyisenge instead of fighting to keep Meddie Kagere who had a stellar year in 2015

Speaking to The Nairobian, K’Ogalo’s Deputy Secretary General Anima Ferrari said it makes a lot of economic sense to bring the Rwandan player on board.

“We will be spending Sh4 million on Tuyisenge. This however will be paid in a span of two years. That is quite fair. Kagere on the other hand demanded Sh2.5 million per year, which adds up to Sh5 million in two years,” Ferrari told The Nairobian.

The club spent $40,000 (about Sh4 million) to capture Tuyisenge had elicited debate with many questioning the move.

“Tuyisenge is in his twenties, he is still very young and can be of much value to the club in future. Kagere, though good and tested in the KPL, is much older. It would therefore be unwise to spend millions, which we do not have anyway, just to have his services for the 2016 season,” added Ferrari who believes the new acquisition will do just fine in the league.


Ngala calls for better prize money

Gor Mahia organizing secretary Ronald Ngala has expressed dissapointment that the Kenya Premier League has not increaed the prize money for the KPL Top 8.  Since 2011 the winners have received Ksh 1 million.
“Playing the tournament is now becoming a burden to us because we have to spend money preparing the team. Granted, KPL subsidises some of our costs, but it still does not make economic sense,” he said. ”It is disappointing the money has remained constant for all those years. There ought to be an annual increase of about Sh1 million. That would have made sense.” said Ngala to the Standard.
Ngala said by taking part in the tournament, his club actually helps KPL to make money, since the league company retains the gate collections.“What will happen when we don’t take part or when we are eliminated in the first round?” continued Ngala.

But KPL’s Chairman of Finance Committee George Odhiambo defended the company, saying they can only pay what they have. “It is unfair to compare ourselves with the PSL without looking at what they get in terms of sponsorship and what we have. The fact is we can’t pay what we don’t have, but we need to start from somewhere,” he said.

For winning the Kenya Premier League, Gor Mahia will   receive Ksh 4.5 million. Should they win the GoTV shield, they would collect another Ksh 2.5 million, bringing the total to Ksh 7.5 million.
The winner of the Tanzanian league receives the equivalent of Ksh 3.81 million. But the winner of the South African League receives a whopping Ksh 80 million !
In August of this season, the KPL signed a new sponsorship deal with Sportpesa that is worth Ksh 80 million per year.

Nuttall keen on retaining Walusimbi

>Gor Mahia coach Frank Nuttall wants to see Ugandan international Godfrey Walusimbi retained by the club. Walusimbi’s contract ends at the end of this year. The club has not initiated any talks to renew his contract. Some reports on social media suggested that Walusimbi put some of his household items on sale.

“Personally I want Walusimbi here at the club. I am very happy with him. He is a top player and one that has contributed immensely to the success of the club, during my time here and I am very happy to have him.  I know that there is a contract situation that needs to be solved but all I can say is that I am happy with him and would like him to stay. The club will look at his situation and I believe something will be agreed between the two sides,” said Nuttall to supersport.

Walusimbi’s all round brilliant play has been instrumental in the club’s successful league campaigns. He has scored goals and provided timely assists. Most notable were the two goals he scored that sunk Bandari 2-0 in Mombasa. His understanding of the game and tactical astuteness makes him a valuable player for Frank Nuttall.

Nuttall set to return Friday as Gor Mahia release 3

Gor Mahia coach Frank Nuttall is set to return on Friday after a well deserved holiday. This means he will miss the GoTV shield match against Langata Gremio and will not play much of a role in preparing the team for the clash against Chemelil on Saturday. However team official Ronald Ngala says there is no cause for alarm.

“He left behind a comprehensive training program with his assistant and so there is no cause regarding his absence. The team is in very good hands and we expect to start well on Saturday,” Ngala told goal.com

Chemelil are playing their home matches at Afraha because Kisumu stadium has been banned due to its flimsy perimeter fence that is easily torn down by fans. Case in point was the last match of the 2014 season. When Eric Ochieng scored, fans tore down the fence and almost caused a stampede. And in the last match Gor Mahia played at Moi stadium, fans poured into the pitch forcing certain players to rush to the dressing room. KPL has thus mandated that Kisumu county address these issues. Knowing

Three Players Released

Israel Emuge, Charles Bruno and Jerry Santos have all been released by the club.

