Gor Mahia beat AS Port

Wafula in action against Ports

Gor Mahia overcame all their off the field and on the field issues to beat AS Port of Djibouti 2-0. In the process they qualified for the quarter-finals of the 2018 CECAFA club cup

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Momanyi buried a free header into the empty net after connecting a well-floated corner kick by Godfrey Walusimbi
Gor Mahia booked a quarter-final place in the after beating AS Port of Djibouti 2-0 in the last Group B match on Thursday.
Ephraim Guikan beat his marker to pace, but he Ivoirian’s ferocious left-foot shot was well checked by AS Port custodian.

A nice built up engineered by Innocent Wafula from the centre line result in a goal after Philemon Otieno put K’Ogalo on the lead in the 14th minute.

The body language of Gor Mahia players, however, revealed that something deep could be going on in the team with reports from Tanzania indicating that players are yet to be paid their allowances.
None of Gor Mahia player, not even Otieno celebrated the goal as four players joined the scorer inside AS Port’s box, part at Otieno on the back then they all walked to the centre line, with bent necks.
Gor Mahia then took full control of the proceeding immediately after the opening goal with K’Ogalo allowing AS Port to cross into their half just once 10 minutes after the opener.
But despite the rare chances created by AS Port, Fred Naisenga directed his 26th-minute effort way off the mark after he picked a loose ball inside Gor Mahia’s box.
Charles Momanyi doubled Gor Mahia’s lead, just five minutes to the break and once again, there was no much celebration from K’Ogalo players save for high-fives and little hugs here and there from a few teammates.
Momanyi buried a free header into the empty net after connecting a well-floated corner kick by Godfrey Walusimbi.
Boniface Oluoch kept Gor Mahia’s two-goal lead with a nice save a minute into the break after AS Ports broke into the opponent’s danger area.
Gor Mahia came into the second half with more energy but the wistfulness in K’Ogalo’s attack.


49 thoughts on “Gor Mahia beat AS Port

  1. These are the hallmarks of a technically gifted team. They refuse to be beaten; keep a clean sheet when they want and win when they want. Congratulations boys. You know we are solidly behind you.

  2. Rachier pay our players who are our hallmark as a team.Ichamo pesa jotugo Russia and they are suffering here with Aduda talking like janeko..Congrats all players and Sir Kerr for even at your lowest moment you still stand tall to be counted amongst equals…

  3. At this rate everything seems bitter cause who in his right senses would extend his contract with a club which mistreats u when u ask for an agreed term ….. problem came before even we participated in this tournaments while we were dealing with contracts…. this is unacceptable pay whatever is owed call players and agents discuss better terms and also demand for release clause inserted for any player who would wish to buy out….. ndo mukule zaidi…. killing 2 birds with one stone… cured
    1. Theft while selling player’s since any team and every body will know the amount needed to have a player from the team.
    2.evaluation in the release clause is majorly determined by wages payed and length of contract so u want more pay more and have better terms and contracts

    1. Janam,I really hate your comments. You always want the team to fall. You are not a supporter of Gor mahia fc and in fact this is the time am seeing your comments in this site. Stop your negative comments. Yesterday you said that Gor mahia fc should be disbanded. What do you want, ama umetumua.

    2. Janam ..stop those your nonsense orelse we shall come for you. You will have no place to hide. Ifuwo kachieth . Ayanyi.

  4. Congratulations Team Kogallo…we are praying for you…this too shall pass…it shall end well…siku za mwizi ni arubainne…we are with you in this one…leave Dar with your head up…the theives days are numbered…

  5. Kudos team. i realize Kahata was rested in this game, maybe because mentally he is not there. Those saying the team eill collapse in the quartets ‘mshindwe’. Let the players do what they need to do albeit the tribulations. Am sure as fans we will single out the problem and solve it the Gor way. The issue of players not celebrating is taken out of context. You don’t have to pile over each other to celebrate. Kudos to the players. Ee now meet Danny Flavours team. All the best

