Foreign legion joins squad in Sudan (Pics)

The Kogalo foreign legion that was left behind finally joined the rest of the squad. The team held a training session on Monday from 8pm to 10 pm. The match against Al Hilal has been moved to Wednesday 18 January.

All images courtesy of Judith Nyangi


Meddie Kagere


Sandro Fantoni





“Softie” Ndirangu
Judith Nyangi


18 thoughts on “Foreign legion joins squad in Sudan (Pics)

  1. Far away we are but those pictures makes us close to our team in a foreign land. From the look of things, it must be very humid going by the bottles of water around them. To the entire team never forget that you have a big army following you and wishing you well everywhere you go. Therefore represent us well. On a light note, should you meet our brothers whom we left behind many years ago please tell them they can always come and play for Kogalo. Just a thought…………..

      1. @ A person
        On our way to where we are now, some were left in uganda no wonder from Sudan we head to UG for a second friendly…….do I say…

  2. The journey begins rather symbolically….yes in Sudan where our ancestors came from. Now you know, we are on the right track.memories of ’87 are still fresh in my mind. To our opponents”-ywanwa yoo wabiro’

  3. The boys are down to business back to original home land hope they do this business before going to the other brother. On a serious note this is good wen the office tries to quench the quriosity ….well done nyangi. ..this makes me fired up thinking of the premier League

  4. Nyangi please drop kagere for another foreigner watch the Afcon and hunt for aquality attacking midfielder to help Kahata

  5. @Nus Pesa,good insight.Me I think Tuyisenge is below Kagere.Kagere can be creative.For Tuyisenge I wonder why we can’t get the likes of Laffor of Liberia;who is 30 yrs good in the air,has speed and a powerful right foot.Tuyisenge can barely sprint.

  6. With Judith I can hope for best selling jerseys off all time like the addidas.Bring quality so we buy and club makes money.Good work.


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