“We have released Santos, Bruno and Emuge, we thought it is wise to release them so that they can get some game elsewhere, as a club we would like to thank them for their service to Gor Mahia and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors” said Ronald Ngala to futaa.com

Neither player has featured much for the club this season. Bruno who was signed in the middle of 2014 played a key role for the club and acquited himself well when the club was beset with departures and injuries. Bruno who joined from Thika United was once a very promising player who even attended trials in Italy after he played for the Kenya U-17 side. He will thrive at SoNy Sugar where he can play with no pressure.

Emuge for his part has been very solid when on the field but is often injured. Jerry Santos hardly played for Kogalo. He had seen the writing on the wall long ago and started to train with Posta Rangers.

SoNy Sugar are keen on signing Charles Bruno. The departed trio joins Kevin Oluoch who has joined Muhoroni, leaving Kogalo rather thin in the centre back position.

KPL rule bars Sserunkuma return

Gor Mahia will likely stop pursuing Ugandan talisman Dan Sserunkuma due to restrictions on foreign players. KPL teams are allowed to sign six foreign players of whom 5 can be on the field at one time. Gor Mahia and Sofapaka were allowed to sign 7. The KPL now wants all KPL teams to be on equal footing. As such they have told Gor Mahia that they would need to drop 3 foreigners to sign Sserunkuma.

“It will not be possible to sign Sserunkuma or any other foreign player now or in future until we release three or their contracts run out. That is the rule and Kenyan Premier League have made it clear to us.” said Ronald Ngala to goal.com.

KPL Chair Jack Oguda explained the new ruling

“We want to have equality. We have decided that the number of foreign players must be equal across board. Clubs which were allowed more foreigners will have to limit themselves to what we have now set,” observed Oguda to supersport.com

This ruling which did not exist at the start of the season was likely arrived at by KPL to curb Gor Mahia’s dominance.

This also means Gor Mahia will stop pursuing Rwanda striker Jean Baptist Mugiraneza. But it also means that players like Agwanda, Blackberry and Timothy Otieno will have opportunities to showcase their skills in tournaments like KPL top *, FKF cup, CECAFA cup and the rest.

No More signings

Ngala suggested that the club will not sign any more players.

“We signed very well at the beginning of the season and the signature of Agwanda may be our only transfer business in this transfer window.”

If this is true it means that Gor Mahia will not pursue Paul Were. And it contradicts an earlier statement by the club which said the coach (Nuttall) wanted to sign a striker, a midfielder and a central defender.

Let the club handle the issue of officiating

Gor Mahia have raised the red flag with regard to poor officiating in the Kenya premier league. Club official Ronald Ngala says there is too much poor officiating and nothing is being done about it.

“This issue of poor officiating is becoming too much now and it is being caused by unqualified referees. Every time we complain no one lends an ear to our complains,” Ngala told goal.com on Monday.

Ngala also took issue with the fact that four out of seven of the club’s matches have been officiated by one referee.

“We also take issue with the fact that in our seven matches, four of them have been handled by one referee. This clearly shows that there is a big problem.”

An FKF official confirmed that they have indeed received complaints from several clubs.

We have received a letter from Tusker and understand that several clubs are not happy with officiating in Kenyan Premier League.

“One thing is for sure; all referees in KPL are not qualified because they are either retired or those who have not undergone PET test. We will have to look at the issue if we get more clubs complaining to us.”

The official further went on to say that another test will not be conducted until June.

The League’s reputation is at stake

According to the Daily Nation,none of the 16 centre referees, 24 assistant referees and 16 match commissioners drafted to officiate in this season’s league matches are accredited by Fifa.

In contrast, Kenyan referees who are sanctioned by Fifa continue presiding over matches in the Football Kenya Federation Premier League.

The head of FKF’s Technical Committee, Elly Mukolwe, on Monday confirmed that none of the match officials under the KPL roster has undergone the mandatory tests required of top flight league referees, which is a violation of the Fifa statutes.

