Details of unrest in Gor Mahia camp

A report in the Standard details some of the unhappinesss as expressed by team skipper Harun Shakava as well as coach Dylan Kerr and others.

Additional reporting from the Standard.
As much as Gor Mahia officials may want to deny it, their house is not in order.

There is some unhappiness in the team’s dressing room over unpaid bonuses ahead of today’s must-win final group B Cecafa Kagame Cup match against AS Ports of Djibouti at the National Stadium, Dar es Salaam.

Gor Mahia’s congested fixtures and unfulfilled match bonus reward promises seem to have began taking toll on the player’s performance here.

Gor endured a busy schedule in the run up to the regional tournament that saw them play three SportPesa Premier League matches in less than one week and with the players claiming they are yet to receive their last year’s league and CAF Confederations Cup bonuses, has led to a luckster performance.

K’Ogalo received Sh4.5million for winning the 2017 SPL title and have so far received Sh13m from CAF for their Confederations Cup Group stages preparations.

However, the record Kenyan champions are yet to live up to their favourites’ tag after surviving scares in their identical 2-2 draws against Rayon Sports (Rwanda) and Lydia Ludic (Burundi).

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And the discontent at Gor was made clear on Tuesday when captain Harun Shakava claimed the players were unhappy with the way the management is treating them after their lethargic display against Ludic at Chamazi Stadium.

“As many people expect Gor Mahia to beat teams, it is somehow difficult for us. We have played many more games (Confederations Cup, SportPesa Super Cup, the Shield and the league) than any other team here,” said Shakava.

“But I think there is something wrong in the dressing home. I hope the officials will sort it out,” said Shakava.

“At the moment, I can’t share with the press what is troubling us in the dressing room. The officials are in a better position to answer this.

“The group is still wide open, so if we win on Thursday (Today) we will be through.”

Gor coach Dylan Kerr was disappointed with his team’s performance that he publicly ‘disowned’ his own players.

“I would rather have 11 of the Ludic players that played today than those in my team. That wasn’t my team today. My team played on Sunday. We can’t really have excuses because I asked each of the players if they were ready for the match. We are missing that atmosphere in the dressing room and on the field,” said Kerr.

However, when contacted, an agitated Gor Mahia CEO Lordvick Aduda denied owing the players any money.

“There is no problem with the management. Which bonuses are the players talking about? We pay bonuses with salaries. We are in Tanzania and their bank accounts are in Nairobi. So, which bonuses are you people talking about?,” asked Aduda.

“I don’t know what is the problem. I am not the coach and everybody was playing on the pitch. There is nothing like motivation. Let’s stop insinuating things that are not there. If the team has drawn, how do you want to insinuate that there is a go slow?

“The Kenyan media is part and parcel of putting this nonsense into players’ heads. How much do we owe the players in terms of salaries? Caf sent part of the money for preparation of the matches and that is not an income. We have already explained this to the players.”


37 thoughts on “Details of unrest in Gor Mahia camp

  1. Aduda can you be professional and listen to the employees concern and solve amicably not open denial and chest thumping when even the enemy can see a problem in the army,what do you mean there accounts are in Nairobi and they are in Tanzania,just deposit their dues in Nairobi and they will be able to access/confirm receipt in Tanzania

  2. Aneno ka ngwech nyalo biro ka Gor ogol at this level koro officials style up and give the players what they want as it is their right and as fans we need happiness or else ngwech biro romou.

    1. I thjink these players are taking us for a ride, if they are dissatisfied then EXIT like Kagere did.

      Players should understand that Caf sent part of the money for preparation of the matches and that is not an income.

      1. @colo So In Your Narrow Thinking Preparation Entails What? When You N Aduda Says Caf Sent Money For Preparayion And Not For Player Welfare Then Tell Us What It Is That Is Being Prepared If Not The Team!

      1. I think this players are taking us for a ride, If they want to leave like Kagere, they are free to do so.

        The players should understand that the money sent by CAF for preparation of the matches is not an income. thus no bonuses can be paid from the same

  3. Aduda stop that arrogance immediately.Why are you trying to bury your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich.Do you not see players are claiming unfulfilled promises right from end of 2017 season whereby EC pocketed the whole 4.5 Million prize money.I mean why are you mistreating our beloved players?Do they sweat and toil to make EC money for projects like Goyo Dala which some of you are undertaking with gusto using prize monies windfall.Please don’t frustrate our coach Kerr who turned down better offers to stick with us.Have a genuine sit down with all players and give them space to express themselves freely without that mantra of you have a contract you signed.Solve this crisis now please as it was our time to soar and scale the heights of African football so dont derail the Momentum.Wise men said “A Great Civilisation CANNOT Be Conquered From Outside Until It Has Destroyed Itself From Within”…Let this not be our Fate as GM

  4. Hehehe…the wall has finally cracked ! I ask the players , please hold on to your demands – you cannot win only for EC to eat all the money . EC was never a salaried position before all this recent success !