  6. Bent Necks my foot !!! , with the so called bent necks , Momanyi scored what is then referred as a bullet of a header , now isnt that head not on the so called Bent Neck .
    The positives we have to pick from this game is that the players are professional enough to appreciate that the club is not synonymous with the EC and while the EC just like the players will come and go , the club is there to stay , wasnt Kagere who is now swearing undiluted love for Simba not a Gor player just two weeks ago , now that he is gone , has the club ceased to exist or to win for that matter ? , Even in his last days , despite his contractual challenges , Kagere never stopped giving his best to K’galo , scoring goals whenever he played , now that is professionalism and courtesy of that , when he named his price he was never short of suitors , now that is the life of a semi professional and besides that , the players will be paid whether the dinosaurs like it or not .
    Lastly I want to thank the players for prooving to us that despite the challenges, they respect the club and its fans and theiren lies the question , How far would this club go if the professionalism is adopted by the unprofessionalEC ? , We are very capable of being the best in the continent

  7. Actually players and good coach Kerr push on with a Lion’s heart and win this tournament for yourselves and enrich your cv’s plus carry our Mighty Name of K’Ogalo. For this and even otherwise we will stand with you toe to toe against that EC when you come back so that you are paid accordingly and appreciated as you are our team.I myself will be at the Forefront banging doors and spewing venom to Aduda et al who shuts his door hiding whenever am around GM office with pertinent issues.To him i say this “Abiro Tetea Wachezaji Kanyo Kata Ionge E Office Iboyie”..Pay players all dues and promises owed Asap

    1. With Walusimbi’s case EC saw red with my unforgiving presence there and paid up so be ready for round two.Okwadwa oyuma gi sando nwa jotugo mawahero…

  8. Congrats Jotugo and TB, I am simply astounded by your level of commitment to our beloved club.
    Under the circumstances that victory was priceless. Thank-you very much.

    I have said for I long as I can remember, Mugabe is not interested in GM’s full success on the pitch. This dinosaur has a hidden agenda and simply precipitates a crisis / chaos whenever GM is posed to cross to the next level. His aim is for players to win tournaments and he pockets 80% of the winnings.

    Players and fans have been fooled for too long until I wonder whenever this saying rings true in GM circles:

    “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln.

    Mugabe is fooling all of us, all the time- mara GM stadium, mara apartments for players , mara new constitution, mara club has huge debts( that are never listed) yet he flies off to Russia leaving our players unpaid. Bure Kabisa.

    We owe GM’s current success to Coach Kerr’s ability to motivate players despite broken promises.
    The minute Mugabe realizes that he is not doing GM a favour and the GM has achieved greater accolades before him became chair is the day GM will realize its full potential.

  9. It was such a brilliant shift from ours boys ending up topping the group and with that I expected a flurry of congratulatoryposting but alas , like a drip , the postings have been trickling in akin to the bloggers being the ones on a Go Slow OR is it that @Janam is not alone in his thinking , are their fans like him who also wished the team to lose but got disappointed but have not given up yet , hoping/wishing the team is knocked in the
    quarters , so that , at the very least , they can have their ” We told you so Moment” .
    Its one thing to be sympathetic with the player’s plight but to mix that with the club’s fortunes is irresponsible , People like Janam are a “special breed “of people and hence would make interesting findings were they to be donated while alive to some research institution to study how possible it is that a human being with a capacity to blog can have an intelligence quotient below that of a goat – my apologies to all the goats for using you as an example .

    1. At times I think it’s better we have a crisis, in this case a loss, if that will make the EC see some sense. If that makes some of us be seen to be having low intelligence quotient, then let it be. Long Live Kogalo

  10. I think we are all in agreement that their are grievances in Gor that needs to be solved , where we differ is on the best way forward , while
    some appreciate the fact that Gor is a brand that needs to be protected , by winning but nonetheless the grievances resolved , others opine that the players should deliberately lose the game for that to happen , from the foregoing , it looks like the players who in this case are the bereaved have decided and with commendable maturity that the club is much bigger than the ineptness of the EC and as such the ones rooting for a lose are akin to professional mourners who cry louder and longer than the bereaved despite the fact that the bereaved in this case are the players and it is these kind of professional mourners that have brought Afc Leopards to its near demise .
    Gor Mahia fans are not the type that will forget the fact that their is a crisis simply coz the team has won , that is a situation best left to Afc , how pray , does disbanding the club as one blogger proposed solve the grievance or must the team lose for we kogalo fans to take action , I dont think so .
    And the action we take must not only end just bcoz the players have been paid but rather it should be an act that ensures that this kind of nonsense doesnt happen again and for that to happen , the club must be weened of this cult like management , irrelevant money draining positions in the Ec scrapped and viable and sustainable structures put in place .
    Surely, where in the serious world do we have a chairman , first deputy chairman , second vice chairman , replicated in the secretary general position .
    Its about time these problems are sorted out once and forever and for this to happen , a fire needs to be lit on the butt of “THE ALMIGHTY”.