“They know the truth. I can say without fear that many of those referees have been brought back from retirement. Some failed even the local Member Association fitness test,” he said.

Both Gor Mahia and Sofapaka had reason to be disgruntled.

Poor officiating is a stain on the league’s reputation. If the league is perceived as poorly officiated, the resultant public relations stain can affect public interest, sponsorships and attendance. But even more importantly, the league aficionados should understand that football is an emotional sport and poor officiating can lead to crowd trouble. And this is not unique to Kenya.

And the club officials are best placed to handle this issue. Ambrose Rachier is after all the current KPL chairman. Officials of all clubs have a direct say in how KPL is run and can petition FKF for better referees.

But the club’s reputation is also at stake

It appears that many fans have still not learned from the travails that the club has gone through over the past year. Club officials have gone from one corporate to another seeking sponsorship to no avail. One of the key reasons the club cannot garner sponsorship is precisely due to crowd trouble both inside and outside the stadium.

What is worse is that this time, the people who tossed foreign objects into the field were fans in the main stand and not fans in Russia. You would typically not expect this kind of behaviour from fans who sit at the main stand. These are the fans who should understand the club’s precarious situation.

There are literally hundreds or thousands of the club’s enemies who cannot wait for slightest sign of crowd trouble to flock to social media to besmirch the club. Some of this politically and/or tribally motivated. These kind of people were actually disappointed when the recent mashemeji derby came and went without incident.

The fact that Mathare United recently penned a ksh 75 million sponsorship deal despite not having a fan base and despite not having the history or pedigree of Gor Mahia should have made it obvious to fans now. Mathare got the sponsorship with very little effort because they have an excellent reputation. Media reports suggest that it was Britam who came seeking a partner. Under normal circumstances, companies would be lining up to sponsor Gor Mahia.

Aside from sponsorship, the club could face the real prospect of being punished by losing point or having to play in an empty stadium, something that the club cannot currently afford. There is also the possibility of sanctions from CAF or FIFA.

It is understandable that fans would be unhappy with poor refereeing. Football is after all a sport that can engender all kinds of emotions. But given the club’s current situation, fans ought to know better.


Rachier speaks out on transfers

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has indicated that club wil not be able to finalize the list of players by the December 31 deadline mandated by CAF. They will submit a preliminary list of players by the Dec 31 deadline then submit the rest at a later date.

“We are finalizing on the list and I can only be sure about our squad by tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. We shall then submit the list of the players we are sure of, and some we will leave open for modification before the final deadline mid next month,” he told the Nation.

This means they will be forced to pay a $250 (Sh23,000) fee for any alterations made on the provisional list before the final deadline slated for January 15th.

Rachier was non committal about which players have been signed and which ones are being pursued. He did however state that it has been difficult in the absence of coach Nuttall

“The signing is usually done by the coach and that is why we have not made the new players official. We want to involve the coach in every way and I am trying to process Nuttal’s travelling details so that he can come back as soon as possible and also help with the list for submission to KPL at the end of next month,” he continued.

When asked which players have been released, he appeared to contradict CEO Ludovick Aduda by denying that Oboya and Mutiso had been released.

The club organizing secretary Ronald Ngala also denied that Mutiso had been released.

The club’s Deputy Secretary General Ronald Ngala, also, denied the same only insisting that coach Frank Nuttall wants to review Mutiso’s form before a final decision is made on his future.
“We have officially not dropped anyone until January 3. Regarding Mutiso, his contract expires on January 15 and the coach has specifically asked that he looks at him before we make a decision on him.

The truth is that Nuttall is yet to see him in action as the player has spent the whole season on the bench,” said Ngala to the Standard.

Williamson not sure of Stars job

In an interview with the Daily Nation, coach Bobby Williamson has indicated that he is staying with Gor Mahia for now.

“I will concentrate on my job at Gor Mahia until something comes up,” he said to the Daily Nation. Pressed further he said : “I am with Gor Mahia, it is my home.”

Williamson has not received a firm offer from FKF and there has been confusion over whether Amrouche’s 5 year contract can be terminated. And this is why giving a coach a lengthy contract like 5 years does not make sense.