    Come back to Nairobi even as quickly as tomorrow , we shall well come you with open arms like true champions

  5. Enough is enough! ..
    Let’s all go to the Airport and welcome our players even if they come back today. And march in solidarity to Gor offices , and do the justice in whatever means possible. I’m ready to be called a hooligan if that is what it takes to make some people think.

    Kwe idwaro.. Kwe ok mi ngato!

  6. Coming to think of it, does this EC really have an African agenda. An African agenda would involve more accountability in the sense that players would make more demands towards their comfort. This would force the EC to be more accountable, so what do they do, cause a sabotage themselves and make it look that it’s the players causing trouble. Aduda is not speaking on his on behalf and obviously is barking on someone else’s behalf. Why would a CEO who’s survivabilty totally depends on the success of the club be so arrogant towards his own tool’s of trade. Gor success can only be achieved on the pitch, here is a CEO telling his players they can go to hell. Gor is in Tanzania and banks these days have no boundaries. How do you make an argument that the accounts are in Nairobi.
    The players are asking for their unpaid bonuses, the CEO sidesteps the issue and brings in salaries.
    Pls Mr Aduda why are you not addressing the bonuses issue, no one is asking for salaries!!! yes the salaries were paid…where are the bonuses as was agreed? DO NOT SIDESTEP.
    Players I am with you, stick together on this. You might end up paying the price but you will be remembered that you did something, future players in the KPL will learn from you and refuse to be exploited. The rugby 7 side took a stand and they were heard loud and clear.
    Players retire at age 35 on average if your lucky, where do you expect these guys to get jobs after playing football.
    And to Sportpesa your are the main sponsor in this club. Your image and name will unfortunately be dragged into this issue, your silence that you are supporting or sponsoring a club that is exploiting it’s players will also haunt you. I demand that this club finances be audited.

  7. When Aduda says their is no problem , while Shakava who is the captain and hence speaks for and on behalf of the players says their is a problem , basic common sense implies that the mere fact that the two are speaking at cross purposes over the same issue is a confirmation that indeed their is a problem.
    Without going into the merits or demerits of either’s assertions , common sense again dictates that the two warring entities sit down and clear the air over this issue.
    It is not enough for Aduda to go on a tangent , blaming all and sundry for reports emamating from Dar , Have a sit down with the players irrespective of your beliefs because irrespective of whoever is right or wrong , all we want is an end to these Juvenile escapades .
    Irrespective of whoever is right or wrong , one thing comes out clearly in all this , The EC who in this case is the Father is acting like a child, in which case then , Who will the Children run to ?, is it to the Media ? , is it to the fans?, or is to the rival clubs that are hovering overhead waiting to scavenge .
    Its time for the adults in the room to rise up , moreso the one some inconsistent blogger referred to as the Almighty .

  8. What’s the qualification for one to be a CEO of a team like Gor Mahia? My heart is bleeding as read how Our players are mistreated with the same people who should give them their rights. Fans, it’s high time we come out and stand with our beloved players and the coach. OK amor gi gima dhi mbele ei Gor

  9. @dinga GM accounts will Never be audited since Rachier is allergic to such calls…@capital G to be CEO qualification is cryonism and singung Rachier’s praises while being ready to swindle players and the club of its hard earnrd cash…Aduda players are telling me even your sheer presence in Tanzania with hawk eyes on the stands staring at them play is very intimidating since it serves as a painful reminder that you are there to safeguard the bank vault by pushing them to glory by all means as you await receiving that Dummy Cheque of 3 Million prize money. Usando nwa jotugo kamae nang’o?

  10. This club should be disbanded………

    Actually the office enjoys more than the players who sweet to bring revenue to the club.
    Lets call th e EACC to come in and rescue us before it’s late

    1. How can you say that mighty k’ogalo be disbanded. Do you know what you are talking about or you just love to comment.Gor can never ever be disbanded and disbanding Gor is like treason. Players will come and go, just like coaches and Ec officials. So you should not think tha Gor can be disbanded.

  11. Most of these so called Gor officials could rarely afford decent meals in a day.Now they are undertaking big projects using money looted from Gor’s account while blatantly ignoring those who sweated in the field.Where are the ruthless Gor hooligans? Hapa kuna kazi.If not then Noordin Haji should step in and order for arrests,watu walale cell pamoja na ojamong’.