    1. @Teddy Sofaset, i agree with you 100%. You don’t cut yout nose because your foot is aching. The players have decided to soldier on. who are we to decide for them to lose? Ain’t they marketing themselves there in Dar? All the same the EC still has questions to amswer

  11. I suggest we keep his majesty right reverend chairman AR out of this..if he had the constitutional rights, he would have fired the entire EC !

  12. For those who wish to watch Gor mahia fc vs vipers fc ,the match is live on Azam TV (Azam sports 2) and if you don’t have access to the TV and you have an android phone or iPhone you can go to Google play and down load Azam TV app and watch the match. Gor mahia fc will be taking on vipers fc at 4:00pm today. Good luck chuor timber.

  13. Greetings to our gallant boys, the Tech Bench under the astute leadership of Ker and all K’Ogalo adherents.

    We are all looking forward to our date with Vipers this afternoon. We are excited because it is a challenge and another opportunity to lock horns with a credible opponent in a competitive match. We are absolutely in no doubt of the quality and capability of our boys. The team has proved what there is to prove. They should therefore be under no pressure in today’s match. We have played against Dan Sserunkumma when he was with Bandari and we neutralized him. We know how handle him. We know how to contain the likes of speedy winger Milton Karisa. Let the boys go there, enjoy themselves and at the end of the day we shall remain proud of them no matter the outcome. The commitment, discipline, maturity and professionalism that has been displayed by this team is priceless. May God grant them his, grace favour and protection.

  14. Thank you very much Odhiambo Michael, I have started watching replay between Vipers Vs KTR. All the best Kogalo Players & Fans. I can see it will be very tough match.

  15. We have conceded a goal from the same spot Rooney scored from.Earlier Mustafa had missed a golden chance.Goal scored against the run of play.Gor will have to dig deeper to equalise.

  16. We are playing a very disjointed game.Not made any meaningful attacks since we conceded the goal.Simba fans firmly behind Vipers.Wendo on a yellow already.midfield not ticking and ,therefore pressure on the defence. The game not flowing from either sides.Alot of whistles from the Referee. Mustafa beats the off side trap but misses.

  17. Kahata keeping his profile high.I will be surprised if Simba doesn’t break the bank to sign him.

  18. Where are the useless fans and bloggers that were inciting the players. They are as useless as dog’s skin. If you claim to love the club that much, how do you incite players? You are usesless and good for nothing.

  19. I stand, I stand in awe of you. Holy God to whom all praise is due, I stand in awe of you. Thank you boys and congratulations.

  20. When Gor was a goal down , some porridge brained blogger was so sadistically excited that finally his “prayer ” was being answered , threw in an insult to Mustapha to satisfy his thirst for blood , but the living God always has an answer for the devil and the answer was a goal by the insulted Mustapha and hence that prophesy of doom will just have to wait , it is very annoying that while Simba were cheering their hearts out for a Vipers win , one of our own , supposedly , was rooting for our demise , that is days after suggesting that the team be disbanded , is he really one of our own or did she come with him .
    Please coil back your long tail and disappear , and please desist from dragging our beloved club into your deluded mental blockage

    1. @Teddy, I do concur with your posting. These imbecile bloggers have rotten eggs smashed on their faces with nowhere to run to. We are only supporting Gor Mahia and I will always encourage our players to showcase their huge talents. They will go places no matter what they are going through. These are learning curves and I am sure they will excel in everything if they continue with the spirit of winning.

      Any normal fan will not incite players at all but to give them support. Let our support be real.


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