Gor Mahia appeal IDCC decision

Following IDCC decision to dock three points from Gor Mahia, the club has appealed the decision as was expected
Additional reporting from goal.com
Football Kenya Federation confirms that K’Ogalo have lodged official complaint on decision to deduct them points

Gor Mahia have appealed against Independent Disciplinary and Complaints Committee (IDCC) decision to deduct them three points for crowd trouble.

The Kenyan Premier League disciplinary body found Gor Mahia guilty of failing to control its fans and supporters during a league match against Tusker F.C played on April 16, 2016, at Nyayo Stadium.

“We have received an appeal letter from Gor Mahia and in conformity with football laws in the country have subsequently forwarded the same to the FKF’s Appeals Committee for their review and action,” said FKF CEO Robert Muthomi.

IDCC also handed a one match ban to Gor Mahia goalkeeper Boniface Olouch for assaulting the second assistant referee in the troubled match won 1-0 by Tusker.

The disciplinary body found that “Gor Mahia FC failed to control its fans and supporters on April 16, 2016, during a league match, thereby causing disruptions of KPL Match Number 65 and the assault of the 2nd assistant referee following the conclusion of the said match, contrary to Rule 3.4(a) of the Rules of Kenyan Football.”

The match was held up for close to 10 minutes after Gor Mahia fans reacted violently to a penalty awarded to Tusker. Gor Mahia have since dropped to fourth position of the 16-team table with Tusker storming the summit.


17 thoughts on “Gor Mahia appeal IDCC decision

  1. Let’s wait and see.Elsewhere I just saw that After victory Real Madrid fans do meet at a certain fountain in Madrid.It is the same script with Tom Mboya statue yet here its mara oh Primitive,oh Luos;even some people here have been critical of Gor Fans on that.Kweli fans with passion are the same worldwide.Lets enjoy the game and love our team.#GorForLife.

    1. Mose agoni tick nyaka pier aora. Tom Mbuya kanyo e chakruok mit opira. Ka ndalo city stadium to bang’e Kuon tok Komwanda kae to miel nyale. Waherre uru jokama. Kendo nying Mar goon goon jomoko ohero luongo ka. Beduru mariek jomoko moko may be goons hired.

    2. Thanks Moses now you talk like a man of a mother tell them the truth wawache ukabila ,I think fans trable iko all over the world

    3. @Moses, you re right. every time Real wins a major match or trophy they meet at Cebeles square. This fountain is named after Cybele, a Phrygian goddess who had a significant cult in Rome, and is seen as one of Madrid’s most important symbols. The fountain depicts the goddess, sitting on a chariot pulled by two lions.
      So there is nothing wrong Gor fans do wrong when they converge at the Tom Mboya statue

  2. “Reacted violently” i think not maybe “protested vehemently” is a more suitable phrase. Admin, can the league table be corrected pending the outcome of the appeal. This the normal practice in all judicial processes. Also since fans are now expected to be alter boys referees must be also severely punished for wrong calls, no matter who benefits from the decisions, e.g a linesman who makes 3 wrong offside calls in a match should be suspended etc. Fans should have a right file a case against a referee. Otherwise with this sportpesa monopoly this league will be like american wrestling where every match is just but a script written in boardrooms being acted out.

  3. Gor Mahia in advance talks with impressive Eric Johana Kubasa and Baron Oketch to join the green army
    By Soka25east On May 26, 2016, 5:22 Am

    Kenyan premier league leaders Gor Mahia are at an advanced stage of acquiring the services of impressive Mathare United’s midfilder Eric Johana Kubasa Soka25east.com can exclusively report.

    The talks with the 2015 midfielder of the year are at an advanced stage after he accepted personal terms presented to him by Gor Mahia’s representatives as they embark on talks with his club with the players contract at Mathare United set to end in the less than 6 months.