  12. Oduda why are u reasoning foolishly? If u can’t work pave the way for others who are ready to make our players happy is not a guarantee dat u must be club CEO ok? And if we loose in kagame cup u will be in for it,,, gormahia si club ya watu wa kwenu itx meant for kenyans xo if u can’t cooperate better u leave dat post besides u r just an employee just lyk others dhoz moneys are nt issued for you to put in ur account,,,, idiot

  13. These are the the things we have talked about many years in this forum, the team will likely break beyond rescue because of this arrogance. You do not ignore your workforce and expect results, never.

    1. If it breks…we rebuild a better club…we need to come out with sure ways of how to deal with corruption in E.C. For once n for all…instead of just complaining..what is practical in this situation…who will be courageous n be the team leader…is it courts or running battles n stone throwing…lets be practical n do what works with minimal damage…ama press conference…or eacc…

  14. We have said all along that the EC is bringing this club down but we have been told we are prophets of doom. Well let me prophesy more doom. There is a huge problem and with the arrogance of akina Aduda we are in some deep shit!!!

  15. Aduda just the other day was a hungry man eating off the coat tails of chairman Rachier characters best described as hangers-on whom every person with a bigman syndrome has a retinue of.Now as CEO he is going miles to please his master by stealing and frustrating kogalo’s most prized asset which is the playing unit.That day will come no matter how big you think you are to know we are living in a small world…We need a professional CEO and more transparent chairman and EC…Hii imeshindwa kazi

  16. There should be Life style audit on all Gor mahia current office.

    Some of them are building flats yet their salaries are peanuts where they work(Kilo building flat in Chokaa)
    Some came to the office recently and are now living large.

    The president should start with life style audit in Gor mahia before going for Ruto and Kalenjin Mps.

    Let the team not even honour that match today without pay


  17. Let me remind Dinga that the correct title of this agent of arrogance and dispenser of misery, famine and frustration to our gallant players has mutated from CEO to Chief Milkman. Dinga had aptly described these guys in the EC as milkmen in the decaying thread.

    Now to our Chief Milkman, I appeal to you to climb down from that high pedestal where you have perched yourself to mete misery, famine and untold pecuniary embarrassment to our players and there households. Think of that player whose significant other has missed to sit his college final qualifying exam or promotional exam because his father, husband, brother, guardian, etc who works at Gor Mahia F.C. as a footballer cannot pay the college fees in time. In a nutshell I am just reminding you that even from wherever you are perched up on high, kindly never forget that these players are very responsible adults, socially.

    At this rate Mr. Chief Milkman, you and your co-milkmen are leading Gor Mahia to catastrophe. Think twice sir. The only sensible thing right now is to listen to our boys. Bring all this madness to an amicable end. Move fast. As first among equals of the many ‘prophets of doom’, I will not hesitate to tell you and your fellow milkmen that at this rate, this club will implode in the not-so-distant future. Please just move fast and permanently seal the cracks. You stand to milk more and eat more with an intact and cohesive, all-conquering K’Ogalo. So it will be a win-win for all, but more so the milkmen.

    For the players; bravo! Just maintain that stand. Don’t worry about marketing yourselves in Dar. A bigger stage and opportunity to showcase your skills and market yourself is coming in a matter of days….Against Everton before a global viewership of 300 million. Come back home , roll up your sleeves and work towards our clash with Everton. That is a better and more credible market.




    1.Demanding part of last year’s KPL title winning bonus of Kshs 1m that is yet to be paid.

    2. Demanding AR to honor his word and pay them Kshs 4m bonus for making the Confederation Cup group stage for the first time in over thirty years.

    Solly Bolo, has confirmed and acknowledged ‘ the boys are yet to receive the pledges plus the last year’s winning bonus, but was quick to add that salaries and other allowances have been paid up-to date ‘ She added ‘ As we speak, last month salaries plus allowances have already been deposited in their bank accounts; we do pay them by 5th of every month. ‘

    I personally tried to reach AR on phone but he is still currently away in Russia.


  19. Game on Kahata benched, the stadium is as empty as some teams cabinet . X1: Oluoch, Wafula,Walusimbi,Shakava,,Momanyi,Wendo,Mieno,Ondiek,Guikan.Odhiambo,Tuysenge

  20. Am glad reading the proceedings that the players have wisely opted to disregard the nonsensically emotional and erratic advise of deliberately losing the game , they have shown that the club from their perspective is bigger than the EC and our
    sometimes misplaced emotions .
    Your case against the perpetrators of your challenges is bound to be even more strong . . . . .Go Go Boys

  21. Gor Mahia-2 Ports-0

    -Qualifies for CECAFA club championship quarter finals

    -To meet Vipers of Uganda in quarter finals of CECAFA club championship

    -Congratulations to the players

    – Gor Mahia Executive, sit down with players and solve this issue of payment/bonuses amicably

    -Be blessed.


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