Williamson further indicated that he is not interested in handling two jobs.

“At the moment I am still the team’s (Gor Mahia) coach, but I am certainly not comfortable with handling the two jobs. Those two are very demanding jobs and I do not think it is tenable for me to handle both. I am yet to make up my mind but I feel it would be very unethical to take both jobs” he said on the KPL website.

Williamson may be finding out first hand the incompetence that is in FKF.

Gor Mahia official hits back at Mururi

Gor Mahia official Ronald Ngala castigated Chemelil coach Mike Mururi for his claims that referees favoured Gor Mahia. Ngala said that Mururi’s comments show his ignorance.

“Mururi’s comments show only ignorance. He does not understand that performance is dictated by many things. Our own coach Bobby Williamson has been summoned by KPL disciplinary body over comments he made about refereeing. How can he say that we are being favored?” he said to goal.com

“Local referees do not help when they show open bias. It catches up with teams when they go out for international assignments.” continued Mururi.

In fact Mururi is showing bias and ignorance. International referees are far more corrupt and susceptible to bribes. When Gor Mahia played US Bitam earlier this year, they referee almost single handedly eliminated them.

Mururi’s views first reported on goal.com and reflected on all the Dailies suggested that Gor Mahia’s inability to win in Rwanda was because referees favoured them in Kenya.

“Gor Mahia are suffering from a self-inflicted problem. They are used to local referees favouring them to win matches in Kenyan Premier League. When they get neutral officials it becomes difficult for them to perform and this is what happened in Rwanda,


Gor Mahia determined to fight for quarter-final place

With Gor Mahia staring early elimination from the 2014 CECAFA club cup, the players and officials still have enough resolve in them to keep fighting.  New signing Arthur Ssemazzi has stated that the team will fight to the very end and do whatever they can do to ensure a quarter-final place.

“We are determined than never before and we are well aware of what that game means to our chances,” Semazzi told Kawowo Sports.

“We understand a good result will put us back into the group mathematics and we shall go for it,” Semazzi who has so far featured in both losses as a substitute stressed.

On why the team has not done well so far, Ssemazi stated that the players have done their best but results simply have not come.

“The boys have put their bodies on the line and the togetherness in camp is unrivaled but good results have just eluded us. To me, it’s down to luck that we are in such a situation,” he argued.

John Pesa echoes Ssemazi sentiments

Vice Chairman and leader of the travelling delegation John Pesa also re-iterated that Gor Mahia are still not out of it.

“This competition is like a marathon. It is never won in the first minutes, but until the final kilometre. Mathematically therefore, we still have a chance, I believe we will sail through” , he said the the CECAFA website

“The team has been given all the support, they played well in their second game, but luck was not with us. Our best striker Dan Sserunkuma had a bad day at work and wasted three clear, one-on-one opportunities he had with the opponent’s goalkeeper, he added.”

“We also hit the side post and the cross bar. The one chance they had was a goal and that changed everything.”

To be assured of a quarter-final place, Gor Mahia need to win both their remaining matches and hope that results of other matches go their way.

Current Group B standings


Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Kampala C.C.A. 3 2 0 1 4 3 +1 6
Djibouti Télécom 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
A.P.R. 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
Atlético Olympic 3 1 0 2 1 2 ?1 3
Gor Mahia 2 0 0 2 1 1 0 0


Gor  Mahia will take on APR of Rwanda on Friday August 15 then take on Djibouti Telecom on August 17.

 Rama is welcome Back says Ngala

Gor Mahia eputy secretary Ronald Ngala has indicated that Gor Mahia have no issues with Rama Salim and that the order is open for him should he wish to return to the club.

“It is disappointing that he failed to get a club in South Africa and now we are sorry for him. We advised him to extend his contract with us before he left but he declined. However, we are still ready to welcome him back and keep him till the end of the season.  “He had a good striking partnership with Dan Ssserunkuma and we still appreciate this and would like to see him again doing the same.” said Ngala to goal.com

Aside from the South African trials, Rama’s stint with a Qatari second tier side also ended badly when he was suspended for six months for fighting a team-mate who fouled him during training.