    “Yes its true everything is going so well with Eric Johanna and what only remains is the consent of his club Mathare United then we shall seal the deal.We belive he will be a great inclusion to the team as coach Ze Maria is very impressed with his ability”a close source who is part of the negotiating and sort anonymity team told soka25east.com

    On the other hand Western Stima’s golden boy Baron Oketch Jobita is also set to join the green arms after succesful talks that will see him sign in the coming weeks once the transfer season opens on June 1st in Kenya.

    Meamwhile Gor Mahia are seeking alternatives to sell Rwandese international Abouba Sibomana to either Azam as they seek an opportunity to create room for one more foreign player especially a Brazilian who is being courted by coach Ze Maria .

  4. My opinion that oketch is more or less plays like wafula,& I think wafula is beta.the scouts could u pliz identify players who culd easily fit to Brazilian play.beri, wafula,omino,agwanda, are struggling coz they are not very gud in ball control & passing.somebody really campaign ed 4 that baron

  5. This decision is very curious and suspect. I still ask the questions: who was the home team in that match? What happened to that old rule of the home team being responsible for security? That rule has been used on many occasions to punish Gor Mahia. Was Gor Mahia supposed to usurp Brewkenge’s security responsibilities? I think if Brewkenge had deployed enough security men around the infamous Gate 6, that incident would not have occurred.

    To say that Gor Mahia failed to control her fans is self-defeating because had Gor Mahia failed to control her fans then the match would have been abandoned as was the case in Mumias. Guys what more control of fans does this committee want while we know very well that Gor Mahia managed to cool down the tempers of irate and incensed fans to the point that they went back to the terraces, sat peacefully and allowed the game to resume?….and all this in record time. Which other team has ever managed to control its hundreds of angry fans within 10 minutes? How long did it take the Kenya-Guinea Bissau match to resume? Well over 30 minutes and who was in charge of security then? The government and FKF. This committee needs to be reminded that Gor Mahia has done far better than a threesome of the national soccer governing body, the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Internal Security.

    IDCC alleges that Gor Mahia is not doing enough to reign in on her indisciplined fans, but that then begs the question: was there any reported case of trouble caused by Gor Mahia fans in 2015? Does IDCC remember how Gor Mahia fans calmly sat in the terraces when Efusi fans disrupted the derby in 2015? I think it is very convenient for them not to remember this.

    How many matches have Gor Mahia disrupted in 2016? Finally, who was the complainant? Brewkenge? KPL? FKF?

  6. Since we might lose Aucho I think the EC should get Mieno (I hear they already have him in mind). On Johanna and Baron I would like them to come in and give compe to the current holders of those positions. We really needs the best to claw our way back to the top of the log

  7. What does fail to control mean.

    The match went on…….so gor is being punished for controlling the fans and doing a good job.

    Why would presumably intelligent people waste time making funny decisions and thereafter eagerly awaiting an appeal.

    Soprano man FKF will not make any difference in Kenya footlball

  8. Fans of a certain Scottish club are praising Aucho’s heroics and are pushing the club top bras to sign him this June. See tweeter…. We might lose him but this time the club MUST make good tidings out of the transfer since Aucho is still contracted to gor mahia!

    1. I like the way you say “this time we must……” I cannot remember the last time we made money out of a player so for me I will only put my eyes.

      1. We got money for Calabar and BB, and Akumu. Hope we make the money and sign another player of the same calibre

  9. “after Gor Mahia fans reacted violently”
    Let’s not exaggerate. Protested vehemently is a more suitable phrase.
    I concur with the insightful analysis of my fellow blogger na @BB I must say is attaining full blogging fitness in record time.
    I think with the this sporstpesa monopoly the management of referees must also be transparent.
    Say a referee who make 3 false calls or mistakes in a single match (say wrongly signalling offside) should be suspended ( just like players accumulating yellow cards some players are also booked for unintentional fouls “human error”).

    I.e mistakes by referees just like bookings by players should be monitored and used to suspend or demote them and their names should be published so that all stakeholders can be assured that standards are being upheld.
    Otherwise with this sportspesa monopoly and betting cult rest assured that our football will mutate into american wrestling which matches are actually professional actors acting out scripts written in boardrooms.


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